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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday 17th October 2008
Live from the Norfolk Scope
Norfolk, Virginia

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Standing proudly in the ring with the fans jeering is CM Punk’s rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez and he’s holding a microphone with a big smile on his face. Looking very smart in black trousers and a white shirt, he calmly waits for the crowd to quieten down. Eventually, they do!

Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez:
At this time it is my pleasure to announce t’ you, the man who was not only was victorious at No Mercy but left still the World Heavyweight Champion. . . my mentor, C-M PUNK!

“This Fire Burns”

A barrage of heat is thrown in the direction of CM Punk as he walks out to the stage with a huge grin on his face. Wearing jeans, a T-shirt and a black leather jacket with the world title draped over his shoulder, he looks down to see his rookie applauding him in the ring. The World Heavyweight Champion nods at him and makes his way coolly down the ramp, taking great pleasure in seeing the fans fury at him holding the world title still. As he steps inside the ring, he walks over to Del Rio-Ramirez and shakes hands with him and is passed the microphone. He continues to revel in the fans’ frustration as his music cuts, bringing out the sheer volume of the heat even more. He soaks it up and laughs it off with his rookie.

CM Punk:
You know by now you’d think I’d be angry that you blind ignorant so called wrestling fans continue to show me this ill-founded disrespect, but the fact remains that I am still your World Heavyweight Champion.

Punk raises his title in the air with great pleasure, winding the crowd up even more, much to Del Rio-Ramirez’s amusement.

CM Punk:
Whatever your opinion of me as champion or even as a person, I don’t care. All that matters is ev’rytime I defend this title I fight as if my life depends on it and the end result is always the same no matter how much that disappoints you and your pathetic lives.


CM Punk: However despite my latest triumph at No Mercy, I have to tell you that it’s been tainted. It’s been tainted in a way that I said could happen and would happen if a certain general manager of ours followed through with his ridiculous idea of bringing a superstar by the name of John Cena over from Raw.

*Huge Pop*

CM Punk: Yeah, John Cena. Ev’rywhere he goes ev’ryone knows who John Cena is, but the problem that I pointed out unsurprisingly has happened in front of my very eyes. I said with total confidence that if John Cena was brought to Smackdown he would steal the limelight away from ev’ryone else, most notably the one person most deserving of it, the one person who’s beaten ev’ryone put in front of him for the last six months, your World Champion C-M Punk.

*More Heat*

CM Punk: I said that Cena would swan over here without a care in the world wanting to be the headline attraction like he was on Raw and look what happened. He had no right getting involved in my match Sunday night, but did that stop the legend that is John Cena, the man you all worship? Of course not. He wasn’t happy not being in the main event and he had to get under the spotlight like he always does. Well guess what Cena? I welcome you to Smackdown, really I do, because John this isn’t Raw. This isn’t the John Cena show. This is Smackdown. There’ll be no fanfare for you each week here. See this is a place where we appreciate being away from the world that revolves around John Cena on Raw. Here we can express ourselves as we wish. We don’t have to worry about John Cena acting as he sees fit, disrespecting ev’ryone who can actually wrestle.

“On this day, I see clearly, ev’rything has come to. . .”

Punk, Del Rio-Ramirez and the fans look stunned to see ‘The Rated-R Superstar’ Edge in a serious looking mood walk out to the stage to a mixed reception, largely boos though. He paces his way down the ramp and in to the ring, past Punk and his rookie to collect a microphone. The music stops and Punk stares at Edge, still shocked to see him standing there.

See Punk, it seems that we’ve both got a similar problem here as far as John Cena goes. Both of us have been vocal in saying how much we don’t want him over here, and for the record no one hates Cena more than I do. Cena an’ me have taken each other t’ hell an’ back an’ back again, so I guess you can imagine just how pissed I was t’ see him here when I came back, just as much as I was t’ see my brother get a shot at that world title you’ve got resting on that shoulder of yours. An’ since we’re on the subject of that champ, you might wanna thank me, ‘cause if it weren’t for me spearing Christian the other night, the odds are you wouldn’t be World Champion right now.


Punk doesn’t look happy about that at all.

CM Punk:
Alright Edge just what it is you came out here t’ say because. . .

Edge: . . . Whoa take a chill pill, I’m not here t’ cause trouble. I’m here t’ help. . . See we all know that at Survivor Series you an’ Cena are gonna be puttin’ teams t’gether t’ go against each other, an’ since we both hate Cena an’ want him gone, I’m here for one reason only Punk, to offer you my services. Like you said before, our joke of a general manager has promised his good buddy Cena a shot at the world title if his team can beat yours, but with me on board that’s not gonna happen. That’ll leave you not having t’ face Cena at Night of Champions, leaving a shot open for someone else t’ face you instead.

Punk smirks, sensing where Edge is going.

CM Punk:
I respect you coming out here an’ being honest. It might be somewhat selfish but I believe you when you say how much you wanna beat Cena and I have to admit that having someone of your experience and ability on board along with myself and Alberto here would definitely help, so Edge, you can count yourself in.

Punk extends his hand to Edge and the two men shake, and then Edge turns to Del Rio-Ramirez to shake his hand. . .

“My Time is Now”

John Cena
hits the stage to a huge roar, and the crowd are going crazy as he runs out to each side of the stage, obviously not at the same time! He might be known as Superman but actually he’s not kids! He heads back to centre stage with a microphone in hand as his music cuts to reveal the full extent of the noise the kids & women are making. Cena looks like he’s loving the attention, unlike Punk, Edge & Del Rio-Ramirez as they stare up at him with disgust.

John Cena:
It’s great t’ see my fan club is in full force t’night. No I mean you guys. I can feel your love an’ you have no idea how much I appreciate it so thanks.

Cena smiles down at them but they’re really not happy to see him standing there making jokes.

CM Punk:
Alright Cena cut the crap. It’s not exactly a surprise you felt the need to come out here and do what you always do. . .

John Cena: . . . Blah blah blah blah blah blah.


John Cena: We’ve heard it all before Punk. You’ve overcome so many challenges; scramble matches, triple threat matches, we get it. The fact is these people don’t like you, they don’t respect you an’ they don’t have to.

*Big Pop*

John Cena: They don’t respect you because you go about your business the wrong way, by hook or by crook. Me, I go out an’ fight f’ my life, an’ if that ain’t enough, at least I’ve given it all I’ve got. You Punk, you wonder why these people don’t respect you? It’s because you’re a hypocrite. You go on an’ on about this journey t’ being the best the business has to offer. Well from where I’m standin’, an’ I don’t often agree with Edge. . . if it weren’t f’ him you wouldn’t be standing there World Champion right now.

Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez: Excuse me but who do you think you are coming out here and disrespecting the heavyweight champion of the world like this? My mentor is ten times the wrestler you will ever be and I’ve already learned so much from him about American wrestling. In fact tonight I want to sure you how much I’ve learnt from watching him, only this time I want to do it in the ring.

Punk looks curiously at his rookie. Del Rio-Ramirez is looking very self assured and looks up at Cena.

Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez:
What better way John Cena than to show you just how good a mentor he is by beating you here t’night in your first official match back as a Smackdown superstar?

Punk tries to talk to the Mexican, but Del Rio-Ramirez is fixed on Cena.

John Cena:
Well if you’re serious Alby I ain’t got a problem with it. I guess I’ll see y’later on. ‘til then, take care!

“My Time is Now” plays to a big cheer in the arena with Punk questioning Del Rio-Ramirez, but he is very self assured and tries to reassure his mentor with Edge looking up disapprovingly at the all smiling face of Cena who salutes back at him before turning round to walk backstage.


John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez w/CM Punk

Before the match could start, ‘The Rated-R Superstar’ Edge joined Michael Cole & Matt Striker at the announce table, much to the annoyance of John Cena. He shook his head before smirking, almost expecting to see Edge swing by.

The fans were on their feet as Cena tortured the rookie, putting him through hell. He reached out with desperation for the ropes while Punk watched on, shouting encouragement at his rookie. He held on for dear life, holding his hand up off the mat to stop himself from tapping. He tried to drag himself towards the ropes but Cena was holding on tight with the fans urging the Mexican to tap. He didn’t however and fought his way to the bottom rope, pleasing the hell out of Punk, who turned round laughing at the disappointed crowd. Cena stood up, quite impressed by Del Rio-Ramirez’s resilience. He turned round and saw Punk sn-iggering at him.

