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Re: WWE 2004: Road to WrestleMania XX

WWE Smackdown
April 8, 2004

Smackdown opens with Paul Heyman backstage in his office with Dawn Marie. Paul welcomes us to Smackdown and tonight is Round 2 of the lethal lottery tournament. The fans can’t have their champion not in action again so he is going give the stars who were eliminated from the tournament last week a second chance. Dawn Marie will pull a name out from the tumbler and that star will face Eddie Guerrero tonight for the WWE Title. Heyman makes sure to note that Big Show’s name will not be in the tumbler because Show already had his opportunity against Eddie and lost. Last week he blew it again by losing in the tournament. Dawn reaches into the tumbler and pulls out a ball and we find out that Chavo Guerrero will receive the title shot against Eddie later on. Paul then explained that has signed some stars from Raw and we will see them tonight on Smackdown and one of them will be in action right now. The Smackdown video package plays and the announcers welcome us to the show.

Match 1
Nunzio vs Spike Dudley

Nunzio comes out to the ring for his match and requests a mic. He points out that his partners Chuck and Johnny the Bull have been traded to Raw and now he’s by himself. He could have gone to Raw but he wants to stay here on Smackdown so he can win the cruiserweight title. He’s never won it but he hopes this year he will win the belt. He doesn’t know who his opponent is that has been traded from Raw and waits to find out who it is. Spike Dudley’s music hits and it’s Spike who has been traded to Smackdown. This was a nice opening contest. Nunzio dominates the match but Spike makes a comeback and hits the Dudley Dog to win the match.
Winner: Spike Dudley

Booker T is walking in the building and bumps into 2 Cool. 2 Cool explain that they lost the belts at WrestleMania to RVD and Booker T but you don’t see them complaining. Despite losing at WM and also losing on Smackdown against RVD and Booker they are still together. They have each others backs and both of them are eliminated from the tournament. Even tonight their name was not drawn out for another opportunity but they’re not complaining. They want Booker to support RVD tonight in the battle royal and not be mad at RVD for what occurred last week. Booker starts talking trash to 2 Cool and told them not to interfere in their business. A year ago at WM19, Booker T was challenging for the world title. Now teaming with RVD has hurt his career, he is clearly the bigger star of the team, Being a tag team champion is a step down for him when he should clearly be challenging for the belt. This was one of the main reasons why he was held down in WCW. He was winning tag team belts and when he moved away from that, he found more success as a singles star. It should have been him who should be competing in the battle royal tonight, not RVD. Now he’s even more pissed off that his name did not come out in the draw to face Eddie. He mocks Rikishi and talked about how Rikishi was once important when he left 2 Cool and became a bad man. He was in main events but then Rikishi went back to being a dancing fool again and never saw the main event scene again.So he doesn’t want wrong advice from a fat man. This really pissed Rikishi off and Rikishi told Booker that he will back his ass up in the ring in Booker’s face lol. Rikishi challenged Booker to a match later on and Booker accepted Rikishi’s challenge.

Match 2
The Hurricane and Shannon Moore vs Paul London and Billy Kidman

This was a good back and fourth tag team match, which was full of tons of quick tags and cool spots with many near falls. In the end London rolls Moore up with an inside cradle for the three count to win the match.
Winners: Paul London and Billy Kidman

Backstage Mark Jindrak is in Paul Heyman’s office. Jindrak has been traded to Smackdown. Paul welcomes Mark to Smackdown. Jindrak talks about his run on Raw as a tag team performer but now has the opportunity to shine on Smackdown as a singles star.

Cena is in the back standing by with Josh Matthews. Cena said tonight he's going out there to co-win that battle royal and next week he will become the #1 contender for the WWE Title. Val Venis shows up. He looks at Cena and says that Cena is nothing more than an Eminem wannabe and that he is definitely not what a WWE United States Champion should be. He just hates everything Cena stands for. Val believes that he was held back while guys like Cena and other young guys got everything handed to them. It is because of guys like Cena that women lost interest in him, they didn’t think he had what it takes to be a star. With that sort of attitude he had, it was time for a change in attitude and a change of scenery. His run on Raw was disastrous but now that he’s come to Smackdown, he’s not going to wait around. He despises guys like Cena, If guys like Cena are the future of the WWE then the WWE is in major trouble. He believes that he can defeat Cena. Val vows to throw Cena over the top rope tonight and then next week he will become the #1contender.

