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Re: OML and Bradley's WWE 2011

Believe it or not, this is my first actual show in 18 months and I'm pleased with how it's turned out. If you like the show a review or a few comments would be greatly appreciated. I've spotted a few great shows around the section so I intend to hit them up with a review sometime in the week.

Friday Night Smackdown
July 22nd
Minneapolis, Minnesota

‘Cashing In’

Friday Night Smackdown begins with a wrap-up promo from Sunday night detailing the events which took place in Chicago. It starts with a brief recollection of C.M. Punk winning (and leaving with) the WWE Championship before crossing over to the Smackdown side of things: Mark Henry demolishing Big Show is highlighted with dramatic effect, as was the aftermath with Big Show being carted off by EMTs. Christian besting Randy Orton by means of disqualification is then shown followed finally by Daniel Bryan winning the Money in The Bank briefcase as we open the show.



Michael Cole: We welcome you to Friday Night Smackdown after a week of, it has to be said, severe repercussions for many people across the WWE.

Booker T: Yeah, you got that right. We had Christian become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Big Show is out of action fo’ up to two months and we have D-Bryan ready to cash in at any time, any place and it could be tonight baby boy, I love it.

Josh Matthews: Be that as it may coming up now Christian is going to address the WWE Universe after his, quite frankly, shocking win on Sunday night where he tipped Randy Orton over the edge…

Michael Cole: Are you kidding me? Randy Orton knew exactly what was going to happen to him and Christian simply played by the rules of the match… let’s hear what our champion has to say.

A mixed reaction for the Internet darling but verging on boos. Christian comes out in an olive-green shirt and jeans looking very comfortable and pleased with himself, even more so with the World Heavyweight Championship draped over his shoulder which he is keen to flaunt. Christian struts his way up the steps and in to the ring. Captain Charisma takes a deep breath and takes in the ‘adulation’ before snatching a microphone off of a stagehand.

Christian: (holding up his title) Behold, your NEW World Heavyweight CHAMPION!

The crowd are firm this time. Boos all round and Christian wouldn’t have it any other way.

Christian: I don’t see why you are booing me. Me, Christian. Not Randy Orton who broke the rules, kicked me when I was defenceless and…

‘Randy Orton’ chants surface but Christian continues with his diatribe.

Christian: I was RKO’d not once…

Cheers for Orton once again.

Christian: But twice, the man you cheer for is nothing but a broken-down psychopath most importantly, without a championship over his shoulder.

The crowd get on Christian’s back and, strangely, start a C.M. Punk chant- he is that hot at the moment.

Christian: Ah, you brought me on to my next point. Despite winning and dominating Randy Orton on Sunday night I am not the talk of the town. I log on to Twitter and expect congratulations from my Peepulation.

A few cheers but mostly boos which Christian mockingly feels disgust at.

But all I see is ‘where is C.M. Punk?’ this and ‘has John Cena been fired?’ that. It quite frankly sickens me because not only am I the star of the show; I am the leading light in the whole WWE Universe and you should be looking up to me not people like C.M. Punk and certainly not someone like John Cena.

Both Superstars’ names are met with massive reactions which nearly blow the roof off of the arena and annoy Christian even more.

Christian: That is why tonight I am going to show you I am the true champion. I am the only recognised World Champion in this company and that is why I should lead the way. Much like I did on Sunday night when I outsmarted Randy Orton and…


Randy Orton steps out on to the stage, seething and staring at Orton through angry eyes, picking up exactly where he left off from Money in The Bank. Orton already has a mic and puts his lips to the microphone but he is cut off by the crowd’s support.

Randy Orton: Christian… it’s true, you beat me on Sunday night.

Christian: It took you five days to figure out that one?

Randy Orton: You beat me through trickery and deceit but…

But nothing, Orton, back of the line. I’ve given you chance after chance to beat me fairly and you failed.

Randy Orton: The WWE Universe knows, I know and Teddy Long knows that you didn’t beat me in the middle of the ring one, two, three.

Christian: I am so much better than you, Orton, that I didn’t need to beat you in the conventional way. I beat you using my brain and it clearly triumphed over your massive stupidity.

Boos ring out again for Christian but he is trying to get Orton closer to the ring.

Christian: How about you get in to this ring (shines off his belt) and take one last look at the World Heavyweight Championship before I ride off in to the sunset with it?

Randy Orton: How about (Orton’s demeanour takes a more sinister turn now) I get in to that ring and kick your ass and take your World Heavyweight Championship?

A massive pop for Orton’s statement but this only riles Christian.

Christian: Unlike you and your lawyers who clearly didn’t look through the contract I have studied it extensively. It says that if I were to win, which I did, you wouldn’t get a rematch.

A ‘bullshit’ chant starts up and begins to reverberate around the arena but Christian still has a small following cheering his every word.

Christian: So, like I said, give the rest of the roster a chance because you’ve had yours. The way I see it you’ve failed because you beat yourself up. I am smarter than you, I am better than you now get the hell out my ring.

Randy Orton steps closer towards Christian and the two tensely stare each other down which neither man relinquishing their position which brings out…


Teddy Long comes out to a hushed mixed reaction in a white suit. Long doesn’t look best pleased as he looks up towards the two men in the ring.

Teddy Long: Now, playas, I’ve had enough of this over the past few months with your constant warring on Friday Night Smackdown. Christian, Sunday was your last chance and you won but that doesn’t mean it is Randy Orton’s last chance.

A huge cheer beckons Teddy’s announcement.

Teddy Long: I’ve heard the WWE Universe holler for a rematch the past few days but I’m not going to give it to them tonight.

Those cheers soon turn to boos but Teddy Long has another trick up his sleeve.

Teddy Long:
Christian, you may not have studied the contract well enough because it says an authority figure has the right to give either party a rematch if they deem it appropriate. Brother, I deem this appropriate.

Christian’s face drops and Randy Orton oozes with intensity, still looking at the World Heavyweight Champion.

Christian: You can’t give him another shot. He’s a maniac… he’ll kill me in that ring.

Teddy Long: I’m not quite done, Christian. Randy Orton, you will get your shot at Christian at Summerslam…

The crowd cheers but are quickly bemused by Long’s next few words.

Teddy Long:
If you beat Mark Henry next week on Friday Night Smackdown. But this isn’t just a one-way street for you, Randy. If Mark Henry beats you then he gets a shot at Christian and you have to go, like Christian says, to the back of the line.

Both Christian and Randy Orton are angered by the Smackdown General Manager’s announcement but, surprisingly Teddy Long isn’t done.

Randy Orton: I will beat Mark Henry just to prove to you Christian I deserve a rematch and, this time, it will be it between us.

Christian: I’ll beat either you or that lumbering freak, it doesn’t matter to me because I’m better than both of you.

Teddy Long: Gentlemen, please, I’m not finished. I’ve decided that the Christian versus Randy Orton series needs to end sooner or later so it either ends next week or ends at Summerslam. That’s why I am announcing the Smackdown Summer Showcase for Summerslam.

A small pop but a pop nonetheless greets the announcement which the GM goes on to explain.

Teddy Long: The winner of the Smackdown Summer Showcase will go one on one with the World Heavyweight Champion at Night of Champions. Six men will be involved in the match, the brightest stars on Smackdown. Qualifying matches will begin next week and the rules are as follows. The match begins with two men and a new man will enter after five minutes and every three minutes after that a man will enter. A winner will be crowned when all five other men have been eliminated.

Booker T: Wow, what an announcement. As J.R. would say, man, business is about to pick up and I’m lovin’ it.

Christian: (sarcastic applause) That’s great, Teddy. I’ll beat whoever you put in front of me once again and, then what? You’re out of men then as the (mocking voice) brightest star on Smackdown will have fallen to the Killswitch.

