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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Raw Feedback

I was surprised to HHH open the show, because the McMahons could have opened the show as well. Anyway, I like the side of HHH, not simply the cookie face who feel sorry for Van Dam but an agressive side of him, showing he would do anything to get his hands on Shawn Michaels. Van Dam interrupting was expected, the allusion to backstage politics was good but I didn't like the fact that he said that if the roles were reversed, he wouldn't have pin Triple H because just before that main-eventing Wrestlemania was his dream. So naturally I loved the response of HHH because he's right.

I don't think that HBK really needed a cheap heat at the beginning of his promo, anyway his explanation was pretty good and with this promo it is clear for me that the match will be a Triple Threat. I really like those references to God that Michaels made, it's good to see the keyfabe and the reality mixed together. I think that the best gimmick are simply an extension of your true personality. Also HBK wanted to face Van Dam to have a better match in my opinion.

The tag match was basically a squash for the Harts, a good win to debut but I think that they could have a make a bigger impact, by interrupting the WGTT. Anyway, solid debut for them.

Using straight-edge to cure Eugene was good but I don't think that Punk and Dinsmore should be a team or form a stable because with Punk looking for the MITB, it will obviously lead to a storyline based on jealousy but why not. MNM interrupting makes me think that they will face each other next week and maybe for a MITB spot.

The match between Orton and Carlito was solid, and I just realised how much their moveset are basically the same. I'm not sure if it's a good idea when two wrestlers use the same moves during the match, it shows that they are a bit generic in my opinion. I hope both will get some new moves add to their repertoire like the gutwrench neckbreaker for Orton, anyway Orton winning the match was expected and he's probably the favourite to win the match. The distraction from Kenny just announced his match with Carlito at Wrestlemania.

Van Dam/HHH was as good as their SNME match, very back and forth but I would've prefered to see a dirty finish, to see if Van Dam would've really kept his word. Anyway, great match and the aftermatch was expected, but I would've been great if HBK only superkicked Triple H and not Van Dam to show him that he's not a threat for his WWE title.

The promo from Haas/Benjamin was awesome, their goal of making tag team wrestling relevant again will be a great stroryline to follow and I really don't know who will challenge them next. It could the Hooligans after their confrontation at SNME but you have also the Bluebloods, the Hart Legacy, it could be anybody.

I didn't really follow the situation for the Divas, but at least the match is official.

Flair/Kennedy will probably be announced for Mania and while the match will not be a 5 star match, the promos between the two will be awesome.

The match between Dykstra/Hardy was nice, and you seem to really like Dykstra because you have booked him as a very dominant champion, anyway Jeff will probably be in the MITB and as a fan of him, I hope that he will win it, anyway Carlito coming to help Jeff has probably set up a tag team match for next week.

I have mixed feelings on the last segment, it was good but I don't think that Lashley should've talked for so long, he should've said that he's not talking anymore to the crowd and let the McMahons, do the speech. Anyway, his explanation was logical and I really loved the burning of the ECW title, the reaction of Joey Styles was great also and it makes me think that thiis storyline will evolved in a sort of battle of power of the company. The Cena appearence was good but I think that Lashley should've beat him down to prove his dominance, but it was a exciting way to finish the show.

The Road to Wrestlemania is now officially on and it is with an great show, some decisions I disagree with but anyway this show was great as the Road to Wrestlemania will be.
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