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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair


The Hammerstein Ballroom – Manhattan, New York City, New York

“Respect is a Duel”

**Video Package**

“Can Rob Van Dam become the Number One Contender...!!!”

RVD performs the Five Star Frog Splash to Bobby Lashley…

The crowd counts along with Joey Styles – “1…2…3….!!! YES!!! RVD’s done it!! RVD’s done it!!! He will face Chris Jericho for the AOW world title!!”

A quick flash to the grim opening scene last week…before quickly flashing back to RVD celebrating with Paul Heyman

“Next week on Oblivion it’ll be Chris Jericho versus Rob Van Dam for the World title…”

“Next week…”

Those words echo as we again catch a quick flash of RVD lying in rubble a week later.

“Next week…”

We’re fully brought to the scene last week, with RVD garnering much medical attention in his decimated state.

We’re now brought to the scene with Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels

“Why waste the title match? Why not give the Heart – Break – Kid another chance t’kick Chris Jericho’s teeth back down his throat?”

A quick flash to the future, where we see Chris Jericho staring down Shawn Michaels in the ring later that night

“Shawn Michaels is a hypocrite. The only honest and worthy man in this entire company is holding its greatest prize.”

Michaels and Jericho begin circling each other, with Jericho darting out of the ring repeatedly.

“Now I will be the worthy champion and do the right thing by sucking all this up and go out there tonight and make Shawn Michaels submit to me yet again.”

Flashes of the match go by to fast paced, dramatic music…

“I’m always one…step…ahead”

…until Jericho takes his World title and hurries up the ramp.

“Where the hell is Chris Jericho going…?”

The dramatic music decrescendos into an intense muffle, as Jericho turns around to a smile before Paul “The Great” Wright comes down the ramp, each steps he takes getting a muffled echo.

“Who…oh my god…”

The intense muffle turns into a low, slow, methodical hum as Michaels comes face to face with this man and hits him with the Sweet Chin Music as the background music suddenly becomes a vivid, heroic tune…only for Wright to snap back with no ill effect.

“This man…is a monster…”

As Wright stares Michaels down, the music changes back to the heavy, methodical rift…


On “down”, Wright socks Michaels in the jaw, causing a brief flash of him punching the man in his hype video


Wright takes Michaels by the throat and hoists him in the air, a familiar, yet heavier than we recall, guitar rift opening…


“Break the walls DOWN…”

…before bringing him down with the chokeslam, again a flash showing of the canvas shattering in Wright’s hype video. We then see Jericho standing over the downed body of Michaels, his theme song’s heavier guitar rift still playing in the background…


*End Package*

Following that daunting package, the real deal greets us at the gate, as “BREAK DOWN THE WALLS” blares across the arena, as Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring to deafening heat yet again, holding onto his AOW World title. With Jericho this time, however, is Paul “The Great” Wright. Jericho climbs into the ring, microphone in hand, but Paul Wright doesn’t step in with him. Instead, he stops outside the ring and turns his face towards the entrance ramp, perhaps preparing for someone coming on down…? The crowd refuses to settle down, as Chris Jericho fixes his suit and tie for a second before bringing his microphone to his lips.

In case everyone here has forgotten, my name is Chris Jericho. I am your AOW World Champion. And I am a worthy man.

~The crowd lets out another burst of heat

And in case some of you missed that brainwashing video promo just now, this man at my helm is Paul “The Great” Wright. And he, too, is a worthy man.

~Wright doesn’t get nearly the amount of heat as Jericho, but it’s a big of heat nonetheless

And the reason I say it is in fact brainwashing is because it seems to me that the propaganda machine that churned out that package wants to lead you all to believe that possibly that man, or potentially me, had something to do with Rob Van Dam getting laid out last week.

~Some audible voices are heard saying “YOU DID!”

As unfortunate a situation as that may be, I am here to inform you all that no, I nor Mr. Wright here had anything to do with that potential assault.

~Another chorus of boos

As much as it offends me that this administration has us billed as the top suspects, as well as you mindless sheep following them, I will suck it up and offer a worthy rebuttal – there’s someone else you should potentially be questioning.

~Jericho looks at Wright, who nods in his direction

First of all, you should all be questioning that idiotic oaf of an owner, Paul Heyman. Then, you should question the biggest and worst decision that idiotic oaf has made by appointing the pathetic entity that is Michael Francis Foley as General Manager.

~Even more heat for the administration double diss

And see they should be questioned because they haven’t hesitated to accuse me and my company of wrongdoing, yet they turn a blind eye to a certain someone who had much more of a motive for an attack than anyone in and around this ring.

~Jericho fixes himself again

You all know this man as Shawn Michaels.

~Another grand amount of heat for the shot at someone

You people can shower me with your disapprovals all you want, but the fact remains that Shawn Michaels is nothing like what you people think he is. And he’s shown that to you right…in…your blind…faces.

~The crowd buzzes, but more ‘disapprovals’ are showered

You people shower Shawn Michaels with your affection and give him praise as an “Icon”. Yet he constantly proves he is anything but. Shawn Michaels is nothing more than a grandeur, egotistical, debased hypocrite.

~Again, another parade of heat

See on the very first edition of Oblivion, Shawn Michaels looked a young man in the eye and told him that he was no longer the old Shawn Michaels. He told him that he was no longer a man who was a coward, who went behind people’s backs and was just no longer the awful and unworthy human being Shawn Michaels has known to be.

~Another rain of heat, but Jericho seems to thriving in it now

I showed the world just how unchanged Shawn Michaels was when I made him submit to me on that same first edition of Oblivion. I made Shawn Michaels submit to me and show that he was beneath me, to show that he was still a coward, and that he was still incredibly unworthy.

~Jericho looks around

The week following that, I made my decree as the first ever AOW World Champion. I enlightened you people to the point of making all of you saints, yet you rejected my words and continued to antagonize me. I was trying to be, no, I was being a worthy man. Yet what did Shawn Michaels do?

~Jericho stops, as the Hammerstein is now drowning him out with a “SHUT THE HELL UP *CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP* SHUT THE HELL UP” chant, using Jericho’s old catchphrase to taunt him

Jericho: (Obviously irate)
You mindless flock of sheep do not tell me what to do! Silence your brainless bleating and you SHUT THE HELL UP!!
~The crowd stops only to deliver another rain of boos

As I was saying…what Shawn Michaels did was distract me, jump me from behind, and kicked me in the jaw.

~The crowd lets out its first pop of the night

And yet you people cheer for that. Shawn Michaels completely defied the statement he made the week before and proved to you all and the world that he was and is still the sickening, unworthy coward he’s always been. He’s still an abominable hypocrite.

~Yet more heat

So that brings us to last week…when Rob Van Dam got run down…old man Foley was appointed to his undeserving position…and before Foley could address the entire situation, who was the first man to oh-so-conveniently pop up on the scene? Who oh-so-conveniently had an idea to face me in RVD’s place in the main event? Who oh-so-conveniently got his wish? Does no one else see a disturbing pattern here?

~Jericho turns to Wright and shakes his head

Of course you people don’t. You’ve been blinded by the machine. You’re blind and in denial, even when the proof is right there in your face. Shawn Michaels, your “Icon”, took out your “Hero”, Hammerstein, in Rob Van Dam. And he did it just to get his hands on me and my AOW World Championship. Shawn Michaels sold himself out. Just like a coward would.

~Yet even more boos and hisses

So last week, I made sure that unworthy man pay for his misdeeds. I had some help from The Great one over here, but I knew that I had to put that man on the shelf to stop his hypocritical ways. Because of the work of a pathetic man, Rob Van Dam is forced to sit at home and heal tonight. But fear not. Because of the work of great men, Shawn Michaels is also forced to sit at home and heal tonight.