Cena was slightly amused by it and then turned back to go after his opponent as he used the ropes to help himself back up. Del Rio-Ramirez was unsteady on his feet and Cena went right after him to scoop him up for the F-U but the Mexican held on to the top rope. He swung his elbow back at Cena’s head, fighting his way down to safety. It sent Cena staggering back in to the middle of the ring, and as he spun back round Del Rio-Ramirez ran right at him and again in to the S-T-FU. A huge pop broke out again as Cena wrenched away at his opponent, and this time there was nowhere for Del Rio-Ramirez to go and he eventually tapped out to the delight of the Hartford crowd.

As Cena’s music hit, he got his arm raised to a massive pop and walked towards the apron, smiling down at an angry World Champion. Punk glared back at him, showing nothing but disgust for him as Edge jumped up from the announce table. With his back turned, Cena had no idea as Edge slipped in to the ring, bringing a smile to the face of CM Punk. Cena smelt something was up and turned round, only to see Edge charge at him and plant him with a spear. The music stopped and Edge stared down at him intensely. Punk joined him in the ring and Edge stood up to see Punk nodding his head in approval.

Del Rio-Ramirez sat up looking across as Punk then dropped his world title belt, watching Cena writhe around on the mat. He then went to give him a helping hand when a big pop broke out. The camera cut to a shot of Matt Sydal racing down the ramp, coming to the aid of his captain at the Survivor Series. He slipped in the ring and ducked a clothesline from Edge to send him down with a jumping spin kick. He then ran and ducked under a clothesline from Punk before catching him with a feint enzuigiri in to a head scissors takedown. As Sydal made his way back up, Edge was back on his feet and connected with a spear to send him down.

Cena was picking himself back up as Edge & Punk were doing the same. An angry Punk walked towards him and lifted him up on to his shoulders for the G-T-S when “Just Close Your Eyes” blasted out to a huge roar. Christian stormed down the ramp with a face like thunder to the shock of Punk & Edge. Punk dropped Cena, focusing on Christian as Edge slid out of the ring and went after his brother. Christian blocked a right hand and levelled him with a right hand of his own before sending him flying in to the steel steps. He then glared at Punk with the World Champion staring back at him. Christian hit the ring and Punk pounced on him, stomping on his back.

He then pulled Christian up and tried for an irish whip but Captain Charisma held on to the ropes, pissing Punk off. The Straight-Edge Superstar ran right at him in to a raised boot from the Canadian. Christian followed him out and hit the Killswitch to a huge pop. Punk rolled to the outside by Edge as his rookie stood up and clubbed Christian across the back. He then grabbed him by the wrist but Christian reversed it in to a short arm clothesline and then clotheslined him down to the floor alongside his mentor & Edge. Christian was on fire as Cena sat up looking surprised to see him, and Sydal too sat up as Christian then went to get a microphone.

Christian: Cena, we might’ve had our problems in the past but right now it looks like we’ve both got our fair share of problems with those guys right there. So what I came out here for is real simple. . . I know it’s your team an’ your decision but if you want someone to help kick their asses at Survivor Series, I want in.

Cena stands up and looks at Christian without the microphone and holds his hand out for it, and Captain Charisma hands it to him.

John Cena:
You want in?

Christian nods back at him emphatically and says "you're damn right I do", then stares back at Team Punk.

John Cena:
You got it.

“My Time is Now” plays to a big pop as Cena & Christian engage in an intense staredown with Punk, Edge & Del Rio-Ramirez on the floor. Sydal picks himself back up, given a helping hand by Cena and stares right at the Survivor Series opposition too as the show comes to a close.

*Opening Video*
“If You Rock Like Me”

*Cut to the Arena*


Michael Cole:
Welcome ev’ryone to Friday Night Smackdown where we come to you live from Norfolk Virginia, and boy do we have ourselves a main event t’night when it will be champion versus champion. The United States Champion an’ the King of the Ring Matt Sydal will meet the World Heavyweight Champion C-M Punk later on t’night. Not only will they be on opposing sides at Survivor Series, they will collide t’night right here on Friday Night Smackdown.

Matt Striker: And if that’s not enough, we will determine the number one contender for the Cruiserweight Championship in a battle royal.

Michael Cole: I think it’s safe t’ say that Johnny Jeter will be watching that with interest, and also t’night the former number one contenders for the tag team titles, Petey Williams an’ Johnny Devine have requested a rematch against the team that beat them here last week, the team that have been on a role as of late in Bobby Lashley an’ Charlie Haas. That should be real int’resting too Matt as it looks like the Canadians really mean business.

Matt Striker: It sure seems that way Michael, however getting things started for us t’night are the team Lashley an’ Haas defeated at No Mercy.

*The Opening Match*
M.V.P. & Ron Killings vs. Chris Masters & Ryan Sheffield

M.V.P. & Killings sure got the crowd going from the moment they walked out in to the arena, seriously pumped up and slapping hands with the fans all the way down the ramp to ringside. Their opponents on the other hand though were extremely serious as they then made their entrance, and after a slow start the mentor & rookie combination slowed down Killings in particular. However as the match went in to its closing stages, Killings came back fighting and escaped Masters clutches when The Masterpiece was getting ready to apply The Masterlock. Killings slipped behind him and took him down with a reverse DDT to get the crowd going again.

His partner encouraged him on the apron as he went for a cover, not able to get all of it, still suffering from the beating he took, meaning it was no surprise Masters kicked out at two. As both men made their way up, Masters was able to reverse an irish whip, but as Killings came back off the ropes he ducked a wild clothesline, hit the ropes again and came back with a jumping corkscrew flying forearm smash to another big pop. They both clawed their way back up and Killings wasted no time in levelling The Masterpiece with a jumping enzuigiri. Somehow though Masters just about managed to get his shoulder up before the ref could count to three, leaving Killings & M.V.P. stunned.

Killings then tagged M.V.P. in, and despite going for The Playmaker and failing, he managed to connect moments later with the facewash in the corner, and as Masters staggered out in to his path, he did manage to connect with The Playmaker, only Sheffield broke up the cover with a stomp to the back of M.V.P’s head. Killings was furious and hit the ring straight away, taking both himself & Sheffield over the top and down to the floor with a clothesline. Back in the ring, Masters & M.V.P. struggled their way back up, and after a fallaway slam by The Masterpiece, Masters was getting ready for The Masterlock.

The fans were worried, but as he tried to lock it in M.V.P. forced him back in to the pads to escape the hold before it was applied properly. M.V.P. walked out and turned round to see Masters coming at him and reacted quickly to kick him in the gut and connect with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Masters was in a bad way as a fired up M.V.P. stood up and watched his opponent try to sit up. He didn’t give him a second longer to get up and ran at him, nailing him with the Drive By Kick to pick up the win for him & Killings to a pretty strong pop. Killings then joined him in the ring and they celebrated with the crowd all the way back up the ramp while Sheffield stood up on the outside confused as to what was going on with his mentor sitting up angrily.

Winners: MVP & Ron Killings by pinfall.

*Cut Backstage*

We’re taken to the locker room of the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk where he sits on the bench alongside his smartly dressed rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez with the Mexican looking a bit angry. Punk on the other hand seems fairly relaxed.

CM Punk:
Hey, look I know you’re not happy you lost t’ Cena last week but the reality of all what went down was you did something not many people here have had the guts t’ do f’ years. You didn’t just stand up t’ John Cena. You challenged him to a match and you’ve gotta know like I’m sure you already do, you did a good job in there. He had t’ work real hard t’ beat you. Don’t f’get that. There’s no reason f’ you to be down on y’self. If I doubted you would I put you on my team at Survivor Series? You know I wouldn’t. I need a team I have total confidence in and I’ve got total confidence in you so get your head up and focus on the positives of last week ‘cause there were a hell of a lot more than y’think.

Del Rio turns to his mentor and nods his head at him, picking up on what he’s been told.

Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez:
You’re right. Thank you and I promise you this. . .