Cena responds back and mocks Val. First of all he mocks Val’s name and says Val doesn’t have a penis. He points out that Val’s career has gone south ever since his ladies left him, and his ladies have gone in Cena's direction. He continues to mock Val and reminds us that Val hasn't won a singles title since the Attitude Era. What makes him think that he can beat Cena? Cena says Val is nothing more than a failure. Cena said it’s not his fault that Val’s lost his looks and isn’t a ladies man anymore. He has a problem with the way how Cena looks, he thinks Cena is not fit to wear the United States Title? Cena said he worked hard to win this title and it’s his first championship in the WWE. If Val wasn’t anything important in 2003 it’s not his problem. It’s now John Cena’s time and tonight he's gonna make sure Val gets thrown over the top rope. Cena raises the US belt in Val's face and leaves.

Match 3
Booker T vs Rikishi

This match was decent but not too long. Near the end, Rikishi goes for a stinkface but Booker escapes and rolls out of the ring. Rikishi goes after him and they fight outside. Rikishi throws Booker back in and pounds away on Booker. Rikishi misses a corner splash. Booker hits the axe kick and puts his feet on the ropes to win the match.
Winner: Booker T

Backstage JBL arrives and he’s not in a good mood tonight. He insults Kyo Dai and guarantees that he will get his money back soon. Tonight he will get even with Tajiri in the battle royal by throwing him out and then he will co-win the battle royal. Now it’s JBL’s time to deliver. He’s on a roll, coming off a big win at WrestleMania. He’s been tag champion but he’s never won the US or WWE Title. JBL predicts that he will change the landscape of Smackdown.

Paul Heyman comes out to the ring and announced that he’s traded A-Train, Chuck Palumbo and Johnny the Bull to Raw. In return he has received Spike Dudley, Mark Jindrak and Matt Hardy. Paul introduces Matt Hardy and Heyman welcomes him back to Smackdown. Heyman told Hardy it was a mistake for him to leave Smackdown in the first place and look at how his run on Raw went. Bischoff did not treat him right, he didn’t even have a match for the Raw ppv. This week on Raw, he had to face that monster Batista and Batista destroyed him. Heyman promised to give him a ppv match at Judgment Day. Smackdown is the land of opportunity and if he stays on good terms with him then Hardy will achieve success on Smackdown. He points out that Val Venis is a great example. A great wrestler who was held down on Raw by Bischoff but as soon as he jumped to Smackdown, he revived his career. Hardy can also do the same on Smackdown as Smackdown changes the careers of stars, it is clearly the number 1 show. Hardy admits it was a mistake that he went to Raw a few months ago but now he’s glad to be back on Smackdown. On Smackdown he wrestled on almost every ppv but on Raw he did not get that opportunity. He was left off WrestleMania. Now it all begins again for Matt Hardy.

Tazz and Cole show pre-recorded comments from some of the stars competing in the battle royal – comments from The Undertaker and Tajiri. Tajiri was shown with Kyo Dai and they were mocking JBL in their own language.

Backstage Josh Matthews asks Eddie who he thinks will win the battle royal tonight and who would he prefer to face at Judgment Day. From the 10 stars competing in the battle royal, 5 of them he’s faced before in the past(Rey, RVD, Val, Tajiri and Cena) and the other 5 he’s never had a match against them. He’s a fighting champion and he will take on all comers. He’s there to lead the Smackdown brand to the top and as Champion he will be holding this belt for a very long time. Josh then asked Eddie if he will be champion going into Judgment Day because up next he will take on his nephew Chavo. Eddie said tonight is Chavo’s lucky night because he’s getting a second chance but he won’t be so lucky after Eddie is done beating the hell out of him and Chavo Sr. Eddie starts walking down for his match and runs into Kane. Kane looked at Eddie and said Eddie has what he wants and that's the WWE Title. Eddie tells Kane if he wants the title then he has to co-win that battle royal and then win his match next week to earn that opportunity. He doesn't back down from any challenge. Kane gets angry and says It is people like Eddie Guerrero who make him angry and after he wins the battle royal tonight, Eddie's days as champion are over. Kane laughs and walks off.