Even more heat with the confirmation that neither crowd favorite is able to attend this evening. But the crowd lights up when “DANGEROUS” hits the airwaves, as the theme for AOW Owner Paul Heyman comes on through the blood-red curtain with a microphone in his hand. Heyman stands on the entrance stage, not coming down to the ring.

That’s nice, Chris, but could you make your stories a little short and a tad less boring next time?

~A big pop and some chuckles going around for that one

Now Chris, I know you pride yourself on being one step ahead of everyone. But you can’t stay one step ahead of the guy who runs the show. And granted, yes, neither Shawn Michaels nor Rob Van Dam are here healing from their injuries sustained last week, but I will say this – Chris, you will STILL have to defend your AOW World Championship.

~The crowd is popping hard for this, but Jericho’s expression is rather unfavorable.

Despite his condition, the title shot still rightfully belongs to Rob Van Dam. However, due to the events of last week, Shawn Michaels also has a right for that title. That and thanks to your big friend over there, he now holds a win over you.

~Pop, while Jericho’s face just gets redder and redder

See in two weeks, on September 26th at AOW’s first ever Supershow, Chris Jericho you will defend that AOW World Championship against Rob Van Dam…

~The Hammerstein pops hard

…and Shawn Michaels!

…and the Hammerstein comes unglued! Jericho’s expression is stoic, but we can tell he’s absolutely fuming, as his face slowly begins turning beet red. Jericho starts shaking now, as it looks like he’s about to blow. As Jericho keeps staring at Heyman, he adjusts his tie and tries to compose himself. Wright, who swings along the front of the ring now, takes one long, hard look at Heyman…before walking up the ramp, cracking knuckles, and still staring at Heyman. Heyman’s look in his eyes is that of the same fear Shawn Michaels showed last week, but Chris Jericho jumps down and steps in front of the best, before telling him “No, no! We’re still one step ahead! Save it for the unworthy!”. Wright finally subsides his anger, still staring daggers into Heyman’s soul, with Jericho telling Heyman “You’re worth nothing, Paul. You hear me! This administration is corrupt!!”


We return backstage, where we’re in the locker room area, where Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas appear to be going over strategy, before the face of Christian Cage walks in…

Christian Cage:
Fellas…so you guys are headlinin’ tonight, am I right? A ladder match, huh?

Shelton Benjamin:
Yeah…that’s right. What’s it to you, Christian?

Christian Cage:
Well…I just figured maybe you guys might want the expertise of a guy who’s used to tag team titles and ladder matches.

Charlie Haas:
No offense, Christian, but uh…we’re fine by ourselves.

Christian Cage:
See that’s the thing about ladder matches – you think you’re okay by yourselves but –

Shelton Benjamin:
Christian. .Christian…look man, we appreciate it, but we’re fine.

Christian Cage:
But you need –

Charlie Haas:
We need to figure out a way for us to win. Without the help of someone like you.

Christian Cage:
Wait…someone like me…?

Charlie Haas:
See Cage, we have this thing called class. We don’t associate ourselves with guys who interrupt respectable guys like Bobby Lashley and accuse him of being something he’s not.

Shelton Benjamin:
And on top of that, you tried to speak for the entire locker room. Like none of us have voices of our own. Just leave us alone, man. We’ve got a main event to prepare for.

~The WGTT walk away, leaving Christian, much like last week, all alone. Christian stands comatose for a second before the camera goes back to the ring…

~Back at ringside…

“FINAL COUNTDOWN” lets fly across the airwaves for the first time, as Bryan Danielson makes his way to the stage, wearing his maroon hood and coat. Danielson’s hand is in the air and he remains with the hood on until the song hits a certain chord. Danielson then intensely makes his way down the ramp before leaping into the ring onto the top rope before singing the oh-so famous chorus to his theme along with a vast majority of the crowd.

Joey Styles:
And we’re back here live in the Hammerstein Ballroom for Wednesday Night Oblivion after some explosive opening minutes and it’s only gonna get more explosive.

What the hell do you mean? We just went from Chris Jericho bein’ unfairly accused of manslaughter an’ forced to be in a title match in two weeks, to now, we’re ‘bout to watch a couple of guys who aren’t out of place in a kindergarten sandbox.

Joey Styles:
John, I understand neither one of these men are your favorite people on the planet, but please John, I don’t wanna argue tonight. I realized that I haven’t even enjoyed being here in AOW because I’m sittin’ here bickering with you ever second of every show.

Well then maybe you should jus’ stop talkin’, Joey. Then we wouldn’t get into any fights.

Joey Styles:
(Sighing, realizing his wish may not come true tonight)
Well ladies and gentlemen, despite my partner’s Republican war hawk nature, this upcoming match is the first ever “Yin v. Yang” match, with the young Bryan Danielson facing off against veteran Rey Mysterio Jr.

Yer damn righ’ I’m a war hawk. You think this country got the way it is because people who weighed 180 pounds sat on their ass an’ blogged about independence? NO. NO. NO. I say it again – NO.

Joey Styles:
Actually, yes. It’s called “The Declaration of Independence”, John. The follow up post is called the “U.S. Constitution”.

HEY! What did I say about shuttin’ yer face?

Joey Styles:
Be that as it may John, according to the special rules of the “Yin v. Yang” match, this contest does not have count-outs, meaning these guys can go all over the place if they want, but disqualifications are in order, so these men may not exactly use whatever they want.

Upon the small rule given, “619 ESTA VIVO” hits the waves, as Rey Mysterio Jr. bursts from the stage to a rousing round of pops, wearing a special half-black, half-white mask. His pants also follow this pattern, as Mysterio has personified the ‘yin-yang’ here tonight. Upon entering the ring, both men shake hands and wish each other luck before moving to opposite corners.

~Yin v. Yang~
Rey Mysterio
Bryan Danielson

The crowd is still on their feet for this anticipated bout, as Danielson and Mysterio take a moment to circle each other. Danielson is the first to strike, shooting in on Mysterio and forcing his way behind him. Mysterio drops his weight, however, and slides through the open legs of Danielson, now getting behind him. As he goes behind, Mysterio grabs one of Danielson’s arms and pulls him over for an arm drag, but Danielson rolls through and lands on one knee, still keeping his arm locked with Mysterio. Mysterio then quickly locks fingers with Danielson and uses this to throw himself onto Danielson’s shoulders before flipping off in flashy fashion. Again, Danielson holds onto the fingers, and follows Rey as he lands on his feet, but Mysterio finds a way to take the still-locked arm and snapmare Danielson over with it, yet Danielson again goes right back to his knee.

As Mysterio approaches again, Danielson chops the legs from beneath Mysterio, forcing him to fall, and quickly gives him a falling lateral press, but Mysterio quickly weasels out of any cover attempt. Danielson rolls off in a sitting position, which Mysterio quickly responds to by shooting a kick aimed for Danielson’s head, but Danielson quickly lies flat as a board to send Rey spinning on the missed kick. As Rey turns back around, Danielson is now to his feet and swinging for a kick to Mysterio’s head, but Rey sees it coming and backward rolls into a corner for safety, while Danielson’s momentum causes him to lose his balance a bit and retreat into the opposite corner. The crowd delivers a round of applause for that exchange, as both men seem to be very evenly matched at the outset.

The two take a moment to rest and potentially reset their respective strategies, as they circle each other once again. This time, both men immediately go for the collar and elbow tie, with Danielson quickly clamping on a headlock takeover, but Mysterio forces him to break it with some headscissors. The two quickly get to their feet where Danielson again takes Mysterio down the headlock takeover, but again, Mysterio uses the headscissors to force a break. As the two quickly return to their feet, Danielson tries yet another headlock, but before he can throw Mysterio over, the veteran uses his knowledge of where he is in the ring by springboarding off the second rope while still in the headlock. As Danielson tries for the third headlock takeover, the extra momentum caused by Mysterio forces both men to roll all the way through, with Mysterio now on top of Danielson.