Del Rio-Ramirez looks up distracted, and then so does Punk as we hear the door out of shot close. ‘The Gold Standard’ Shelton Benjamin then walks towards them, looking kind of serious tonight, surprising the World Champion and his rookie.

CM Punk:
Shelton, hey. Are we in the wrong dressing room ‘cause. . .

Shelton Benjamin: . . . No you’re not an’ neither am I.

CM Punk: Huh, so are you going to explain what it is you’re doing here only I’m kind of at a loss right now. Maybe you can help me out.

Shelton Benjamin: That’s exactly what I came here t’ do Punk. I came here to offer you my help at the Survivor Series against John Cena. I want a spot on your team.

Punk turns to Del Rio smirking, and even the Mexican seems amused by that. Punk stands up and Shelton remains very serious.

CM Punk:
Look, I appreciate you coming here with your generous offer, really I do, it’s just, an’ don’t take this personally Shelton, what I need on my team is winners. This might be a little close t’ home but it seems all you’ve done lately is lose lose an’ lose some more, all t’ one guy who just by chance I’ll be facing later on t’night and at the Survivor Series. You can kind of see my problem right ‘cause if you were in my shoes even you’d have problem picking yourself the way things have been f’ you this year.

Shelton Benjamin: With respect Punk you don’t have t’ tell me about what the last few months have been like. No one knows about that more than me. What I do know is this. What’s happened has happened an’ I wanna move past it like you wouldn’t believe, an’ Punk, you know talent when you see it. We’ve hooked up in that ring on more than one occasion, you know what I can do.

CM Punk: Yeah I do, lose a lot t’ Matt Sydal, an’ if that happens again at Survivor Series I’m down a guy an’ I can’t afford to let that happen. . . Listen this isn’t personal Shelton. Like you said you do have talent but you can understand my concerns right?

Shelton Benjamin: Given what’s. . .

CM Punk: . . . Shelton, I appreciate you stoppin’ by but like Simon Cowell I have to play the tough guy some times, so f’ now it’s a no.

Shelton Benjamin: Alright fine, just let me give you one piece of advice, don’t underestimate Sydal, ‘cause if y’do it might just come back an’ bite you in the ass.

CM Punk: Thanks for the concern but I’ve got it covered believe me.

A slightly disappointed yet not so surprised looking Shelton turns round and leaves the room, prompting Punk to turn round and look at his rookie. The Mexican stands up and smiles at the World Champion.

Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez:
Was he serious? Did that really just happen?

CM Punk: Y’know I don’t care about that. I’ve got other things t’ worry about t’night, starting with my match later on. Anything else can wait.

Del Rio-Ramirez nods his head again at his mentor as Punk grabs his boots and puts them on the bench as he prepares to take on Sydal in tonight’s main event.

*Video Promo*

An extremely confident looking Michelle McCool dressed in her ring gear makes her way through the back along with her two rookies, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes, both smiling standing either side of their mentor.

*Commercial Break*

“You’re not enough for me. . .”

Michelle McCool
walks out in to the arena with a smug smile on her face with Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes either side of her. She smirks at the fans giving her abuse in the front row and shrugs off the boos being thrown at her without a care in the world before entering the ring where she walks over to the apron and demands a microphone from Justin Roberts. Her music cuts as she turns back in to the centre of the ring alongside her rookies to look up at the stage.

Michelle McCool:
Beth, I know you’re back there. I’ve got a proposition for you an’ that rookie of yours, an’ what I want you t’ do is t’ come down here t’ hear it right now.

McCool stands there laughing with Alicia & Rosa and she doesn’t have to wait long.


The WWE Diva’s Champion, Beth Phoenix makes her way out to the stage with Nikki Roxx, both clearly confused as to what it is McCool has to say, and she still chuckles away with her rookies in the ring as Beth & Roxx join them in the ring. They stand there and look at McCool, waiting to hear her proposal.

Michelle McCool:
Hey, thanks for getting out here so fast. You might wanna turn around though an’ walk back when you’ve heard what it is I’ve gotta say.

Beth isn’t in the mood to wait around and gestures at McCool to get a move on.

Michelle McCool:
Alright, take it easy. What it is Beth, well it’s real simple, kind of like you.

Beth doesn’t like that and just stares over at the smug McCool.

Michelle McCool:
What I brought you out here for, well as you can tell I’m dressed to compete, an’ just like you Beth I’ve got the job of being a mentor and I thought I’d do you a favour t’night. What I thought we’d do is have ourselves a little match between, well me an’ that cute little rookie of yours right here right now.


Michelle McCool: What y’ think ladies? Are we happy about that?

Roxx nods her head emphatically at Beth, clearly well up for it.

Michelle McCool:
Wait that’s not at all. Since I’m doing you a favour by giving her a workout against Smackdown’s number one diva, I want something in return, I don’t work f’ free . . What I want when. . .if I win is a shot at the diva’s title.

Boos break out as Beth shakes her head, and Roxx is even a little stunned by that catch. McCool just looks over waiting for an answer.

Michelle McCool:
What’s it t’ be ladies? We’ve not got all night y’know, an’ before I f’get Beth, you have t’ leave her to it an’ watch from the back, just so you’re not tempted t’ screw me out of the title match I deserve.

Roxx turns to Beth and still seems up for it. The Glamazon though doesn’t and walks over to the ropes to get a microphone of her own, giving McCool and her rookies a dirty look before rejoining Roxx.

Beth Phoenix:
If you wanted a shot at the diva’s title Michelle, all you had t’ do was ask. What you didn’t need t’ do was bring Nikki in to it and set this trap with those mini Michelles hanging around waiting to help you out.

Michelle McCool: Y’know I think I’d rather do it this way, make it feel like I really earned it.

Beth Phoenix: Well your way isn’t happening. You can play games with me all you want but not with her.

Roxx watches on disappointed but also seems to understand what her mentor is saying.

Michelle McCool:
Well it sounds t’ me Nikki that your mentor doesn’t have a lot of faith in you.

Beth Phoenix: Hang on Michelle that’s not what I said. I do have faith in her. I believe she can beat you. I also believe those rookies of yours could get involved and cost her the match.

Michelle McCool: What she’s saying Nikki is she doesn’t think you can hack it.

Beth Phoenix: That’s not what I said.

Roxx steps in and asks to take the microphone. Beth looking quite angry now hands it over, still staring angrily at McCool.

Nikki Roxx:
Beth I know there’s a lot at stake here and I know she’s twisting what you said but I really wanna do this. I think I can beat her. In fact I know I can beat her and I’ll have fun doing it. Please I won’t let you down I promise.
Michelle McCool: You heard her Beth. She sounds confident right? You’re not going to disappoint her are you?

Beth stands there shaking her head and biting her lip, then takes the stick back from her rookie.

Beth Phoenix:
Alright fine, but if anything funny goes on I’ll be right back down here, an’ that’s a promise.

Roxx tries to reassure her but The Glamazon’s eyes & mind are still on McCool as she jokes around with Mendes & Fox.

Michelle McCool:
Alright we need a ref out here, let’s go.

McCool’s rookies leave the ring and then Beth does the same, still not happy as a ref passes her on the ramp while Mendes & Fox show support for their mentor on the outside as Roxx psyches herself up for battle with the ultra confident McCool. Beth turns back at the top of the ramp and shakes her head again with McCool waving smugly at her, pissing Beth off even more as she stomps to the back.

*Match #2*
Nikki Roxx vs. Michelle McCool w/Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes
If McCool wins, she receives a shot at the Diva’s Championship

McCool started the match on top and quickly became extremely confident, so much so that it allowed Beth’s rookie a way back in to the contest. Roxx had McCool and her own rookies worried, and she came within a millisecond of gaining an upset when she connected with a tornado DDT. McCool though got her shoulder up just as the ref’s hand came down to count to three. Alicia & Rosa were panicking on the outside, and Roxx went to finish the job, but as she stood up, Rosa hopped up on to the apron and distracted her. Nikki was livid and went right after her, knocking her down with a running right hand. Alicia checked on her straight away, and as Nikki turned round in the ring, McCool was back on her feet, albeit groggy.