Teddy Long: Well, let’s see if you can hit the Killswitch tonight then as you will be in the main event with Randy Orton.

HUGE cheers surround the ring as Christian looks on with disgust. Randy Orton is still in a trance-like state.

Teddy Long: Randy Orton’s tag team partner will be Kane and Christian you will be partnering with… MARK HENRY. I’ll be looking forward to the match.

Christian shakes off the announcement and turns around but he is stopped by Randy Orton. Christian goes to hit him with the title but Randy Orton ducks… RKO!!! NO! Christian escapes and rolls out of the ring. Christian backs up the ramp and smirks at an enraged Randy Orton as we cut to commercials.

Commercial Break

Josh Matthews: If you’ve just joined us you’ve missed three blockbuster announcements.

Clips play of Randy Orton and Christian’s altercation as well as Teddy Long’s announcement.

Michael Cole: Christian has once again been backed against the wall by this miscreant Teddy Long and it’s an absolute travesty. Christian is the best thing to happen to Smackdown in a long time and now he is going to have to face a volatile Randy Orton, Kane and his possible opponent at Summerslam, Mark Henry.

Josh Matthews: Randy Orton against Mark Henry will be next week and the winner will go on to face Christian at Summerslam.

A graphic pops up for that match as the crowd cheer and applaud.

Booker T: I’m more excited about this Summerslam Showcase. Man ‘dat is gonna be off the chain. Six men all battling it out to be in the main event of Night of Champions. There is no better way to prove yourself and make yourself a main-eventer than beating five other men.

Michael Cole:
But they still have to prove themselves by qualifying. But now, someone who doesn’t need to prove himself in Cody Rhodes as he goes one on one with Ezekiel Jackson for the Intercontinental Championship.

Booker T: I predict big things for both men in the future but, now, Tony Chimel take it away, man. Ooh, I’m going to enjoy this one watching one of my Fave Five, Big Zeke.

Michael Cole: Oh, give me a break.


Tony Chimel: This match is for the INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Introducing first, the challenger, from Marietta, Georgia and weighing in at 223lbs being accompanied to the ring by Ted DiBiase, COOODDDY RHOOOOOODEEES!

The cocky masked man slowly makes his way down to the ring flanked by his cohort Ted DiBiase. He is also accompanied by some serious heat and he takes exception to a few of the younger fans on the way down to the ring.


Tony Chimel: Introducing, the champion, from Guyana and weighing in at 305lbs… EZEKIEELLLLL JAAAAACKSOOOONN!

The Personification of Domination confidently swaggers to the ring with a huge grin on his face. He gets a subdued pop by a small section of the crowd but Big Zeke just looks like he wants to smash some heads in.

Josh Matthews: Ezekiel Jackson looks about as focused as I’ve ever seen him.

Booker T: But he gotta be wary of Ted DiBiase there in Cody Rhodes’ corner and he could be the deciding factor in this contest.

Match One- Intercontinental Championship

Ezekiel Jackson (c) vs. Cody Rhodes (w/Ted DiBiase)

Cody Rhodes once again uses his cunning to get out of a tricky situation with Big Zeke closing on him but a few swift elbows puts the masked man back on top. Ted DiBiase calls out a few words of encouragement to his peer but it can’t stop a GIANT CLOTHESLINE laying Cody Rhodes out in the ring as the crowd cheer. Ezekiel Jackson puts his large forearm across Cody Rhodes for the pin,



Cody kicks out just after two but Zeke expected that and hastily gets to his feet and he starts beating down on the cocky upstart. Zeke grabs Cody and lifts him high above his head drops him back on to his feet with a thud and tosses him like a ragdoll in to the corner with bone-shattering velocity.

DiBiase senses his friend is in trouble and gets up on the apron and deals with the situation in the only way he knows how: complaining. DiBiase moans about a closed fist or some such invisible occurrence but this only reviles Zeke who clambers over to DiBiase and knocks him off of his perch with a BIG BOOT straight to the chest. The crowd are getting behind the Personification of Domination after a lukewarm and tepid reception and he goes back to Cody Rhodes but Rhodes ducks the forearm and hits two swift kicks to the back of Zeke’s right leg to chop him down to size.

Cody senses an opening and hits another big kick to the knee of Zeke just to make sure and he goes up top for the high-risk manoeuvre. Rhodes wobbles on the top rope but leaps off with a FLYING AXE HANDLE but is CAUGHT IN MID-AIR BY BIG ZEKE! The power of the Intercontinental Champion is ungodly at times as he proves once again here. Zeke lifts Cody Rhodes high in the air and finally hits a GORILLA PRESS SLAM! Zeke doesn’t go for the pin just yet as he drags Cody up by the neck and fights off any resistance with a stiff knee to the midsection.

‘You want some of this you little bitch?’

Cody invariably doesn’t answer as Zeke goes for the BOOK OF EZEKIEL but Cody hits a few elbows to knock the wind out of the Personification of Domination but he managed to go for again and he lifts Cody up for it but Cody reverses it in to a DDT! Cody gasps and hooks the leg,




Cody stamps his arms on the mat in frustration and gestures to the referee that it should have been three but the official is having none of it. Big Zeke has already got to his feet by the time Cody has turned around and Rhodes unwisely gets in to a slugging match with Jackson. Rhodes hits a jab which has little effect and Zeke responds in turn with a clubbing right which sends him in to the corner. Zeke takes a step back and runs in with a knee but Rhodes jumps out of the way as Zeke clutches his right knee.

Zeke slams his knee to make sure he still has a good grounding as Cody receives a pep-talk from DiBiase but Zeke turns round and hits a MASSIVE right hand to the cheek of Cody Rhodes. Rhodes falls away and clutches his mask. Jackson grabs Cody and relieves him of his pain by throwing him straight in to the corner mercilessly. Zeke takes several steps back and charges with the ferocity of a steam train towards Cody Rhodes but Rhodes uses his guile and moves out of the way.

Rhodes leaps on the back of Zeke and tries to apply the sleeper hold to fell the giant and as Zeke stumbles around the ring he begins to fade. The crowd get behind Jackson as he gets on one knee but he soon crumbles and Cody is in complete control having worn down the knee of the champion.

Rhodes manages to grip even tighter but Zeke roars and in a sudden surge lifts up Cody Rhodes and steams in to the corner once again and Zeke turns around and hoists Cody on to the top turnbuckle. Zeke positions himself on the second rope and hooks his arm around the neck of Cody. Big Zeke looks behind him as if to say that’s where Cody is going to end up. Zeke goes to lift him but Cody manages to block but he offers little resistance. Ted DiBiase suddenly leaps up on the referee’s blindside and Zeke stops and moves his attention over to DiBiase once again.

DiBiase berates the Intercontinental Champion from the sidelines and he even goes and grabs Zeke’s championship from the announce table much to the chagrin of Zeke. Jackson goes out of the ring, allowing Rhodes some time to recuperate. DiBiase scarpers around the ring but then throws the belt in the ring. Jackson leaves DiBiase alone and turns around to be met by a BASEBALL SLIDE which propels Jackson in to the barrier.

Rhodes slowly gets out of the ring and rolls a dazed Jackson in to the ring. Big Zeke manages to reach a vertical base but Rhodes is on hand once again and he manages to hit a CROSS RHODES out of nowhere!!! The move was certainly modified and wasn’t hit perfectly but Rhodes hooks the leg nonetheless,




Rhodes simply cannot believe he hasn’t won and he gets up and shouts at DiBiase. Rhodes quickly sets Zeke up again for another CROSS RHODES but Zeke fights out and goes for the BOOK OF EZEKIEL but Rhodes hits a few elbows and runs off of the ropes and avoids a clothesline from Zeke but out of nowhere WADE BARRETT swaggers down to the ring and Zeke turns around but gets caught with a rollup from the opportunistic Cody Rhodes.




