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Re: Retro Gaming Discussion

Originally Posted by Styl3s View Post
Just recently picked up a SNES off craigslist for $55, amazingly it came with some pretty rare games like legend of mana, earthbound a few other great titles, poor lady had no idea, i did have a huge collection but lost the majority in a house fire so i have been recollecting but enough about garbage nobody wants to hear about.

Been playing Earthbound and TMNT: Turtles in Time and Lunar for PSX (i consider PSX "retro") a lot lately, still trying to find a reasonable price on a sega saturn.

1. Craigslist listing link please?
2. Are there any used game stores around you. They should be selling for $45-50 but I'm sure some are willing to go down $5-10 if you say you'll buy a few games. Otherwise, I've seen some creep up on eBay for $80 with a ton of games (nothing rare, but the usual suspects that sold well). I own a Saturn, but the only rares I have for it are Albert's Odyssey and Shining Force 3. Good luck finding them outside of online auction sites.
3. I will buy Earthbound from you for $55. You got your money back pretty much!

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