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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Just to note something. My matches are very short at the minute as i'm building towards Vengeance and since the last PPV i've been a bit burnt out in terms of match writing so apologies for anyone expecting long weekly matches. Anyways, enjoy.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 30/5/05- Long Island

We open with no video package this week, just the usual opening and pyro.

Jim Ross: We welcome you ladies and gentleman to Monday Night Raw! I’m Jim Ross alongside Jonathan Coachman and Coach, what a night we have here tonight in Long Island!!

The Coach: Damn straight baby boy. Tonight The Game is in action as our next World champion goes toe to toe with Shelton Benjamin!! Time for Triple H to settle a score tonight J.R.

Jim Ross: A slobber knocker for sure and what about this one? The return of the Highlight Reel here tonight! Chris Jericho’s guest Coach? None other than…


J.R simply shakes his head before..

‘Time to play the Game’

Out steps Triple H in his wrestling gear but a t-shirt on to a ton of heat after what went down last Monday night and his heinous assault on Batista.

Jim Ross: Well last week we saw a simply devastating, brutal, sickening assault from this man, Triple H. The Game decimated Batista and due to that attack, the World Heavyweight champion will not be here tonight in Long Island.

The Coach: Good J.R. What do we even need Batista around here for anyway? I mean Triple H is the real World champ and at Vengeance he’s gonna prove it when he brings the World title home baby.

Jim Ross: We need Batista a whole hell of a lot more than we need this sick S.O.B Coach. What he did last week was not right, it was not humane and this show needs a World champion and it damn sure isn’t Triple H.

The Coach: YET J.R. YET.

Trips takes a mic as a ‘You Suck’ chant begins to fill the arena.

Triple H: Incase ya haven’t heard the news, I’d be more than happy to fill ya in. Dave Batista will sadly not be here tonight.

Chorus of boos for Trips announcing that.

Triple H: And just incase anybody missed it last week, the reason why Batista won’t be here tonight and the reason why Batista might not even make it to Vengeance is because of this.

Trips proceeds to point up at the titantron where we see a video from last week’s main event where Batista had just pinned Muhammad Hassan before being attacked from behind by Triple H who then proceeded to destory Batista with vicious sledgehammer shot after sledgehammer shot, leaving the World champion a bloody mess.

There’s a ton of heat again as the camera cuts back to a smiling Triple H

Triple H: Beautiful right? See Batista’s had that coming for a long time and let me tell ya, I can’t even begin to describe the amount of pleasure it gave me seein’ him squirm, seein’ him scramble and seein’ him BLEED last week.

Heat once more.

Triple H: What you saw just there will go down as a defining moment when I win back the World Heavyweight title. Because last week marked the moment where Batista finally got the message. Batista may have beaten me at Wrestlemania but that match, that night, it was just one battle and this whole deal between me and Batista, this is a hell of a lot more than just one battle. This is an all out WAR!

Small pop there.

Triple H: And when a war takes place, in order to win that war you’ve gotta have the know how, you’ve gotta have the wherewithal, you’ve gotta have the experience to go into the war zone and get the job done. Doesn’t matter how ugly it is, doesn’t matter how screwy it is, you go to war, you better pray to god you come out victorious.

Trips pauses before continuing.

Triple H: So here’s the thing. Dave Batista has never entered a war zone before. He doesn’t know what that environment is like, he doesn’t know how to finish off what he’s started.

Trips smirks as the crowd give some heat to the Game.

Triple H: When Dave was a part of Evolution he saw exactly what I’m talking about right now. See I may not have started all the wars I’ve been in over the years and believe me there’s been plenty of em. But no matter who started the war, no matter how hard, how brutal, how rough things got inside this ring for me, the end result was always the same, I won the war and Batista saw it each and every time.

Heat for Trips here.

Triple H: He doesn’t have a single god damn clue what it’s like when somebody is hell bent on takin’ what’s yours. When somebody is so driven that it eats them alive if they can’t get to it. And since Wrestlemania I haven’t been able to get to what I want, I haven’t been able to get to the World Heavyweight championship. Last week, it struck Batista, it struck him that the war has indeed begun and I know Dave, I know him better than anyone.

A few ‘BA-TIS-TA’ chants have started which cut the Game off.

Triple H: I know him better than anyone and I know how he thinks, I know what goes on inside that thick skull o’ his and believe me, it‘s got him scared outta his boots right about now. See when he saw me win battle after battle, war after war, he always came to me, he’d pull me aside and he’d say to me, ‘Hunter, man, that was just, wow, you’re unstoppable, nobody can touch you, you always find a way don’t you?’

Trips pauses once more.

Triple H: And the answer to that is you bet your ass I do.

Heat for Trips there.

Triple H: I did back in Evolution and I still do to this very day. Which is why the balance of power, it shifted last week. That’s why the tide has turned and that’s exactly why Batista isn’t here tonight.

Trips looks around the crowd who are now quiet, confused perhaps.

Triple H: You don’t get it? It’s simple. Batista’s not here tonight, not only because I beat the living crap outta him last week but the other factor you aren’t takin’ into account is because Batista’s mind is runnin’ crazy again right about now. It’s runnin’ crazy with the painful thought, the painful thought that.. he knows.

Trips is looking fired up now.

Triple H: He knows that time has come when THE GAME, THE CEREBRAL ASSASSIN proves EXACTLY why he is THAT DAMN GOOD!

Small pop again for the intensity but general heat for The Game.

Triple H: Dave can run, but he can’t hide and when the time comes, July 26th, Vengeance when that war zone opens and Batista takes that first step inside and he sees his enemy standin’ right there opposite him.

Trips points out the two men on either side.

Triple H: When that moment comes, the questions are gonna come runnin’ right back into Batista’s head and the answer is gonna be exactly the same as it was back in Evolution Dave. I always…ALWAYS find a way.

