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Re: WWE 2004: Road to WrestleMania XX

Credit to AJ22 for helping me with some storyline ideas. Thanks AJ22. No Undertaker appearance tonight but he will be there for next week’s show.

WWE Smackdown
March 25, 2004

The announcers welcome the fans to the show as Paul Heyman’s music hits and the Smackdown General Manager makes his way down to the ring. Heyman comes out in a neck brace and he’s not in a good mood. Heyman grabs the mic and gets straight to the point. He talks about losing control of the Smackdown roster, how he has been disrespected and attacked by a star from another roster. He had a vision for Smackdown but he was betrayed by his own roster. Now he’s wearing a neck brace because of The Undertaker and The Undertaker will pay for this. He believes that the superstars of Smackdown think if they bully him around then he will quit his job but that’s not going to happen. He won’t surrender and he has come up with a plan of punishing and rewarding. If the Smackdown stars decided to stick together and allowed Stone Cold to invade then lets just see if they can co-exist next week because that bond will be broken and he will find ways of making each and everyone who betrayed him suffer. Two months ago we had the first ever Smackdown Rumble and next week for the first time ever on Smackdown a lethal lottery tournament will be held. The tournament will be held over three weeks and this will determine who the #1 contender is for the WWE Title. The winner of the tournament will face the WWE Champion at Judgment Day.

Heyman explains the rules. 6 tag team matches will take place next week and the winners advancing to a battle royal the following week. The last 2 guys remaining in the battle royal will compete the week later in a match to decide the #1 contender. However there is a twist, it’s not an ordinary tag team match. It will be random drawings which will force people to team up. You can have enemies teaming with enemies, friends with friends. Heyman gave some examples that we could end up seeing such as The Undertaker and Shannon Moore(Heyman laughed) vs Rhyno and Kane. Big Show and Funaki (Heyman laughs again) vs JBL and Chavo Jnr. Another match could be Rikishi teaming with Nunzio against Scotty 2 Hotty and Johnny the Bull. Or how about The Bashams on opposing teams. Kurt Angle and Edge who want to tear each other apart could end up on the same team. The tag team champions RVD and Booker could end up on opposing teams. The possibilities are endless and this is why he’s set this up so that 1) it determines whether they co-exist or 2)Maybe the partners don’t get along and beat the hell out of each other, ruining their chances of becoming the #1 contender. Heyman then introduces Val Venis who he has signed from Raw.

Val Venis comes out with no music and he’s shaved his head bald. Val thanks Heyman for giving him this opportunity. Val discusses his run on Raw and how disastrous it was. He was not given a chance and he was wasted on Raw as they focused more on the youth but did not give him and other veterans such as Storm a chance. Storm decided to stay on Raw but Val made the sensible decision not remain on Raw. On Raw women started to reject him because he was no longer young and his hair all started falling out. His long locks were a big hit with the ladies back in the day. Now that his hair started to fall out, he's just another guy. And compared to pretty boys like John Cena and Randy Orton, he's not that impressive in the face anymore. He hates youth because he no longer has it. He was miserable on Raw, he wasn’t even on the WM card. Then he failed to win the tag titles on Raw. He couldn’t tolerate it anymore and decided not to renew his contract on Raw and now he’s come to Smackdown to make a big impact. He wants to prove that he deserves an opportunity to succeed on Smackdown and how he can still compete against the very best in the ring. He blasted the fans of Raw that didn’t appreciate him and had hoped that the fans of Smackdown appreciate him. As of now he’s no longer the ladies man, he doesn’t need no ladies or a tag partner, from now on he’s not going to be held back.

