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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Raw Feedback

Sorry if I ask any stupid questions or anything like that. This is my first time reading your work.

That was a lengthy recap from last week to start the show off with. Helped me out I suppose, but still seemed somewhat long. Nice commentary to open up the show - left me with a good first impression that you understand character.

Christian's character was on and off, mostly on and OK. The rage and telling everyone to shut up seemed unnecessary and didn't really go, but the rest was plausible. Lack of commas where necessary hurt the flow a bit, but still not a bad speech from Christian. Lawler was in good character as well. Easy booking decision here, and Christian taking his time to showboat was a nice touch. Afterwards JR said "Jerry Lawler" which was weird since he always just calls him (the) King.

You're pretty big on Hassan I see. Not the greatest in-ring worker, but the fact that you've got him in a stable could really overshadow that. This was the first Hassan promo and lord knows how long that didn't involve whining about racism. Risky on your part, but you pulled it off. I like the idea of this arabic stable you've got going on, and I look forward to seeing where it goes.

Hmm, Triple face turn? Coming across as a tweener atm with wanting to strike a deal with Edge (last week), but yet getting pissed off with him at the same time.

Trish is face now I'm guessing, which is fine since she's good as face or heel. Trish/Vickie could be a great match/rivalry, even though it's been done to death in both real life and in BTB. But regardless, they're the two best diva's you got so I'm glad to see that you're taking advantage of it. Victoria running away seemed weak, however, especially since she was the one who initiated the attack.

HBK/Bischoff segment was meh. Some parts of it felt forced while some parts of it felt bland. HBK's character started alright, but then it went sort of downhill towards the end, I'm afraid. I like the stipulation, but it seems odd that Bischoff would want Shawn as his assistant, even if it is to punish him. Surely Bischoff would rather see Shawn fired than to become his own personal shadow. No guess as to who the superstar is. I'm guessing it could be someone debuting (Umaga struck my mind for some reason), but I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up being Kurt Angle.

'Tista interview was solid. Nice insight to his motivations stemming from his days in Evolution, and generally good character throughout. I'm expecting a run-in from Edge in the ME to keep his feud with Jericho fresh, and perhaps keep Batista on edge (no pun intended) about MITB.

Haas/Dutt was a decent match. I would've liked to have seen Dutt to go over, but it looks as if you have the Dudley Boyz getting into a feud with the Arab Entity. Not sure what this means for WGTT, though.

SPIRIT SQUAD. Ah damn, only two of 'em. This promo was kinda lame, but nice to see that you're adding another tag team and retooling the division since it was in terrible condition around this time in real life. Come to think of it, it's been in terrible condition since like '03.

Bischoff's a total dickhead in your thread, ain't he? Harsher than harsh ... Arab Entity going over @ Vengeance, though. If Shelton wins it will ruin everything you've done for the stable thus far. Only way he's winning is with interference from the Dudley Boyz since Haas is banned from ringside, which I can see actually. But anywho, should be interesting to see how much more Bischoff abuses his power and plays up to the heel that he is.

3 minutes to beat a local jobber? Seems a little lengthy if you ask me. Show should've squashed him in a minute or less. Lots of in-ring segments tonight I noticed. Jindrak & Regal make an interesting duo, and Jindrak has the size that a win over the Big Show would be believable if you push him well enough.

The Main Event was OK, but the match flow wasn't the greatest. Surely Khali, who moments earlier had been so dominant, would've recovered by now to make the save. And no spinebuster from Batista? Just a clothesline and then the Batista Bomb - boom, finished. Hassan comes out looking really weak from this, I'm afraid, and it could mean Shelton could end up taking the title off of him. Triple H appearance was necessary, and Batista could take the beating after getting the pin I suppose.

Overall the show was not bad. I can see some potential in you, but still some of that 'newbish youth', which will go away with time. I'll keep an eye on this to see how your progress goes in terms of improvement, and where the thread goes as well. Vengeance is shaping up to be a nice card. Keep it up
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