Winner of the match at 9:43 and the NEW Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes

What a huge win for Cody Rhodes against an even bigger opponent. Rhodes and DiBiase are quick to leave the ring though as Ezekiel Jackson is fairly enraged in the ring. Barrett smirks and sidesteps the oncoming due of Rhodes and DiBiase. Jackson swings wildly at the ropes and tells Barrett to come down to the ring but Barrett simply waves at Jackson and goes through the curtain.

Michael Cole: He did it! Cody Rhodes is the new Intercontinental Champion and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The courage and power this young man showed here tonight means he can go anywhere in the future.

Booker T: Man, Wade Barrett cost Big Zeke the match and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near Ezekiel Jackson tonight because he is gonna be angry, that’s for sure.

Josh Matthews: Well, Cody Rhodes is the new champion and it was certainly a great contest but someone else who could be a champion in a matter of weeks is Mark Henry and he’s backstage with Todd Grisham now.

Backstage we see Todd Grisham standing in a dimly lit room a fair distance away from and being dwarfed by the World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry. Invariably, Todd looks a little sorry for himself.

Todd Grisham: I’m standing here now with Mark Henry who, on Sunday night, not only beat The Big Show but injured his foot and put him on the sidelines, something which doesn’t happen often to the World’s Largest Athlete. Mark, what do you put down to your sudden domination?

Mark Henry: Sudden domination? Todd…

Mark Henry laughs as he grabs the microphone from the backstage interviewer’s scrawny arms.

Mark Henry: Todd, this isn’t a sudden domination. I’ve been built to dominate for the entirety of my life. I am domination. One thing has changed though, I’ll give you that.

Henry stares intensely at the hard camera in front of him.

Mark Henry: As Big Show knows all too well, I have power. Nobody has ever doubted I have power but there is something I am missing now which weighted me down before. Fear. Fear has kept me back for too long. Can I beat this guy? Can I pin his shoulders on the mat? There was always a creeping doubt but now I think to myself how many ways can I pummel this guy? And can I beat him so damn bad he will KEEP his shoulders on the mat. I’m not just here to dominate, I am here to destroy.

Todd leans meekly over to his interviewee.

Todd Grisham: Well, how do you feel about tonight’s match and your opponent for next week, Randy Orton?

Mark Henry: Tonight’s match will be a test… for everyone facing me. I’ll work with Christian, for tonight anyway. I’ll crush Kane and I’ll send Randy Orton and Christian messages. You don’t mess with me because when I mess with people… people get hurt.

Commercial Break

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown hailing from Minneapolis tonight and now we look back to Money in The Bank and it truly was an historic night… for some ‘people’.

Booker T: I know it may pain ya, Michael, but D-Bryan won the Money in The Bank briefcase and he may even cash it in right here tonight, wouldn’t that be great?

Michael Cole: Yeah, really great Booker, I can’t wait for a nerd to be World Champion.

Josh Matthews: Well, we have received word that, whilst you look at some of these highlights from the hellacious Money in the Bank match that Daniel Bryan is going to announce when and where he is cashing in his briefcase.

Michael Cole: I hope he cashes it in when Mark Henry is champion so he can crush that nerd’s head.


Booker T: Well, he’s here now Michael, why don’t you go and tell him that?

Michael Cole backs down as Daniel Bryan steps out on to the Smackdown stage with his briefcase in tow. He holds his contract up in triumph to a huge pop. He strolls down to the ring holding his new pride and joy with affection. He grabs a microphone but is unable to speak due to several large ‘Daniel Bryan’ chants starting up.

Daniel Bryan: Thank you, thank you. Guys, no, really…

Daniel Bryan acts coy whilst the chants continue.

Daniel Bryan: I DID IT!

Michael Cole looks on in disgust, that one was clearly aimed at the Smackdown announcer.

Daniel Bryan: But, seriously, you know why I’m out here. You want to know when I am cashing in my briefcase to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion.

Bryan holds up his briefcase once again; he is loving every minute of this.

Daniel Bryan: I know how no one has ever lost whilst cashing this in but I am wary of becoming the first. I know how much this would mean to me and the WWE Universe if I were to cash this in and win but… I don’t want to rush it.

A few boos ring out but Bryan takes it on the chin and nods his head.

Daniel Bryan: Now that’s why I am going to prove to everyone I can become champion before I become champion. A few people have saying- Michael Cole especially- that I don’t have what it takes and maybe they’re right.

The crowd boo Michael Cole who stands up with his arms aloft.

Daniel Bryan: I have been working hard in training and I’ve utilised some new skills to help me in my quest. My submissions are stronger, my strikes are tougher and my heart is unmatched in this ring. I also don’t want to surprise the champion and beat him after he has had a match. I’m not one to pick up the scraps, never have been and never will be. I’m going to win this title fairly so that is why I have spoken to Teddy Long and I have booked a date.

Huge cheers surround the arena.

Daniel Bryan: And that date is…

Michael Cole: Woah, woah, woah hang on a minute.

Thunderous heat for the Smackdown commentator.

Michael Cole: Honestly, Daniel, I think you’re a failure and nothing would feel me with greater pleasure than seeing you lose and becoming the first person to blow it all. Now before you tell your precious WWE Universe when you are cashing in I have a big revelation for you:

Bryan leans in to hear Michael Cole’s words.

Michael Cole: YOU ARE PATHETIC! Ever since day one in this company you have been nothing but trouble. You have come up from the minor leagues and you are still a minor league player as far as I am concerned. You are a fluke artist who has worked his way to the top on the coattails of others and that makes me sick. I’ve busted my ass off for over ten years in this company to become the voice of the WWE and now you think you can walk in here and make these fans cheer you.

Daniel Bryan covers up Michael Cole’s microphone.

Daniel Bryan: You know I mentioned about that training I did?

Cole gulps and nods slowly.

Daniel Bryan: Well, I have now perfected the LeBell lock. So if you don’t mind could you kindly step out of the ring before I break your arm and then your neck.

Huge cheers break out for Daniel Bryan as Cole scuttles out of the ring leaving Bryan with a huge smile across his face.

Daniel Bryan: Anyway, before I was so rudely interrupted, I was going to tell you all the date of my World Heavyweight Championship match. The date… November 20th, Survivor Series in my home state of New York in the home of wrestling, MADISON SQUARE GARDEN.

A huge pop engulfs the arena.

Daniel Bryan:
I’m going to go one on one with the World Heavyweight Champion with the crowd on my side but I’ve still got a long way to go. I need to prove to all of the doubters out there that I can do this. I need decisive victories and I need to fulfil my potential. I can only do that with the support of the WWE Universe so, what do you say?

Daniel Bryan points the microphone out to the WWE Universe and they respond in turn and a large Daniel Bryan chant starts up again.

Daniel Bryan: I’ve come a long way in my career and I feel MSG is the best place to become the World Heavyweight Champion and I am going to do it, whether Christian is champion, Mark Henry, Randy Orton or anyone else I assure each and every one of you right now that I am not going to pin them I am going to make them tap out right in the middle of Madison Square Garden because I’m not just Mister Money in the Bank I am your Mister Money in the Bank.

Ride of the Valkyries plays again as Daniel Bryan departs from the ring, leaving the rest over to the announcers to build up the match which is still several months away from becoming a reality.

Josh Matthews: Well, there you have it folks. Survivor Series 2011 is hopefully going to be Daniel Bryan’s time and it’ll be in his home state too, how cool is that?

Booker T: Man, reasons like that is why D-Bryan gets a permanent place in my Fave Five but I don’t think Cole is too happy with it.