‘The Game’ then hits and Triple H leaves looking as intense and fired up as ever.

Jim Ross: The intensity is clear for all to see Coach. Triple H wants that World Heavyweight title and it appears as though he is going to stop at nothing to get what he wants.

The Coach: The passion, the emotion J.R, you could feel that electricity here tonight from Triple H and he’s right baby boy, he ALWAYS finds a way. Batista doesn’t stand a chance come Vengeance!


‘We’re Comin’ Down’

Out come the World Tag Team champions ready for action, The Dudley Boyz to a decent reception.

Jim Ross: All set for some tag team action now here tonight folks. The Dudleyz have found out in recent weeks that more than one team are after their tag team gold and tonight they take on one of those very teams, the Basham Brothers.

The Coach: Danny and Doug Basham are incredibly underrated around here J.R. These two guys are a SERIOUS threat to the Dudley Boyz. They get the job done inside the squared circle and tonight I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see these guys the Dudleyz get taught a lesson by a REAL tag team.

The Bashams then make their way down to the ring to barely any reception as we get set for this non title match. Anybody know their theme music by the way?

Match One: Tag Team Match

The Dudley Boyz vs. The Basham Brothers

The match saw the Basham’s really come close early on to shocking the tag team champions as Danny Basham took it to D-Von, coming close with a couple of near falls. A shift in momentum soon came however ad Bubba Ray entered the match and used all his size and power to get on top of things for the Dudleyz.

The finish of the match came when chaos broke out and both Bashams entered the ring looking to thwart the efforts of Bubba however D-Von soon came to the aid of Bubba. With all four men in the ring, the referee seemed to lose focus of what was going down as all four men traded blows in the middle of the ring. The match was then completely blown out as not for the first time in recent weeks there was interference from two of the members of the Arabian Entity, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari.

Dutt and Daivari took out the Dudleyz to begin with, seeming to team up with the Basham Brothers as the referee called for the bell ending this contest. Having disposed of the Dudleyz to big heat, Dutt and Daivari didn’t stop there though and took down Doug and Danny Basham for good measure with double dropkicks, sending the duo over the ropes

Winners: No contest(6:46)

Jim Ross: Yet AGAIN this duo of Daivari and Dutt have ruined tag team action here tonight and they aren’t gonna stop until they get their hands on the Tag Team titles.

The Coach: After that dominance there J.R, they may just get it. For two small guys J.R they are so damn talented and when, not if J.R, WHEN these guys get a title opportunity they’re gonna take it.

We cut backstage and join Josh Matthews who is standing by with The World’s Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas.

Josh Matthews: Shelton, tonight you go one on one with a man who you seem to have had’s number in the past, Triple H. Your confidence must be sky high going into tonight?

Shelton Benjamin: I’m always confident Josh. No matter who my opponent is, I know that inside that ring I’m capable of things no other superstar in the company is capable of. So it doesn’t phase me having to face a guy like Triple H tonight. Maybe that’s why I’ve beaten him before.. and then beat him again.. aaaand then beat him again!

Pop from the fans as Shelton and Charlie smile.

Shelton Benjamin: But I know how fired up Triple H is tonight, I know he’s gonna be out to not only send a message to me but to send a message to Batista. Triple H isn’t a ten time World champion for nothing Josh. I know tonight’s gonna be a hell of a test for me, but I’m ready. See Triple H may wanna send a message tonight but I got a message of my own to send and that message is directed to Muhammad Hassan.

Heat from the crowd for Hassan’s name.

Shelton Benjamin: My message is loud and clear. Come Vengeance I don’t care what the odds are, I don’t care what Eric Bischoff has thrown in my way. I’m gonna walk into Las Vegas and I am going to take back MY Intercontinental title.

Pop from the crowd.

Charlie Haas: And if Muhammad Hassan thinks that his little buddies are gonna save him at Vengeance, he better think twice. Now I may not be in Shelton’s corner come Vengeance but that don’t mean a damn thing. See The Great Khali may be over seven feet tall but that freak can just about walk, let alone catch Shelton when he’s flyin’ around the ring at the speed of light.

Pop again for Haas this time.

Charlie Haas: This guy next to me is one of a kind Josh and tonight against Triple H and at Vengeance against Hassan and Khali, Shelton’s gonna show just how good he really is.

Shelton Benjamin: You heard the man Josh. Time to play the Game? Well the Game better be ready cos there ain’t no stopping’ Shelton Benjamin.

The duo head off to a good response from the fans.

The camera then cut backstage and to the corridor where we see Trish Stratus laid out cold!! Trish has several referees, trainers and medics surrounding her as they call for an ambulance with Trish completely motionless while the camera then pans and sees Victoria standing a little bit away from the scene smiling at what’s going down here, clearly her work as we head back ringside

Jim Ross: Well disturbing circumstances there folks. Trish Stratus looked out cold, we will alert you of any update on the condition of Trish throughout the night.

The Coach: Certainly a sad situation right there J.R and our thoughts go out to Trish for sure. We can only hope somebody finds out who did this.

Jim Ross: The hell do you mean who did this Coach? It’s clear as day who did this. That damn demon Victoria! You saw the smirk on her face for christ sakes.

The Coach: Don’t go pointing’ fingers like that J.R. Victoria may’ve been happy but wouldn’t you be if your rival got laid out by somebody? I know I would, sadly nobody’s taken you out yet though. The time’ll come baby boy.

Jim Ross: Oh for the love of God.

‘Born Naughty’

Out steps William Regal suited and booted as he brings out his protégé with him, Mark Jindrak who is set for action.

Jim Ross: Well last week saw these two men make a huge impact when they ambushed the Big Show, brutally attacking the World’s Largest Athlete. Let’s take a look back.
We go to a replay of the attack from last week with Show saying he’s lost his motivation and there were no challenges left for him before Regal interrupts and introduces Jindrak who attacks Show from behind and lays him out with a steel chair.

