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Re: WWE 2009 - Bridging the Gap

SD Feedback

Nice opening video, and interested to find out who the new GM will be. Bischoff reference? –Blaeugh not keen on Bischoff. Minor thing about the realism of the announcer’s dialogue; Michael Cole said ‘My God’ which ironically sounds a lot more like something his co commentator here JR would say. Woop Ford Center, OKC! Sorry I’m a Thunder fan. Anyway, nice to have something different with Undertaker opening up the show as far as matches go. A big win for Swagger here, even if it wasn’t clean. Really nice touch showing JBL and Swagger celebrating as they passed through various backstage locations. Emphasised that the win was a big deal. Match 2 had two people that I rate in the ring, but have horrible gimmicks, imo. Well Carlito wasn’t too bad in 2008-9 gimmick wise.

Interesting line-up for the the third match, but you made a minor typo when announcing who won. It should have said Matt and Big Show rather than Punk. I’m not really sure about rushing in with ‘Zackamania’ at this point in fictional time. I read your opening post so I understand where you are coming from, but I would rather see you develop this angle a but later in time or not at all.

Good choice with the GM, I’m not the biggest Flair fan but like some of his promo stuff. ‘When you talk to me, you’re talkin, to GOD!’ Maybe a few too many people came in during this segment, but I understand the announcement involving Flair is a big deal. So yeah, that’s prob BS what I just said lol. Interesting stipulation for the match at Backlash. At the end of the segment when JR said ‘hates’ so many times it just didn’t seem realistic. Something like that would maybe be said by Cole, and by that I mean the more recent persona of Michael Cole. I don’t really like Cryme Tyme and I hope this victory against the unified Champs doesn’t mean they are going to be in a title match soon. Ah, I just read on, lol. Ok I hope they don’t win the belts, but I really doubt that will happen.

Main event was good, and cool to see Ted and Cody in a match with some big names. I know by this point they had already been in a few main event tag title matches on Raw, pre legacy. Nice finish as well, with Ted unexpectedly getting the pin.
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