Michael Cole stares vacantly and grumpily in to the distance as we cut to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Sheamus is already in the ring, waiting for his opponent Sin Cara as the commentators set the scene and provide context.

Josh Matthews: We are back on Friday Night Smackdown and for those of you that missed Money in The Bank on Sunday night one of the major talking points was Sin Cara being taken out of the match by Sheamus with a vicious powerbomb that broke the ladder in half.

Michael Cole: Good, he deserved it.

Booker T: Man, you still annoyed about D-Bryan aren’t you? Anyway Teddy Long has booked this matchup tonight between Sin Cara and Sheamus and both could be involved in the Summerslam Showcase as they are undoubtedly two of the biggest stars on Smackdown right now. I can’t wait for this one, I’mma just put my feet up and enjoy this.

Match Two

Sheamus vs. Sin Cara

Sin Cara has been moving gingerly throughout this match in a rare prolonged effort from the masked Mexican. Sheamus is bullying Sin Cara around the ring to probably send a message to Teddy Long and to the WWE Universe. Sin Cara takes a few swipes at Sheamus but he brushes them off and stalks Sin Cara in to a corner but Sin Cara ducks a right hand and applies the armbar and leaps on to the ropes and off again but is hit with a knee to the gut. Sheamus sets Sin Cara up for a powerbomb. Sheamus manages to hoist Sin Cara in the air like he did on Sunday night but Sin Cara reverses with a HURRICANRANA!

Sheamus is left dazed and holding his face, he shakes himself off and turns around but is met by an oncoming Sin Cara who hits a handspring back elbow which sends Sheamus reeling once again. Sin Cara hasn’t finished his onslaught though and puts Sheamus on the second rope and goes for the arm drag but Sheamus simply pushes him off and leaps off and hits a closed fist straight in to the skull of Sin Cara sending him spiralling to the mat. Sheamus smirks and drapes an arm over the fallen luchador,



Sin Cara puts a shoulder up at two but Sheamus isn’t annoyed as he sets back to work on Sin Cara’s back methodically. Sheamus raises his arms and receives heat in return but Sheamus smirks, rubs his chin and gets back on the job at hand. Sin Cara winces and holds his back but Sheamus doesn’t care in the slightest and Irish whips Sin Cara in to the rope and he goes for the BROGUE KICK but Sin Cara just about manages to duck the attempt and he jumps off of the ropes and hits a splash but Sheamus rolls through and lifts the sprightly Sin Cara up and slams him back down on the mat with a backbreaker, exasperating Sin Cara’s injury even further.
Sheamus laughs as Michael Cole hypes him up on commentary. Sheamus wraps one of his huge arms around the neck of Sin Cara now as the lighting creates a tense mood around the arena with the crowd willing Sin Cara on with several chants. Sheamus, however, clenches his bicep tighter to choke the life out of Sin Cara. Sheamus is behaving a lot more feral tonight to try and put his opponent away and the Celtic Warrior looks to try and win this one by knockout.

Sin Cara starts fading rapidly but a sudden second wind sees him surging out of Sheamus’ clutches and he rolls away and bounces off of the ropes and he dropkicks Sheamus who lands square on the turnbuckle. Sin Cara tries to quicken the pace now and he leaps up and hits a massive ENZUIGURI knocking Sheamus down and really hurting him for the first time in this bout. Sin Cara decides against the pinfall as the momentum is most certainly in his favour.

Sin Cara leaps up to the top turnbuckle and steadies himself. Sheamus is clearly groggy on the mat so Sin Cara attempts a Booker T-esque somersault leg drop and IT CONNECTS! Sin Cara finally goes for the pinfall,


Sheamus kicks out but, frankly, he was never in danger of losing from that position- despite Sin Cara pulling another move out of flamboyant repertoire. Sheamus seems far more angry than he did when he started the match and that’s probably because he hasn’t mutilated the masked man yet. Sheamus staggers to his feet but only in time to see Sin Cara run at him but Sheamus counters with a back body drop but Sin Cara manages to land on his feet. Sheamus angrily goes for the Brogue Kick but he is complacent and misses by a wide margin. Sin Cara uses this to his advantage and goes for the arm drag but Sheamus isn’t budging and levels Sin Cara with a huge clothesline which damn near decapitates his opponent. Sheamus isn’t messing around this time as he roughly hooks the leg and goes for the cover:




Sin Cara, breathing heavily now, puts an arm up in defiance but this just pisses off Sheamus more. He signals that he is going to go for his third Brogue Kick attempt but Sin Cara somehow, miraculously, springs to his feet and starts unleashing a variety of vicious and swift kicks to Sheamus’ torso. Sin Cara then unleashes a huge kick which catapults Sheamus out of the ring and bloodies his nose slightly- possibly breaking it. Sheamus checks his nose but he didn’t check the flying figure in the air as Sin Cara goes for the SEATED SENTON but Sheamus catches him and POWERBOMBS HIM IN TO THE CANVAS!!!

Sheamus has done his job.

The Celtic Warrior clambers in to the ring, surrounded by objections from the referee and ‘Holy Shit’ chants as Sin Cara lies motionless on the outside; no spasms this time just a limp figure slumped against the ring. The official reluctantly starts counting to ten and this one is most certainly over. At four Sheamus gathers his bearings in this ring. The referee counts quicker to end this match and the contest is finally over after one hell of an ending.

Winner of the match at 7:18 via count-out, Sheamus

EMTs and other officials immediately run down at the strike of the bell and it’s a case for whom the bell tolls as Sin Cara looks in a mess on the floor. Sheamus unflinchingly strolls past the onrushing officials and gathers his thoughts at the top of the ramp before roaring to the WWE Universe.

Michael Cole: Sheamus has signalled his intent to not only Smackdown but the entire WWE Universe.

Josh Matthews:
Are you kidding me? Sin Cara isn’t even walking to the back here and you call that ‘intent’.

Michael Cole: I call that a job well done. Sin Cara knew what he was getting in to when he signed up for this match tonight and he got exactly what was coming to him.

Sin Cara is carefully placed on the gurney as medics check on and pay particular attention to his back which looks bruised at best. Sin Cara, however, manages to get to his feet before collapsing in to an official’s arms.

Booker T: (standing up applauding) Man, Sin Cara has gone through what could have ended careers of others and he is still with it. What a performance from both men and what courage from my boy Sin Cara, right there folks is someone with potential and heart.

We cut to backstage where Randy Orton and Kane are standing in the same dimly lit room as before in the show. Randy Orton seems far more energetic and lively than the Big Red Machine.

Randy Orton: Kane, whatever problems we may have had in the past I just want to know I’ve got your back tonight and I hope you’ve got mine.

Kane, clearly not interested in Orton’s pleasantries, takes several deep breaths before speaking.

Kane: Perhaps… Hell will be a better place for our opponents tonight. Every time I step in to that ring I’m only looking out for one man. Not you, not Christian, not Mark Henry and not—anyone else. Only time will tell whether you will receive the same fate as The Big Show but the end is coming. Many have come and gone in my time but tonight is the beginning of the end.

Randy Orton looks perplexed at Kane’s cryptic message.

Randy Orton: Look, when we’re out there don’t focus on anything else, focus at what is right in front of you and focus on our team. I’ve got your back but if you don’t have mine then we may have a problem because that will make me angry…

Randy Orton simply walks off and Kane looks around at his surroundings and takes a deep breath before crooking his neck and tightening the tape around his wrists.

Summerslam- 14th August

A promo for Summerslam starts with several Divas fanning themselves on a beach. All of a sudden several Superstars come stampeding in, kicking sand up along the way as they reach an ‘oasis’.

Narrator: For over twenty years it’s been the hottest ticket of the Summer.

Quick shots of Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton and Sheamus are interspersed with the narrator’s words.