The Coach: It was a beautiful moment J.R. Big Show thought he could have his little spotlight, his time to pander to these idiot fans about how he’s so great there’s nobody left to challenge him then BAM! William Regal and Mark Jindrak come and give Big Show what he deserves Now where’s the challenge Show? Huh? Where’s the challenge?

Jim Ross: Do you ever give it a rest Coach?

The Coach: No I do not J.R! Big Show wanted a challenge, well he got one and they’re standin’ right there in that very ring. Where’s the Big Show J.R?

J.R. isn’t even allowed to answer before Coach continues.

The Coach: Nowhere ,that’s what I thought. Challenge laid down, Big Show backs down. Why aren’t I surprised?

J.R. just sighs before continuing.

Jim Ross: Well when we come back ladies and gentleman ‘the future’ will be in action. Don’t go anywhere!


‘Child’s Play’

We return and out comes Eugene to a decent response from the fans as Raw’s special superstar makes his way out, high fiving fans as Jindrak and Regal look on.

Jim Ross: Welcome back folks and this young man Eugene is in for a tough task here tonight, taking on as William Regal has dubbed him, ‘The Future’ Mark Jindrak.

The Coach: Eugene doesn’t stand a chance J.R. This moron couldn’t beat himself let alone a guy like Mark Jindrak. I’m gonna enjoy this one.

Match Two: Singles Match

Mark Jindrak vs. Eugene

Eugene surprises Jindrak early on, taking it to the young superstar but is soon brought back down to earth as Jindrak gets on top of this one. The new protégé to William Regal looked mightily impressive as he unleashed his whole array of moves on a helpless Eugene. An impressive looking dropkick saw Jindrak score a near fall on the fan favourite but Eugene continued to hold on in there.
It was soon all over though as Regal egged on Jindrak to end things and he did just that as a brutal suplex looked to be the nail in the coffin of Eugene, however Jindrak refused to go for the cover and instead locked in an armbar, clearly the work of William Regal here, influencing Jindrak. Eugene tapped out in no time at all as Jindrak picks up a convincing win

Winner: Mark Jindrak(3:31)

The Coach: How impressive was that J.R? He just wiped the FLOOR with Eugene!

Jim Ross: I’ll give credit where credits due and that was damn sure impressive from this kid Mark Jindrak and with the wily veteran William Regal in his corner, there is no doubting that Jindrak has got all the tools. I certainly be..

The Coach: Shut up J.R. Mr.Regal wants to speak.

Regal does indeed have a mic as the crowd gives heat to him and his protégé.

William Regal: Now THAT was impressive, am I right?

Regal opens his arms out and soaks in the heat to a broad smile.

William Regal: There’s a reason why I’ve dubbed young Mark here the future of this company and that right there(pointing at a fallen Eugene) is my reasoning behind it. Sheer dominance, and as proved last week, not even the supposed most dominant superstars around here can live with what this man has to offer.

Heat for Regal there.

William Regal: The Big Show laid down a challenge last week when he said there was nothing left for him in the WWE. He put a target on his head and when he said that, myself and Mark here weren’t going to allow that to go amiss.

Regal pauses before continuing.

William Regal: And as you all saw we decided to teach that big oaf a lesson. We decided that it was time to bring the Big Show back down to earth and we brought him back down with a bang, make no mistake about it. Big Show I hope you’re listening because I’ve got news for you and you’re not gonna like it.

Regal smiles then speaks once again.

William Regal: It gives me real pleasure to inform you and to inform all you people here tonight that I’ve spoken with our general manager Eric Bischoff. And Eric has agreed to add another match to the card for Vengeance. It’ll be the 500 pound giant the Big Show one on one with my protégé here, Mark Jindrak!

Small pop for that announcement.

William Regal: And at Vengeance we’re going to finish exactly what we started last week. The Big Show isn’t going to walk out of the WWE like he seemed to think he was last week. Not on our watch, not a chance sunshine. The Big Show is going to be STRETCHERED out of the WWE.

Heat for Regal.

William Regal: Courtesy of THE FUTURE, MARK JINDRAK!!

Regal raises Jindrak’s hand as ‘Born Naughty’ plays over the PA and the fans continue to boo the duo who leave the ring both beaming.

Jim Ross: Statement made here tonight from William Regal and Mark Jindrak. And at Vengeance we can now pencil it in Coach. Regal’s protégé will go one on one with the Big Show and I can assure ya that Big Show is gonna be gunnin’ for these two men. They better watch their backs from now until Vengeance.

The Coach: Watch their backs? What for? These two guys together could be damn well unstoppable! If the Big Show can’t stop em then nobody can J.R.

We then cut away to a video package for Vengeance.

WWE Vengeance: June 26th 2005; Las Vegas, Nevada; Thomas&Mack Center

We then cut backstage and join Eric Bischoff in his office with some paperwork before Shawn Michaels walks in to a blistering ovation.

Eric Bischoff: Well, well, look what we have here, the Heartbreak Kid. What can I do for ya Shawn?

Shawn Michaels: There’s a whole heck of a lot ya can do for me Eric but first things first I was wonderin’ if ya could errr… fill me in yet about whose teeth I‘m gonna be kicking down their throat at Vengeance?

Bischoff laughs.

Shawn Michaels: Somethin’ funny Eric? Did the Showstopper make ya laugh?
Michaels does a fake laugh before turning to a deadly serious face which gets a pop from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: Ya did Shawn, ya did. See your opponent at Vengeance is to be decided by ME. And you aren’t gonna find out who that opponent is until Vengeance itself.

Heat for Bisch.

Eric Bischoff: Cos Shawn if you say you’re as good as ya are, you hold yourself in such high regard then it shouldn’t matter who your opponent is. Big or small it doesn’t matter to you, you don’t need to prepare yourself because you’re Shawn Michaels!

