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Cole Phelps
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Originally Posted by Rated Rô View Post
OH YES I DID WALLS!! but unfortunately had no flow for the herb.

She did offer to pick up but I've never been a big fan of getting blazed by a girl, just makes me feel like less of a man for some odd reason, ended up chilling at home and the rest is history.

hopefully........hopefully!! THIS WEEKEND.

There's a reason "Newbie" is listed under your name, listen to it!
fuck you rated r you prick you just had my dream and you think ur better than it fuck you do you have any idea how many hours ive spent wishing i could have a brew with a chick let alone have sex with her fuck man i despise you so much right i like you but damn son be thankful you can get some pussy sorry for the rant im a virgin and have anger management issues i legitimately wanted to punch something after reading ur post
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