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Re: WWE '12

I'm glad to know they're bringing out a Collector's Edition. As a matter of fact just the other day I was wondering about it then I saw this vid on Youtube where the fans could vote for either Cena or Rock on the cover. Obviously, Rock's in the lead.

The only thing I'm wondering is will THQ deliver a CE that's worth the extra $20? I bought the 2008 CE (at the time I got it for $40 cause I got it in mid-08) and boy did I feel sorry for those who went out and bought for $80 when it first came out. There was nothing worth the price in it. You got the game (obviously) and a DVD of the making of SVR 2011. Oh and a stupid Kelly Kelly Tops Trading Card. Kelly freaking Kelly. Some Rey Mysterio shit was advertised to come with it but I never received that.

I didn't buy the 2009 CE but it looks like it wasn't worth the price either. It came with a Blu Ray that contained 8 crappy TV matches.

The one thing I liked about SVR 2009 was that the PS3 version had Edge vs Taker WM 24 on it and I believe it was in HD as well. It's a cool bonus. I think this year we should get CM Punk vs Cena from MITB. I think it's hard to put the matches on the 360 version cause there's not enough space on the disc.

That should be mandatory CE or not. It should be on the WWE 12 disc. And like I mentioned THQ should give us a reason to spend the extra cash on a CE. I like the idea of putting trading cards in but make them unique cards. Like make 4 exclusive cards (John Cena, CM Punk, The Miz, The Rock) and spread them out in a random order. Each CE contains one card, but not everyone gets the same card. They should also include some sort of action figure in it. If it's The Rock that will embrace the front cover put a Rock action figure in it. If it's Cena, make it Cena. One reason I hope Rock gets the cover of the CE is so that hopefully THQ will give us a download code for The Rock, since he's only available atm through pre-order. Anoter thing they could put that the MK and LBP 2 CE came with are like these two things to store books and games between. They could make a Rock and Cena one.

If I'm gonna buy a CE I want more than a stupid DVD and a worthless kelly Kelly card. Make it feel exclusive. LBP 2 is a fine example of how you do a CE. That shit was like a Christmas goodie box or something. Never ending stuff came with it. Felt like it took days to fully unbox it. Lots of codes to download stuff. That was $80 worth.

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