Narrator: But now- it’s going to heat up even more.

A quick shot of C.M. Punk at the Cubs’ stadium this past Monday night followed by Christian spitting in Randy Orton’s face.

Narrator: From the Staples Centre in Los Angeles… the summer’s biggest blockbuster.

The scene now cuts to a movie premiere with Kelly Kelly stepping out of a limo flanked by a bevy of other beauties. Suddenly The Great Khali comes in and all of the paparazzi flee.

Narrator: Expect the unexpected, this is the last stop of the Summer and WWE are going out with a bang!

Commercial Break

We return to see Teddy Long suited and booted in his office looking pleased with himself. He gets up and starts dancing when he sees his reflection in the mirror. The GM takes off his glasses and cleans them whilst humming but is pleasant mood is soon soured and interrupted by an impromptu knock at the door. All of a sudden a few well-dressed men burst in asking for Teddy.

Teddy Long: Hey fellas, you here to see the show?

The unimpressed men beckon Teddy Long to take a seat but he’d clearly rather stand.

Teddy Long:
I don’t understand why you are here. Does Vince have something for me? Why would you come all of the way from Greenwich to come and see me?

Executive: Enough questions Mr. Long I’ve brought down some of the Board to see that you are doing your job properly but… we’ll we’ve been hearing and seeing things.

Teddy Long looks perplexed by the Executive but he lets him continue.

Executive: It hasn’t always been like this Teddy but you’ve been letting things slip lately. You used to have a firm grip on the Superstars but now you are letting mass brawls take place, having Superstars intentionally injure others and, to be honest, you are letting the inmates run the asylum.

Teddy Long: I won’t have these kind of accusations…

Executive: These aren’t accusations, Teddy, these are plain, hard facts and we can all see. We need to see some more fire from you Teddy because if you don’t buck your ideas up Vince McMahon and the Board will see fit to install someone else in your position. Someone else who can… pull their weight around a bit more.

Teddy Long: I don’t care what you think. I’ve tried to be kind and accommodate you right now when you shouldn’t be here but when you judge me then you start to annoy me, you hearin’ me? Get out of my office right now before I get security.

The remainder of the Board leave the room but the Executive stays put.

Executive: Thank you Teddy, I think we have all we need for now. I liked some of that fire just there… let’s hope we see it a bit more often otherwise we could be seeing each other a bit more than we would like.

The Executive leaves as Teddy Long shakes his head vehemently and mutters something to himself angrily about ‘authority’ before sitting down in his chair and contemplating how he should change tack.

Josh Matthews: Wow. This could be a few pivotal weeks for our General Manager right now.

Michael Cole: I couldn’t care less about Teddy Long. He has shied away and let thugs like Randy Orton wreak havoc on this show and the fact Daniel Bryan is still on the payroll is a sackable offence right there.

Booker T: You’re just bitter, Cole but I think Teddy Long might just be listening in because coming up right now we have a match and I think it’s one you’re going to like. Tyson Kidd is going to be one on one with your favourite superstar DANIEL BRYAN!

Michael Cole: (facepalming) When I get to Greenwich I am going to insist Teddy Long is sacked. This is an outrage! I have to see that little nerd not once but twice? Give me a break.

Josh Matthews: Ignoring Michael Cole for a moment, folks…

Michael Cole: I’ve been ignoring you for years, Josh.

Josh Matthews: Hmm. We’re going to be right back with Daniel Bryan going toe to toe with Tyson Kidd who will try to upset the odds by getting a victory over the Money in The Bank holder.

Commercial Break


Daniel Bryan comes down to the ring with his Money in The Bank briefcase but he makes a beeline for Michael Cole and hands him the briefcase to ‘keep it safe’.

Michael Cole: Why don’t you have some respect? You’re just a nerd who’s going to lose anyway.

Booker T: Treat others as you would want to be treated, Cole.

Michael Cole: Now I have Booker freakin’ T preaching to me. Look, Daniel, just go out there and lose okay so I don’t have to look at your skinny face anymore.

Daniel Bryan smirks once again which aggravates Michael Cole even more who goes as far to say he isn’t going to commentate on any more Daniel Bryan matches whilst he is still in the WWE. The entire population of the Earth would thus like to thank Daniel Bryan for the absence of Michael Cole’s voice.

Match Three-

Daniel Bryan vs. Tyson Kidd

It’s been a hugely entertaining contest so far and Michael Cole has kept his word and has managed to stay quiet for a prolonged length of time which is a minor miracle in itself. Tyson Kidd has caught Daniel Bryan off guard with a big right hand as we join the action. Tyson Kidd then hits a few chops followed by the predictable ‘Woos’ but Bryan decides to get a slice of the action and grabs Kidd and switches positions with the Canadian and chops him to leave his chest red raw. The rather inexperienced Kidd charges at Bryan but he is quick on his feet and arm drags Kidd and holds on to the arm and applies the arm lock to Kidd.

Kidd yelps out in pain and bangs his feet in anger and remonstrates with the referee to get Bryan to relinquish the hold but it is to no avail as the vegan athlete twists the shoulder to an unnatural position. Kidd uses his torso and manages to slide himself over to the ropes and break the hold. Bryan waits for Kidd to get back to his feet and goes for a knee which Kidd manages to sidestep and he then dropkicks Bryan in to the turnbuckle. Kidd isn’t done, however, and follows up with a crushing NECKBREAKER. Kidd hooks the leg to try and get this done with,


Bryan puts a shoulder up to shouts of ‘two’ from the Minneapolis crowd. Kidd plays with Bryan a bit now by slapping him on the back of the head and yelling at him to ‘get up’ which Bryan duly obliges to. Kidd charges at Bryan again but Bryan attempts the spinebuster but falls backwards and guillotines Kidd on the ropes. Bryan takes advantage of the situation and hits a bulldog with Kidd’s face kissing canvas- not for the first time in the match. Bryan gets to his feet quickly and applies a hammer lock to Kidd to wear him down further as he looks to weaken the limbs to apply his finisher in the future.

Daniel Bryan works the crowd by wrapping his legs around Kidd and clapping his hands in unison with the WWE Universe but Kidd fights out and rolls out of his predicament and takes down Bryan with a quick Russian Leg Sweep. Kidd then smirks and applies his own armbar much to the dismay of the crowd and particularly Daniel Bryan’s right arm. Kidd wenches the hold even tighter now which forces the first few words from Michael Cole’s mouth. All anti-Daniel Bryan, mind. Bryan fights out and flips Tyson Kidd over and stamps on the back of Kidd’s leg to immobilise him.

Bryan manages to slam a knee down to the other leg before applying the surfboard in excruciating fashion to show that the king of submissions is still placed firmly on his throne with no usurpers in sight. Kidd yells out in pain and screams several profanities at the ref and at his opponent but, surprisingly, that only makes Daniel Bryan madder and he only stops the hold when Michael Cole gets out of his seat with the Money in The Bank briefcase. Cole discards his headset and drops the case on the floor and starts kicking it, this invariably brings Cole to the outside.

Daniel Bryan picks up the briefcase, looks at Michael Cole who shrinks back in to his seat and shines off his briefcase. He turns around and is met by a Tyson Kidd SUICIDE DIVE!!! Both men are completely out and the briefcase catapulted in to both men, hurting them even further with Cole proclaiming Daniel Bryan should be disqualified by using his briefcase. Booker T sighs as Daniel Bryan gets to his feet at the count of four and- using all of his might- drags the limp Kidd in to the ring. The referee checks on both men but is stopped by Bryan covering Kidd,




It wouldn’t have been surprising if the contest had ended there but Kidd keeps fighting on for another day but both men seem to have had a lot taken out of them and the crowd are still appreciative of that last exchange. Daniel Bryan gets to his feet and drags Kidd up shortly after but Kidd fights back with a few stiff elbows to the side of the head. Kidd kicks him in the torso and hits a snap suplex. Kidd breathes a huge sigh of relief whilst stamping away at the thighs of the Money in The Bank winner who is still sporting some bruises and cuts from Sunday’s match.