Mysterio snatches Danielson’s arm from behind his head and locks in what looks to be a cross armbar. The veteran cruiserweight realizes this kid won’t go down easy. But as the crowd pops for the somewhat uncharacteristic submission move from Mysterio, Danielson is quick to counter this by rocking back and forth before finally getting enough momentum to roll over his head, putting both he and Rey belly-down on the canvas. Danielson acts quickly from here, alleviating the pressure on his arm and takes Rey’s hand, before forcing it under one of his legs and getting close to Rey’s head before locking in what we know as the LeBell Lock!!! LeBell Lock!! But he doesn’t have it locked in completely, as Mysterio has forces his hand over his face, not allowing Danielson to lock in this new hold. It now becomes a wrestling match in a submission hold, as Rey is trying to force the hands of Danielson away, and as he does so, Mysterio manages to get his other arm free and break free of the move, rebound off the ropes in front of him, and plant a low front dropkick to the face of the seated Danielson!!

Mysterio’s momentum on that hit takes him under the ropes, where he waits on the apron. Danielson gets up holding his jaw, but he looks up to see Mysterio leaping at him with the springboard seated senton…Danielson moves!! Mysterio falls flat on his tush, leading Danielson to jump on him with a crossface chickenwing lock. Mysterio is again trapped in a submission hold, taking several seconds to try to get to his feet and potentially fight out of the hold…but Danielson is quick to adjust, letting go of the crossface and locking in a double chickenwing before hitting a dragon suplex! The American Dragon keeps the bridge for the first fall – 1…2…NO!! Mysterio kicks out!

As Mysterio flops back to his stomach, Danielson looks to lock in something else, but Mysterio finds a way out and winds up behind Danielson, prompting a dropkick to his spine, forcing Danielson forward and onto the middle rope. All familiar with Mysterio immediately begin popping, as Rey turns to dial up the 619…nobody home!!! Mysterio spins all the way around, with Danielson attempting to perhaps backdrop him while his head’s still spinning. Mysterio lands on his feet with a backflip, rebounding off the ropes behind him and launching himself at Danielson with some tilt-a-whirl headscissors, flinging Danielson all around! Mysterio now with a cover – 1…2…NO!!! Danielson stays alive!

Mysterio brings Danielson to his feet before attempting to whip him, but Danielson reverses the whip. On the rebound, Mysterio ducks underneath a clothesline attempt and rebounds once again, but on this one, Danielson is waiting, nailing a sitout clothesline, sending both men flying on impact. Danielson then finds his way to the top rope, awaiting Mysterio to get back to his feet. When he finally does, Danielson leaps with a front missile dropkick!! This impact forces Mysterio to go head over heels, thus amplifying the effect, as Danielson moves over for another cover – 1…2…NO!!! Mysterio kicks out!!

Danielson is surprised here, but he quickly stays on Rey, brings him back to his feet before planting him back on his spine with a snap suplex. Another cover – 1…2…3-NO!! Mysterio isn’t done yet! Danielson then takes Mysterio to his feet and locks in double underhooks, looking for something, but Rey unhooks them and surprises Danielson with the jackknife over!! 1…2….3-NO!!! Danielson throws Mysterio’s body off, but Rey keeps this momentum by rebounding off the ropes again, leaping over Danielson as he gets to his feet, but on this rebound, Danielson surprises him and everyone else with a discus elbow!!! Wow!!! Mysterio folds in half and Danielson hooks the leg – 1…2…NO!!! Another kickout!!

The crowd is impressed that the relative newcomer in Danielson is able to control the legend that is Rey Mysterio. Unfortunately, Danielson is just like the numerous men before him in that he can’t put him away. As Danielson ponders what he has to do next, he takes Mysterio and attempts another suplex, but while suspended in the air, Mysterio bridges his way down before kicking Danielson square in the back of the head!! Danielson instinctively rolls outside the ring following the blow, roaming around the announce table and gripping the back of his head. As he looks back towards the ring, he sees Mysterio leaping at him with an eagle-spread, no hand plancha over the top rope!!!

The crowd is on fire after seeing this, as now the no-count out rules come into effect. Both men are attempting to recover, with Mysterio being the first one to do so. Danielson is trying to find his way back to the ring, but before he can, Mysterio leaps onto the announce table, rushes towards him…SEATED SENTON AGAINST THE STEEL RING STEPS!!! The back of Danielson’s entire body hits the steel steps hard, as Mysterio feels a bit of the pain as well, but not nearly as much. Rey’s knee hits the steel ring post on the move, which doesn’t quite feel like pillows, but Mysterio is able to limp it off after a moment. With both men trying to be revived we cut to a break.


Once we return, Mysterio is finally walking upright as he rolls Danielson back into the ring before preparing to go back to the top rope, gimp leg and all. Danielson is struggling to get back to his feet, gripping the back of his head, as well as the base of his spine. When he finally does, he again has to look at the sight of Rey Mysterio Jr. leaping towards him…this time from the top rope…DRAGONRANA!!! DRAGONRANA!!! The high-impact hurricanrana catches everyone by surprise with the crowd going wild – 1…2…3…NO!!!! Danielson too has the heart to keep going!!!

Mysterio smiles to himself, knowing the young man before him won’t go down so easily. He rubs Danielson’s hair for a moment before bringing him back to his feet. Danielson shows a spark of life, however, and nails Mysterio with a snap European uppercut, sending Rey reeling into a corner. Danielson takes Rey and attempts to whip him into the opposite corner, but Rey reverses it and sends Danielson across the ring towards it, but Danielson leaps and backflips off the post, putting him behind a rushing Mysterio. Mysterio himself defends hitting the post by grabbing the ropes before impact and hoisting himself up as Danielson runs into his dangling legs, and nailing the swirling headscissors!! Danielson goes spinning to the canvas, as Mysterio rebounds off some nearby ropes and darts back towards the Dragon. Rey ducks under another clothesline attempt and springboards off the middle rope back towards Danielson…DDT!!! A SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY TORNADO DDT!!!! Both men hit the canvas with sheer inertia, as it takes Rey a second to gather himself and cover – 1…2…3…NO!!!! There’s still hope for Danielson!!!

Mysterio puts his hands on his head now, seeing the heart in this kid. Mysterio retreats to a corner to gather the little he has left, as the crowd is white hot at this point, just deflating. Danielson begins to stir, and as he does, Mysterio darts towards him with the inverted bodyscissors, looking to transition it into the bulldog…but Danielson catches him on the upswing, planting him with a German suplex!!! Wow!! Danielson keeps the bridge – 1…2…NO!!!! Another kickout!!!

Both men are reaching exhaustion levels, as Danielson tries to bring Rey to his feet again. Rey quickly bursts free from the grip and hits another front dropkick, forcing Bryan back down to the middle rope. Mysterio is looking to end it all this time…619 connecting!! He nails it!!! Danielson goes flying back, but something’s up with Rey. The knee he hit on the iron post earlier seems to be acting up, as Rey’s finding it hard to get to his feet on the apron following his finishing move. Mysterio has to take his time springboarding with the seated senton!!! But again, the impact causes Mysterio’s knee to cause agonizing pain. Because of this, it takes Mysterio quite a while to try and crawl over to Danielson – 1…2…3…NO!!!! IT’S NOT OVER!!! IT’S STILL NOT OVER!!! Danielson rolls the shoulder!!!