Match 1
Cruiserweight Title Match
Tajiri (c) vs The Hurricane

Fast paced stuff early on, as both guys exchange flips and other mat maneuvers. Tajiri gets a spinning heel kick followed by a leg scissors. Helms comes back by hitting a neckbreaker. Hurricane attempts the Eye of the Hurricane, but Tajiri blocks and connects with the head scissors. Tajiri kicks away at Hurricane and locks in the tarantula. Tajiri whips Helms into the ropes and Helms gets a crossbody for the two count. Helms goes for his chokeslam and gets it and Tajiri kicks out at two. Helms starts posing for the crowd. Helms goes for a flying clothesline from the top rope but Tajiri kicks him in the ribs. Tajiri gets the handspring elbow drop and gets a two count only. Tajiri ducks the shining wizard and Tajiri powerbombs Helms but doesn’t cover him. Helms is starting to get back up and Tajiri nails Helms with the buzzsaw kick across the back of the head. Tajiri covers Helms for the 3 count to win the match.
Winner and still Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri

Backstage Big Show barges into Heyman’s office and grabs Heyman by the neck. Heyman is screaming with pain. Heyman begged Big Show not to hurt him. Big Show knows that Heyman is up to something. He knows that Heyman will get him back for the incident on Smackdown two weeks ago. He thinks that Heyman will rig the draw and will place Big Show in an impossible situation next week. Heyman apologises to Big Show and he will do anything Big Show wants, just let him go. Big Show knows that Kurt Angle is here tonight for his rematch but he had his chance and lost. Now he has to get back in line or win the tournament to get his opportunity again. Big Show wants a WWE title match tonight against Eddie Guerrero in a No Holds Barred Match so that he doesn’t have to compete in next week’s Smackdown lethal lottery tournament. He holds a victory against Eddie when he beat him for the US Title back in October and since Eddie became the champion, he never gave Big Show a title shot. Is Eddie afraid of him, damn right he is because just like his US Title reign ended, Big Show will end his WWE Title reign. Heyman says what about Kurt? Show grabs Heyman by the throat again and Heyman screams and tells Big Show he’s got his match.

Match 2
Rhyno vs Rey Mysterio

Rhyno jumps Rey before the bell even rings. Mysterio comes back and dropkicks Rhyno over the top rope. Rey hits a baseball slide and then a high cross body. Rhyno catches him with a brutal spinebuster and clotheslines Rey. Rhyno continues to maul Rey with power moves and gets a powerslam for a two count. Rey comes back with a hurracarana, springboard high cross body and a reverse DDT. Rey goes up to the top and Rhyno catches Rey and slams him. Rhyno sets Rey up for the gore but misses. Rey hits the 619 followed by the west coast pop and pins Rhyno for three count.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

In the back Heyman is in real pain and Torrie and Dawn come inside his office. They ask Paul if he’s fine and he should have the night off and take a few weeks rest. Heyman said No, he won’t back down and if they continue to ask him questions then he will give them the night off and a few weeks off Smackdown. Dawn asks Paul if he wants a massage and surprisingly Heyman didn’t want a massage. Heyman called them over just to let them know that next week they will be assisting him for the draw for the lethal lottery. A-Train another former Heyman guy barges into the office and starts yelling at Heyman and wants to know why Rhyno attacked him for no reason last week. Heyman said he’s had a bad night so far and if A-Train lays a hand on him then he will be fined and suspended. Heyman tells A-Train that he let him down two weeks ago and he had to be taught a lesson but that wasn’t the real lesson. If A-Train thinks he’s so tough then he will face an opponent of Paul’s choice tonight. If A-Train backs out of the match he will lose his spot for next week’s lethal lottery tourney.

