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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Feedback

Kicking off with Jericho and ĎThe Greatí was really the only option after last week, and I liked what he had to say for the most part. I have to assume this promo was influenced by some of the real life stuff between Jericho and Michaels from a few years back, as many of the comments regarding Jericho being honest and upset that Michaels was cheered for attacking him were relatable to that timeframe. But it worked well here, really putting over Jerichoís worthiness as it were. Perhaps dragged on a wee bit long, but it the content and message it put across was fine. Heyman on the otherhand was very much the opposite, Iíd have liked to have heard a bit more from him. But the announcement of the title match at the special sounds pretty mega, should be a great one to read. HmmmÖ very intrigued by the fact Jericho stopped the attack, and especially that ďsave it for the unworthyĒ line. That would suggest Heyman is worthy afterall? Swerve turn to reveal Heyman and Jericho are in cahoots perhaps? Iíd be all over that if it happens. Solid enough start to things, perhaps not as good as previous weeks, but good enough.

Not so sure the relevance of Christian and TWGTT speaking, seemed a tad random. The putdown made sense though, although once again there seemed to be quite the touch of aggression from Haas and Benjamin. I doubt youíd have Christian interfere in the main event given what youíve done with the tag scene thus far, so Iím gonna have to say I dunno where this was going, unless it tips Christian over the edge and he gets real pissed off with things.

Iím glad you explained the rules before this match, and Iím interested in what you can come out with given itís no count out. The action was pretty cool, liked that little opening paragraph, and also liked the amount of near falls at the end. Both men came out of the match looking great, and I liked the way you had Rey put Bryan over after the bell. I perhaps would have wanted to see a bit more stuff on the outside given the match rules, but the action was exciting and was a good opener. Helms has quickly became a favourite of this thread for me, but Iím a sucker for a catchy catchphrase. Helms really established himself here as a force to be reckoned with, but Danielson appears like the star in the making given how the match turned out.

Gotta admit, found this segment very strange. Donít see why Lance would let Punk take his spot really, and while Punk and Finlay will no doubt be a solid match, surely Storm would want in on that. Also didnít understand why after claiming he was worried about interference he would then stand aside. This didnít really work for me tbh.

London and Kendrick was much more like it, and I think you captured that kinda goofy character they both have well. Certainly a striking contrast to how straight-laced Haas and Benjamin were earlier. Although London saying ďnorĒ seemed a bit off. Miz has been pretty sweet in this thread, gives a good contrast to goodie two shoes Torrie. Much better than the segment that preceded it.

Damn, brutal stuff between Finlay and Joe. Loved that spot with the crashing through the dry wall, and I was half expecting someone to take a dive off the balcony the way this was going. Really added a bit of spice to this match, should be rough as hell when the two finally meet.

Punk/Storm makes sense of course, but again I still donít see what the segment earlier was for. A simple challenge from Punk or something would have done it, and saved Lance from looking poor earlier. Anyway, another good match here, but pretty spoiled by the DQ ending. Not been Lance Stormís night at all has it? While I understand you following on from the Burchill bit from last week, and Burchill and Albright sounds like a real good team, I dunno why you choose the DQ. Could have just as easy gave us a finish and then had this.

Yeah, I havenít a clue who this guy is. Must be big stuff is heís getting the video package build up though.

Burchill and Albright as guns for hire makes sense, and of course their first client would be the richest guy on the roster. As for making him look like a gentlemen, plz donít do some stupid English stereotype. Would ruin it imo. I trust you not to, but fair warning man, I quit if I see a bowler hat.

And main event time. Really enjoyed the action here, and you seemed to be going for a kinda contrast in styles with the two teams, as Kendrick and London seemed much more about the high flying while Haas and Benjamin were a bit more rugged in their attacks. Also loved some of the double team combos, particularly that powerbomb/seated senton thing. That 450 onto the ladder sounded horrific tbh. Omg, Worldís Greatest Doomsday Device~! Sick move. Haas and Benjamin win, I got no problems with that at all, as they always were presented as the more aggressive of the two teams during the feud, so makes sense they would win. I dunno how you could top this tbh, as after three great matches and with a rubber match like that, there canít be much else for these two teams to do. Anyway, it absolutely stole the show. Great stuff.

Overall, just another very good show, besides the Finlay/Joe/Punk/Storm set up which I didnít like. Also didnít like how apart from the opening segment there was little mention of Jericho, Michaels and Van Dam. But as always, the in ring action sparkled and there was plenty of positives. Keep it going man, that 2 hour show is shaping up very nicely indeed.
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