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Re: English Premier League Mafia Game Thread

Final Vote Count:

Shepard - 4 votes, L-5, (Rising, Leeroy!, Mike J, Lostfap)
Lostfap - 9 vote, L-0, (BkB Hulk, DR JUPES, STUFF, Shepard, MFM, IMPULSE, NTRO, Haystacks, scrilla)

If you guys check back to post 272 and beforehand, you'll see that scrilla did indeed hammer Lostfap. Sorry, I know my inactivity during this day phase my have confused some people. But with 16 alive, it was only 9 to lynch. I think Lostfap knew I was hammered though as he told Haystacks to unvote him before someone could hammer, and then two posts later he was hammered.

Lostfap pointed the finger at Shepard, and the group ralied around him, except BkB Hulk who pointed the finger at Lostfap. The town were in two minds but the tide soon turned against Lostfap, and his cries of 'don't kill me, I'm Ashley Cole' seemed to have to opposite affect he was hoping for as the remainder of the original 24 man group brutal kicked a living daylights out of him until he died.

Lostfap was Ashley Cole, The Gunsmith, Premier League aligned (Innocent/Town).

Spoiler for Lostfap:
You are Ashley Cole, The Gunsmith, Premier League aligned (Innocent/Town).

Because you are Ashley Cole, you know your way around weaponry. Firstly you used to play for The Arsenal (cracking pun), and secondly, you shot an work experience kid in the arse with an air-rifle. So you're going to put those skills to good use now, as each night, you may PM me with a player you wish to investigate, and I'll respond as to whether they have a gun or not.

You win when all threats to the Town are eliminated.

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