Kurt Angle’s music hits and he’s not in a good mood. Kurt grabs a mic and talks about Eddie Guerrero being lucky not to face him tonight but demands to know why Big Show is getting the title shot when he doesn’t deserve it. He wants answers from Paul Heyman and he wants the answers NOW. Paul Heyman appears on the video wall and he’s like now what. Kurt wants Paul to change the main event for tonight. Heyman said he can’t do it. Paul said Big Show threatened him so he was forced to name Show as the #1 contender. Kurt said what if he threatened Paul now and broke his neck just like he broke Edge’s neck. Paul told Kurt he can’t even suspend him because to suspend him is a reward for Kurt so that he gets away from Edge. Paul told Kurt that Edge will be here tonight and he can show up anytime so now that Kurt isn’t getting his title shot tonight, he better get out of here in the interest of his public security. Paul said he is not going to be responsible for what happens to Kurt if he doesn’t get out of here. Kurt said he can deal with Edge, infact Edge is a coward and won’t show up because he’s afraid of him. Paul said if Kurt lays a hand on him then he will remove him from next week’s tournament and then it will be a very long time till Kurt gets a title shot again. Kurt had enough and started to make his way to the back to find Heyman. Kurt’s walking down to the ramp and Edge’s music hits. Edge meets Kurt at the ramp and Kurt is shocked.

Edge chases Angle and Angle falls down and Edge hammers away at Angle. Angle gets in the ring and starts stomping away on Edge. Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Edge slips out and hits the Edgecution on Angle. Fans are loving this. Edge grabs a chair and Angle is back up and tries to escape. Angle tries to crawl up to the the ramp to safety but Edge chases him down and destroyed him with several chair shots to the back and hits Angle on every part of his body as Angle lied on the entranceway. Edge has totally lost it. Edge drags Angle all the way down to the ring and places the chair down on the mat. Edge picks Angle up and hits the electric chair drop right on the steel chair. Angle is just out cold and isn’t moving. Edge grabs the steel steps and brings the steel steps into the ring and places Angle on the steel steps. Edge grabbed a chair and he’s getting ready to deliver a con-chair-to but Rey Mysterio runs down and stops Edge from continuing on the assault. Rey tries to talk sense into Edge and tells him enough is enough now the damage has been done. Edge told Rey to get out the ring and not get involved in his business. Rey pleads with Edge and Edge shoves Rey down to the mat. Rey again pleads with Edge so Edge listens and gets out of the ring with Rey. Rey calls for officials but Edge quickly slips back in and blasts Angle by delivering a vicious con-chair-to Angle’s neck. Rey starts yelling at Edge and the cheers for Edge turn to boos. Officials make their way out to attend to Kurt. Edge celebrates at the top of the ramp, leaving Angle in a bloody heap. Edge has totally snapped.

As we return to Smackdown, Michael Cole and Tazz showed a video and recapped what had just happened with Edge and Kurt Angle. They also showed Angle being attended to by WWE doctors after the brutal assault from Edge. They put him in a neck brace and on a stretcher. He gets carried away in a stretcher and then gets taken away in an ambulance. Rey Mysterio decided to help out by going to the hospital. Most of the locker room is out there helping and showing concern. However they show Edge being interviewed backstage and Josh Matthews thinks Edge went too far.

Edge explained his actions and maybe he went too far but he has been waiting for over a year for this. He was limited in what he could do in life and right now he made sure Angle is the one with a limited life. Being out for over a year made him into a vicious lunatic. Edge said he used to be fun but Kurt Angle turned him into this bitter raving lunatic. Oh people are feeling sorry now for Angle, but what about him when he was out. People did not get to see what Angle did but just because they saw what he did it makes him look bad now. Well he doesn’t care because he did the right thing and delivered on his promise and his mission is accomplished. If people think he was right then they are right to cheer him but if they think he went too far then they are right to boo him and he doesn't give a damn. From now on we won’t be seeing Kurt Angle in action for a very long time. Edge mocks Angle by saying oh it’s true, it’s damn true.

