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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Man, has it already been a week? It feels like it's been less... then again, if memory serves me, I was a little bit late reviewing your last show... anyways, let's do this! By the way, forgive me if my grammar is less then stellar in this review, my aunts house is the last place in the world that still uses Internet "Spell Check-Less" Explorer as it's browser, and I have to work here...

You started off strong with another Jericho promo, which is always a great way to kick things off, and the added prescence of Paul Wright is great! Really does give Jericho just a little bit more power when he's in the ring. Speakings of power, Heyman's announcement was a little expected, but all-in-all a welcome way to make the super show's card a bit more stacked. Having Wright go to attack and Jericho calling him off was good, too. It shows that Jericho is the only one who can control the monster, reminds me a bit of AAE and Umaga.

Having Haas and Benjamin tell Christian off was a good way to continue the story, and a good way to build up Haas and Benjamin with a curve of arrogance about them. I don't know why, but I'm predicting a full fledged heel turn for them in the very near future.

Joey and JBL... still entertaining. Nuff said.

Adding a bit more of a twist to the "Yin VS Yang" in the no-count out rule was pretty cool. The match was great, but I feel as if having Danielson do the job was a bad move. A veteran like Mysterio should be putting over some of the younger guy's, though I could be bias toward Danielson since he's my favorite wrestler, and I grew bored with Mysterio quite a while ago. Helms' attack at the end of the match was awesome, and having him make the camera man use Helms' camera was actually pretty neat. I could visualise it perfectly! Helms is definitely the high light of your cruiserweight division right now, and I can't wait to see him make his debut in the ring! A side note, though, that I can see, these are the only three men who are in your cruiserweight division that are really doing anything, so including guy's like Jamie and Jack in upcoming shows would probably be a good idea, just to give the division a little more depth.

The Foley office segment was good, and I like how you handled Punk, but I do have a small issue with it. In the segment, Storm was complaining about how he's worried about interference, then he goes and lets Punk fill in for his match. That kind of makes Storm look like a pussy! I'm hoping that that isn't your plan for Storm, because I generally really like the guy, and I'm hoping that he gets used a bit, and I don't want to see him playing the role of the roster's pussy character!

The Hooliganz' promo was really good. I see what you mean about me fucking up their promo over on my side of the fence, because the two are super laid back, and you portrayed that extremely well. Also, Miz as a heel interviewer is still genius, but I have a feeling that there will come a time in the somewhat-distant future where that angle will have run it's course... I'm just sayin'.

The massive brawl between Finlay and Joe was pretty damn bad ass! The hardcore element of the brawl was pretty kick ass, and it makes me look forward to their hardco... er, "War" match at the super show (Jeez, how many names does the Hardcore match have these days?)

Having Storm as Finlay's replacement was a nice touch and helps redeem Storm's image a little bit, but I was kind of annoyed that the match was tampered with and ended in a DQ. I understand why this was done, but I hate it when great matches end in bullshit ways. But moving on, having Brent debut doing Paul's dirty work was a good way to bring him in, but I'm really hoping that Brent doesn't have an A-Ry approach to it... by that, I mean I'm hoping that Brent doesn't get his ass handed to him every week while Burchill gets away from it all scott free! I'd like to see the two having more of a working relationship then the man-bitch relationship that A-Ry had with the Miz.

I really don't know who Aero Star is, but by the looks of it, he's a cruiser, which is great and already addresses my cruiser complaint from earlier in the video. Just please, don't play the same promo for him over and over again like you did for Paul Wright. With Wright it was only two weeks before his debut, so it wasn't a big issue, but I don't know how long it'll be before Aero's debut, and I don't want that to become a "Bathroom Break" segment of your show, because, with the exception of Wright's second week debut promo, you haven't had any of these thusfar in any of the AOW shows.

Having Hassan pay off Brent and Burchill helped develop Hassan as the rich asshole. It looks like your going to be taking an APA approach to Burchill and Brent, but with more class to the APA. First off, I'm just waiting to hear JBL's comparison. But in all seriousness, I can see Burchill playing that kind of role, and Brent, as his apprentace, going along with it. I don't know exactly what Burchill means by the gentlemen look, because Burchill's apparal was always kind of scruffy, so I'm assuming that both characters are getting a make over?

The ladder match, as expected, stole the show. I'm not going to get into talking about my favorite moments, or this review will soon become long as hell, but it was brilliantly written, and I think you made the right move by having Haas and Benjamin win it. Again, I see them becoming the heels very soon, which will keep their feud with the Hooliganz alive. I definitely want to see this feud continue, and have a big blowoff match at the Supershow for the belts!

All in all, I had a little bit more to complain about in this show, but you didn't dissapoint me! I'm hoping that next week, we get a few more matches announced for the super show, and I'm kind of curious who your going to put in for the Dynasty championship, since you have three hot feuds that could easily fit in (Christian-Lashley, Joe-Finlay and Hassan-Punk... I'd kind of like to see Joe and Finlay's war match be for the Dynasty championship, but I don't think your going to go that route, which I completely understand). Looking forward to next week's preview and, of course, the show!
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