The crowd is in disbelief and so is Mysterio, but it’s not all his fault. His knee is slowly crippling him, which Danielson notices after getting to his feet. He pulls Mysterio up from behind and hits…a Regal-plex!! He keeps the weak leg hooked – 1…2…3…NO!!! Yet another kickout!!! Both men are extremely weary at this point, as Danielson takes the luchadore and whips him into the ropes before running off the opposite ropes himself. Danielson looks like he’s going for a flying forearm smash, but before he can hit it, the also momentous Mysterio nails a mid-air dropkick to the flying knees of Danielson, sending him flying back across the middle rope. Mysterio dials it up again…619 HITS FOR A SECOND TIME!!!! This time, however, Mysterio knows he might not have the springboard strength, so he starts to ascend to higher ground to the top rope. Once there, Mysterio leaps…with a Frog Splash!!! Frog Splash!!! Eddie Guerrero’s finishing splash looks to be it – 1…2…3…!!!!

Winner: Rey Mysterio at (15:29)

Both men are receiving a standing ovation from the Hammerstein, the crowd going nuts. Mysterio struggles to his feet, but doesn’t hesitate to help Danielson get to his feet as well. Both men fall into each other with a warriors’ embrace, getting another pop from the crowd. The standing ovation continues when both men now when Mysterio takes Danielson’s hand and raises it himself. Mysterio then mouths “He’s the future! This man is the future!” But the cheers soon turn into a buzz of interest when someone bashes Danielson from behind. The exhausted American Dragon collapses to the canvas, while the same person kicks Mysterio in the gut and sends him sliding under the bottom rope, going face first into the padded outside. The camera looks up to reveal none other than Gregory Helms.

Helms, clad in street clothes and his signature beanie, has something in his hand, and it’s revealed to be a home video camera, potentially what he’s been ‘hacking’ segments with. He orders a cameraman to get into the ring, then throws his heavy production camera from his shoulders. Helms pushes his camera into the hands of the cameraman and orders him to “film with this”. The camera view then does switch to that of the home video camera, making the following look amateurlike, but real. Helms takes the downed Danielson and puts his face in view of the camera –

“This is the “Best in the World”? This is “the future”? This is pathetic!”

Helms then forces Danielson’s face into the canvas before backing away a few feet, stalking Bryan. While Danielson finally tries to recover, Helms launches himself and nails him with the Shining Wizard. Danielson’s eyes are glazed over as he collapses back into the canvas. Helms then takes the camera from the cameraman and kicks him down. He then stares into the camera, his face taking over the shot –

“LISTEN – I am the ‘Best in the World’! But you haven’t been listening, have you? Consider me your new eyes and ears, cruiserweights. AOW Oblivion – you’ve just been HACKED…BY…HELMS!!!”

~Cut to backstage…

We head backstage in an office setting now, where we see Mick Foley taking a gander at the TV screen, seeing Helms and what he’s caused. Foley shakes his head before standing behind his desk when we see someone already standing in front of it. We know this man as Lance Storm.

Lance, man…isn’t that somethin’? One week, a 400 pound man interrupts my show. This week an angry cruiserweight with a camera. Someone, somewhere just really doesn’t like my matchmaking, do they?

Don’t worry about it, Mick. But um…I gotta say I’m not too confident someone won’t interfere in my match.

Well Lance, I wanted to show the young guns here in AOW what real competition is. To show’em how it’s done. And I couldn’t think of a better way than to have a pair of vets like you and Finlay face each other.

~Evidently, Storm is the opponent Finlay referenced last week


I get that. But eh…

~Storm’s sentence trails off when someone walks in the door once again. We pan over to see the face of that lovable Chicago rouge, CM Punk.


I couldn’t help but overhear outside the door there, Mick, that eh…you wanted to show we young guns what ‘real competition’ is…?

Yes. Yes I did.

Then I guess it’s such a good thing that I love competition, isn’t it? Pardon, scratch that, I’m addicted to competition.

Mm-hmm…where is this goin’, Punk?

Well you see, I was going over in my mind what I wanted to do to Muhammad Hassan if I saw him this week. And then I realized that I haven’t even had my one on one debut here in AOW. You wouldn’t mind lookin’ into that, would you Mick?

How about you take my place tonight, Punk?

~Both Punk and Foley look at Storm with much interest

What better way to teach the young guns than give’em a ‘hands on’ experience, Mick?

~Punk nods in agreement before both men take glances at Foley

Well…given that match we just saw, I guess doin’ a bit more of the same wouldn’t hurt…so Lance, you’re giving your blessing on this?

Yeah. Absolutely.

Alright then. It’s settled. Tonight, it’s gonna be the man who’s lookin’ for a fight in CM Punk against the man who loves to fight, Finlay.

~Crowd pops at the new proposed match

Thank you, Mr. Storm. And thank you, Mick.

~Punk shakes hands with both men as he thanks them, respectively

Punk: (In a sarcastic tone)

And to think, Joe said it was hard gettin’ matches out of you. Huh.
~Punk’s signature dry-yet-blunt humor is apparent in that statement, as well as the introduction that perhaps he and Joe and friends. Foley is slightly taken aback as Punk walks out of the room

We stay backstage now, where the camera leads to Paul London & Brian Kendrick, known collectively as the Hooliganz stretching, most definitely preparing for their main event contest tonight. While helping each other stretch, someone sneaks into the door in the form of backstage interviewer The Miz.

The Miz:
Paul London, Brian Kendrick as you both know, I am The Miz, interviewer extraordinaire. Do you guys have any idea what you’re getting yourselves into?

Brian Kendrick:
…who is this guy?

Paul London:
I don’t know, nor do I care too much.

The Miz:
Hey! You should care!! I’m trying to give you two a reality check! My expert journalist sources have informed me that your opponents tonight were seen talking with ladder match AND tag team veteran Christian Cage. What do you have to say about that?

Paul London:
Look, we know the World’s Greatest Tag Team. And if they respect themselves as much as we respect them, they want nothing to do with a loser like Christian.

Brian Kendrick:
And not to be a jerk or anything, man, but shouldn’t you be using your ‘interview extraordinaire’ skills to…y’know…ask us about the ladder match?

The Miz:
Fine. What do you two plan to do to maybe walk out of the Hammerstein with tag team gold?

Paul London:
Plan? What plan? We’re the Hooliganz! Do we look like planners to you?

Brian Kendrick:
And see that’s the thing about a ladder match – it’s unpredictable! As unpredictable as we are! That match plays to our nature, man.

Paul London:
So there’s no planning!

Brian Kendrick:
So there’s no thinking!

Kendrick & London:
So that’s nothing but – WINNING!

~London & Kendrick do a handshake of sorts, ending with both men grinning widely and stupidly in the face of Miz, who just stares at them like they’re…well…Hooliganz.

~Back at ringside…

Joey Styles: (Laughing)
Those guys crack me up. And they’re not wrong! The sheer unpredictability of the ladder match is the one thing that makes it so dangerous!

Never knowin’ what’s gonna happen is a key part of a ladder match, I agree Joey, but the way you win a ladder match is you gotta control that unpredictability. You gotta expect everything and manage it. As great as those Hooliganz are, my money’s gonna be on the World’s Greatest Tag Team.

Joey Styles:
That’s a lot of money then, John.

Exactly. And John Layfield never makes a bad investment.

Joey Styles:
Speaking of, John, what’s the big deal with Benjamin and Haas turning down any advice from Christian? You and everyone know very well that Christian Cage made his career out of matches like this. How wise was it for those two to deny any advice?

You can try an’ get all the advice you want, Joey, but the fact is once you start climbin’ that ladder, its jus’ you by yourself. No amount of advice can help ya. Besides, they’re the World’s Greatest Tag Team. I’ve said it before an’ I’ll say it again – they’re the best in the world for a reason.

“MISERE CANTARE” is heard, as the man who wants a fight, CM Punk, comes through the curtain to a stunning ovation. The Hammerstein remembers Punk’s passion filled promo on the pilot episode, giving him his props. Punk winds his arm up before coming down the ramp, very excited to be competing once again.

Joey Styles:
And just moments ago, General Manager Mick Foley allowed Lance Storm to give CM Punk the match he wanted so badly.