Match 3
6 Man Tag Team Match
John Cena, RVD and Booker T vs The FBI

This was a decent contest and at the beginning the FBI started to team up against Cena who made a comeback and tagged in RVD. RVD knocked Nunzio down with a kick to the face. RVD followed up with the rolling thunder. Tazz mentions that we could end up seeing RVD and Booker T going against each other next week and the same goes for the FBI. Mid-way into the match Stamboli and Chuck stomp on Booker outside. Booker is back up and walks down the apron as RVD comes off the ropes and knocks Booker accidently down. RVD turns around to see what just happened and apologises and gets rolled up from behind and just kicks out at 2. Booker is laying on the floor and is pissed at RVD and doesn’t want to get back in the ring. Booker leaves and makes his way down to the back making it a 3 on 2 match. The heels got in a decent amount of offense taking advantage of the 3 on 2 situation. Near the end of the match Cena hits the FU on Stamboli and pins him for the 3 count.
Winners: John Cena, RVD and Booker T

Backstage Booker T is being interviewed and he says he can’t believe how foolish RVD was to make that mistake. RVD walks through the curtain with Cena and argues with Booker for walking out but Booker blames RVD. Cena tries to calm things down and said come on guys, we are all champions. It was just a mistake from RVD and they should really let it go. Cena tells RVD to apologise to Booker for accidently knocking him off the apron and Booker to apologise to RVD for walking out. Cena doesn’t want an apology from Booker, he just wants them to make up. RVD apologises but Booker doesn’t. He told Cena he’s got this and Cena walks away. RVD asks Booker T what’s wrong with him because since moving to Smackdown, his attitude has changed. On Raw they enjoyed working as a team. It’s been 2 weeks now that they’ve been on Smackdown and he wants to know what is it with this attitude he’s had lately. Booker T said he has no problem being on Smackdown but since WrestleMania this is the 2nd time RVD made a mistake. At WrestleMania, RVD was the one who was pinned and they lost the Raw tag team titles. Tonight he accidently nailed his tag team partner.

RVD explained to Booker that he made up for each mistake. At WrestleMania, they won the 2nd fall to become champions again but this time by winning the Smackdown belts. Tonight they made up for it by winning the match even if it meant that they won in a 3 on 2 match. Booker says oh so you think you can do better without me, maybe it’s time if we went solo because as a team YOU will continue to make the mistakes. Booker wants to be US Champion or WWE Champion, as tag team champion he has to carry this team and can’t afford to have RVD making more mistakes. He would rather do things his own way. RVD in a cocky way says what you mean carry this team, we work as a team and tells Booker it was a mistake, they can be the greatest tag team ever, no team can touch them. There’s no body he’d have as a tag team partner than Booker. They made their debuts in the WWE around the same time, they were in the Alliance together, they were tag team champions on Raw and now they’ve come together to Smackdown. It just can’t end like this. RVD extended his hand and Booker finally agreed to continue teaming up with Van Dam. Booker reminded RVD that next week is the lethal lottery tournament and he wants to win the tournament. RVD says may the best man win and he asked what if they end up facing each other on opposite teams. Booker had a stunned look on his face and said tell me you didn’t just say that.... and he walks off.

Match 4
A-Train vs Kane

A-Train comes down to the ring. Kane’s music hits and he’s A-Train’s opponent. Decent big man brawl. A-Train and Kane hammer away at each other and A-Train knocks Kane down with the bicycle kick. A-Train misses a charge and Kane takes control of the match. Kane connects with a DDT and goes up to the top rope and knocks A-Train down with a clothesline. Kane gets a sidewalk slam and A-Train kicks out at two. A-Train reverses a whip and takes Kane down with a clothesline. A-Train sets Kane up for the trainwreck, Kane slips out and chokeslams A-Train. Kane makes the cover and gets the 3 count for the win.
Winner: Kane

Post-Match Kane grabs a mic. He hoped that Undertaker does not end up as his tag team partner next week and if he does he will cause major destruction on Paul Heyman and the rest of the Smackdown roster.

Backstage Interview with Eddie Guerrero. Eddie said Kurt Angle was running his mouth about getting a title shot but he had his chance and lost and now it looks like he won’t be getting one for a long time. Eddie guaranteed that by the time Kurt is back, if he's back then Latino Heat will still be champion. Eddie talked about Big Show holding a victory over him and that was the past. Eddie said tonight he will shut Big Show up once and for all.

