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Re: WWE '12

Originally Posted by Dirk Pepper View Post
New interview up at: http://boards.ign.com/wwe_smackdown/...20/r204705826/

Moves updates:

- Justin Gabriel's 450 (no hesitation but it looks great)
- Cody Rhodes' Alabama Slam
- A new Breaking Point Sleeper Hold (with falling down animation) for Dolph Ziggler
- A new ground grapple Elbow Drop w/ hair taunt for Dolph Ziggler
- A new (but weird) looking Super Kick-like running strike (Dolph has it)
- A re-animated GTS for CM Punk
- Sin Cara's Avalanche Back Flip Bottom
- Sin Cara's La Mistica Armbar
- A new Cena-like Belly-to-Belly
- A new Book End for Booker T
- A new Brain Buster for Arn Anderson
- A new Double Axe Handle combination signature for Demolition
- Demolition Decapitation for Demolition
- Doomsday Device for L.O.D.
- A new jumping Brogue Kick for Sheamus (looks great)
- A new Double Axe Handle running strike for Sheamus
- A new jumping Clothesline running strike for Kofi Kingston
- A new running hesitation jumping Knee Strike for Evan Bourne
- A new Shooting Star Press for Evan Bourne
- The Regal-Plex w/ pin option
- Two new Dropkick to Knee weak strikes
- A new 619 for Rey Mysterio (had trouble pulling it off -- it's in a new position)
- A new Future Shock DDT for Drew McIntyre (much better)
- Zack Ryder's corner sitting Broski Boot w/ L.I. taunt
- Zack Ryder's Rough Ryder
- Daniel Bryan's LeBell Lock
- Daniel Bryan's Cattle Mutilation
- Wade Barrett's side kick to the gut (strong strike w/ knockdown)
- A new Butterfly Suplex
- A new ground grapple Jumping Leg Drop (no running off the ropes but it can be a finisher)
- A new Showstopper-like Chokeslam
- Undertaker's Jumping Lariat running strike
- Miz's Snap DDT to a kneeling opponent
- A new Battering Ram Headbutt strong strike w/ knockdown for Vladimir Kozlov
- A new ground running Senton for Husky Harris
- New basic punches for Kane
- R-Truth's Suplex Stunner (signature move)
- A new strong strike Haymaker (basic punch w/ knockdown, but looks good)
- House of Pain (Mason Ryan's finisher / Uranage slam)
- McGillicutter for Michael McGillicutty
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