I hope this jackass gets exactly what he wished for, too. Finlay is not a guy for no novice and I hope he beats this kid down ‘til he sees the white meat.

Joey Styles:
What is up with your hatred of CM Punk? The guy comes here, says he loves wrestling, says he’s addicted to competition, looks for a fight against a guy like Finlay as you pointed out, and all you’ve done is ride his ass since he’s gotten here!

The kid’s got the heart, don’t get me wrong, but he’s jus’ so stupid. An’ he looks stupid. CM Punk just has one ‘f those faces I jus’ wanna punch.

Joey Styles:
(Under his breath)
I can say the same about you, John.

The hell are you mutterin’ about?

Joey Styles:
Nothing John.

greets our ears for the first time since the pilot, as Finlay makes his way down the entrance ramp, a determined and no-nonsense look on his face. He’s got his trusty shillelagh in hand, and rolls into the ring. Almost as soon as he does and meets eye to eye with Storm, however, Finlay’s music is cut off and interrupted by the, by now, familiar sound of the Godzilla Horn, followed by LL Cool J telling us “DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK!”

“MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT” chimes around the arena, as Samoa Joe, ready in competition equipment, steps onto the ramp. He has a stare that’s locked on Finlay with utter intensity. Joe stands on the entrance ramp, as Finlay ventures over to the ropes and stares back at Joe. The referee has not called for the bell yet, but he is calling for Finlay’s attention to get this match started.

…but Finlay pays no heed. The immense long-distance staredown hits a climax as the crowd buzz crescendos when Finlay steps back out the ring and starts stepping up the ramp, Joe aggressively following suit, beginning to chug down the ramp. The crowd hits a wild pop now, as Joe and Finlay finally make a final charge and start brawling right on the ramp! The two are going at it with pure rage on both sides, Joe finally managing to pull some blows away and shove Finlay into a barricade wall.

This gives Joe the opportunity to take Finlay and throw him back up the ramp, now going away from the ring. Joe stays in control and continues bashing Finlay all the way back up the ramp, but Finlay changes the momentum of the brawl when he wraps around Joe’s head and throws it into the Roman-style pillar on the entrance stage!! Joe drifts towards the blood-red curtain now, enabling Finlay to knock him all the way into it, going backstage now.

…but we don’t stop watching the brawl!! It continues all the way into the lobby area!! Several fans have parted to let these two continue brawling, while several boneheads raise their Solo cups full of beer, just happy to be on camera. Finlay is still partially in control of Joe, but Joe fires back, just leaving these men firing lefts and rights in a blaze of beatings. Joe gets a good right hook in that turns Finlay around, but the Fighting Irishman takes one of the boneheads’ beer filled-Solos and throws it in Joe’s face. Displaying his Irish pride by using beer to his advantage, Finlay takes Joe and tries to chunk his face into a nearby fire extinguisher, but Joe manages to fight out of that by throwing Finlay into the wall, forcing a very noticeable crack in the drywall.

Joe, noting his surroundings, does take the fire extinguisher off its perch on the wall, perhaps looking to us it for something, but Finlay, also well aware of what’s going on, uses the weapon in Joe’s hands against him by forcing it into his stomach, causing the Submission Machine to drop it. Finlay now takes it in hand, and starts spraying the chemicals all over Joe!!!!! Joe is blinded by the white stuff now all over the place, with Finlay keeping true to his use-everything-as-a-weapon nature. This then leads to Finlay bullrushing towards Joe…and CRASHES BOTH MEN INTO THE WALL, BREAKING RIGHT THROUGH THE DRYWALL!!! The crowd noise has gone from somewhat muffled to full-out blasting. Why? The two have crashed a wall into a section of the crowd. The fans in the seats are now getting a perfect look at the brawls they’d become accustomed to back in the day.

The plaster and foam clad gladiators STILL aren’t done!! The two keep brawling across the aisles, moving all the way to the other side of the arena. Out of camera view, CM Punk is still in the ring, smiling in awe and leading the crowd into a “Joe’s gonna kill you” chant. Joe and Finlay keep going at it all the way back into the hallway, before fighting right back out through another tunnel. When we see them in the arena again, they’re brawling in all their intense glory on the infamous Hammerstein balcony. A close camera view reveals that Joe is bleeding right above his temple, while Finlay has started shedding crimson right above his left eye. Neither man is bleeding much, but blood has been shed. The crowd is absolutely on fire, as both men brawling are in clear view on the now famous balcony, with Styles and JBL hyping it like mad. After a few seconds of more brutality, we see several officials – referees and several event staff bodyguards – finally forcing these two to back off each other, restraining the rabid ones. It isn’t easy, though. Joe makes one final angry burst towards Finlay, but the men in black, now approaching double digits between both men, drag Joe back and begin getting the men separated.

Joey Styles:
Someone’s finally stepped in and stopped these men!! My God!! Samoa Joe and Finlay just broke the Hammerstein Ballroom!!

They tore th’ walls down an’ blew the roof off an’ they’re STILL wantin’ to get at each other’s throats!

Joey Styles:
Ladies and gentlemen, this is all happening while a match was supposed to take place, but these men have just…I have never seen what has just transpired here tonight.

Aw, what th’ hell is that idiot doin’ now?

“That idiot” is JBL referring to CM Punk, who’s now started a “Let them fight! Let them fight!” chant. It soon proves just as infectious as his previous chanting cry, with the crowd soon becoming overwhelmed with the chant. The boos start taking over when they realize that no, they will not let them fight.

Joey Styles:
What pandemonium! THIS is the ‘war’ part of AOW Wrestling, I can tell you that much! But what we can’t tell you, ladies and gentlemen, is what’s going to happen! Mick Foley promised CM Punk a match and his opponent is…well…on the way out of the building! What’s to come of this?


As we return from the break, Lance Storm is on his way to the ring, about to crawl in at this point, Foley not having backed away on his promise and Storm, perhaps, wanting to face the kid he seemingly respects so much for himself. He climbs into the ring to a very decent pop, surrounded by many who saw him in his glory days in ECW. Punk has a wide grin on his face before shaking hands with Storm and moving a few steps back, both men settling in opposite corners before the start of the bell.

CM Punk
Lance Storm

Punk and Storm approach each other before circling a bit before both men lock-up. Storm, the tested veteran, pops Punk’s elbow up and pulls down on Punk’s neck, dragging him all the way to the mat on all fours. Storm pulling an amateur move there, with Storm now on top of Punk, who’s on hands and knees. Storm then proceeds to move towards Punk’s head, putting in a front headlock to Punk, still on his knees. After a moment, Storm reaches under and pulls Punk’s arm across his face, removing Punk’s foundation and forcing him to fall and roll over. When that happens, Storm rolls with Punk, locking in a bridged twisted headlock, bridging up while Punk’s on his back, prompting a pin – 1…2…3-NO!! Punk rolls back to his stomach, but he’s flat now, with Storm’s front headlock still synched in. To those with good audio, Storm can be heard, barely audible – “If you want it, you gotta get out, kid.”

“Get out kid” is exactly what Punk does, as he yanks off the grip of Storm around his head, taking his arm and wrenching it into a hammerlock. Again, the veteran Storm knows this, and quickly rushes into the ropes in front of him and bounces his chest off them, holding onto it with his other arm. This forces Punk to break his hold and rolls him backward. Storm, freed now, takes a short rush towards Punk, but Punk surprises the vet with a high kick to the side of the head!!

This gets a surprise pop from the crowd as Storm drops like a stone, rolling past the ropes to the apron. Punk takes this time to get some circulation back to his head, while Storm starts climbing back to his feet on the apron using the ropes. Punk turns to the now recovered Storm, but the Canadian one shoves his shoulder into Punk’s gut, forcing Punk back a few steps. Once he’s backed off, Storm launches off the rope with a springboard clothesline, followed by a cover – 1…2…NO!! Punk rolls the shoulder!

