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Re: The Thread Of Judgement : JWY, MankyCaaant, Pop Tart

Originally Posted by JimmyWangYang View Post
First of all I fucking hate Oasis, and think they have zero talent, and write the dullest fucking songs on the planet, i just felt it was the perfect opportunity to take that dig seens as we were talking about musical talent

Secondly I shall say i apologise for getting you wrong. I presumed you were one of these fucktards that only listens to Motorhead and ACDC and refuses to accept anything else as music. Those people really annoy me, because its the ultimate display of ignorance.

And now onto topic :

I'm still not buying that Motorhead songs are overly complicated to play, but i dunno maybe there will be something out there, since i'm kinda at the stage guitar wise where i can pretty much play anything i want to learn with enough effort, then it just doesn't seem that complicated.

But as i have said before, I do like Motorhead, i've seen them live and they were incredible, but it is as you say that they carry more of a legacy and it is true that they are an influence for many bands.

Strictly from a talent point of view, i believe that Alter Bridge have more musical talent in their bodies. From a songwriting perspective, it then comes down to personal opinion at the end of the day and hence how arguments begin.

I just can't stand the people that say Alter Bridge are a generic rock band because they are anything but.

Mark Tremonti writes some obscure, properly technical riffs as well as his solos being very creative. Strange variety of tunings used throughout to create new sounds. I just really like the direction they go in, and its not to everyone's taste, i just hate when people say they are generic.

Motorhead are more of an in your face rock and roll band.
Where Alter Bridge have more depth and detail to their music, and while i still do have all that respect for Motorhead, because i have studied music for a long time now I just seem to have moved onto things that I prefer.
Well put. At the end of the day, it's all gonna come down to your own personal preference.

Motorhead songs aren't 'overly complicated', just more difficult than they sound. What sounds like a simple rhythm or gallop is constantly changing, as Lemmy hits it a little different each time. Whether by accident or design it makes learning the tunes more of an organic feeling out process.

Unfortunately I do tend to clump Alter Bridge into the generic hard rock/metal category. In that, within the vast lexicon of styles, theirs is one that does little to distinguish itself from the pack. Metal/Rock is littered with bands/artist who were technically proficient yet unable to find that 'it' factor.

Example: Steve Vai, is more skilled technically than anyone in Motorhead, yet I'd most likely choose Lemmy and crew over Vai every time if given a choice of the two. More proficient does not necessarily equate to being 'better' music.

Kudos, you've finally got some meat to your argument. I look forward to further discussion, but I gotta run.

I love professional-wrestling.
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