Bischoff smiles again as Michaels looks sternly at Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: And Shawn Michaels is the best around isn’t he? Shawn Michaels can beat ANYBODY in his path right? So Shawn you don’t need to know before Vengeance who you’re gonna be facing cos really and trult it doesn’t matter does it?

Shawn Michaels: Seems our General Manager’s got a spring his step tonight huh? Well guess what Eric, you’re right. You are right. I will beat whoever you put in my path, believe me on that Eric. I’m headin’ into Vengeance with a clear goal in my mind. And that goal is the World Heavyweight title.

Pop from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: You may be heading into Vengeance with a goal in mind Shawn but that goal will never and I mean NEVER be accomplished as long as you‘re up against me. The only thing you’re leaving Vengeance with is my bags in your hand pal, cos that’s all you’ll be after this is over with, my bag carrier.

Michaels shakes his head as Bischoff beams again.

Shawn Michaels: I will be NOBODIES bag carrier Eric and ya better be careful, real careful. The way you’re goin’ about your business, if you don’t win this match at Vengeance then that means not only do I get my title shot, but that means you don’t get to push the Heartbreak Kid around like you want to.

Michaels pokes Bischoff in the chest.

Shawn Michaels: You’re only thinking about one thing Eric and that’s victory but you’re forgettin’ the other side of the coin here and that’s defeat. A little something you’re quite the expert in aren’t ya? And if , no, WHEN you are defeated at Vengeance then I’m gonna be damn sure to knock your head off your shoulders to celebrate.

Big pop again for HBK.

Eric Bischoff: Is that right Shawn? Well I’m gonna give ya a chance to vent all your frustration, all that anger you seem to have inside of ya. How about it, tonight Shawn Michaels in action right here in Long Island tonight!

Pop from the fans at that announcement.

Eric Bischoff: Shawn Michaels one on one with the Intercontinental champion, Muhammad Hassan!

The fans pop again as Bischoff grins.

Eric Bischoff: And just so things run to plan Shawn, Hassan will have his fellow three Entity members at ringside and just incase you try and one up me? Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas will be banned from setting foot anywhere NEAR that ring.

Heat for the GM who smiles once more.

Shawn Michaels: That’s a wise move Eric. Cos if I weren’t getting’ my hands dirty tonight, then all that frustration you talk about, all that anger you talk about, I might just have been takin’ it out on you.

Michaels pats/almost knocks the stuffing out of Bischoff’s back before leaving as Bischoff looks in discomfort.


We return ringisde and the ring is now set up for the Highlight Reel!

‘Break the Walls Down’

Out steps Y2J Chris Jericho to a big pop as Jericho gets set for the return of his talk show the Highlight Reel.

Jim Ross: Been a rough time recently for Y2J. Jericho has had his issues with Edge and at Vengeance those two men will go one on one to settle the score. Edge has been a thorn in Jericho’s side right off the back of Wrestlemania, costing Jericho the World Heavyweight title and also the Intercontinental title.

The Coach: Jericho had it comin’ J.R. The way he spoke about Edge is what started all of this. If Jericho woulda kept his mouth shut, he could be World champion right now.

Jericho takes a mic to some ‘Y2J’ chants.

Chris Jericho: Jerichoholics it gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the return of the Highlight Reeeel!

Pop for Jericho.

Chris Jericho: And tonight my guest is a man that I’ve had my differences with in the past, a man I’ve wanted to tear limb from limb and a man who’s recently started to call himself this day and age’s very own Ric Flair.

Heat there as the fans know who Jericho means.

Chris Jericho: So lets not waste any time in bringing him down here. Ladies and gentleman, Christian.

‘Just close your Eyes’

Out steps Captain Charisma alongside Tomko to strong heat.

The Coach: There he is J.R! The man who at Vengeance is gonna put Ric Flair in his place! Captain Charisma baby!

Jim Ross: Indeed in three weeks time Christian will take on Ric Flair in a match where Christian is gonna have to put up or shut up.

The Coach: No J.R. Christian will put up and YOU will shut up. Christian is the modern day Ric Flair baby boy and at Vengeance he’s provin’ it.

Christian takes a mic before looking for any of his fans in attendance.

Chris Jericho: Christian first thing’s first let’s ge…

Christian: First thing’s first Chris, you better realise you’re damn lucky I’m a nice guy and let you have me on your show here tonight. If I was in charge around this joint, you would be MY guest on the real talk show around this place, THE PEEP SHOW!!

A few cheers in the crowd but mainly heat for Christian.

Christian: See when Eric Bischoff informed me I’d be on the highlight reel, I wasn’t a happy man. But Eric explained it to me, he said that I didn’t really need the spotlight of being a host here tonight and that you on the other hand Chris? You’re in DESPERATE need of the spotlight right about now aren’t ya pal?

Jericho smirks.

Christian: Yeah that’s right. Past couple weeks, heck the past couple months you’ve been getting’ your ass kicked by my good buddy Edge.

Heat for CC.

Christian: People are startin’ to talk Chris. People are startin’ to have their doubts about you. You couldn’t get the job done for the World Heavyweight title at Backlash. You couldn’t get the job done for the Intercontinental title a couple weeks back. What can ya get the job done at Chris?

Heat again here.

Christian: I’ll tell you what and it’s the reason I came here tonight. It’s why I decided to let you have your moment as host because this(Christian spreads his arms), THIS is what you can get the job done at isn’t it Chris? The job of inviting the leader of a new era, the job of listening to what the modern day Ric Flair has to say, that’s the job you can get done isn’t it?

Christian wears a broad smile as Tomko nods and the fans boo some more[.

Christian: I couldn’t do that job. No, no, not a chance. I couldn’t stand in this ring and interview somebody who completely outclasses me in every aspect of the job I’m in, no I just couldn’t. How d’you do it exactly man? I mean, come on, share the secret. I’m dying to kn..

