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Re: Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim

Originally Posted by Styl3s View Post
One of my most anticipated titles of this year and this "gen", i pre-ordered the Collectors Edition today (PS3 version), i would love to get the PC version i just can't justify spending upwards to 1000-1200 on a PC, yeah yeah i can get one for $600 but i would want to play on max settings at incredibly high FPS.

Hopefully the game won't be a major let down like oblivion was (for me atleast) i watched all the demo footage from E3 and one thing that kept bugging me was they keep insisting that the dragons have their own AI and don't do the same thing more than once yet i watched 3 walkthroughs, all different and the dragon attacked at the same time and did the same thing, don't know if it was scripted for the demo or because it's "alpha/beta" but i really hope the dragons aren't this scripted, this is one of the main draws of the game for me, and the vastly different dungeons, no dungeons looks the same.. something another game completely failed at *cough DA2 cough*

This times a 1000.

Seriously they just kept saying "we have no idea what the dragons are going to do and then acted shocked when the Dragon did the exact same thing in every preview video....

Reminds me of the early Oblivion hype which ended up being lies. Ie being able to set a table on fire using a spell then being able throw it at someone using a different spell as a legitimate battle tactic. I don't understand why Beth get off so easily for this sort of stuff.

Also Oblivion really did suck compared to Morrowind. I'll give Skyrim a go no doubt if I read good stuff from sources I trust but if the world is as bland as Oblivion I can't see myself getting into it.

Not to mention they have left the levitate spell out again, which is just criminal.

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