Kidd thinks he has the match won and goes to the second rope and raises his arms in triumph which only invites ire from the crowd. He leaps off of the rope and hits a knee drop plum on Bryan’s face. Kidd goes to the legs now and rolls Bryan over and is about to apply a Boston Crab but he goes for the SHARPSHOOTER instead but Bryan kicks out of it and hits a huge kick to the chest of Kidd which sends him packing and in to the ropes. Kidd comes back off of the ropes and in to Bryan’s waiting arms who manages to trip him up and apply the LEBELL LOCK!!! Kidd is struggling with all of his might but it is seems to be no use. The referee checks on Kidd and he is gasping for breath. Bryan and the entire crowd urge him to give up but Kidd tries to roll towards the ropes. Kidd breaks free for a brief second but a second is all it is as Bryan manages to tighten his grip on the plucky Canadian and although Kidd is scratching and clawing his way towards the edge of the ring it is all in vain and Kidd finally gives in and TAPS OUT!

Winner of this match via submission at 10:01, Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan rolls out of the ring and collects his briefcase with glee written across his face. Tyson Kidd has a hissy fit in the middle of the ring and motions to Bryan that he was ‘close’ but close isn’t good enough when it comes to Daniel Bryan’s submission expertise but Kidd certainly came to the fore and the crowd sounds out its appreciation to both men. Michael Cole doesn’t share the same sentiments it would have to be said.

Michael Cole: Daniel Bryan CHEATED to win that match and he takes pride in it. Look at the way he is parading the weapon he used to win the damn match. It’s unfair and someone needs to take this cocky jerk down a peg or two.

Booker T: Calm down, Cole, man. What’s done is done and what is done is that Daniel Bryan has pulled off a spectacular win over a tough opponent which is just step one on the way to Survivor Series baby and I can’t wait to follow his journey all the way to November. It’s going to be a bumpy ride but it’s going to be Daniel Bryan’s ride!

Josh Matthews: Thinking short-term now we have a huge main event- which was announced earlier on tonight- coming up shortly and it’s one of the biggest tag matches in Smackdown history as the destructive Mark Henry teams with the World Heavyweight Champion Christian and they will face off against the Big Red Machine Kane and someone who has a personal vendetta with both of his opponents, Randy Orton.

Michael Cole: It’s going to be a great matchup that’s for sure and a worthy main event but let’s take a look, for the moment, at this past Monday where Vince McMahon had a lot to say. Not only that but C.M. Punk took some time out of being unemployed to make an appearance of sorts on Monday Night RAW.

Booker T: Following an historic Sunday night where the WWE was left without a WWE Champion we are left going towards Summerslam without a WWE Championship for the first time ever. Let’s see how things went down.



The fans go nuts as they recognize the voice. The cheers get louder as on the titantron we see….. CM PUNK!!!!! He is sitting at the Chicago Cubs game in the stands wearing a cubs hat and jersey. He has the WWE Championship on his shoulder. He has a huge smile on his face as he waves to the camera.

Everyone in the arena is stunned. Including Mysterio and Miz who have seemingly stopped what they are doing and admire the WWE Champion on the screen.

CM Punk: Surprise!!! Hey Vince, you’re probably flipping out in the production truck right now wondering how I am on your show? Well before you cut me off, I want to say to all 8 men competing, this is a great match. Though sorry to break the news to you, the championship hanging above the ring is just a prop. I am holding the real title here!!

Punk shows the title and raises it high.

CM Punk: So Vince can try and pretend things are ok, but the real title and all its history is with me. Vince you need to realize that no man is bigger than the WWE. But this man, is going to single handedly destroy the WWE. Vince I am goin-

The feed gets cut off as the titantron is now black. The fans are booing like crazy. We hear loud CM Punk chants. Vince McMahon walks out onto the stage. The Punk chants continue, as Vince is pissed.

Mr. McMahon: Dammit, I am sick and tired of this!!! Somebody is getting fired for that!

He points up to the screen referring to somebody in the production truck.

Mr. McMahon: Ignore what he just said, continue this match.

Mysterio, Miz, Riley, & Kingston are the men in the ring but they don’t move.


None of the superstars budge, as they look up at the title. They shake their heads. Mysterio leaves the ring, followed by Kingston and Riley. They walk up the ramp. The fans and McMahon have no clue what is happening. The three faces walk past Vince and go to the back.

Mr. McMahon: What the hell are you doing???

They ignore him, as now it is Miz standing in the ring. Miz looks up at the title to a mixed reaction. Vince smiles and tells Miz to get the belt.


Miz looks up at the title but looks hesitant.

Mr. McMahon: Do you realize you can become WWE Champion? Just grab it!! Get the damn title!!!


The crowd goes completely nuts as the pop of the night is heard, as John Cena comes out onto the stage. He immediately locks eyes with the chairman who has his future in his hands. Cena has a mic and has something to say. Cena throws his hat to the floor and gets right in McMahon’s face. Vince looks pissed, as he has seemingly lost control of the show. The music stops and “Cena” chants are heard.

John Cena: Vince, don’t you see you can’t just fix this problem. The WWE Championship isn’t here.

Mr. McMahon: What the hell are you talking about it is right there.

Vince points to the title hanging above the ring. Cena nods his head.

John Cena: No you see CM Punk is right, that title is a prop. It doesn’t have any prestige or history behind it. The real title is in Chicago right now!!!

The fans go nuts, as Vince looks like he wants to kill Cena.

John Cena: You see Vince you cannot just ignore the man. Whether he works for you or not, he is the champion of your company!!

The fans go nuts. Vince gets right in Cena’s face.

Mr. McMahon: He isn’t in my company!!! That ungrateful bastard didn’t want to be apart of the WWE, so what can I do? The show must go on. We will crown a new champion. MIZ GRAB THE TITLE!!!!!

Vince instructs Miz to climb. Miz begins to slowly climb the ladder. The fans boo, as Miz looks to become “champion”. Cena sprints down to the ring. He grabs the ladder and tips it over as Miz lands throat first on the top rope!!!!!! The fans go nuts as Miz is out on his feet and Cena hits Miz with the Attitude Adjustment!!!!!

Cena celebrates in the ring as “My Time Is Now” plays! The fans go crazy, as McMahon is beyond irate on the stage.


The fans boo, as Cena looks at McMahon at the top of the ramp. Cena smiles, but Vince doesn’t see any humor at all.

Mr. McMahon: This is all your fault!! Because of you, in 24 hours my company has been flipped upside down!!! I don’t know what I am going to do anymore!! I have lost control of my show!!

Cena yells “ That’s what they want” as he points to the fans.

Mr. McMahon: You seem to be sticking up for this Punk guy, well how about this. He controls your future John!!!

Cena looks confused, as is the WWE Universe.

Mr. McMahon: That’s right, until the “ real” WWE Title as you put it, is back in my hand, John Cena, YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fans are stunned and are booing like crazy. Cena is in a state of shock and looks like he has just been crushed. Various fans are shown crying. Cena holds his head as Vince smiles. The announcer’s don’t speak as what just took place speaks for itself.

Vince stares down Cena who leans on the ropes on the verge of tears, as Raw goes off the air!!!!

We return from the RAW Rebound with various clips of Mark Henry’s match against The Big Show at Money in The Bank. Particular highlights includes Mark Henry’s dropkick on the steel steps and the heinous attack on the 485lb athlete after the match had ended. Commentary of the match is placed over Big Show being wheeled away from the stage.