Christian is cut off by Jericho.

Chris Jericho: Would you please do everybody a favour in this arena and SHUT THE HELL UP!

BIG pop for Jericho.

Chris Jericho: On and on and on. Christian every single word coming from your monkey ass is total crap. A modern day Ric Flair? The leader of a new era? The only thing you’re leadin’ is the Pride Parade with your lil buddy there Tomko.

A lot of laughs at that comment from Jericho.

Christian: That’s a good one Chris. How long you had that one building’ up for?

Chris Jericho: Oh a little while now. And you wanna talk about uh..getting the job done?

Christian nods.

Chris Jericho: Well facts are buddy boy that if your old pal Edge hadn’t stuck his nose in, you’d be standing here lookin’ at the World Heavyweight champion right now.

Pop again for Y2J.

Christian: But I’m not am I Chris? I’m standin’ here lookin’ at a complete and utter LOSER.

Heat again for Captain Charisma.

Chris Jericho: And what does that make you Christian? What does that make you exactly? You wanna talk about me not getting the job done? When was the last time you got the job done huh? Let’s look at the facts shall we? Chris Jericho, the first EEEEEVER Undisputed champion.

Pop for that mention.

Chris Jericho: Christian, the……. Hold on a second, let me just think. I got it, Christian, the…… Oh wait that’s right, you have NEVER done a damn thing to compare yourself to ME.

Pop again for Y2J.

Chris Jericho: Christian if ya can’t even compare yourself to me, how in the world can you compare yourself to somebody like Ric Flair? Ric Flair is one of, if not the greatest professional wrestler of all time and yet YOU? You of all people are comparing yourself to him?

Christian: You’re damn right I am Chris. See I may not hold as many championship reigns as Ric Flair, I may not hold the same accolades but that’s because I’ve been held down in this company for FAR TOO LONG!! Chris, guys like me and Edge have NEVER been given the credit we deserve. Despite goin’ out there and puttin’ our bodies on the line, revolutionising the WWE with the TLC match and yet STILL nobody has given me, nobody has given Edge a second look and you’re one of those people Chris.

Boos for the CLB.

Christian: Which is why I chose Ric Flair. You’re right when you say Ric Flair is one of the greatest of all time. There’s no denying it, but this is 2005 Chris. Flair’s time in the limelight is done and he is taking up not just my spotlight, he’s takin’ yours as well.

Chris Jericho: He’s not taking anything away from anyone. As long as Ric Flair can still step inside this ring and compete then he DESERVES the spotlight still.

Pop from the fans.

Christian: BUT HE CAN’T CHRIS! He just can’t. I know, and it eats me up inside when people tell me I’m wrong. I know that I am BETTER than Ric Flair. All I need is that one shot, that one night, that ONE OPPORTUNITY and at Vengeance I will finally get that chance.

Chris Jericho: But are ya gonna take it? Are ya gonna grasp it with both hands? See Christian you talk an awful, awful good game. But when the time comes, when it’s time to step up and show the world what you’ve got, is it really there after all? Is it really inside of you? That so-called Ric Flair talent you possess?

Christian ponders what Jericho’s saying.

Chris Jericho: And there it is people. For that split second right there Christian, you just answered my question. There’s doubt in your mind. You’ve put all this pressure on yourself, you’ve hyped yourself up and now and at Vengeance if ya don’t get it done, if ya don’t live up to your own hype, it’s game over.

Christian puts his head down for a second as Jericho smiles.

Chris Jericho: No more ‘leader of a new era’, no more ‘modern day Ric Flair’. The only thing you’ll be thinking’ of is where your next match is even gonna come from.

Tomko tells Christian not to listen to him.

Christian: You know what Jericho, you’re right. And believe me it hurts to say that but you are. See we aren’t all that different are we Chris?

Jericho says ‘Yes we are’ away from the mic.

Christian: No, no we’re not. See at Vengeance we have BOTH got a point to prove. If I lose, hey what are the chances? Slim to none I know. But if I were to somehow, someway be defeated by the old man then I’m gonna fall flat on my ass for sure. But for someone who talks as much as you do Chris, you need to start realising that you’re in a pretty similar position pal.

Christian pauses before continuing.

Christian: See you may not like it but what I said earlier was true. People are doubting you. These people here tonight may chant your name but they chant your name not expecting you to come good anymore, they chant your name in the hope that you rise from the ashes. See it’s been a longgggggg time since you won that Undisputed title you like to talk about so badly. A longgggggg time Chris.

Jericho looks angered by Christian.

Christian: It’s about time you start lookin’ at the present, start lookin’ at the future. Do ya see another World title around the corner? I don’t see it for ya. You’re on a sinking ship Chris. But me? I’m climbing the ladder to stardom as we speak and at Vengeance the questions will all be answered. All the doubts people have about Captain Charisma will be put to rest and all the questions about Chris Jericho will be answered. Trouble is, I don’t think the answers are gonna be the same.

Christian then pauses once again as Jericho speaks.

Chris Jericho: You want answers? I can give you the answers right here, right now. At Vengeance you and your little buddy Edge are gonna come face to face with reality. There’ll be no more sneak attacks, no more playing games. When the bell rings and you and Flair, me and Edge come face to face, I know I’m gonna be handing out the ass kicking of a lifetime!! And I guarantee you that Ric Flair does the exact..same..thing.

Pop for Jericho there as Christian hands the mic to Tomko and gets in Jericho’s face as it looks like the two men are gonna come to blows. Both men are trash talking but Tomko prevents Christian taking it any further as the Captain leaves the ring to a ton of heat as Jericho waves goodbye to him. Christian backs up the ramp but again takes the mic.

Christian: Oh before I leave Chris. I just wanted to give you my answers. My answers are real simple. Come Vengeance Ric Flair falls foul at the feet of greatness and all my peeps know it, cos that‘s just..how I roll! And Jericho I told ya to stop lookin’ at the past and start lookin’ to the future, well your future, it’s right..behind you!

