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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

Was looking through my old computer and stumbled across this. It was just a little something for a project I had planned a couple of months ago but nothing came of it and I don't plan for anything to come of it in the future. It's nothing special but still.


World Wrestling Entertainment
Thursday Night Smackdown
April 3rd, 2003
Idaho Center | Boise, Idaho

As expected, a video package (still images only) plays, which highlights the ongoings of last night's Wrestlemania extravaganza, placing specific attention on the Smackdown side of things - Especially the Hulk Hogan vs. Vince McMahon Street Fight and the Main Event for the WWE Championship, Brock Lesnar challenging Kurt Angle. The final few images we see, as the video package comes to an end, include a bloodied Vince McMahon, Brock Lesnar hitting an F-5, Lesnar "connecting" with the infamous Shooting Star Press and finally we get a shot of Lesnar holding his newly won WWE Championship as we hear Michael Cole screaming over the top... "Brock Lesnar is the NEW WWE Champion! The era of Brock Lesnar as officially begun!"

The package then comes to a close but is immediately followed by an updated Smackdown opening video, played to the very epic "I Want It All" song. We are then welcomed to the Idaho Center with a huge pyrotechnic display as the camera circles the arena, showing thousands of electric fans, buzzing for the show to begin. After the pyro has calmed down, we are handed over to Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside.

Michael Cole: Just four, short days ago we witnessed one of the greatest Wrestlemanias of all time! We saw it all from success and triumph to heartbreak and failure and here tonight, on Thursday Night Smackdown, we will see everyone's reaction to what happened just 96 hours ago in Seattle, Washington! Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Michael Cole and alongside me, as always is my broadcast partner, Tazz; And what a night Wrestlemania was, partner!

Tazz: No doubt, Cole, Wrestlemania was absolutely off the chain! In my honest and professional opinion, it was the greatest night not only in the WWE but in proffessional wrestling as a whole! We saw it all, baby.

Michael Cole: You're absolutely right, we did see it all, but the one thing we did see and the biggest thing we saw was that the former WWE Champion, Kurt Angle, was finally overcome by the NEW WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar, in a match that shall go down in the history books as one of the greatest of all time.

Tazz: Spot on, my man, the main event at Wrestlemania between those two phenomenal athletes makes me truly proud of being part of the Smackdown roster and what those two did on Sunday, really does personify what this business is about. But what about that brutal Street Fight between Hulk Hogan and Mr McMahon, what a brawl that was!

Michael Cole: How could I forg-

***No Chance***

Just on cue, Michael Cole is interrupted by the infamous music of the Chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon rolls on to the stage, limping a little bit. The evil genius doesn't look too happy as you'd expect and he takees no notices of the thunderous boos that greet him from the Smackdown faithful. McMahon demands Tony Chimel to hold down the second rope, aiding him in entering in to the ring. Vince then ungratefully snatches Chimel's microphone off of him, leaving the dumbfounded ring announcer to just exit the ring, half embarrassed.

Vince McMahon: Four nights ago... At Wrestlemania... I... I... I was defeated, by Hulk Hogan...

The arena erupts in cheers as Vince winces in pain, holding his ribs.

Vince McMahon: Somehow, he overcame me and he defeated me. He split me open and he pinned me in front of Fifty-Seven thousand people...1...2..3. I'm an honest man and I'll admit it when I ended up on the losing end of a battle, and I was on the losing end of a battle last Sunday. But I am never, ever, on the losing end of a war and Hulk Hogan... This is a war dammit!

Boos surround the arena because the stubborn Chairman isn't giving up despite it being clear that Hogan won.

Vince McMahon: Y'hear me Hulk? This is far from over. I own this company, I built this company and I built you, Hogan! I built you and I made you what you are today and without me, there would be no Hulkamania, there wouldn't be any Hulkamaniacs and there wouldn't be a... Hulk Hogan. You'd just be good old Terry Bolea, working two jobs and earning no money and if I have to bend over backwards to show you, and all of these people, that... Then that's exactly what I shall do dammit!

Heat echoes around the Idaho Center with a small "Hogan" chant circling.