Roxx ran at her but McCool countered with a standing dropkick. She wasn’t happy when Roxx kicked out at two. She looked to wrap the match up with the Wings of Love only for Roxx to counter with a back body drop. Both divas were struggling as they clawed their way back up and it was Roxx who struck the first blow, ducking a wild right hand from McCool and planting her with a spinning spinebuster. The crowd were cheering her on as she made the cover, however yet again McCool denied her, much to the displeasure of the crowd. Roxx was feeling it though and with momentum on her side she dragged McCool up and set her up for a hammerlock guillotine drop (Voodoo Drop).

Alicia flew up on to the apron, pissing Roxx off again no end. She let go of Michelle and walked across with the ref following. She grabbed Alicia by the head and the ref tried to stop her hitting her as McCool was making it back up to her feet. Roxx ignored the ref’s plea and nailed Alicia, but as she then turned round and walked towards her opponent, McCool rose up and stomped her in the gut before planting her with the Faith Breaker to pick up the victory and earn herself a shot at the Diva’s Championship.

McCool stood up with a big smile on her face with her music playing and her rookies rolling around on the floor. The Glamazon then made her way back out, much to McCool’s amusement. Beth wasn’t happy and didn’t take her eyes off her as she entered the ring before going to check on Roxx as her rookie sat up. She was very apologetic and Beth eased her concerns with McCool looking on laughing. She then left the ring and headed to the back with Alicia & Rosa, both back on their feet and they all stopped on the stage to look back and laugh at the unhappy Roxx and angry Diva’s Champion.

Winner: Michelle McCool by pinfall.

*Cut Backstage*

Christian is getting ready in his locker room, taping up his wrists as Tyson Tomko does the same with Josh Matthews standing by looking a bit tense at being there with them.

Josh Matthews:
Later on this evening these two men behind me, Christian an’ Tyson Tomko will be taking on The Empire in tag team action, (Josh turns round) but right now Christian I’d like to get your thoughts on what happened at the end of last week’s show when you offered John Cena your services at Survivor Series against C-M Punk’s team considering the history that you have with Cena.

Christian focuses on Josh and is looking deadly serious again this week.

Josh there’s no doubt me an’ John Cena haven’t always seen eye to eye, but he’s not the only one I have a lot of history with. You wanna know who I’m talking about Josh? I’m talking about my brother Edge. See after I beat him at SummerSlam and he disappeared, I thought it was just that. . . history, but it turns out that’s not the case. See two weeks ago at No Mercy I was seconds away from becoming the World Heavyweight Champion, the one thing I’ve dreamed of my entire life. But Adam, no he couldn’t let that happen. My bitter jealous brother couldn’t live with me becoming World Champion, meaning I’ve also got unfinished business with the champion himself. Then when I heard Adam was gonna be on his team at Survivor Series it was too good an opportunity t’ miss. This way I get t’ kick both their asses at the same time. I was that close to winning the world title that I could taste it, and Adam took it away from me, not that I’m surprised. But let me tell you this Josh, he’s gonna be sorry. Last week was just the start, and when I’m done with him, Punk you’re next. We all know it’s Cena that’s got the title shot lined up but he knows how much I wan’ it too an’ he’s fine with that. We both want the same thing, t’ beat Edge an’ Punk an’ t’ be World Champion. That’s why we’re gonna come out on top at Survivor Series, then whatever happens happens. T’night though Josh me an’ my old buddy Tomko have got some business t’ take care of in two British punks who’ve got a problem runnin’ their mouths, but listen up chaps, t’night me an’ my problem solver here are gonna solve that problem for ya. Yeah, we’re gonna overthrow The Empire right here in the United States, then at Survivor Series Punk your team’s next.

Josh looks a little taken aback by Christian’s strong words, and Captain Charisma turns round, going back to taping up his wrists with the camera zooming in on his very focused face.

*Cut Backstage*

Tazz shows the smiling duo of M.V.P. & Ron Killings out of his office, and the Smackdown General Manager is also showing off a smile too.

Y’made a great choice boss. We ain’t gonna let y’down, believe that.

Tazz: I ain’t worried fellas. I know you’re the guys f’ the job.

Ron Killings: No doubt.

M.V.P.: We’ll catch y’later boss.

‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels looking in a very serious mood tonight walks in to shot in his casual gear as the very happy duo walk away.

Hey Shawn, what’s up buddy?

Shawn Michaels: I’ve got some business t’ run by y’boss. I think there’s a guy y’might be int’rested in.

Tazz: I hear ya. Maybe we should step inside an’ talk business.

Tazz steps to the side and pushes the door open for Michaels who walks in, followed by Tazz as we saw the door close.

*Video Promo*

The extremely focused team of Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas are shown walking through the back as they prepare to take on Petey Williams & Johnny Devine in a rematch from last week, and that’s coming up next!

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas vs. Petey Williams & Johnny Devine

Lashley & Haas were on fire in this one, up & at it from the moment the bell rung. Cole & Striker were in awe of them, commenting on how quickly they’re becoming an effective unit, and their Canadian opponents were left frustrated by their opponents. They didn’t seem to have gotten over their failure to win the tag team titles at No Mercy either, and Petey especially was in one foul mood. The crowd were cheering as Lashley’s dominance shone through, and as he retreated to his corner with his eyes locked firmly on the squirming Canadian, Devine panicked knowing his partner was in serious danger. He rushed in to the ring and ran across at Lashley, but the former military man ran at him to meet him halfway and take him down with an explosive spear.

The cheers broke out again as the impact sent Devine rolling out to the floor while Petey unwittingly struggled to get back up. Lashley watched him up every step of the way before losing patience to pull him in to place for the Dominator. Petey was defenceless and was quickly slammed in to the mat, putting up no resistance whatsover as Lashley made the cover, picking up the three count to give him & Haas another impressive victory. The two men got themselves a very decent pop and show of appreciation from the crowd as they had their arms raised by the referee while Cole & Striker raved about how much of a threat they’re becoming to the rest of the tag team division.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #3*
Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas vs. Petey Williams & Johnny Devine

Before the match even started, Cole & Striker were hyping up the recent run Lashley & Haas have been on, how they’re functioning so well as a unit and how much of a threat they could potentially be in the not so distant future. The Canadians were so determined to throw a spanner in the works and had to use some underhand tactics to get in to the contest, and as the match went on and they looked in serious danger, Williams stormed the ring to break up what looked to be a certain three count following a spear from Lashley on Devine. That brought Williams & Haas in to the ring as the legal men while Lashley & Devine recovered on the apron.

Haas was lively and incredibly fired up, putting Petey firmly on the back foot. Williams thought he’d countered a back body drop by landing on his feet, but as he stomped Haas in the gut and pulled him in to place for the Canadian Destroyer, this time Haas countered ironically with a back body drop. As Petey then picked himself back up, Haas slipped behind him for a german suplex, holding on for the cover. Petey kicked out and bravely clawed his way back up with the focused Haas watching him every step of the way. Haas wasted no time in grabbing him by the arm and firing him in to the corner, but as he ran in Petey countered by lifting his boot up in to Charlie’s face.

It sent Haas staggering away from the corner and Petey ran at him to take him down with a swinging neckbreaker. It was Charlie’s turn to break the cover, not leaving Petey too happy at all. He went on to try and finish the job, and after a couple of close calls, he once again went for the Destroyer only to see Haas counter again in the same way, with a back body drop. They both struggled back up but Haas was looking meanly determined. He pulled down the straps and roared before planting Petey with the Olympic Slam. This time Devine came to the rescue before the ref had a chance to count to three, stomping on the back of Haas’s head.

Devine just looked down and laughed, not realising the ticked off Lashley had entered the ring and was stalking him for the spear, and as Devine turned round, Lashley charged at him and ripped him in two, sending Devine under the bottom rope and down to the floor below. That left Petey & Haas all alone when Lashley had returned to the apron, and as they got to their feet, Petey turned back to run the ropes and came back looking for a spinning wheel kick.