Christian laughs as Jericho turns around and EDGE charges at him!! Jericho sees it coming though and connects with a right hand before charging after Mr.Money in the Bank but Edge rolls out of harms way before running up the ramp to join Christian and Tomko, wanting nothing to do with Jericho as the crowd boo Mr.MITB.

Jim Ross: Look at this snake Coach. Edge wants damn near nothing to do with Chris Jericho unless his back is turned! He’s a damn coward and I can’t wait for Vengeance when Jericho finally gets his hands on the Rated R Superstar, that I can assure ya.

The Coach: He just got his hands on him JR! And Edge was smart enough to get outta there! Quit your complaining. The only guys who deserve to complain around here are that man Edge and the man who spoke from the heart out there tonight, the man who will steal the SHOW at Vengeance, Captain Charisma baby, Christian.

We see a shot of a smirking Christian alongside Tomko, a fleeing Edge holding his jaw and an angered Jericho as the picture fades away.

Video Package

We see a Jeep driving through a town before the camera cuts to inside the jeep where we see the two young men who introduced themselves last week, Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth. Doane is driving whilst Nemeth is in the passenger seat.

Ken Doane: Hi I’m Ken Doane.

Nick Nemeth: And I’m Nick Nemeth.

Ken Doane: Last week you saw a glimpse, a taster if you will of what the high life is all about.

We see a small cutback to the pool party last week and Doane and Nemeth with a woman each.

Nick Nemeth: See myself and Ken, we like to live life to the max.

A shot of the two men laying in the sun with champagne it seems from last week again.

Ken Doane: We’ve got the money, this car says it all.

The camera shows the car from the outside and inside.

Nick Nemeth: We’ve got the ambition

A Ferrari zooms past them as both men’s heads tilt back towards it.

Nick Nemeth: Time to put a deposit down on that bad boy Ken.

Doane nods as they continue on.

Ken Doane: We’ve got a gift

Nick Nemeth: Gifted in looks.

Ken Doane: Gifted in talent.

Nick Nemeth: Gifted in LIFE itself.

Ken Doane: And we’re ready to bring those gifts over to Monday Night Raw.

Nick Nemeth: So get ready.

Ken Doane: And buckle up

Both men buckle their seatbelts as Doane speeds up.

Nick Nemeth: Cos Nick Nemeth

The car speeds even faster as both men start to shout over the engine noise.

Ken Doane: And Ken Doane

The car looks to be heading for a crash as they swerve.

Nick Nemeth: Are ready to provide the platform

The car swerves again and begins to slow down as both men start to grin cockily.

Ken Doane: For perfection.

The car then comes to a halt and stops perfectly placed outside what looks like WWE headquarters as all you see is the licence plate which reads ‘P3rf3ct’.

'Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth: Coming to Monday Night Raw: Soon'

The camera then returns to ringside as we rejoin Coach and J.R.

The Coach: I can’t wait for those two guys J.R. They can teach you a thing or two that‘s for sure. Maybe then you’d actually deserve to sit next to someone like myself.

Jim Ross: Sure Coach.

‘Arab America’

Out steps Muhammad Hassan accompanied by his fellow members of the Arabian Empire, Sonjay Dutt, Daivari and The Great Khali. The crowd give them some strong heat.

Jim Ross: These four men have caused turmoil on Monday Night Raw ever since they formed at Backlash, handing Muhammad Hassan the Intercontinental title. At Vengeance Hassan will put that championship on the line against Shelton Benjamin but has a HUGE advantage in the fact that match will be a 2on 1 handicap match with The Great Khali by Hassan’s side AS WELL as having Charlie Haas banned from ringside.

The Coach: As he should be J.R. Eric Bischoff has made a great call there, we can’t have Charlie Haas potentially ruining an Intercontinental title match.

Jim Ross: Are you kiddin’ me? But it’s alright for Hassan to have his chronies in his corner?

The Coach: Oh damn right barbeque boy.

J.R goes silent as the four men surround the ring in wait of Hassan’s opponent.

‘Sexy Boy’

Shawn Michaels steps through the curtain to a rousing reception from the Long Island crowd as we get set for this big match up.

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels has it all to do come Vengeance folks. The Heartbreak Kid will go one on one with an opponent of Eric Bischoff’s choosing. If Michaels wins he gets a World title shot, if Michaels loses, he becomes the property, you heard correctly, the property of Eric Bischoff.

The Coach: Can you imagine it J.R? Can you really imagine Shawn Michaels, one of the all time greats having to become just a sidekick to the almighty Eric Bischoff? THAT is gonna make for some damn good television.

Jim Ross: I can’t even contemplate it Coach, I just can’t.

Match Three: Singles Match

Shawn Michaels vs. Muhammad Hassan

The match is a tight affair with both men having opportunities to pick up the victory but not being able to put away their opponent for the three count. In the early goings it was Hassan who got the upper hand, cheap shotting Michaels as the bell rang before launching his offense on the Heartbreak Kid, scoring a near fall following a nice suplex.

The crowd began to tear into Hassan and his three associates, starting a strong ‘USA’ chant which the leader of the Entity did not look best pleased with. This may have taken Hassan’s focus off his game also as Michaels began to bring himself back into the match, pummelling Hassan with some strong right hands before taking him down with a running elbow as the Showstopper looked to build some momentum.

Michaels then scored his first near fall of the match following a cross body from the top rope! Hassan just rolled the shoulder up much to the dismay of the crowd as they thought Michaels had pulled it off.

As the match wore on and both men seemed to tire, the numbers game began to get the better of Michaels. With HBK looking to finish things off, the duo of Dutt and Daivari hopped onto the apron with the referee trying to wave them away it was left to Michaels himself to dispose of them, sending both men flying to the floor with two big right hands as the crowd gave a huge pop.

