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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Smackdown feedback

Kicking things off with Naitch isnít a bad way to go at all. Really good stuff to begin with here. Flair saying he saw Kennedy as a younger him somewhat was a great spin on things. The losing respect for him was also a nice touch as you can totally see his point with Kennedyís arrogance. Kennedy was in good form here also, saying Flair hanging on is holding him back was great. One little gripe I had was him talking about legends getting in his way and mentioning Teddy Long lol. Flair starting to get more worked up, more aggressive was great, classic Flair and the Mania match is now on!

Nice little cheap shot from Kennedy and ensuing little brawl following on. Coach stopping things was smart, someone had to, be it the GM or trainers etc. Flair v Edge tonight is a nice main event and a good little setup there to boot. Very good opening here.

Nice action here from Chavo and Danielson. Danielson has to pick up the win so right move there and that LeBell lock is looking dangerous for Helms come Mania.

Speaking of Helms. Liked this interview a lot. Puts his foot down and you have to kinda believe him with how adamant he is that heís the best in the world, facts donít lie with his title reign thus far. This feud is building very nicely indeed.

Coach and Layla. God I feel for Layla if this plays out. I have no idea who the team is sheís mentioning, maybe Iím being stupid but I canít think of any off the top if my head. Decent stuff with the F.B.I although Iím still not overly keen on them. Canít see Santino having a chance against Benoit, even with Ďevening up the oddsí.

Nice match between Burchill and Kendrick here. Big win for Burchill, didnít expect it to be so clean, expected a touch more interference from Regal and Taylor. Interested to see where you go considering Benjamin/Haasí open challenge on Raw.

Edge interview was ok but I didnít think it was your best work with him. I canít quite put my finger on why. Him referring to himself as Edge when he said Ďme? Edge is scared of Batista?Ď I get what he was trying to point out but Iíd expect him to say the ĎRated R Superstar scared of Batista?Ď Iím probably just nitpicking! The last line also you made a slight error with the title reign line, that or I didnít understand it lol.

Flair and Batista interaction was good here and I do expect Tista to show his face later on at some stage.

Big win for Hardy here continuing his momentum. Smart stuff and I liked the touch of having Finlay watching on. A match between the two for Mania would be a stellar showing, especially now Benoit seems out of the way with MITB.

Umaga interview time. Looking forward to this and having JBL do the honours was a great choice. You capture both JBL and Estrada very well and thatís exactly why this is so well done here. I thought you did a great job again, especially Estrada in building up Mags further. This match is getting some good hype and deservedly so. Taker making an appearance was probably needed and Iím glad it wasnít an attack or anything, just words from the Deadman which worked well, just building more and more to the showdown. Great stuff.

Benoit v F.B.I, no matter what the odds are, only one man winning here and deservedly so. Aftermath was the more important factor with MVP and Booker taking out the competition. Decent job of building things forward here for MITB.

Extremists/F.B.I little interaction probably wasnít needed but no big deal. I like the job youíre doing with the Miz, Iím not sure if heís ready yet for MITB and I personally wouldnít hand him that fourth spot but if you do it will only further his rise so interested to see what you do choose to do.

Flair and Edge was a nice match and got a decent amount of time to go with. Kennedy showing his face was no shock, neither was Batista. Things went down as expected but itís good booking, totally made the right choices here tonight with this as both these feuds go up a notch heading into Mania.

Overall it was a good show here as ever. You did a very good job in building all the feuds and furthering the anticipation for certain matches, in particular Taker/Umaga and Flair/Kennedy in my opinion, I thought that interview was very good with Estrada and JBL while Kennedy/Flair went up another notch tonight. To be honest I think itís got more going for it than Batista/Edge currently. Maybe one up yourself next week on the Tista/Edge feud. On the whole though, good stuff as ever.
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