Haas ducked it though, and as Petey once again picked himself back up, Haas caught him with another Olympic Slam before locking in the Haas of Pain, forcing Petey to tap after a brave effort. As the bell rang Lashley joined his partner in the ring and they got their arms raised to a strong pop from the impressed Norfolk crowd, Striker & Cole again praised the duo and said how they’re going to be a real force to be reckoned with in the tag team division, and judging by their serious expressions, that could well be the case. They had a brief congratulatory guy hug before heading to the back as Petey sat up looking very sorry for himself.

Winners: Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas by submission.

*Cut Backstage*

The UK Pack and Harry Smith’s rookie, TJ Wilson along with his girlfriend, Natalya Neidhart are in their locker room with Wilson ready for action. Burchill doesn’t look too happy as he stands alone with Natalya & Smith by TJ’s side.

Harry Smith:
You’re gonna be fine t’night I promise. I know this is your first proper match here but I know just how good you are. Back when we were in Canada t’gether I saw what you could do an’ trust me you have nothing to worry about. You’ve got what it takes t’ do well here, an’ when you beat Dolph Ziggler t’night I’ll be there to raise your arm in victory.

Natalya Neidhart: He’s right T-J. You can beat him.

TJ nods his head, believing what he’s hearing with Smith & Natalya clearly right behind him.

Harry Smith:
Now, are you ready t’ get out there?

TJ Wilson: Alright let’s do this.

Smith & Natalya give him a brief hug before going to leave the room, and after TJ & Natalya do so, Smith turns back to look at the isolated figure of Burchill.

Harry Smith:
You comin’?

Paul Burchill: Sorry are you talking to me for a change?

Smith goes steps back in the room and lets the door shut.

Harry Smith:
Is there something wrong?

Paul Burchill: Is there something wrong? Now what would give you that impression?

Harry Smith: Well last week for a start. You couldn’t wait to leave the ring after our match. What was all that about?

Paul Burchill: Seriously Harry? You remember you were the one who nearly didn’t turn up, meaning I would have been in a handicap match.

Harry Smith: I apologised for that an’ it’s not as if you had to go it alone.

Paul Burchill: You can apologise all you want, it wouldn’t have been enough if you didn’t turn up, which you nearly didn’t.

Harry Smith: But I did, we won I apologised an’ it’s done. Now are you coming?

Paul Burchill: Really? You can’t see what’s going on here can you?

Harry Smith: What are you talking about?

Smith’s confused as hell and stares at an angry Burchill when TJ & Natalya walk back in, both confused as to what’s going on.

TJ Wilson:
Is ev’rything okay guys?

Paul Burchill: Which one of us are you asking, not that it should be hard to work it out. . . well not f’ me.

Burchill walks past Smith and then shrugs past the shocked Wilson & Neidhart, surprising them even more.

Natalya Neidhart:
What’s going on?

Harry Smith: F’get about him. We’ve gotta get going f’ your match. Ev’rything else can wait. Come on, let’s go.

Smith walks out of the room followed by the uneasy looking Wilson & Natalya.

*Commercial Break*

There’s a party going on in the back with a fancy dress code and there stand the newly engaged couple of Elijah Burke & Layla, smiling widely as they gaze in to each other’s eyes. In to the shot walk Matt Sydal along with his girlfriend, Mickie James. Sydal’s in his street clothes holding his United States title, and both he & Mickie are smiling too as they greet their friends.

Mickie James:
Hey guys, congratulations.

Mickie hugs Layla and Layla shows off the ring as Sydal shakes hands with Burke.

Mickie James:
Oh my god. That’s beautiful.

Matt Sydal: Congratulations buddy. I wish I could stick around but I’ve got a match t’ get ready for. . .

Elijah Burke: . . . Oh yeah, against C-M Punk right? That’s gonna be tough but good luck bro’. I’ll be routin’ for ya. I might even sneak away if I can. You know what these things are like?

Matt Sydal: I think you’re best off stickin’ it out, but hey, as soon as I’m done I’ll be right back t’ join the party.

Burke smiles and then looks over Sydal’s shoulder, looking a bit confused as a fairly big blonde woman with tattoos on her arms wearing a white T-shirt, jeans and a camouflage cap holding a flask, looking to be ODB whose video vignette played last week walks in.

Is this where’s the party at?

She takes a swig from the flask as Layla & Mickie turn round, both confused as to who she is and what she’s doing there.

So who’s this lucky bride then?

Layla: Err, that’ll be me.

ODB: Huh, I wouldn’t mind a piece o’ you myself.

Layla: What did you say?

Burke & Sydal turn at each and smirk, looking at each other if they heard that right while Layla looks utterly baffled.

Mickie James:
Excuse me but who exactly are you even doing here?

ODB: Whoa, chill out an’ have some fun bitch. It won’t kill you y’know.

Layla: Seriously who invited you?

Mickie James: No one, that’s who.

ODB: God is this supposed t’ be a party or what. What’s your problem?

Mickie James: Right now you are an’ we want you t’ leave. . . now. So if you don’t mind.

ODB: A’ight fine.

ODB grudgingly nods her head and takes another swig with all eyes on her, then lays one on Mickie, catching them all by surprise as well as the guests behind them. Mickie sits up staring furiously at ODB as she leaves the room with Layla kneeling down to check on her.

Are you okay?

Mickie James: Yeah I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me.

The camera then zooms in on the angry Mickie before fading out.

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Non-Title Match
The UK Pack w/TJ Wilson & Natalya Neidhart vs. Chris Masters & Ryan Sheffield

Masters & Sheffield were revelling in the prospect of having to face just one half of the tag team champions as Paul Burchill made his way out to the ring alone, and he was understandably angry at having to do so. However as he stepped inside the ring and handed his title belt over to the referee, a flustered Harry Smith along with his rookie, TJ Wilson & Natalya Neidhart walked out to the arena. Burchill turned and saw Smith there, getting an instant apology as his partner entered the ring in his normal clothes, jeans and a T-shirt.

Burchill questioned him without things getting aggressive and TJ & Natalya entered the ring to help explain, frustrating their opponents who told the ref to get a move on. Once the match started there was no questioning Smith’s commitment. Masters & Sheffield looked like they had a point to prove and the rookie was impressing. He was doing so at the expense of Burchill, and the Brit didn’t seem his usual self at all, allowing Sheffield the chance to put him & Masters in control. . .

Burchill was sizing his opponent up for the kill, causing Masters to panic and storm the ring. He ran at Burchill for a clothesline but the Englishman ducked, resulting in Masters nailing his rookie instead. Burchill quickly tossed the shocked Masters out of the ring before planting the groggy Sheffield with the C4 to pick up the win for the tag team champions. At the bell though, after initially celebrating together, the champs were split as TJ & Natalya joined in to congratulate them. They ended up doing so with Smith, leaving Burchill standing on his own awkwardly, and he left the ring looking a bit put out, confusing Smith & Co in the ring as they watched the unhappy Burchill walk to the back without looking back.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #4*
TJ Wilson w/Harry Smith & Katie Lee vs. Dolph Ziggler

We got a glimpse of Paul Burchill watching from a monitor in the back as Wilson made his entrance with Smith & Natalya, appearing to really get under the skin of Burchill who then turned around and left. Ziggler was in a similar foul mood as he made his entrance, giving the fans dirty looks as he walked down the ramp while Smith gave his rookie a pep talk inside the squared circle. Just as the bell rang however, The Miz, Jack Swagger & Heath Slater all walked out to the stage and stayed there to watch the proceedings, confused everyone at ringside. Ziggler’s anger continued and Wilson was on the wrong end of it for the opening minutes.

Dolph was given a couple of warnings by the ref, and as the match went on his mood didn’t approve thanks to the fighting spirit of Smith’s rookie. Ziggler thought he put him away after an enzuigiri but that wasn’t the case. He rushed back up to his feet and urged TJ to get up, but frustration got the better of him and he dragged him up, setting up him for a brainbuster. TJ blocked it though, infuriating Ziggler. Dolph snapped and shoved him down to the mat. As Wilson then picked himself back up, Ziggler walked menacingly over to him and pulled him back up, whipping him in to the ropes trying to apply a sleeper hold as TJ came back.

