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Re: English Premier League Mafia Game Thread

DAY 1 ends.

Final Vote Count:

Lostfap - 1 vote (Lawls), L-12.
Leeroy! - 1 vote (Haystacks), L-12.
Berbarito - 1 vote (Kiz), L-12.
STUFF - 1 vote (Shepard), L-12.
sXe Maverick - 4 votes (Bulk, beefheart, iMac, Rush), L-9.
IMPULSE - 1 vote (Lostfap), L-12.
Lawls - 1 vote (DH), L-12.
DH - 1 vote (Hiplop), L-12.

The group of 24 settle down in Manchester and all look around at each other curiously. Some appear not to be sure what they're doing causing others get angry at them, but it all calms down, and no lynches are made. Rising makes an early plea for mercy, but in doing so he breaks an important rules, and hence must be modkilled.

Rising was Robin van Persie, Premier League aligned (Innocent/Town).
Spoiler for Rising:
You are Robin van Persie, The Glass Man/1 shot vig, Premier League aligned (Innocent/Town).

Because you are Robin van Persie, you get injured constantly and are very weary of any danger. So easily injured are you that if targeted at all during the night by anyone, you will die, unless the player targeting you plays for Arsenal FC. But because van Persie is such a sharp shooter, you do have a 1 shot kill ability. Unfortunately your coming off an injury so you won't be able to use it until night 3, so hopefully you survive until then.

You win when all threats to the Town are eliminated.

Rising has been modkilled for this post:

Originally Posted by Rising View Post
I am rob ban van persie injury prone so i get injured very quickly so i am can get killed if anybody uses the role on me and i am good striker so i will also strike who uses the role on me so they will also die...
Bits in bold are the parts that broke rules.

Sorry to do that to Rising, and I know perhaps I wasn't very clear on the matter, but I did mention at the top of the first first role, not quoting the role PM. But just to make it clear now. There is to be no quoting ANY information from your role PM except what the role does itself, and the character. That means not explaining in reasoning I have put in your role for how the role correlates to your character. Otherwise it is too easy to establish innocence or not, and makes fake claiming much harder, ect. It also makes it much harder for players who don't know much about the Premier League. Sorry if my response is a bit harsh, and Rising you can be first in line to replace back in if you want.


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