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Re: OML and Bradley's WWE 2011

Smackdown feedback

First time Iíve read anything of yours so interested in what you have to offer.

Kicking things off with Christian was a must and he was spot on with what he had to say. Orton coming out pretty sharpish I havenít got a problem with and as Iíd imagine him being very pissed off after MITB. But I was a bit disappointed with what Orton had to say, I thought heíd either be furious or not even talk at all and just straight up go at Christian. Christian was perfect, the way he kept interrupting and the line about not needing to beat him in the conventional way was very good. Christian/Orton at Summerslam to end things would be good and the Smackdown showcase sounds pretty exciting. Good start other than Orton in my opinion.

Zeke and Cody. Hoped youíd stick the title on Rhodes and pleased you did exactly that. Rhodes has a lot of potential as champion to work with unlike Zeke so good move there in what was a decent match also. Surprised to see Barrett stick his nose in as I thought they were done and dusted feuding but Iíll give you a chance and see where it goes.

Good little interview from Henry here and I hope you keep him on a path of destruction.

Very good stuff with Bryan here and cashing in at Survivor Series is huge and I thought the reasoning behind it was great. Cole sticking his nose in I didnít like but I suppose it had to be expected. Hope you build him up well between now and then.

Sheamus/Sin Cara was a good bout although I was hoping youíd also go the way the WWE have and turned Sheamus face. Suppose thereís still time to do so but this doesnít signal that route. Good showing from both men here.

Orton/Kane segment I thought was a bit awkward. I know theyíre both lunatics so I guess I should expect that. Kaneís little cryptic message was interesting but at the same time Iíd have liked to have a small idea of whatís going on whilst Orton was off a bit again I felt. Orton doesnít have anybodyís back for one and the bit about making him angry at the end couldíve been a bit more emphatic I thought.

Good stuff here with Teddy Long and sets up an interesting angle for sure. Iím not a fan of him in this role and I donít know many who are so anything to either remove him or spice up his character would be great.

Good win for Bryan here and a solid outing from Kidd also. Your match writing is clearly very good and youíve done a good job so far of not making anybody look weak. Only negative would be having Bryan come out twice, so soon after the first as well. Couldíve maybe had this match straight after his promo or the promo following the match.

Decent stuff with Big Show here, nothing too interesting but always hard with Show anyway!

Interesting interaction here with Gabriel and Slater to set up their qualifier, fully expect Gabriel to get the win and kick on a notch.

Another very good match here in the main event and all four looked strong. Glad to see Henry keep his momentum with the win here and you solidified him as being a real threat to Orton next week and perhaps Christian.

Overall, for your first show in 18 months this was very good stuff. Enjoyed your use of Christian as well as Mark Henry and loved the announcement from Daniel Bryan also. Only real negatives would be Ortonís character which needs a bit of work I think but youíll get there and also throwing Barrett and Zeke together again. Well done.
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