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Re: Fuck IWC !! Full of motherf*king hypocrites !

I can honestly say the very most hypocritical things about the IWC are these 3 things....

1.) Everyone bitches about EVERYTHING all the time. Everyone. And if you say you don't, the bullshit is dripping from your ears already. Yet when some n00b signs up and bitches about the exact same thing, he gets slammed by everyone with "QUIT BITCHING! WE DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT AND NEVER HAVE! THAT'S NORMAL AND UNDERSTANDABLE! NO ONE CARES!", etc...

2.) Most new fans don't care much for the Attitude Era and don't think of it as fondly as most older members here do. They always want to slam it for it's "shitty matches", "boring Crash-TV style", "Russo this/Russo that"... yet the second CM Punk or someone else plays a part in an angle reminiscent of that era such as the Montreal Screwjob, everyone just explodes with, "HOLY SHIT MAN! THE ATTITUDE ERA'S COMING BACK! MTFO DUDE! OMG!"

3.) The PG Era is never "shocking" enough, even to newer fans. Nothing ever happens unexpectedly because of the internet. But hold the fuck on... WWE does something very shocking that borders on bad taste and everyone wants to cry about it like it was "going too far". These are the dweebs I seriously would like to punch in the fucking face.

People can add to this if you like. But those are the main 3 "hypocritical" things I read on this site every.single.day. I mention these things because nothing the OP mentioned pertains to his thread title and quite honestly, he sounds like a blithering fuckstick.
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