Storm then brings the Chicago native to his feet, and tosses him into the ropes. On the rebound, Punk kicks the lowered face of Storm, before turning back and rebounding off the ropes again, but Storm is waiting for him, as he rolls through Punk’s assault and locks in the Canadian Maple Leaf!! The half-Boston Crab is something Punk is somewhat familiar with, as he quickly crawls to the nearby ropes and grabs the bottom one, breaking the hold. Storm then tries to whip Punk again, but Punk reverses it and whips Lance, when Punk executes a flawless snap scoop powerslam on the rebound. Punk’s first cover – 1…2…3-NO!!! Storm isn’t done so fast!!

Punk delivers a stomp to Storm before walking over to the ropes and climbing through them, waiting on the apron. Storm eventually gets back to a vertical base, when Punk launches himself with his own springboard clothesline!!! A rebuttal to Storm’s from a few minutes prior!! A cover – 1…2…NO!!! Storm fights out again. Punk tries to bring the veteran to his feet, but as he does, Storm surprises him with a shoulder jawbreaker, sending Punk back a step before Storm whips him into a corner hard while quickly rebounding on the ropes behind him, causing Punk to immediately bounce out. Storm meets Punk off the rebound with a high-impact leg lariat that takes the young gun down. Storm with another cover -1…2…3-NO!!! Punk kicks out!

Storm stares down at Punk from his knees now, nodding his head a bit and mouthing “good job, kid”. As Storm reaches over to maybe bring Punk up by the hair, Punk pulls him down and gets him in a small package!!! 1…2…3-NO!!! Storm unfolds from the surprise move, but as both men quickly get to their feet, Storm is met with a CM Punk armdrag before getting up quickly again, before Punk whips him into a corner. With the upped tempo now, Punk doesn’t hesitate to rush into the corner and hit the high knee to Storm, followed immediately by the bulldog to complete the combo. Punk doesn’t go for the cover, instead, he motions towards the crowd with his straight-edge taunt. He waits for Storm to get back to his feet before catching him in the urange, slamming him down, and locking in the Anaconda Vice!! Vice locked in!! The veteran’s in the Vice!!! Punk is selling the intensity of the submission finisher, with the crowd roaring for what could be the match finish…but then it slowly transitions into some sort of mild heat. Why? Someone’s rushing down the aisle! The commenters inform us that this is Brent Albright…but what is he doing here?

Albright slides into the ring and stomps Punk in the face, forcing him to release his hold, and causing the referee to ring the bell.

Winner via DQ: CM Punk at (6:39)

Albright has a look of sheer intensity on his face, but is completely emotionless. Punk rolls away from his attacker, but Albright’s eyes are now on the downed Lance Storm. Albright shoots down and locks in the Crowbar, the high-angle Fujiwara armbar, nearly tearing Storm’s arm out of the socket. He holds it in with authority for several intense seconds before slamming it down after having his fill.

He then looks over to CM Punk, who’s to his feet now and in a corner. Albright rushes towards Punk, but Punk moves out of the way, sending Albright crashing into the corner. With Albright prone, Punk charges at him, but Brent is aware and kicks Punk in the midsection, doubling Punk over. Albright then shoots behind him and flips Punk head over heels with a half-nelson suplex. When Punk is downed, he too, gets his arm wrenched with the Crowbar.

Albright is getting huge heat right now, he then looks up the ramp with a very sinister smile. Standing on the entrance stage is none other than Paul Burchill, who’s clapping his hands. Albright looks at the work he’s done before walking back up the ramp. The camera follows him up the ramp, all the way ‘til he reaches Burchill. Burchill then extends a hand…before Albright shakes it, perhaps confirming that Paul Burchill has found his ‘accomplice’

Joey Styles:
Well a few weeks ago, we saw that man, Paul Burchill, tell us that he was in fact looking for an accomplice to spread his knowledge of wrestling onto…but I didn’t it’d happen in such brutal fashion!

Then quite honestly, Joey, you don’t know Paul Burchill that well, do you?

Joey Styles:
But what…what does Paul Burchill want with CM Punk and Lance Storm?

Why do I keep sending notices to comp’nies I’ve already bought? B’cause it’s fun t’ mess with the weak, that’s why, Joey.

Joey Styles:
Weak? Lance Storm, a man who has the wrestling prowess as good as anybody and CM Punk, a guy who’s gained the respect of everyone around him in a matter of weeks – you wanna tell me those guys are weak?

And who’s face down in the canvas right now, Joey? Tell me – get yer glasses cleaned and look in that ring righ’ now and tell me that you don’t see that Punk and Lance Storm ‘re achin’ an’ in pain!

Joey Styles:
I see two men who didn’t deserve anything that they just got!!

If you wanna blame anyone for any of this, Joey, blame Mick Foley. All of this is just a sign of how absolutely terrible he is in the position he’s in. Blame him, because of him, all this chaos has done nothin’ but take over Oblivion tonight. Fire Foley!! Fire Foley!! Fire Foley!!

Joey Styles:
Whatever, John. You're starting to sound like a Democratic protester. Well ladies and gentlemen, coming up on the other side of the break, we will see two teams who will get what they deserve tonight. Both of these teams have earned their right to be tag team champions, but only one will prove that they deserve it. Coming up next, a Ladder Match for the vacant AOW World Tag Team Championships between the World’s Greatest Tag Team and the Hooliganz! You won’t wanna miss this!!

**Video Package**

We’re brought to the scene of an empty, dark, dusty looking locker room with one small window letting in just a little sun. We then can hear Mexican acoustic guitar strings being played before a narrator with a definite Spanish accent speaks…

It is said that gravity is what keeps men bound to the Earth.

The camera pan of the locker room halts when we see a man, back towards the camera and face in the shadows, in front of a bench, lacing up his boots on top of his blue tights…

What holds men back and binds them down are simply known as…limits

The same man slips on another piece of tights, this one over his head like a shirt, also blue…

Gravity is a limit, a universal chain.

As the man slips on his whole costume, he reaches in his locker…

But some men…

As the man pulls out from his locker, we see in his hands is a luchador mask…

Some men have no limits.

The man slowly slips the mask over his face, finally allowing us to see the faced, albeit masked, of this man without limits.

{Aero Star is without limits}

We return to Oblivion in the backstage areas, where we see Paul Burchill and his new apprentice, Brent Albright. They seem to have a target while they’re walking, making a casual line towards someone who’s turned around so we can’t see. Burchill puts his hand on this mystery man’s shoulder…revealed instantly to be none other than millionaire Muhammad Hassan. Hassan simply looks at both men with a dastardly smile before handing both men a wad of cash each. Burchill takes the time to count his stash.

I’m sure you’ll find everything in order, gentlemen. And there’s more where that came from if you keep up what I just saw.

~Burchill smiles at Hassan as the tycoon walks away, leaving Burchill to talk to his ‘apprentice’…

And there will be much, much more where that came from, young Albright. That’s what we do. We’re mercenaries. We don’t choose sides. We get our due when we’re done. We bring the pain so we can get the pay. Understood?

~Albright nods in agreement

First things first, mate…we need to get you looking like a gentlemen.

~Burchill and Albright begin to walk away, with Burchill leading the way

~Back at ringside…

Joey Styles:
Well before we get onto our main event folks, we have to pass along to you the information we’ve just received concerning the 2-hour Supershow we have planned in two weeks.

Oh, this one is a doosey. In two weeks, Samoa Joe and Dave Finlay will face off against each other in what we’ve been told is a… “War Rules” match…? The hell’s that, Joey?

Joey Styles:
What I’ve been told is that it is no count outs, no disqualifications, and the falls count anywhere! So those guys could go all over the arena like they did tonight! That’s in two weeks, but right now it’s main event time!