Wilson countered though and slipped behind, dropped to his knees and swept Dolph’s legs from under him to a decent pop. TJ didn’t waste a single second and hurried up to his feet, running past his opponent in to the ropes, hitting the ropes to come back and nail Dolph with a sit down dropkick to the face. The crowd got behind the rookie even more as he dived on top of Ziggler for the cover, only to see him get his shoulder up at two. TJ wasn’t done there and took the fight to his opponent. As Ziggler made it to his feet Wilson levelled him with a series of stiff kicks to the chest, putting Dolph down on to one knee.

Wilson then raced past him in to the ropes behind him, bounced off them and came back to connect with a snap mare, sending Dolph’s face crashing in to the canvas to another decent pop. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to secure the win as Dolph got his shoulder up before the ref could count to three. Wilson wasn’t deterred though, and with encouragement being thrown his way by his girlfriend & mentor, the talented Canadian went right back at his opponent, grabbing both his legs for the Sharpshooter. The fans cheered but Dolph blocked it and powered out, forcing Wilson backwards and down to the mat.

They both made their way back up, but as Dolph ran at him, TJ caught him with a swift kick to the gut followed by a tornado DDT. The crowd were cheering as Wilson scurried across the mat to make another cover, and again Ziggler escaped. The frustration & disappointment was starting to show from Wilson, but Smith encouraged him to keep on going, and that he did as the concerned looking Team Miz watched on from the stage. TJ went to the apron, watching Ziggler attempt to get back up to his feet, struggling to do so and looking very groggy.

Wilson steadied himself and then hit a springboard before looking to connect with a front flip neckbreaker, but Ziggler sidestepped it at the last second. He was livid as he glared down with fury at the squirming rookie. Ziggler went to the corner and pulled himself up to the second rope, watching his opponent struggle up to his knees in front of him. Dolph was focused as hell and then jumped off to hit a leg drop bulldog, and this time it was TJ that kicked out at two to the relief of the crowd, Smith & Natalya. The Miz was still concerned as he looked on with Swagger & Slater either side of him.

Dolph was getting anxious and looked to seal the deal with the Zig Zag but TJ stepped forward to see Ziggler hit the mat to a big pop. TJ regained his composure and watched Dolph pick himself up before running the ropes for another springboard, looking for a back elbow smash. Dolph ducked it though and TJ hit the mat this time. He didn’t want to stay down and pulled himself up to his knees as the intense Ziggler got to his feet, staring right at his opponent the whole time, and as TJ stood up, Dolph slipped behind him and this time hit the Zig Zag.

He turned Wilson over and hooked both legs to earn himself a hard fought victory over the resilient Wilson to the disappointment of the crowd as well as both Smith & Natalya. Cole & Striker both said what a great job TJ did and what a brave effort it was, not that Ziggler cared as he pulled his arm away from the referee before leaving the ring to see The Miz, Slater & Swagger all nodding their heads looking impressed. Ziggler wasn’t sure what was going on as he was then ushered to the back by The Miz while Smith & Natalya entered the ring to console TJ who got a pretty loud cheer as he was helped up by his mentor.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler by pinfall.

*Video Promo*

We’re shown a series of clips of superstars making their way through the back for the number one contenders Battle Royal for the Cruiserweight Championship coming up, starting with Santino Marella, the uneasy rookie & mentor combinations of J-Red & Chavo Guerrero and then Yoshi Tatsu with the casually dressed Cruiserweight Champion, Johnny Jeter.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*

We’re shown footage from during the break where The Miz, Jack Swagger & Heath Slater walked in one of the locker rooms with Dolph Ziggler.

*Cut Across the Back*

Josh Matthews
is standing by at the interview set.

Josh Matthews:
Ladies an’ gentleman please welcome my guest at this time, John Cena.

The camera zooms out to reveal John Cena standing there alongside Josh, and Cena seems to be fairly relaxed this evening.

Josh Matthews:
John thanks for joining me. What I want to ask you about is Survivor Series. Last week we saw both yours and C-M Punk’s teams begin t’ take shape, an’ with so much at stake in that elimination match, how happy are you with the way things are shaping up?

John Cena: Well Josh I can’t speak f’ Punk but I’m real happy with the guys I’ve got on my team. Although I’ve gotta say Punk’s done good too. I know all about Edge an’ that Alby ain’t bad either. I found that out myself last week but all that matters t’ me Josh is my team. I couldn’t ask f’ better partners. Christian’s been on fire since he came back, an’ Matty Sydal. That kid’s on fire too. The United States title, the King of the Ring, nothin’s stoppin’ this guy, maybe not even Punk t’night, but hey, there might be a couple more guys I’ve had a little word with t’night ‘bout jumpin’ on board f’ Survivor Series.

Josh Matthews: Really? Could you tell us who they are?

Cena smiles big time.

John Cena:
Nice try Josh but right now all I care about is watchin’ my boy get in that ring t’night with C-M Punk an’ do what he’s done all year, cause an upset, an’ Punk I’m gonna be watchin’ closely so don’t try anythin’ funny ‘cause I’LL BE RIGHT DOWN THERE IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE AN’ YOU KNOW IT.

The deadly serious Cena stares in to the camera for a couple of seconds, making sure Punk hears his message, then turns and nods at Josh before heading out of the shot.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #5*
Number One Contendership Battle Royal for the Cruiserweight Championship
Featuring: Santino Marella, J-Red, Yoshi Tatsu, Super Crazy, Paul London, Jimmy Yang, Sonjay Dutt, Chavo Guerrero, Jamie Noble, Kid Kash & Brian Kendrick

Johnny Jeter was sitting quite comfortably at the announce table with his Cruiserweight title resting on it as the thick & fast action went on in front of him while he told Striker & Cole how he couldn’t care less who won the Battle Royal as he’d beat whoever the winner was next week anyway. He put down his “annoying” rookie, Yoshi Tatsu as well as Santino, saying how much he’d love to beat the hell out of them both and it’s a pity they both couldn’t win so he could get the chance to do just that next week. As the contest went on, we saw Yang & Dutt eliminated in the early going by Chavo & Kendrick respectively before Crazy was then sent crashing by The Pitbulls.

Next to go were The Pitbulls, first Kash thanks to a brilliant counter from J-Red that saw him wriggle round on Kash’s shoulders before sending him over the top with headscissors, using the ropes to hold on to as Kash hit the floor. Noble was furious and charged at Red as he stood up, and Red held the rope down to send Noble flying out of the match to a big pop. Red was on fire and came close to eliminating Kendrick before Chavo pulled him away and caught him with a Brainbsuter. Chavo loved every second if it too, laughing at his motionless rookie.

Kendrick didn’t last much longer though as he was sent tumbling over the ropes by a cross body from his former partner, Paul London. However the momentum sent London over too and they hit the floor together, and as they made it to their feet on the floor, Kendrick got in London’s face, leading to them brawling all the way to the back with officials trying to pull them apart. That left four and it was Yoshi who bit the bullet when he missed with a roundhouse kick on Chavo, spinning round by the ropes.

The Mexican Warrior then took full advantage by clotheslining Yoshi over the top and down to the floor below which was met by a round of applause from Jeter who stood up at the announce table. As the action went on, Santino helped out Red against his mentor, but after putting Chavo down, Marella caught Red off guard and tried to eliminate him, grabbing him and tossing him over the ropes. Red held on to the top rope, dangling against the apron, much to Santino’s surprise when he turned round, thinking he’d eliminated him. He went right back to end Red’s chances but the rookie wasn’t done, using his upper body weight to flip back and kick the Italian in the face.

It sent Santino away in a daze as Red steadied himself on the apron, then hit a springboard to hit the Red Alert to a huge pop. The crowd loved it and cheered for a fair few seconds. Red went back after his mentor, but he found himself in some pain when he went for standing shooting star press only to see Chavo raise his knees up in to his stomach. After doing a number on his rookie, Chavo’s attention was directed to Santino as the Italian recovered after the modified Red Alert. Chavo was in complete control and connected with a Brainbuster only then to see Santino roll to safety and dodge a subsequent attempt for a Frog Splash.

Marella rolled to the ropes in front of Jeter and used them to help himself back up to his feet. Jeter all of a sudden stood up and walked over to him with his title. He held it up with one hand and pointed to it, telling Santino it was his as Chavo & Red were getting back own their feet. Jeter carried on having a go at Santino, giving Chavo the chance to sneak up behind the Italian and lift him up off his feet and over the top, eliminating him to a ton of heat and the amusement of the Cruiserweight Champion. He was laughing at Santino by his feet and then took his title with him as he walked round to the ramp.