Match 4
WWE Title Match
Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Chavo Guerrero

At the start of the match the referee sends Chavo Sr to the back to make sure it is a fair match. Eddie and Chavo put on a fast paced match with a lot of counters and lock ups. In the end Chavo goes for a suplex from the top rope but Eddie pushes Chavo off and hits a frog splash to win the match.
Winner: Eddie Guerrero

In the back RVD was warming up backstage and Booker came in and sarcastically congratulated for pulling one over him last week. He started laughing but then got serious and told RVD that if he was in RVD’s position then he wouldn’t have done the same. RVD beat him when he had his back turned and Booker should be the one who should be competing in tonight’s match. He wants to know why RVD did that. RVD simply told Booker that the rules were told in advance that it was everyman for himself in this concept. It was the luck of the draw and Booker would have definitely done the same if he was in his position. He should be wishing him luck tonight for getting the opportunity of getting a WWE Title shot. Booker told RVD that he will be out there to ensure RVD gets that opportunity. RVD said he can do this by himself. Booker cut him off and said exactly. If RVD wants to do things alone then they should stop teaming up together because ever since coming to Smackdown, RVD is the one who’s been screwing things up. If they stopped teaming then they would find better success on Smackdown. Booker said RVD is like his ex partners Stevie Ray and Goldust, they held him down. Tonight he had a match and he won. RVD said that is not what he meant and he needs Booker. Booker then said alright we will see how you do by yourself.

Cole and Tazz speak to Edge via satellite. Edge is at home and Edge said he returned from injury 3 weeks ago and last week he was suspended for the attack on Angle. He had enough sitting at home and when he returned, he got what he wanted by putting Kurt Angle out of action. However he had to sit home again because he’s suspended. Well no one took action on Kurt, so Edge had to do it his way. Did he go too far? Absolutely not. Edge felt that he owned no one an explanation, not even his friend Rey Mysterio. Edge says that Rey had no business coming out when Edge was going to inflict more pain on Kurt. Even though Rey is his friend, he decided not to listen to him and bashed Kurt with a conchairto shot. Edge says he loved every bit of it.

Cole asked what is next for Edge? Edge said he had two goals when he returned and he’s achieved one of them. He could have achieved the other goal but Paul Heyman screwed him over by removing him from the lethal lottery tournament. He will see Heyman next week and Edge will add to Heyman’s on going problems on Smackdown. Edge’s goal was to become champion but now he has to wait. Edge called it a conspiracy but his wait to be champion won’t be long. Some day he will get his chance because he believes he is more than ready to compete at the top level. Next week he will pick up from where he left off a year ago and that is to continue being Smackdown’s fastest rising star.

In the back Paul Heyman fires up Rhyno. He wants Rhyno to get back to winning ways. Two weeks ago he couldn’t even beat Rey Mysterio and last week he was pinned in the lethal lottery match. Heyman pleads with Rhyno to destroy Big Show, he wants the Rhyno who he knew before he had his neck surgery. Ever since Rhyno returned from his surgery last year he hasn’t been the same. Right now Big Show is one of his biggest problems and he wants Rhyno to destroy Big Show. Heyman is going to be out there at ringside to motivate Rhyno.

