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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion feedback

My first time giving you some feedback, I’ve read the shows so far and you’ve done a great job, apologies for not getting round to you sooner.

Good way to start with RVD coming down and explaining the attack a couple weeks ago. Paul Wright being the man to attack him makes sense and I liked the fact it was all a little plot from Jericho. Van Dam was in decent character here, there was the odd bit off like Van Dam saying ‘it’s gonna take a wee bit more’. Can’t see Van Dam saying wee.

Michaels was in good character and the whole issue of you’d do the same in my shoes was well done. Van Dam saying he wouldn’t was the right option if he’s playing on the whole Michaels stealing his spot though I’m pretty sure anybody would do the same. The end line from Michaels was brilliant, thought it capped off a good start to the show very nicely.

Hassan/Punk was a decent match up first and not surprised to see Hassan get the win, I feel like he’d be a great champion to have as he’d use the title as a prop well I think.

Your use of Christian has been strange yet effective. I like the way you’ve gone about him and the same can be said here. Talking about being alone and what have you was interesting. Jericho showing his face was nice and it was an interesting confrontation. Be interesting to see how they co exist later.

I like the Hassan alliance with Burchill/Albright although I wasn’t too keen on this segment. Burchill saying he doesn’t want money, he wants gold and then changing his tune immediately wasn’t right in my mind. I get that Burchill’s a mercenary but you coulda just had him say look it’s not enough cash, the deal’s off unless you cough up.

Enjoyed the London/Kendrick segment here. Think you capture those two pretty well and their one upping each other with the shots to their injuries was great.

Really like the Hacked by Helms thing you’ve got going on and it looks like Helms is gonna have a big role in this thread. Good stuff again.

Burchill/Mysterio was decent for what we got to see before the money talks. Nice little injury angle and hopefully this really does put Rey at a strong disadvantage for the final next week or out completely.

Your use of Miz has been very good in an interviewing role. Hopefully you keep him there and not in the ring, rather see him utilised in this capacity. Stuff with Lashley was good between the two men and Jericho was used very well here. I thought this was spot on and although I doubt Lashley does follow Jericho’s words of advice it at least makes him think.

Very good match between Low Ki and Elix Skipper, good to see you showcasing both men’s ability. Hope they both get involved in the Tag team turning point match, maybe even together.

Jack Evans rapping was erm…unique? I don’t know about it all really, humorous for sure. Wasn’t the worst rap I’ve ever seen somebody write in here but wasn’t the greatest either. I loved the Mexicools take on it all. Evans then trying to talk/rap Low Ki into being his partner was better. Good way of trying to win him over with the whole Low Jack name thing which is decent by the way. They should make a good team for next week.

Very good main event and enjoyed the ending thoroughly with Jericho and Wright walking out on Captain Charisma. Big win for Michaels/RVD and Lashley heading into their confrontations next week, really shaping up to be a solid show. The aftermath with Michaels hitting Van Dam with some SCM was very nicely done, showing the animosity brewing there and adds another notch to the title match next week.

Overall, a very good show from you here. Liking the way you’re going about this RVD/Jericho/Michaels scenario particularly and the supershow next week should be highly entertaining. Looking forward to it.
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