Mr McMahon: You can chant for him all you want because he isn't here. He isn't in the arena tonight, hell, he isn't even in Idaho! He's in the comfort of his own home with his wife and kids in Florida and you know why? Because he's scared, he's scared of ME - Vince McMahon - The same man that at the click of my fingers, can end Hulk Hogan for good! I said it before and I'll say it again - I made Hulk Hogan and I can damn sure break him just as easy!

The boos are flooding in as the psychotic McMahon continues to rant on. The boos only get louder when...


When the former WWE Champion and the only Olympic Gold Medallist in WWE history, Kurt Angle makes his way on to the stage and down to the ring, looking even more pissed off than Vince did! Angle, sporting his ring gear, is flanked by Team Angle and the talented trio waste no time in making their way down to the ring. Once in the squared circle, Angle reaches through the middle and top rope and grabs a microphone off of Chimel.

Kurt Angle: Vince... Mr. McMahon, as much as I respect you as a man and as an employer, and I do respect you a heck of a lot... It wasn't just you that lost a battle at Wrestlemania. Heck, I didn't just lose a battle, I lost my frickin' WWE Championship and the pathetic excuse of a man we call the current WWE Champion doesn't even dare show his face tonight!

Vince McMahon: Well first off Kurt... If you ever interrupt me again, then there will be no chance in hell you'll even have a chance to hold that WWE title again because I'll fire you on the spot, you got it?

A little pop at the possibility of Kurt being fired, as Kurt just hangs his head in shame.

Vince McMahon: And in regards to the WWE Championship... I mean... I don't really like Brock either but what do you expect me to do about it? You were defeated four days ago at Wrestlemania and now you're sent to the back of the queue, you get behind everybody else and you prove to me that you're worthy of another shot.

Kurt Angle: Are you serious, Mr McMahon? I'm the best god damn wrestler in the WWE right now. I'm the only Olympic Gold Medallist in professional wrestling history... What more do you want?!

Vince McMahon: Well there's quite a lot of things that I want...

Kurt Angle: What do you want doing? I will do anything just to prove that I'm better than everybody else in that locker room and that I AM the most deserving of another title shot in the whole god damn business!

The crowd boo showing that they obviously don't agree with that...

Vince McMahon: Well as far as I'm concerned, a number one contenders tournament has already been set up for Judgment Day's WWE Championship match and I can't change that now so I guess... I guess you'll just have to win that tournament, right?

Kurt Angle: Suit yourself, Vince... If you're not going to rightfully award me MY WWE Championship then I guess I'm just going to have to take it myself then, aren't I?

Vince McMahon: Listen, Kurt... I'll admit, I am one of your biggest fans and I sincerely do think that you are the man to carry this company in to the future and if I could I'd hand you your title shot, but I didn't create the number one contenders tournament...

Kurt Angle: Well who the hell did, then?

Vince McMahon: The General Manager of Smackdown, and unfortunately, my daughter... (Quietly, in shame) Stephanie McMahon...

A fair few cheers for the beautiful General Manager of the blue brand.

Kurt Angle: Oh I could have guess, Steph... (Turns to camera) Well then Stephanie, I'll be cheated out of my rightful shot and I'll do as everyone else has to and I will compete in the tournament and I'll storm through every man, woman and child that dares step in my way but believe me when I say this, Stephanie... The blood will be, on your hands.

Kurt's inetense eyes locks on to the camera as he looks dead on, exposing his stone cold, blue eyes. Angle then drops the microphone, turns to Vince McMahon and shakes is hand before exiting the ring with Haas and Benjamin. Cole and Tazz put over the promo and puts over the fact that Angle is on a mission and as shown in the past, when Kurt has set his sights on something, he's almost unstoppable! We then go to commercial break.



The plan was to be for Kurt Angle to go on a bit of a losing streak and end up becoming Vince's lackey in exchange for a title shot. Would have lead to an Angle/Hogan match at Summerslam and then Angle winning the title at Survivor Series. I can't be bothered to go on to much detail but to be perfectly honest it wasn't the most captivating of plans for the main event scene, the lower card - upper midcard as well as Monday Night Raw as a whole seemed to be much more entertaining, but still.

SO yeah, there we go. Like I said, nothing special but I thought I may as well post it here.

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