Match 5
Hardcore Match
The Big Show vs Rhyno

Rhyno brings a shopping cart full of weapons. This match was very entertaining. Big Show levels Rhyno with a stop sign and dominates the match. Heyman slips in a chair and Rhyno whacks Show across the back with a chair. They fight outside and Big Show goes after Heyman who manages to get away from Big Show. Near the end Rhyno gores Big Show and Big Show ends up getting tied in the ropes(Andre the Giant style)

Rhyno pounds away on Big Show. Rhyno calls Heyman in the ring and Heyman repeatedly slaps Big Show. Heyman grabs the mic and starts taunting Big Show as the match continues on. Rhyno pounds away at Big Show. Show gets mad and breaks out and Heyman bails out of the ring. Rhyno goes for the gore but Big Show dodges and sends him into the turnbuckle. Big Show chokeslams Rhyno through a chair to win the match. Big Show taunts Heyman to get in the ring right now and Heyman gets a mic and tells Show that no way is he going to step in the ring. Big Show gets a mic and demands Heyman to get in the ring right now. If Heyman’s not going to get in the ring then he’s coming right after him. He drops the mic and chases Heyman all the way backstage and into the parking lot. Heyman gets in a car and escapes.
Winner: The Big Show

Backstage Josh interviews Big Show. Big Show is fuming mad and he’s fed up of Heyman playing games. He wants to get rid of him and challenges him to a match next week on Smackdown. He doesn’t care if Heyman teams with Rhyno to face him in a handicap match, he just wants Heyman in the ring next week. If Heyman is a coward and decides not to go ahead with this then Big Show has another idea. If he beats any guy that represents Heyman next week then he gets Heyman in the ring for 5 minutes. If he fails to win next week then he promises not to lay a hand on Heyman ever again.

Tazz and Cole show more pre-recorded comments from some of the stars competing in the battle royal – comments from Rey Mysterio and Kane.

Main Event
10 Man Battle Royal- John Cena, The Undertaker, RVD, Rey Mysterio, Kane, Val Venis, JBL, Tajiri, Jamie Noble and Johnny Nitro.

At the start of the match everyone teams up against Kane and The Undertaker, they try to put them out but they fight them off. Cena FU’s Noble over the top rope and Noble is out. Mysterio and Nitro fight away in the corner. Mysterio dropkicks Nitro over the top rope to send him out. Booker T comes down to do commentary. RVD then notices that Booker is out there and Booker starts shouting come on RVD. JBL pounds away at Tajiri, Tajiri comes back with a kick to the face on JBL. Tajiri locks in the tarantula but JBL powers out and throws Tajiri out. Cena clotheslines Val out. Val comes back in the ring and throws Cena out. Val starts laughing up the ramp.

Back in the ring RVD and Kane begin to slug away and are near the ropes. Booker gets up on the apron and tries to help RVD eliminate Kane. Kane grabs Booker and rams his head onto RVD which sends Booker to the ground. Kane lifts RVD up and throws him out on top of Booker. RVD and Booker just stare at each other and RVD is very upset. Booker tries to calm him down and RVD argues with his partner down the ramp for showing up. RVD then walks off and Booker just looks on and walks to the back. In the ring Kane eliminates Rey Mysterio. It comes down to JBL, Taker and Kane. Take and Kane are fighting trying to get each other out as JBL looks on. JBL throws both, but they hang on. JBL thinks he’s won it. He turns around as Taker and Kane are standing right behind him. JBL tries to work out a deal with Kane and they double team Taker. JBL turns on Kane and hits the clothesline from hell on Kane. JBL goes for the clothesline from hell but Taker catches JBL and hits the chokeslam. Taker throws JBL out and Taker and Kane win the match. Eddie Guerrero comes out on the stage for a minute and looks at The Undertaker. He will face either Taker or Kane at Judgment Day. Next week it is The Undertaker vs Kane and the winner of the match will face Eddie Guerrero at Judgment Day. Eddie has never faced Undertaker or Kane in a one on one match. Eddie walks off. As soon as Taker turns around he walks into a chokeslam from Kane. Kane continues the assault and hits a tombstone on Taker. Kane leaves the ring and starts laughing up the ramp. Taker sits up and stares at Kane as Smackdown comes to a close.
Winners: The Undertaker and Kane.

The main event for next week is The Undertaker vs Kane and the winner of the match will face Eddie Guerrero at Judgment Day.

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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