He watched on from the stage as Chavo & Red at went at it for the right to face him next week. The crowd were firmly behind the rookie but he was given a lesson by his mentor, falling foul of a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker followed by the Three Amigo’s. J-Red was in deep trouble as Chavo then went to the dizzy heights of the top rope again, pointing to the heavens before jumping off to a chorus of boos to this time hit the Frog Splash. Red was all but done as he rolled to the ropes with Jeter looking on awkwardly now with Chavo looking up at him gesturing the title would be his. Red slowly used the ropes to help get himself back up to his feet with the crowd watching nervously.

Chavo was licking his lips looking as if he was going to explode any minute, and as Red stood up, his mentor charged at him for a clothesline but Red lifted him up over his shoulder and over the ropes. The fans were cheering but Chavo landed on his feet on the apron somewhat awkwardly. Red turned round and blocked a right hand attempt before nailing Chavo with one of his own, putting the Mexican on one knee, still on the apron. As Chavo then tried to stand up, Red ran in to the corner, jumped up to the top rope and used it as a springboard to dropkick his mentor off the apron to win the match and earn himself a shot at the Cruiserweight title next week.

The crowd exploded as Red dropped his head in to his hands in shock with Jeter smirking on the stage, not seeming too impressed. Red stood up to a big pop to get his arm raised as his shocked mentor sat up in horror on the floor. Red looked at him with a smile on his face before looking up at Jeter, and the Cruiserweight Champion lifted his title up in the air and nodded back defiantly at his opponent for next week with Chavo furious on the floor.

Winner: J-Red.

*Commercial Break*

There’s some trouble in the back between former partners Paul London & Brian Kendrick, pushing & shoving each other when Tazz walks in to the shot and in-between them.


London & Kendrick stare at each other, still angry.

Do you guys have any idea how much I used t’ love sittin’ out there watchin’ you dominate the tag division? What the hell happened? You weren’t just one of the best teams I’ve ever seen but one of the best champions I’ve been lucky enough t’ watch. It was an honour t’ sit out there an’ watch you do what you did better than any other team in the company an’ still could be.

Brian Kendrick: Yeah well that ain’t gonna happen boss.

Paul London: He’s right. He’s a jackass.

Brian Kendrick: YOU’RE CALLING ME A JACKAS. . .

There’s some commotion and the camera pans to the right where we see a group of officials standing over Tyson Tomko who’s lying almost out cold on the floor when Christian in his ring gear runs in to the shot.

What the hell happened?

Tazz walks over to the scene.

What’s goin’ on?

Christian: Y’know I think I’ve got a pretty good idea, an’ guess what? I’m gonna deal with it right now.

The furious Christian goes to walk away when Tazz grabs his arm.

Wait, your match is next, what are you doin’?

Christian: You wanna know what I’m doin’? Fine. I’m goin’ out there an’ I’m gonna call Adam out, then I’m gonna make him pay f’ what he’s just done.

Captain Charisma storms off with Tazz not happy, but he turns round to see how Tomko’s doing. The officials too check on him as he comes to looking all starry eyed.

*Cut to the Arena*

“On A Mission”

The Empire (Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, William Regal & Katie Lee)
stroll out to the stage all looking very pleased with themselves and extremely confident. Barrett & McIntyre are in their ring gear as they prepare to take on Christian and hopefully Tyson Tomko with the fans booing the British quartet as they head down the ramp and in to the ring. The boos get even louder as their music stops and they stand there still in a smug, confident mood. Katie goes to get a microphone as the three men laugh & joke together, now walks back to them and hands the stick to Barrett.

Wade Barrett:
Now before myself an’ Drew get down to the serious business, I would like you to. . . no I demand you stand up and welcome the newest member of The Empire, William Regal.

There’s not much love for Regal or his fellow Brits while the disgusted Barrett, McIntyre & Katie applaud him. Shaking his head, Barrett passes the microphone to Regal who takes a moment to let the crowd die down, giving them a typical dirty look.

William Regal:
Unlike you typically shameful ignorant Americans I happen to respect what my fellow countrymen and women have set about since arriving in this despicable country.

*Major Heat*

William Regal: I believe one hundred percent in their cause and will do whatever I can to help them ensure that ev’ryone back home in the United Kingdom sees that this country is not an example to follow. I’ve seen for myself what society has become in both this country and ours, and I will not allow the decline in British culture to continue for a second longer, all because of the terrible example you set yet glorify for the rest of the world to both witness and follow.


William Regal: They should be commended for trying to make life better for both our nation and yours, and by god we shall succeed.

*More Boos*

William Regal: There is however another problem we have encountered. That being the current W-W-E Tag Team Champions, The U-K Pack.


William Regal: As much as they would like to believe they are someone for the people back home to be proud of, they’re not. These men here, Wade Barrett and Drew McIntyre, they are men to be proud of, champions to be proud of, and soon enough that is what they will be, and in just a matter of moments you will see why for yourselves.


Barrett, McIntyre & Katie all applaud Regal again as he nods at them and then walks over to the apron with Katie to leave Barrett & McIntyre to it as they await their opponents.

“If you close your eyes your life. . .”

Here comes one angry ‘Captain Charisma’ Christian, stomping out to the stage to a huge pop. He stops and looks in to the crowd with a face like thunder and he’s holding a microphone.

Cut the music.

The music stops and the fans cheer, but Christian’s clearly in no mood after what happened moments ago in the back.

Sorry fellas but you’re just gonna have t’ wait f’ a second ‘cause there’s somethin’ I’ve gotta do before I come down there by myself if I have to an’ beat both your asses. Maybe yours too Willy.

*Big Pop*

The Empire clearly aren’t worried and again laugh between themselves.

See it seems Tomko, my problem solver who just so you all know the deal, my partner for what’s supposed t’ be a match right now against those two tea sipping imbeciles won’t be able to compete t’night ‘cause someone just jumped him in the back, ironically giving me a problem.


Christian: But hey, f’ the rec’d guys I don’t think it was you. I’m sure as hell I know who it is. I’m sure as hell it’s the same bitter brother of my mine who cost me the World Heavyweight Championship at No Mercy, the guy you might know as Edge.

*Major Heat*

Christian: Stupidly I thought all the crap between us would’ve gone out of the window after I beat him at SummerSlam but I guess not. I should’ve known better, but Adam, listen up. . .

The man himself, ‘The Rated-R Superstar’ Edge bursts out from the back behind Christian and knocks him down to his knees with a forearm club to the back. The fans boo while The Empire laugh as they look on from the ring. Edge means business as he puts the boots to his brother, one after another and Christian can’t defend himself. He backs away to more boos from the crowd as Christian struggles up to his knees with Edge watching on sadistically. Captain Charisma picks himself back up, looking in real pain, and as he turns round, Edge charges at him and takes him down with a spear on the stage to a barrage of heat from the capacity crowd.

On his knees he stares at his brother and Christian isn’t moving as Edge tells him “it’s not over bro’, not even close.” There’s no remorse whatsoever from The Rated-R Superstar as he coldly gazes at his brother with Barrett & McIntyre laughing away in the ring. “Metalingus” blasts out and the twisted Edge stands back up as officials along with Tazz come out to check on Christian, and the Smackdown General Manager orders Edge to the back, which he does after giving his boss a very worrying look.

*Video Promo*

With the main event coming up next, we’re shown a split screen of Matt Sydal with Mickie James and CM Punk along with his rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez heading through the back for when we come back in the Champion vs Champion match!

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*

>Coming Soon!<

*Cut to the Arena*

*The Main Event*
Non-Title Champion vs. Champion Match
Matt Sydal w/Mickie James & John Cena vs. CM Punk w/Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez

Punk hit the arena to an absolute bombardment of heat along with his rookie, Del Rio-Ramirez, not that the World Champion cared, looking extremely confident, cocky even. As Sydal then made his entrance with Mickie by his side, the King of the Ring was looking quite relaxed too, not all that fazed by the prospect of meeting the World Champion. Then the crowd got a huge shock as “My Time is Now” hit to a huge reception, largely positive with John Cena hitting the stage and making his way down to the ring. He stepped inside with Punk & Del Rio-Ramirez unhappy over his presence. Cena spoke with Sydal and tapped him on the back, pointing out he’d be in his corner, something that Punk didn’t like one bit.

