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Re: Lucha Libre Match/Show Discussion/Reviews

El Satanico honestly would probably right now today be my pick for GOAT Luchadore and possibly a top 10 guy ever. In every match I've seen of his he's demonstrated some lovely subtle selling touches whether its selling a bump or selling frustration/fear etc. He's shown he can work a wonderful arc triple caida arc in a Lucha title match vs Gran Cochisse and has also been able to brawl with the best. Reminds me of Eddie, Dick Murdoch or Funk in that he's consistently entertaining in every match you see of the guy whereas a few guys in my top 10 for Lucha have some really off days. Satanico seems to be the most consistent Luchadore and my favourite.

El Hijo Del Santo always had a Misawa vibe to me when watching him in that he really came off looking like a Wrestling superman and someone you were blessed in watching. I often hear his UWA work pimped as being some of his best stuff especially on the mat compared to his CMLL work (and a few people seem very sour on his AAA run and basically AAA in general).

Negro Navarro and Black Terry would be the best of modern day Lucha and a definite lock in my top 10, Blue Panther is probably maybe one of my favourite mat workers ever but the guy has a few off matches compared to a guy like Satanico that I can't rank him as the best.

Would probably look something like:

El Satanico
Sangre Chicana
El Dandy
El Hijo Del Santo
Black Terry
Blue Panther
Negro Navarro
Fuerza Guerrera
Javier Llanes/Damiancito El Guerrero

Not seen enough Pirata Morgan for him to be a top 10 guy for me. Same goes for MS-1. Honestly not as big a fan of Casas as others bar the El Dandy 1992 match, El Hijo 87 and 97 match.

EDIT: McQueen give me 30 minutes and I'll try and come back with a better list of good Black Terry stuff, just gotta find some old links and recall the best matches I watched. Guy's been wrestling weekly since 2009 so it kinda all blends together.

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