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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Alright, so usually with my reviews I read the entire thing, then go and do my review knowing exactly what happened when. This week, I'm gonna give my first impressions segment by segment... figured I should try to mix things up a bit.

Starting off with the returns of both Rob Van Dam and Shawn Michaels was a really strong opening. I figured that Wright was the one to punch out RVD, so no shock there. Having RVD call out HBK though... that took me off guard, but I fully understand why he did it, and the following promo was absolutely great! Having Jericho watching with delight was a great little touch, because you know for a fact that having the two turn against one another has to be music to his ears! You played off both the "Whatever" attitude of Rob very well, but still having it be intense, and the intensity of Michaels in this situation was done pretty well. Off to a great start so far!

The announcement of the main event following the promo was just perfect, because there really is doubt on if RVD and HBK will be able to work together. On paper, this could be your second biggest main event yet!.. yeah, it's gonna be hard beating the main event of the first week.

"The forearm to Punk's C and M"... that might be the funniest line you've had on here so far! Anyway, the match was really good, but I'm kind of disappointed that Punk lost. I was really hoping for Punk-Burchill in the finals, and now it's looking like Hassan-Mysterio. As long as Hassan wins, I'll be happy! Hassan needs the win a hell of a lot more then Rey, and personally I think that Rey should be sticking to the Cruiserweight division.

The Christian promo was really good, and having Jericho try to get all buddy buddy with him was expected, but executed well. I'm kind of hoping that Christian ends up fully in cahoots with Jericho. I still remember them from 2003-04, and I think that they, along with Show, could be a three-man power trip in AOW.

The shot Hassan-Burchill-Albright segment was pretty okay. Nothing ground breaking, but it did the job and established that Burchill and Albright are still working for Hassan... three grand, though... that's kind of cheap for somebody who likes to throw their money around as much as your building Hassan to do, but that's a very minor complaint.

Alright, let's try to break this next segment down piece by piece. First off, having London and Kendrick in the Cruiserweight scene does kind of disappointed me, because I was looking forward to Hooliganz-WGTT IV, but I kind of understand that they need to move beyond that. The playful back-and-fourth between the Hooliganz was a pretty humorous segment. Then, along came what might be my favorite segment of the show- Gregory Helms! Having him hack the show yet again and ramble about how pissed he is was absolutely great to read, and it kind of makes one wonder just who he might get as his tag team partner for the Turmoil match. Personally, I'm expecting somebody who isn't on the roster right now, but I think it would be a little too obvious if it was Shannon Moore (Though I would shit bricks if it was! I love Moore!) or one of the Hardys... I'm interested to see what you do with his situation!

No surprise at the results of the Mysterio-Burchill match, but I'm just a little surprised that it ended with a DQ finish. While I wish that the match would have gone another minute or two, the DQ ending was pretty well done. It sets Hassan up for an easier win next week (I'm REALLY hoping you go with Hassan), but it doesn't weaken Rey that much (Well... as far as his character and status in the company) because he was hurt.

I'm thrilled that you had a different promo video for Aero Star this week! While it would be cool to see him in the Cruiserweight turmoil match, I have a feeling that you won't be bringing him in THAT soon, and I'm okay with that. Please continue to keep the debut packages fresh!

The Lashley promo was okay. The Miz's comments toward the beginning were worth a chuckle, and having Jericho try to get inside of Lashley's mind was pretty believable. Unlike Christian, though, I see no possibility of Lashley drinking the Kool Aid, though.

The Ki-Skipper match was amazingly well done, and I love that your starting to introduce us to more of the Cruiserweight roster! I'm getting the vibe with the show of respect at the end that they might team up for the Cruiserweight Turmoil match? By the way, the way that your building this thing is really well done! How many times have I made guesses for it? Keeping the people interested and guessing can be difficult to do at times, but your doing it great with this match... here's for hoping that you can live up to the hype that your building up for this thing!

...alright, well there goes that guess. The Jack Evans-Mexicools bit was great! This is the first time I laughed out loud in any of the AOW segments (Usually the comedy bits get a chuckle at best), and having Evans team up with Low Ki... I'm not going to make any guesses until I know all of the teams that are going to be involved, but these two could very well end up being my picks!

Having Paul E on commentary should be interesting... real quickly, I want to say that the "Commentary God" comment got a hell of a chuckle out of me! That's gold! Anyways, Christian's reaction to the boo's makes me believe even more that Christian should team up with Jerishow. The beating that his ego is taking would be the perfect reason to completely turn on the fans! Lashley getting a mixed reaction was expected, and honestly a relief. I was hoping that he wouldn't get full on cheer's quite yet from the AOW crowd.

While I enjoyed the main event, I honestly feel that having the face team win might have been a mistake. Having RVD and Michaels turn on one another and having Lashley out there alone at the mercy of the heel team would have built a bit more tension for both of the matches at next week's super show, because Lashley would have been beaten up pretty badly, and having RVD and HBK that focused on one another would have made Jericho look like he had a massive advantage... speakings of, I'm seeing shades of Michaels-HHH-Benoit's feud from WM XX a bit with this rivalry, and I dig it!

One thing before my final review, I'm actually kind of hoping that you don't post the full card for the Turmoil match in your predictions post, or at least don't post who will be teaming with Helms. That little bit of guess work is bound to make it that much more exciting when everyone's reading it, and a bit more shocking when it actually happens!

All in all, this week was really well done. Seeing not only the focus on the main feuds, but also some of the folks who don't usually get as much TV time (Evans, Mexicools, ext) was very well balanced, and I'm hoping that you do more shows like this in the future! Can't wait for the prediction's post, and I REALLY can't wait for the Supershow. Keep up the good work, mate!
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