Tony Chimel:
The following contest is a Ladder Match. And it is for the AOW World Tag Team Championships!!!

plays over the sound system now, as The Hooliganz make their way to the entrance stage. They mime climbing a ladder before rushing on down to the ring, both running under the double ladders set up close to the base of the ramp. They then slide in under the ropes and continue their theatrics, hitting double backflips off the top ropes and giving a handshake. The two seem poised to climb that ladder, even if they’ve just jinxed themselves.

“BETTER THAN GREAT” chimes now, as the World’s Greatest Tag Team makes their trot out, very controlled in contrast to their Hooligan opponents. They’re not pandering to the crowd like their opponents, either, moving out of the way of the ladders in the lower portions in the ramp. They seem intense and focused, but they show an intimidation factor when the leap cleanly from the floor to the apron simultaneously, as though they were two Brock Lesnars. They climb in the ring, however, and shake hands once again very respectively with London & Kendrick.

~Ladder Match~
For the FIRST EVER AOW World Tag Team Championships
The Hooliganz
The World’s Greatest Tag Team

All four men stay in place after their handshake, looking at each other in the eye…then all four pairs of eyes look towards the heavens to get a sight of what they’re here for. This is no longer about respect. This is no longer about who may be the better team. This is about the gold in the sky. And all four men know that, each of them pointing towards what they want. When each of the men lock gazes once again, it’s the WGTT who are the first to throw blows, giving the both men hard strikes over their heads. Benjamin forces London out of the ring momentarily, while Haas wears down Kendrick enough to whip him towards Benjamin who beheads him with a clothesline. The early working World’s Greatest group gives them the opportunity to dive out of the ring and attempt to snatch the ladders at the base of the ramp.

As both men try to grab both ladders, Paul London is seen coming back into the frame, clubbing both men on the spine and halting their attempt to bring the ladders into play. London quickly knocks away Benjamin before trying to work on Haas, but the numbers game get to London quickly, as Benjamin & Haas double lift London and bounce his head off the nearby barricade. London swoons for a bit, while Benjamin takes down one of the ladders and has it horizontal across his chest, while Haas grabs the other side. The two rush towards London, looking to clothesline him with the ladder, but London is able to slide underneath said ladder. But the momentum of the WGTT takes them towards the ring, where Brian Kendrick is awaiting them with a plancha over the top rope, sending London crashing into the ladder and both men underneath it!!!

Already a big spot in the home of hardcore, with Kendrick tending to his tender rib area now. London helps his tag team partner to his feet, as both men try and get the other ladder that’s set up on the ramp now and throw it under the ropes and into the ring. They’re successful, but Kendrick is slow to his feet. They set up the ladder center ring, both men looking to climb the ladder, but they don’t make it far before their opponents storm the ring and yank both men off the apparatus. It’s London’s turn to be double teamed now, as Haas takes down the ladder and holds it folded in his arms, as Benjamin takes London and whips him into Haas, who flings the ladder into London’s face, causing him to drop like a stone. The impact of the ladder itself sends it into a corner and London rolling outside the ring again, as Kendrick is faced with taking on both men once again. He holds his ground this time, however, as he quickly delivers a back elbow to Haas before leaping at Benjamin with a leaping calf kick and turning back to Haas to do the same. Haas stays up, however, bouncing off some ropes and tries to attack Kendrick again, but he’s met with a dropkick that forces him to land on the corner-clad ladder. The ladder crunches and bends on the impact, but doesn’t break. London, who’s crawled onto the apron now, is veering close to the corner Haas in. Kendrick grabs the base of the ladder and holds it perfectly horizontal now, with the middle turnbuckle and Kendrick holding it slightly elevated and Haas still on top. London climbs and flies off the top rope…with a double mule stomp right to the sternum of Haas on the elevated ladder!!

The crowd is eating it up now, with both teams showing just how far they’re gonna push the limit tonight to be the best in the world (Gregory Helms and/or Bryan Danielson notwithstanding). Benjamin is quick to jump to his partner’s aide, however, as he quickly throws Kendrick over and starts delivering blows to London before delivering a quick scoop slam. Benjamin then takes the ladder his partner just had his body crunched on and waits for London to recover before ramming London’s midsection all the way into the corner, pinning the cruiserweight between the steel ladder and the steel post. A chorus of ‘oohs’ goes around, while Benjamin helps Haas get to his feet. The two seem to have a plan in effect, as Benjamin launches himself towards London with a stinger splash, but leaps clean over the ladder. Haas quickly follows suit to complete the combo with a dropkick that causes Haas to fall on the ladder.

Haas rolls over in minor pain while London rolls outside again, but Benjamin is quick to take the ladder and try to set it up again. Benjamin sets things up and is ready to execute the first real climb of the match –




NO!! Kendrick is there to stop him from climbing anymore, but Benjamin isn’t knocked off the ladder. Elsewhere, Haas is trying to pull the other ladder inside the ring through the middle ropes. Unbeknownst to Haas, London is atop some nearby ring steps outside the ring, and leaps off of them with a flipping senton…THAT SENDS THE LADDER CATAPAULTING INTO THE FACE OF HAAS!!! WOW!!! London is tending to his back now with Haas now forced to roll out, but London able to crawl back in the ring just as Kendrick has found a way to pull Benjamin off the ladder. Kendrick takes this chance to try and climb the ladder himself –



NO!! Benjamin stop him too, as he starts climbing the ladder behind Kendrick, forcing Kendrick to turn all the way around while still in the ladder to try and fight him off. London, meanwhile, gets underneath Benjamin in a powerbomb position, as Benjamin’s face tells he knows he’s not in a good spot. As London pulls Benjamin away and off the ladder and into a full powerbomb position, Kendrick is getting ready to leap from the ladder…as London & Kendrick execute a powerbomb/seated senton combination!!! Wow!!! Yet another showcase of offense!!

London & Kendrick compose themselves before taking down the ladder they just did that off of out of center ring and set it into a corner, out of the way. London is able to successfully pull in the ladder Haas was attempting to earlier, setting it up across the top rope of a different corner. L & K want to put them down for good before climbing. They take the stunned Benjamin and bring him to his feet, before whipping him into the corner, his head meeting the steel apparatus!! The ladder again lets out a sickening crunch as it meets the skull of young Shelton, but the Hooliganz aren’t done yet. London quickly takes the ladder off the top rope and lays it flat on the canvas, where Kendrick drags the body of Benjamin on top of. London is now ascending to the top rope, and the audience starts to stand up, knowing where this may be going. Kendrick points to London as he reaches the top, but as he gets set to tumble down, Charlie Haas, still outside, pulls Kendrick from under the bottom rope, his face impacting the padded outside hard. As that happens, London leaps for the 450 Splash…but Benjamin rolls off the ladder…LEAVING LONDON TO CRASH AND BURN HIS MIDSECTION ON THE UNFORGIVING LADDER!!!

The crowd doesn’t quite know what to expect next, but as Haas gets into the ring to aid his partner, so does Kendrick, who’s still not completely back yet from his faceplant a moment ago. Haas and Benjamin have their backs to the ladder that was set in the corner a while ago, as Kendrick charges almost blindly towards them, only to get double flapjacked face-first into the ladder!!! The crowd pops huge once again for this, soon garnering this chorus from the crowd –


The World’s Greatest Tag Team don’t pay much heed it seems, as both men go to get both ladders. They set them up center ring side by side, when both men start to climb the two different ladders on alternating sides. Paul London, however, crawls on his hands and knees towards the ladder with Haas on it, beginning to climb the other side.




