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Re: The banning of words was just the beginning.

Originally Posted by THE BATMAN View Post
SECTION: Rants (forum)
Rants basic rules
The Rants forum was designed for users who need to vent at anything he or she wants to vent at or towards. You are allowed to make a "rant" about a poster or staff member but it can still be moderated by an administrator. Do be careful. Blatant abusing of staff will not be allowed. "Ranting" and "abusing" are two totally different situations. It is up to you to know when to draw the line. Some staff will tolerate it, some will not. Certain amount of respect should be shown to all staff members. If the post is completely useless and an administrator feels it is no good, he can lock the thread. Even though it is not heavily moderated compared to other sections, it is mildly moderated, and thus you should not make racial comments. Remember, being a racist can result in a ban. If you make a joke and other members do not take offense towards the joke, that is acceptable, but just remember not everyone is expected to know when you "joke." So:

You can insult any member you wantYou should not bring up race
You should not insult someone's family member if he or she is not a registered user (insulting someone you don't know is a bad idea -- he or she could be sick, dying, or even dead)
You may insult nationality (to a certain degree -- i.e. don't bring up 9/11 to insult the U.S., etc.)
You may not insult sexuality
You may insult religion (to a certain degree -- i.e. don't stereotype about a religion such as Muslims)
You may not tell someone to go "kill themselves".
All debates or threads which could end up "heated" should be placed in Rants
Rants spam
Because the Rants forum does not have points enabled, spam is not that much of an issue. However, people think just because points are disabled that it is okay to post short, simple messages. This is acceptable SOMETIMES, but not constantly. If 20 per cent or more of your posts are spam posts in Rants, that is terrible and you could be given warning points for repeated spam. Thus, you SHOULD strive to make your posts, even in Rants, have meaning.

Admin rights (Rants forum)
As previously stated, just because the Rants forum is not heavily modded that does not mean it is a free-for-all. Most content is allowed (see above) but not all content is accepted. If an admin feels like a topic should be locked, then the admin will lock that topic. Super moderators have the ability to edit all forums, including Rants, but administrators are the final overseers of the Rants forum (and all other forums). Any pointless threads made in Rants will be removed.
Thanks for clearing that up sweet cheeks, Your the most pathetic poster thats ever graced the forum

Originally Posted By SummerLove
"i bet they do hurt, won't hurt more than when I fucking bash your fucking face in with a bat and ejaculate my salty ejaculate into your fresh wounds you fucking homo."
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