The World Champion spoke to the referee about it but it all fell on deaf ears as Cena remained in Sydal’s corner. Along with Cena’s presence the crowd were really in to this, getting right behind Sydal. Punk sure found out why the United States Champion has been on a role this year. Sydal’s resilience frustrated the hell out of the World Champion, and after the King of the Ring kicked out of a split-legged moonsault, Punk nearly blew his top. He gave the ref an earful before standing up and urging Sydal to do the same. With Cena willing him on, Sydal clawed his way back up to his feet and Punk wasted no time in helping him up, lifting him up on to his shoulders for the GTS.

Sydal held on to the top rope though, annoying Punk even more. Sydal then drove his elbow back in to the side of his opponent’s head, forcing Punk to let him go. The Straight-Edge Superstar was in a bit of a daze, and as he turned round he ran at Sydal and the United States Champion lifted him over his shoulder and down to the floor to a big pop. Del Rio-Ramirez was concerned for his mentor and tried to help him up, not watching Sydal who turned and ran the ropes to come charging across the ring for a corkscrew plancha, taking down both Punk & Del Rio-Ramirez. The crowd were cheering like mad and Cena was looking impressed with his recruit.

Sydal picked himself back up, looking a little sore himself before slipping back in the ring. The struggling World Champion just about crawled back in in time to prevent a count out defeat. Sydal was right on him and pulled him away from the ropes to go for a cover, but Punk got his shoulder up. Sydal gave it a real good go, testing Punk to the limit and came within a split second of victory after a springboard 360 corkscrew moonsault only to see the World Champion kick out. Sydal was clearly disappointed but Cena showed him support while Del Rio-Ramirez was looking concerned for his mentor.

Sydal kept going and watched Punk battle his way back up, and the World Champion was on the receiving end of a couple of stiff kicks to the gut that put him down on to one knee. The King of the Ring turned back and ran the ropes, but as he came racing back Punk shot up and stomped him in the gut before planting him with a hellacious double underhook backbreaker. Punk was not a happy bunny and immediately dropped down to make a cover, however yet again Sydal got his shoulder up to deny him victory. Punk didn’t look surprised and walked across to the apron, stepping through the ropes and watching closely as Sydal made his way back up.

Punk then went for the springboard but Sydal rolled across the mat to dodge an oncoming clothesline. He flew up to his feet as Punk turned round in a flash and Sydal ducked a wild right from the angry champion, then caught him with the Cyclorama, a belly to belly moonsault slam. Punk was out of it and Sydal looked to capitalise, heading straight to the top rope with the crowd on their feet. The United States Champion was feeling it and he then leapt up in to the sky for the Shooting Star Press but Punk rolled to safety by the corner as Sydal crash landed on the mat. Cena & Mickie were the ones looking concerned now as Del Rio-Ramirez paced round ringside and shouted words of encouragement for his mentor.

Punk sat up with the look of a man who’d been tortured but he stared at his writhing opponent with contempt. Once more Sydal was trying to get back up and Punk stood up using the ropes for help, glaring at him with fury, and as Sydal made it back up and turned round, Punk stepped out of the corner and nailed him with a thunderous roundhouse kick. Sydal just fell back and down to the mat with Punk going for the cover, looking confident of victory, but yet again Sydal got his shoulder up to the delight of the Norfolk crowd. Punk wasn’t happy but again he didn’t look all that surprised. He shrugged off the disappointment and made his way back up, not taking his eyes off the squirming Sydal for a second.

Cena was looking worried as Punk watched on, and as Sydal made it to his feet, the World Champion struck, once again lifting him on to his shoulders for the GTS. Sydal wriggled around right away and fought his way down to Punk’s anger once more. Punk turned round and Sydal caught him with a feint enzuigiri in to a head scissors takedown. Del Rio-Ramirez was panicking big time, and as Sydal got back up, the Mexican jumped up on to the apron, getting the ref’s attention. He walked over to Del Rio-Ramirez and told him to get down but he wouldn’t. Sydal watched on, unbeknown to him Punk was getting back up.

Cena was looking concerned but decided to fight fire with fire, slipping in to the ring as Punk spun Sydal round and up in to place for the GTS again. Del Rio-Ramirez saw Cena and tried to point it out to the ref, but he was having none of it. Cena pulled Sydal down to the shock of Punk, who then turned round to see Cena there and was then lifted up off his feet and fell victim to the F-U to a huge roar. The crowd were going nuts as Cena then directed Sydal to go to the top rope as Punk’s rookie was going mental at the oblivious ref. Cena then dragged Punk closer to the corner as Sydal then raced up to the top and looked in to the crowd with Punk laying motionless beneath him.

The United States Champion then connected with the Shooting Star Press to a huge cheer and hooked the leg for the cover. Mickie pointed it out to the ref who turned round and raced across the mat to make the count, all the way to three to give Sydal the huge win, setting off an enormous pop inside the Norfolk Scope. Cena joined him in the ring to raise his hand along with Mickie who gave her delighted boyfriend a hug. As Cena looked down at Punk with a smirk on his face, Shelton Benjamin stormed the ring out of nowhere and took Cena down with the Paydirt, bringing Sydal’s music to a halt. Sydal let go of Mickie and went at Shelton, walking right in to a super kick from the incredibly serious Gold Standard.

Benjamin looked down at the carnage as the confused Del Rio-Ramirez watched from the outside. Punk was sitting up, also confused but smirked as he saw Cena & Sydal on the mat with Mickie by her boyfriend’s side. Del Rio-Ramirez then entered the ring with Punk’s title, handing it over to him as he stood up. Punk gave it back to him though and watched Cena squirming around on the mat, then directed his rookie & Benjamin to step back. Mickie tried to stop him but he ignored her and Shelton pulled her away. Just as Cena got to his knees, “Hell Will be Callin’ Your Name” and Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas walked out to the stage to a big pop.

Punk & Co were confused in the ring as they looked up at the serious looking duo who then charged down the ramp and in to the ring. As they entered, Punk panicked and along with Benjamin & Del Rio-Ramirez, they fled to safety, much to the anger of Lashley & Haas. Haas then helped Cena up as Punk & Co backed away from the ring and up the ramp, watching on angrily as Cena, Lashley & Haas stared back at them with their game faces on. Sydal then sat up and looked up towards the stage too with angry glances being exchanged all around as the show came to a close.

Winner: Matt Sydal by pinfall.


>Quick Results<

M.V.P. & Ron Killings
df. Chris Masters & Ryan Sheffield
Michelle McCool
df. Nikki Roxx
Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas
df. Petey Williams & Johnny Devine
Dolph Ziggler
df. TJ Wilson
J-Red won the Battle Royal to become the number contender for the Cruiserweight Championship
Matt Sydal
df. CM Punk

>Superstars Tapings<
Johnny Jeter
df. Sonjay Dutt

>Confirmed for Next Week<
WWE Cruiserweight Championship

J-Red vs. Johnny Jeter (c)

>Confirmed for Survivor Series<

Sunday 9th November 2008
Venue: Air Canada Center
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

WWE Championship
Batista (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Triple H

World Tag Team Championship – Tournament Final
Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms vs. Rey Mysterio & Mystico vs. Christopher Daniels & Kaval

Hell in a Cell Loser Leaves Town Match
The Big Show vs. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

Traditional Elimination Match
If Team Cena wins, Cena will challenge CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions

Team Cena (John Cena, Christian & Matt Sydal)
vs. Team Punk (CM Punk, Edge & Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez)
*More names to be added*

Traditional Elimination Match
Team Michaels
vs. Team Miz (The Miz, Jack Swagger & Heath Slater)
*More names to be added*

Traditional Elimination Match
Team Raw (Sheamus (cpt) & Carlito)
vs. Team Smackdown
*More names to be added*


The Undertaker vs. Ted DiBiase

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