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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Chikarasaurus Rex - Night 1

1. Jigsaw vs. Fire Ant- ***1/4

2. Jakob Hammermeier vs. Gregory Iron - N/R

3. Eddie Kingston vs. Adam Cole- ***

4. F.I.S.T. (Johnny Gargano, Icarus & Chuck Taylor) vs. Team 3.Ole! (El Generico & 3.0)- ***1/2

5. World Of Sport Match: Johnny Saint vs. Johnny Kidd- ***1/2

6. Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze & Makoto vs. Portia Perez, Shimoda & Fujimoto- **1/2

7. Tursas vs. Green Ant- ***

8. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Mike Quackenbush- ***1/4

Overall: 8/10 I would recommend people check out this show, a good show not really a bad match on the card, i didnt really care for the women's 6 man tag, saint vs kidd, was a really awesome display of counter wrestling, i may have overrated the match a little, but i have never seen those guys work before, and i loved all the reversals they did, fist vs 3.0le was a really fun 6 man tag, the main event was disappointing, i was expecting a lot more, the middle seemed a little boring, but then as soon as it was picking up and i was really starting to enjoy it, it ended, but still a good show, and the best chikara show since King of Trios.

Chikarasaurus Rex - Night 2

1. Makoto vs. Tsukasa Fujimoto- **1/2

2. Dasher Hatfield vs. Archibald Peck- **1/2- archibald peck is awesome

3. Mima Shimoda vs. Daizee Haze- **3/4

4. UltraMantis Black, Hallowicked & Frightmare vs. Team 3.Ole' (El Generico & 3.0)- ***1/4

5. Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano vs. Atlantis & Rey Bucanero- **1/4

6. Eddie Kingston vs. Jigsaw- ***1/2

7. Johnny Saint & Mike Quackenbush vs. Johnny Kidd & Colt Cabana- ***

8. Sara Del Rey vs. Claudio Castagnoli- ***1/2

Overall: 7.25/10 A very disappointing show for chikarsaurus rex, and not as good as the night before, but still both the 12 large summit matches were awesome, as most of them have been, saint/quack vs kidd/colt went on for too long, and was rather slow, still some awesome reversals, but not as good a match as the night before, the 6 man tag was a fun match as well, but i would not really recommend this show as overall, it was not that great.
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