Michaels however turned around and was met with the gigantic Great Khali standing across the ring at him. The referee was again trying to get Khali out of this match and was even close to calling for the bell however Michaels stood toe to toe with Khali and decided enough was enough before hammering Khali with some Sweet Chin Music!! The crowd went electric but not for too long as Hassan rolled Michaels up, grabbing the tights in the process and scoring the three count!!

Winner: Muhammad Hassan(11:45)

Jim Ross: Damn it! Michaels is screwed here tonight! That damn Entity just continue to steal their way to victories and you gotta feel for Shawn Michaels.

The Coach: Shawn Michaels crossed the boss J.R. You can’t feel for a guy who does that. Muhammad Hassan a deserving winner here tonight. This guy could be the greatest Intercontinental champion of all time!

Jim Ross: Oh bull Coach. Somebody’s gonna put a stop to Hassan some day and I’m damn sure hoping that it’s Shelton Benjamin at Vengeance. And as for Shawn Michaels, one heck of an effort here tonight from the Heartbreak Kid.

The Coach: Effort don’t count a dime come Vengeance J.R. If Shawn Michaels gets pinned again at Vengeance, it’s game over baby!

We cut backstage to the office of Eric Bischoff who is watching the match on a monitor, looking incredibly pleased with the outcome. We then see The Dudley Boyz walk through the doors of the GM’s office to a decent response from the fans as Bischoff looks slightly hesitant.

Eric Bischoff: Gentleman, what uhh, what can I do for ya?

Bischoff looks a bit shaky still as the duo look angry.

Bubba Ray Dudley: You can start by giving us those damn punks Dutt and Daivari, they think they’ve been mistreated in this country? Just they freakin’ wait til me and D-Von get our hands on them. They ain’t seen the meanin’ of the word mistreated yet.

The fans pop for an aggressive Bubba here.

Eric Bischoff: Look I saw what went down earlier tonight and hey I gotta admit I liked what I saw. Not only Dutt and Daivari but the Basham’s too, both teams are makin’ statements. Both teams want those titles sittin’ on your shoulder. You’re telling’ me you wouldn’t do the same if you guys weren’t holdin’ the gold?

The duo stare a hole through Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Exactly. So the way I see it you wanna get your hands on those guys? You got it. You got Dutt and Daivari at Vengeance alright?

D-Von Dudley: Oh testify.

Pop for D-Von there but Bischoff’s not through yet.

Eric Bischoff: ANDDDD the Basham Brothers in a triple threat tornado tag team match! How do you guys like the sound o’ that one?

Bischoff smiles broadly thinking he’s one upped the tag champs here.

Bubba Ray Dudley: I like the sound of that a whole hell of a lot Eric. See me and D-Von, we DO NOT CARE how many teams ya put up against us. Bring a whole stinkin’ squadron in for Vengeance and we will TAKE THEM DOWN!

Pop for Bubba again.

Bubba Ray Dudley: All we came here for Bischoff was to get Dutt and Daivari. The Basham’s are just an added bonus. Thank you very much Eric. Always a real pleasure to see ya.

The Dudleyz leave looking focused, seemingly pleased with Bischoff’s announcement as the GM looks confused.

Bischoff's phone then goes off and he answers, looking exicted by the call.

Eric Bischoff: Hello.

Bischoff pauses for a second before his face lights up.

Eric Bischoff: You’re sure on this? He’s definitely gonna come back?

Bischoff again pauses.

Eric Bischoff: And there’s no chance of him letting me down?

Bischoff pauses again waiting for a reply before beaming with joy.

Eric Bischoff: Great, great news. So I’ll see him at Vengeance right?

Bischoff jumps off his chair and punches the air in delight.

Eric Bischoff: And I thought this day couldn’t get any better! Awesome news Paul. Tell him I appreciate it and I’ll be seeing him come Vengeance. Take care man. Bye, bye.

Bischoff puts the phone down before grinning evily once more.

Eric Bischoff: Oh Shawn, Shawn, Shawn, Vengeance will be..mine ha ha.

J.R quietly says 'Paul?' as we fade off.


'Ain’t no stopping me now’

The music of Shelton Benjamin plays as we return to Raw and both Benjamin and Haas make their way down to a good pop.

Jim Ross: Two of the finest young athletes in the entire WWE and Shelton Benjamin has certainly had the midas touch over Triple H in recent encounters beating the Game on three occasions, a feat not many can claim Coach.

The Coach: It’s impressive J.R, I’ll admit it. But when Triple H is in the kinda mood he’s in tonight, I can’t see Shelton Benjamin, I can’t see ANYBODY stopping the Game.

‘Time to play the Game’

Out comes the Game to a chorus of boos, still with that stone face look on his face as he walks with authority to the ring, looking at his opponent inside the squared circle.

Jim Ross: We heard from the Game earlier on tonight Coach and you can tell that he is fired up, that is hell bent on reclaiming the World Heavyweight championship at Vengeance. I don’t condone what he did last week to Batista though, not at all and when Batista returns next week you can put your life on these two bulls lockin’ horns.

The Coach: If I were Batista J.R I’d be seriously, SERIOUSLY considering not even showin’ up at Vengeance. We all saw what Triple H did to Batista last week and after what the Cerebral Assassin had to say here tonight, I am 100% convinced that that man right there is walkin’ outta Las Vegas in three weeks time, the 11 time, count em’ J.R, 11 time World champion.

Match Four: Singles Match

Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin

The main event was highly anticipated and certainly delivered for a fiery Long Island crowd. Shelton Benjamin was once again proving a massive obstacle for the Game to overcome as Trips struggled to deal with the speed and agility of one half of the World’s Greatest Tag Team. From the get go Hunter became frustrated with not being able to put away Benjamin and it inevitably cost the former World champion as Shelton nearly pulled off another huge upset, rolling up the number one contender for Vengeance. With Charlie Haas looking on from ringside, his support continued to push Benjamin on and also pushed the crowd on as they urged Benjamin to notch up a fourth win over the Cerebral Assassin.