London almost leaps vertically while on the ladder to jab Haas in the abdomen, slowly climbing up to Haas level. This has Benjamin distracted to stop climbing for a moment, with London winding up right beside him. The distraction London’s given has allowed Kendrick to sneak in on the other side of Benjamin’s ladder, leaving this as all four men are ascending, climbing towards their goal. Kendrick soon, druggingly, gets up to level and starts exchanging blows atop the ladder with Benjamin, while Haas does the same with London. Every man is now brawling fifteen feet into the air!! London and Haas soon push over the ladder holding both Benjamin and Kendrick, sending them falling and sprawling!!! Kendrick drop straight to the floor from the ladder, while Benjamin falls guillotined on the top rope!! Haas and London continue fighting, but it causes the ladder to lose its balance and soon starts falling to the opposite side…sending those two men straight down as well!!! Haas falls eagle spread and lands on his front side, while London perhaps isn’t so lucky and falls leg-spread on the top rope, straddling the nads of London!! London straddles for a second before falling off, leaving all four men sprawled all over the ring area.

Joey Styles:
My word…this ring looks like a hurricane went through a Home Depot!! Look at what these men are willing to put themselves through to call themselves Tag Team Champions! Please, do not go anywhere, ladies and gentlemen!


As we return back from the explosive way we went away, one ladder has been re-erected in the center of the ring, with both Brian Kendrick and Charlie Haas climbing this one on both sides. Kendrick is already at the top of the ladder, reaching for the gold…but Haas is there to strike him down! Kendrick is doubled over the top of the ladder, leaving Haas to strike him in the face a few times. Haas then climbs up an extra step before throwing Kendrick’s arm over his head, setting him up for something…SUPERPLEX!! SUPERPLEX OFF THE LADDER!!! OH MY GOD!!! Kendrick is broken in half with that move, leaving his kidneys perhaps in puddles. Haas is taken out as well, but this leaves the door open for Benjamin to now climb the ladder.




NO!!! Paul London is there to stunt him, giving him several blows to the stomach. He climbs to be level with Benjamin, but Benjamin fights back and climbs another rung. London is quick to stop him, bashing him in the skull with a hard fist several times, before leaping to make room…for a dropkick off the ladder, knocking both he and Benjamin all the way down!!!! London holds onto his side in pain, while Benjamin is forced to tend to his back and roll out of the ring.

The ring is empty for a moment, with all the men down once again, the ladder stays standing center ring, the only stairway to the heavens. The first man to try to climb once again is Charlie Haas, still feeling that suplex impact. He turns the ladder so that we can see the “A” shape of the ladder, beginning to climb the left side of it. Outside the ring, Paul London has grabbed hold of the other ladder in the match and has climbed into the ring with it while Haas climbs…






NO!! Haas is stopped by London using the other, closed ladder like a battering ram to Haas’ gut!! Haas doubles over in pain, as London steps back to charge with it again, this one hitting Haas in the face and knocking him off!! Haas falls straight into the canvas and back to the floor, while London throws the other ladder back outside before pushing the other ladder a bit to the right. He begins climbing the left side that Haas was climbing.






Outside the ring, Shelton Benjamin has gotten onto the apron, leaning back on the top rope…


Benjamin springboards from the apron…all the way onto the ladder, grappling London around the waist. London’s attempt to grab the gold is stopped by this sudden development, with the crowd buzzing as to what’s coming next. London tries to fight Benjamin off, but Benjamin isn’t letting go. It takes a second to set up, but after a brief lull to do so, SHELTON BENJAMIN GERMAN SUPLEXES LONDON OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER…LONDON IS FLIPPED ALL THE WAY OVER, LANDING ON HIS FACE TO THE OUTSIDE FROM FIFTEEN FEET IN THE AIR!!! OH MY GOD!!!! Benjamin, who had to fall backwards on it, is gripping his neck from the fall, while the ladder has fallen forward (due to the fact that London had to push off of it for the spot), while London himself is sprawled out, face down. The crowd is roaring with the two words every wrestler wants to hear –


Benjamin is deabilitated for the moment, while outside the ring in front of the announcers’ table, Charlie Haas and Brian Kendrick are duking it out, both men exhausted and hurt beyond belief at this point. The two duke it out until Kendrick is forced to lean on the barricade, which Haas responds to by raising a high boot to the face of Kendrick! How Haas is able to be that flexible at this point is beyond anyone’s guess. What more could this match possibly offer? Our question is answered soon enough.

Haas grabs the other fifteen foot ladder not in the ring and sets it up close to the announce table, a tad diagonal to it. The crowd is curious as to where this is going, but as Kendrick is dragged to his feet from behind, Kendrick nails Haas in the face with a backflip kick! This sends Haas reeling onto the announce table, laying him across. Kendrick now begins to climb the ladder on the side closest to the announce table and his prone foe, putting his back towards him. Bad move, as Haas is able to recover while standing on top of the announce table and is at a level about equal to Kendrick, hitting him in the spine several times and stopping him. Meanwhile, in the ring, Benjamin has ventured close to a corner that’s right in front of the ladder at this point. Haas jumps off the table and starts climbing underneath Kendrick, putting him in a chair drop position. When that happens, Haas keeps climbing with Kendrick on this elevated perch. Benjamin has reached the top rope and is level with where Kendrick is right now, hanging in an electric chair drop position above the ladder. The crowd is buzzing for what could potentially come next, with Benjamin leaping from the top…WOW!!!! WOW!!! DOOMSDAY DEVICE FROM THE TOP ROPE TO THE TOP OF A LADDER OUTSIDE!!! WOW!!! THE WORLD’S GREATEST DOOMSDAY DEVICE!!!!

The timeslot is now in overrun, but the match hasn’t ended yet!! After the impact, Benjamin’s face hits off the announce table on the fall, Kendrick tumbles from his neck-break perch onto his face like his teammate, while Haas falls onto his side from a loss of balance, but he’s able to get up and walk around while hearing those epic words once again…


Haas, tending to his back now, slides into the ring and sets up the ladder that’s in the ring right under the tag titles. He does so in the view where we can only see one side, but he starts climbing the other side, with no one around to stop him…except Paul London, who’s started crawling back into the ring under the bottom rope…







NO!!! London has crawled to the top and is fighting Haas feverishly, both men firing right hands back at each other, but Haas gets the upper hand and starts delivering rapid, hard right strikes that eventually force London to stiffen from the abuse, and fall like a mighty oak straight down to the canvas. Haas reaches up…and unhooks the tag team titles!!

Winners and FIRST EVER AOW World Tag Team Champions: The World’s Greatest Tag Team at (23:39)

I am at a complete loss for words, Joey…that…was…breathtakin’.

Joey Styles:
I could not agree more, John. The carnage before us and the respect, the tension, the pride in all these men was displayed – and the World’s Greatest Tag Team are indeed your champions. But just barely.

Haas slips down the ladder with both titles in hand, as Benjamin is doing his damndest to try and get into the ring on his own will and power, but he needs a bit of help from Haas to get to his feet. He hands Benjamin his share of the gold, leaning on each other. Both men are exhausted, but have the strength to hold up and show off their new AOW World Tag Team Championships to a standing ovation for all four men.

Joey Styles:
Ladies and gentlemen, we might have just seen the greatest match thus far in AOW history, and on this chaos filled, anarchy inducing night, we have new AOW World Tag Team Champions!

On that line, the WGTT begin their backwards walk up the ramp, still holding their titles high, as they watch London and Kendrick struggle to get to their feet. Benjamin & Haas do a salute to the fallen, as they still immensely respect the two men who just sent them over their limit. The final shot in this edition of Oblivion is that of Benjamin and Haas holding their titles high, to the crowd still popping harder than they ever have.


September 26th
*Special 2-hour Supershow*

~Current Card~

~AOW Cruiserweight Championship~
~Match & Participants TBA~

~AOW Dynasty Championship~
~Match & Participants TBA~

*War Rules Match*
Samoa Joe v. Finlay

~AOW World Heavyweight Championship~
Chris Jericho(c) w/Paul “The Great” Wright v. Rob Van Dam v. Shawn Michaels

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