Josh Matthews is seen sitting down next to The Big Show in a pre-taped promo in his house. Big Show has a huge cast wrapped around his leg up to his knee and he looks to be in a juxtaposition of calm, reflection and anger as Josh Matthews begins to speak.

Josh Matthews: Big Show, I’m sure you won’t mind me saying this, but on Sunday you were hurt and you were hurt badly.

Big Show: You’re right Josh. I’ve been hurt like nothing else before. I’ve been in that ring now for over fifteen years and nothing can compare to the pain I felt when Mark Henry crashed down on my ankle. He didn’t just break it, he shattered it.

Josh Matthews: The whole of the WWE Universe was saddened and shocked by the actions of Mark Henry and are hoping for a speedy recovery.

The Big Show rubs his chin and nods his head.

Big Show: Y’know Josh I’m forever grateful for the messages of support on WWE’s Facebook and Twitter pages and they will spur me on to come back even quicker but I want to let Mark Henry know he will not simply get away from this. Someone will track him down, maybe not me… but someone will.

Josh Matthews:
Obviously you’ll be missing Summerslam but do you have an estimated time for when you’ll be back?

Big Show: I’ve gotta be honest with ya, I don’t know when I’m coming back. I don’t know if I ever will come back but I’m gonna fight to come back. I’ve been fighting my whole career and if I do come back Mark Henry is gonna be in for a huge shock because, before my injury I’d been considering retiring because I’m getting on a bit, you know? But now…

Big Show facing the camera defiantly

Big Show: …Now I am going to be in the best shape of my life and if I was Mark Henry or anyone else on Smackdown I wouldn’t want to get in my way because if you get in my way I will destroy you. Of course, this is all down to my recovery time but I’m a quick healer. Hell- you might see me at Summerslam hobbling down to the ring and calling Mark Henry out so I can kick his ass. Mark, that was your first… and last warning.

Chilling words from The Big Show who has put the entire roster on notice in what could be a final surge for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Josh Matthews: Thanks for your time Big Show and everyone at the WWE wishes you a quick return.

Big Show: Thank you.

Commercial Break

Josh Matthews: We are back on what has been an action-packed Friday Night Smackdown. If you’ve just joined us you’ve missed a heartfelt interview with Big Show who, incredibly, Booker doesn’t know if he is coming back.

Booker T: I’ve been around The Big Show long enough to know he will come back that’s for sure because he’s fought to get to the top and he has fought to stay there and fighting is all he knows. Man, I wish him a quick recovery from that shattered ankle and he’ll be back kicking ass and taking names in no time.

Michael Cole: Well coming up in just a couple of minutes we have our main event of the evening as Kane and Randy Orton face Christian and Mark Henry in a tag match.

The crowd cheer as the graphic comes up on the TitanTron.

However, we cut backstage where Justin Gabriel is walking backstage to a few cheers from the crowd but he bumps in to his old cohort and friend Heath Slater. The two exchange icy stares, especially after Sunday’s match.
Justin Gabriel smirks at Heath Slater who takes exception to Justin Gabriel.

Justin Gabriel: Nice to see you Heath; how have you been getting on… without me?

Heath Slater: You must not remember me. I’m the ONE MAN ROCK BAND.

Predictable and cheap heat for Health Slater.

Heath Slater: Take note of the ‘one’ there. I ride solo and I don’t need anyone backing me up anymore. Everyone knows I was the star of Nexus and I was the star of the Corre and you were simply holding me back with your ridiculous moves.

Justin Gabriel: It wasn’t so ridiculous when I hit you with it.

Heath Slater chuckles.

Heath Slater: It’s funny… Wade always said I was the best.

This lights a fire under Gabriel and he levels Slater with SEVERAL RIGHT HANDS! Heath Slater fights back and unleashes a few rights and lefts on his former friend now but all of a sudden security pull the pair apart despite their continued efforts of trying to claw and grab at each other. Teddy Long steps in to the scene looking a bit less restrained than usual.

Teddy Long: I was going to let you know later in the week but seein’ as how you’re here… now I have decided that you’re going to be facing each other next week in the first qualifying match for the Smackdown Summer Showcase. Now, both of you get on your feet and shake hands.

Rather than get on their feet they are dragged to their feet by security. They both look each other in the eye and Justin Gabriel reluctantly reaches out a hand and Heath Slater meets him with a half-hearted handshake. Both men stare each other down as we fade back to the announce booth.

Josh Matthews: Well, there you have it. Next week Justin Gabriel goes one on one with the ‘One Man Rock Band’ Heath Slater.

Michael Cole:
But right now it's time for our main event.

Christian struts down to the ring in his wrestling gear with his World Heavyweight Championship placed firmly around his waist. He slides in to the ring and gets on the turnbuckle and looks in to the distance. He knows this could be a pivotal night in his second run as World Heavyweight Champion as he takes off his title and gives it to the referee to hand to an official on the outside.


Mark Henry broods down to the ring and ignores all of the fans down to the ring bar one incessant little brat who Mark Henry scares in to his parent’s arms.

Booker T: Mark Henry is looking focused. No wonder Christian is getting the hell out of the ring.

Christian exchanges brief glances with Mark Henry but decides not to get in to the ring just yet as Mark Henry beats his chest.


The pyros go off to a huge pop as Kane stares a hole straight through Mark Henry in the ring. Kane decides (probably wisely) from going to the ring as he waits for his partner. Randy Orton makes them wait a bit though.

Michael Cole:
Randy Orton is too scared to come out here! I knew it! Give Christian and Mark Henry the win right now.


Wrong again, Michael. Orton comes out to perhaps the biggest pop of the night bar the C.M. Punk chants earlier in the show. He speaks quickly to Kane as they walk down together. Both get in to the ring at the same time which makes even the towering Mark Henry back off a bit.

Christian sets himself up on the apron already to leave Mark Henry to start the match which- truth be told- he probably isn’t too upset about. Kane elects to step in to the ring first and Randy Orton certainly isn’t going to argue with The Big Red Machine.

Booker T: Now the mind games are over and the real action begins. Whoever gets the win here as a huge psychological advantage going in to next week and beyond with Summerslam. If you’re watching at home just put your feet up and enjoy this one.

Main Event Tag Match

Randy Orton & Kane vs. Christian & Mark Henry

We join this match with Randy Orton and Mark Henry (who will be facing off next week) going toe to toe in the middle of the ring. Randy Orton hits a European Uppercut which sends Mark Henry reeling but Randy Orton can’t capitalise and Mark Henry floors the Viper with a huge clothesline. Randy Orton gets back to his feet and goes head to head with Mark Henry and Orton breaks the tension himself with a picture-perfect dropkick which only sends Mark Henry in to the ropes. Orton springs to his feet and tries to hit an RKO but Mark Henry drops him straight on his back. Orton gets up and starts to lose it a bit now and faces up to Mark Henry but Henry tags in a surprised Christian.

Christian reluctantly steps through the ropes and faces the man whose face he spat in mere days ago. Christian swings a hand but Orton ducks and applies the headlock to Christian to slow the pace down a little bit. Orton then rolls him on to his back and gives him a quick, stiff kick to the ribs to let him know who he is facing. Orton lifts Christian up and he has Captain Charisma in place for a DDT but the World Heavyweight Champion reaches his hand out and POKES ORTON IN THE EYE! The referee reprimands him and Christian runs Orton in to his own corner. However, he doesn’t realise Kane tag in and as Christian backs away from Orton he sees Kane on the top rope who hits him with a FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Kane covers Christian,



Christian manages to get a shoulder up but is joy is short-lived as Kane beats down on him. Kane lifts Christian up and hits a quick body slam. Kane bounces off of the ropes and hits a leg drop. Kane stops Christian from going over to Mark Henry and he lifts up the champion again, this time putting him in place for a suplex. Kane lifts him up but Christian finds himself back on his feet and manages to put Kane in to a cradle.