The end of the match saw Trips once again get on top, dropping Shelton with high knee, following a fast paced offence from Benjamin. Trips then pulled a sleeper hold on Benjamin, looking to ground down the former Intercontinental champion. With Benjamin looking to get himself back in the match, it seemed to be the continued support from Haas and the crowd that brought him back into it. Benjamin brought himself upright before nailing Hunter in the gut, releasing the hold.

Shelton then ran the ropes once again before taking Trips down with a huge running clothesline! Cover from Benjamin but a kick out at two from the Game! Shelton begins to feel the momentum shifting and poises himself for Trips’ return to his feet. Trips gets up and turns around, Benjamin goes for the T-Bone, counter from Trips though as he clotheslines Benjamin down.

Benjamin returns back up to his feet, right into a big right hand from the Game who then whips Shelton across the ring into the ropes, Benjamin rebounds and Trips takes him down with a thunderous face breaker knee smash as Benjamin’s skull collides full on with the Game’s left knee. Triple H then roars to the crowd as he has heat poured on him by the Long Island faithful.

Trips then brings Benjamin up to his feet once again before setting him up for the Pedigree. Trips points around the arena, seeming to mouth ‘This is for you Batista’. Trips moment of taking his eye off the ball cost him though as Benjamin counters and tosses Trips over his shoulder. Hunter is stunned as he gets back to his feet but he runs right into Benjamin who sets him up, T-Bone suplex!! Benjamin connects!! The fans go insane as Benjamin goes for the cover…



Kick out!!

Somehow, someway Triple H kicks out and the crowd cannot believe it, nor can Haas who has his head in his hands whilst Benjamin looks stunned, wondering what more he can do to get the job done here. Benjamin gets to his feet and takes a minute in the corner to regroup himself as Triple H looks to bring himself up also. Both men now on their feet and Benjamin heads straight for the Game but Trips sees him coming and connects with a cheap shot, thumb to the eye from Trips as Benjamin is taken aback.

Trips then signals enough is enough and drops out of the ring and to ringside where he picks up a steel chair but Trips is met by Haas! Charlie Haas confronts Triple H to a big pop from the crowd as Haas tells Trips to put it down or deal with him as Trips holds his hands out to say he’s not gonna do anything. The referee drops out of the ring to try and get Haas away from the Game but both men are going at each other verbally.

But it’s inside the ring where the action is going on!! With the referee distracted and Benjamin’s attentions on the outside, he’s turned around by his bitter rival Muhammad Hassan, accompanied by The Great Khali and Hassan drops Benjamin with a low blow before the Great Khali drops Benjamin with a massive power bomb!! The crowd shit all over the duo as Hassan and Khali exit the ring as Trips drops the chair and heads back inside to the fallen Shelton.

Charlie Haas turns around and sees Hassan and Khali fleeing and Haas grabs the steel chair Triple H had and wastes little time in heading after the duo!! The crowd egg Haas on as Khali and Hassan get out of harms way, Haas right behind them. Inside the ring though, all Triple H has to do is cover Shelton Benjamin.




Triple H gets the win here tonight

Winner: Triple H(12:26)

Jim Ross: Damn it this is not right!! The damn Entity has screwed Shelton Benjamin AGAIN here tonight!! Hassan needs to pay Coach!!

The Coach: Absolutely beautiful J.R. Triple H standin’ victorious has got to be one of the greatest sights I’ve ever seen on Monday Night Raw and come Vengeance he’s gonna do it again!!

Jim Ross: But what about Hassan and Khali?! What about those no good S.O.Bs huh? I hope Charlie Haas gets his hands on those two! And what the hell is this about?!

The camera cuts to see Triple H who is taking it to Benjamin despite the best efforts of the referee to stop him. Trips hammers away at Benjamin with strong right hands before dropping out of the ring to huge heat but he’s far from finished. Triple H heads under the ring and pulls out old faithful, the sledgehammer.

Jim Ross: Oh somebody stop this damn it!!

The Coach: J.R this is not gonna end well for Shelton Benjamin and there ain’t anything anybody can do about it.

Trips heads back into the ring towards Benjamin who is defenceless. Trips brings the hammer up over his head as J.R squeals for help when…

‘I walk alone’

It’s BATISTA!!! THE ANIMAL IS HERE!! Batista storms down to the ring as Triple H looks like he’s seen a ghost!!


The Coach: You gotta be kidding me?!

Triple H gets out of dodge as quick as he can before sprinting round the ring and up the ramp wanting nothing to do with Batista as the crowd pur heat on him once again with a fired up Batista wanting to tear him apart here tonight.

Jim Ross: Batista may not have gotten his hands on Triple H here tonight but he may well have saved Shelton Benjamin’s career. Tonight was Triple H’s night but come Vengeance will the Game have what it takes to tame the Animal? Goodnight everybody!

Current Vengeance Card: 26th June 05; Las Vegas, Nevada

World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista(c) vs Triple H

Chris Jericho vs Edge

WWE Intercontinental Championship: 2 on 1 Handicap Match
(Charlie Haas is banned from ringside)
Muhammad Hassan(c) and The Great Khali vs Shelton Benjamin

Christian vs Ric Flair

WWE Women's Championship: No Disqualification Match:
Trish Stratus(c) vs Victoria

World Tag Team Championships: Triple Threat Match:
The Dudley Boyz(c) vs The Basham Brothers vs Sonjay Dutt and Daivari

Shawn Michaels vs ?
(If Shawn Michaels wins he becomes Number one contender to the World title; If he loses he becomes the property of Eric Bischoff)

Mark Jindrak vs The Big Show
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