JBL makes his way down to the ring and before he talks about the lethal lottery tournament he shows footage of his life history and how he got rich. JBL told the fans that someday they can be like JBL. Fans started booing JBL and they started the “What” chants. JBL then discussed the tournament and how he could end up with a partner he’s never teamed with before or someone he doesn’t like. More “What” chants and JBL stopped and said those chants should only be on Raw and not on Smackdown. JBL continued and said he’s so rich that he can pay them his opponents off to throw the match, he can pay his foe to co-exist with him but he won’t do that because he wants to doesn’t want it to come the easy way. He will prove that he is the greatest wrestler in the WWE. The “What chants” got louder and JBL was getting pissed off and started to insult the fans and said he will continue on and on and on and won’t leave till they stop.

People like him are the ones that founded America, he is a great American. He is an American hero, he’s a self made millionaire. He’s richer than all of you people and all you people are pathetic. Fans started booing him heavily. JBL was going to offer a lucky fan a chance of earning money but he’s not going to do that in this stinking city and he will save that for a better city. JBL guaranteed that no matter who he teams with next week, he will advance to the battle royal. JBL’s music hit as he left the ring.

Backstage Val Venis is in Heyman's office and Heyman tells Val that he will give Val an opportunity he never had on Raw, Val will be competing in the lethal lottery tournament for a chance to become the #1 contender. Val was very excited. Heyman said that there could be more to come from Raw, he will find out from Bischoff if he's up for a talent trade. In the past Bischoff stole his ECW talent and now he's signed Val. He will find out from Bischoff if they can negotiate with each other on which wrestlers to trade.

Main Event
No Holds Barred Match
WWE Title Match
Eddie Guerrero (c) vs The Big Show

The bell rings and Big Show is not taking his eyes off Guerrero. This was a hard fought contest from start to finish. Big Show dominated the majority of the match. Eddie gets thrown around, but he outsmarts Big Show to get him into the post on the floor. Back in the ring Big Show is in control again and chops away at Eddie. Big Show delivers a vicious chop at Eddie’s chest. Eddie dodges a charge and sends Show over the top rope. They fight outside the ring and Eddie tries to whip Show into the steel post but can’t move Show. Eddie punches away at Show and Show no sells it. Big Show whips Eddie into the post. Big Show chokeslams Eddie into the announcers table. Show is wasting time and throws Eddie back in and goes for the cover and Eddie kicks out at two. Show works on Eddie’s back and throws Eddie down and stomps away at Eddie. Big Show chops away at Eddie and press slams Eddie. Show exposes the steel turnbuckle and starts taunting Eddie. Show places Eddie on the top of the steel turnbuckle and signals for a top rope chokeslam but Eddie rakes Show’s eyes and rams Show’s head on the exposed steel turnbuckle. Eddie takes Show down with a flying clothesline. Eddie hammers away at Big Show. Eddie locks in the Lasso From El Paso to weaken Show’s knee. Show is screaming in pain as he tries to make it to the ropes. Show uses his power to make it to the ropes. Show is in pain.

Eddie goes outside and grabs a chair and clips Show’s knee. Show is making it back to his feet and Eddie charges into Show and walks into a spinebuster. Big Show goes for the chokeslam and covers and Eddie gets his foot on the bottom ropes. Show goes for another chokeslam and Eddie lowblows Big Show and hits the DDT. Eddie goes to the top rope and hits the frogsplash. Eddie covers... 1...2....3. Eddie Guerrero retains the title and beats The Big Show. Eddie slips out of the ring and celebrates in the crowd.
Winner and still WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero

Paul Heyman is shown, watching the match on the monitor and he’s laughing. He enjoyed watching Big Show lose. Back in the ring Eddie is celebrating in the ring and Big Show is struggling to make it back up, he’s back up and drops down again as Smackdown comes to a close.

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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