Christian was extremely close to nicking the win off of Kane there as he slowly makes his way to his feet. Christian backs away and tags in Mark Henry who revels in the chance of destroying Kane. Kane stumbles to his feet but Mark Henry clubs him with a huge forearm across the back but this only enrages Kane. Mark Henry does it again but Kane turns around again and he has anger in his eyes.

‘You’re gonna get what’s coming to you’

Kane clenches the throat and attempts a chokeslam but Mark Henry grabs the throat of his opponent. The two titans battle to and fro for advantage in the middle of the ring but Mark Henry backs Kane in to the ropes but Kane ducks and dumps Mark Henry over the ropes. Orton jumps to the outside now and defends himself as Mark Henry looks at him but Kane is more than enough to deal with as he goes to the outside. Mark Henry exchanges right hands with Kane but Kane throws Mark Henry over to Orton but Christian intercepts by chopping down Orton with a block to the knee. Kane runs at Mark Henry but Henry lifts him up and hits him with a massive SPINEBUSTER! Christian scampers over to his own side as Mark Henry, with no effort at all, manages to lift Kane up and get him in to the ring.

Kane smartly rolls over on to his back as Mark Henry walks over to Christian to tag him in.

Commercial Break

We return from the commercial break to see Christian controlling Kane who has been immobilised by The World’s Strongest Man. Christian applies an arm lock to the fallen Kane. Christian manages to get Kane on to his feet and he whips him in to the corner. Christian backhands Kane which enrages him further but Christian manages to sidestep Kane. Christian then dropkicks Kane in to the corner before quickly following up with a Snap DDT. Christian rubs the sweat off of his head and goes to the opposite corner. He implores Kane to get up which he finally does and he hits a SPEAR! Christian cockily walks over to Kane and pins him,




Christian was sure he had the match won but Kane got his shoulder up just in time. Christian argues with the ref but he realises he has to get on with the job and applies an abdominal stretch. Christian is in complete control of the match at the moment. Kane is unusually being a bit more subdued at the moment- most likely due to the heinous Spinebuster earlier on in the match. Christian tightens the hold and puts his boot in to the face of Kane and walks over to Mark Henry and tags him in. The two men exchange glances as Mark Henry goes back to work working the crumpled Kane’s back.

The tandem of Henry and Christian are in complete control and Kane looks like has little to no chance of getting out of this predicament. Mark Henry clubs Kane once again but Kane GRABS THE THROAT of Mark Henry and rises to his feet. Mark Henry tries to battle out but Kane manages to hit a CHOKESLAM!!!

Kane and Mark Henry both hit the mat after that gargantuan effort but the crowd- and Randy Orton- is willing the Big Red Machine to make it over to the corner and Christian is willing his partner to do the exact same thing. Kane slowly drags himself along the canvas at a slightly quicker speed than the less than nimble Mark Henry. Kane lifts himself over to Randy Orton and tags Orton in at the exact same time Christian is tagged in. Orton ducks a Christian clothesline, bounces off of the ropes and replies with a flying clothesline of his own.

Randy Orton picks Christian up, whips him in to the ropes and leaps over Christian and as Christian comes back around he hip tosses Christian on to the mat. Randy Orton then pounds the mat with his fists and tells Christian to get up. Christian stumbles to his feet and finds himself on the receiving end of an RKO but Christian battles out and goes for the KILLSWITCH but Orton has his number and counters it in to a backslide,




Orton nearly won the match there and then but Orton tags in Kane to ‘deal with this punk’. Kane picks up Christian and hits a sidewalk slam. Kane puts an arm over Christian,



Christian never really looked in danger there but that did nothing to help quell this hot crowd. Kane motions that he is going to end the match with the Undertaker-esque cutthroat symbol but this gives Christian enough time to tag in Mark Henry. Mark Henry steams in but Kane meets him with a kick to the mid-section. He tries to go for the body slam but Mark Henry collapses down on him with the splash. Mark Henry gets to his feet and laughs at Kane and Randy Orton. Mark Henry drags Kane over to the corner and Mark Henry gets on the top rope and leaps off attempting the splash but Kane rolls out of the way!

Kane manages to get to his feet fairly quickly and he waits for Mark Henry to get to his feet. Kane charges at Henry but Henry uses his momentum to lift him up and slam his head straight in to the turnbuckle with a sickening impact. Mark Henry then splashes him in the corner. Christian all of a sudden gets in to the ring to guard Mark Henry and this forces Randy Orton in to the ring but Christian leaps at Orton and they both go tumbling out of the ring.

Kane takes advantage of this distraction and grabs Mark Henry by the throat once again and this time he manages to hit the chokeslam to full effect! Kane falls on Mark Henry for the cover,




CHRISTIAN BREAKS UP THE FALL! Kane looks up at the World Heavyweight Champion who gets the hell out of dodge but Kane follows him out of the ring. Christian runs back in to the ring with Orton pursuing him, along with Kane but Kane walks straight in to Mark Henry who has gotten back on his feet. The two start a slugfest in the middle of the ring with Kane receiving cheers for every punch as Christian and Orton still duke it out on the outside with Orton running Christian in to the barrier. Kane takes a step back and attempts to hit a splash on Mark Henry but Henry catches him and plants him with the WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM! Henry laughs as the crowd boo, this one is surely over.



Mark Henry lifts Kane’s shoulder up! Mark Henry isn’t done yet because he wants to destroy Kane and make an example out of him. Orton and Christian are too distracted with battling each other as the hatred spills over the barricade now. The referee doesn’t go to the outside of the ring and stays with the two legal men. Mark Henry effortlessly lifts Kane up and hits him one more time with the signature WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM! Kane is in a mess in the centre of the ring as Mark Henry nonchalantly hooks the leg,




Winners of this match at 14:48 via pinfall, Mark Henry & Christian.

Mark Henry has sent a message to Randy Orton and the World Heavyweight Champion- not that they’d know as all hell has broken loose outside the ring with Randy Orton gaining the advantage by the announce table. Christian stumbles over towards Josh Matthews and grabs his title belt and goes to clock Randy Orton with it but he ducks and hits the RKO! Orton gets his bearings and takes the title in to the ring to meet Mark Henry. Orton lifts it above his head as ‘Voices’ plays but Mark Henry is having none of it and after having an intense staredown he hits Orton with a right hand and the fighting starts once again.

Orton ducks a clubbing left and goes for an RKO but Mark Henry reverses it and manages to catch him and hit a WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM! Randy Orton has been quelled, no anger, merely silence in the middle of the ring. The WWE Universe share Randy Orton’s pain as they are silent, too. Mark Henry lifts the World Heavyweight Championship high above his head before going outside and throwing the belt down on Christian.

Josh Matthews: Randy Orton has to find someway to stop Mark Henry next week because both himself and Kane failed this week and Kane has been destroyed and he is still down in the middle of the ring.

Michael Cole: No one will stop Mark Henry in his quest to become the World Heavyweight Champion, we’ll see you next week on Friday Night Smackdown.

Mark Henry goes to the top of the ramp as he looks down at the broken and battered bodies of Christian, Randy Orton and Kane; with two of his own making he has surely put himself as front runner to become Christian’s opponent at Summerslam. But the question has to be asked as we fade to black:

Who can stop Mark Henry?

Only Fear Itself...

Confirmed Matches for Summerslam:

August 14
Staples Centre
Los Angeles, California

World Heavyweight Championship:
Christian vs. Randy Orton OR Mark Henry

Smackdown Summer Showcase
{the winner of the match faces the World Heavyweight Champion at Night of Champions}

??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ???

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>

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