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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

At the first PPV I wrote (No Mercy), Sheamus - moments away from regaining the WWE Championship that he lost to Randy Orton at Night of Champions 2010 - was denied by the return of 'The Game' who was seeking revenge for Sheamus' attack on him after WM26. Obviously, the Celtic Warrior wasn't best pleased with this and this led to a match at Cyber Sunday between Triple H and Sheamus - the crowd voted to make it an Ambulance Match. In a brutal match, Triple H had Sheamus in the ambulance and was set to close the doors when a steel pipe was swung through the doors knocking him out cold. Sheamus managed to shove Triple H into the ambulance and closed the doors to win. It then turned out that Hornswoggle had hit Triple H with the pipe and formed an 'unholy' Irish alliance with Sheamus! Heading for Survivor Series, Sheamus was forced to face Triple H once more and Triple H won a 'Beat the Clock' challenge to earn the right to choose the match type - THREE STAGES OF HELL! Here it is ... Hope you enjoy!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

JIM ROSS: Well, folks, it is time for Triple H and Sheamus to enter hell itself ...

A video plays to hype up the next match. It starts with highlights from Triple H’s glittering career from his early feuds with The Rock for the Intercontinental Championship, his time with Stephanie McMahon and his first WWE Championships, his return at the 2002 Royal Rumble and his elimination of Kurt Angle, his feuds with Shawn Michaels and John Cena and Randy Orton and Batista ... These clips are played with sound bites from JR and Michael Cole describing Triple H in glowing terms ... the ‘Cerebral Assassin’ ... the ‘Game’ ... the ‘13-time World Champion’ ... the ‘King of Kings’ ...

Then the screen goes fuzzy and lightning strikes before we see Sheamus winning the WWE Championship early in his career by slamming John Cena through a table ... we see clips from the build up to Sheamus’ match with Triple H last year ... we hear sound bites that describe Sheamus in a positive light ... the ‘First Ever Irish Born WWE Champion’ ... the ‘most dominant young star in the WWE’ ... the ‘Celtic Warrior’ ...

Triple H’s final Pedigree at WrestleMania 26 is shown and we see his hand being raised in victory. Then, the screen goes wild as we see Sheamus’ attack on Triple H the night after WrestleMania with a steel pipe. We hear Sheamus claiming to have ended the career of Triple H as the clip of the first strike of the steel pipe is played over and over and over ...

The PPV theme song ‘Runaway’ by Hide the Villain plays as we see Sheamus tearing up the WWE and dominating again. We see his second WWE Championship reign before the return of Triple H at No Mercy where Sheamus’ hopes of winning back the WWE Title from Randy Orton were ended. Fast forward to Cyber Sunday and the Ambulance Match that saw Hornswoggle smash Triple H over the head with a steel pipe to hand the victory to the Celtic Warrior ...

As the song continues, we see high impact moves from both men over the length of their feud. We hear Triple H announce that their match at Survivor Series will be a 3 Stages of Hell match and we see clips of Triple H’s past victories over the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels ... As the video ends, we hear the words 3 STAGES OF HELLLLLLLLLL spoken in a spine chilling voice as we see a final clip of the two staring at each other in the ring ...

JIM ROSS: Wow, what an intense rivalry these two men have, King.

JERRY LAWLER: I’m not sure if Sheamus realises what he has gotten himself into here!


JUSTIN ROBERTS: This match is the ‘3 Stages of Hell’ match. The first fall of the match will be a straight wrestling match, the second fall will be a Table Match and the third fall, if needed, will be a Cage Match. Introducing first, from Dublin, Ireland ... the Celtic Warrior ... SHEAMUS!

Sheamus comes out on stage with a custom made t-shirt and thumps his chest in defiance. He heads to the ring ignoring the jeers and boos as he does and gets into the ring looking determined to beat Triple H again after his Cyber Sunday victory ...

JIM ROSS: Somebody missing, King?

JERRY LAWLER: Yeah, where is that backstabbing little troll, Hornswoggle?

MICHAEL COLE: I don’t think that this is the best place for little Hornswoggle to be tonight!

JERRY LAWLER: Shame, I was looking forward to seeing Triple H get his hands on him!

*** THE GAME ***

JUSTIN ROBERTS: His opponent, from Greenwich, Connecticut ... The Game ... TRIPPPPPLLLLE H!

Out walks Triple H in the spotlight carrying a bottle of water and looking around the arena with a look of revenge in his eyes. He sets off for the ring walking with a purpose and climbs up on the ring apron where he takes a swig of water ... He spits it in the air and then stares into the camera opposite before ducking under the rope to enter the ring ... Suddenly, despite the ring being in darkness still, Sheamus attacks Triple H with a knee to the head as he enters and the lights come back on quickly ... the referee signals for the bell and the match is under way!


Sheamus’ quick start gives him an early advantage as he pummels Triple H with devastating right hands in the corner. Caught completely by surprise, Hunter can only cover up and try to create some space but the Irish star will not allow this as he beats him down to his knees. The crowd boo and jeer but this matter little to Sheamus and he stands back to admire his work as Triple H is down at his feet in the corner. Sheamus moves in to continue the beating but the Game pushes him aside and looks to fight back ... however, Sheamus is too quick and he hits a foot to the shoulder to knock Hunter back into the corner. Sheamus whips Triple H into the ropes now before lifting him into a Sidewalk Slam that crashes him down on the mat. He drags him to his feet again and looks for a second whip into the ropes. Triple H though manages to reverse this and as Sheamus rebounds off the ropes, Triple H lifts him into a huge spinebuster that makes Sheamus scream in pain and he quickly makes his way under the rope to the outside of the ring. Hunter gets to his feet and stares down at the Celtic Warrior with a look of intense hatred etched onto his face and points at him before demanding he gets back into the ring like a man ...

However, Sheamus is not having any part of Triple H right now and he edges away around the ring taunting Triple H and daring him to follow. Hunter finally loses patience and he goes through the ropes to go after Sheamus ... however, Sheamus wheels around and slides under the ropes back into the ring immediately and stands tall in the ring to the annoyance of the Game. He slides back in after Sheamus but this gives him chance to kick Hunter in the head again as he comes into the ring and Sheamus takes control again. Dragging Triple H up so that he is trapped in between the middle and top ropes, Sheamus thumps away at Triple H’s chest with all his might before letting him drop to his knees on the edge of the apron. Sheamus has made an impressive start here ...

JIM ROSS: What a start from Sheamus, he has gotten under Triple H’s skin like nobody I have ever seen, King ...

JERRY LAWLER: Triple H will make him pay, JR, you watch!

Sheamus drags Triple H back into the ring and he uses a double axe handle to smash Triple H in the side of the face ... once, twice, three times Sheamus hits the move that he calls the War Sword and then he drops down on Triple H and makes the first cover of the match ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Triple H kicks out easily *

As Hunter gets to his feet, Sheamus pulls him in close and hits a short arm clothesline that crashes the Game back down to the mat with a thud. Sheamus has a great advantage early in this match and he taunts the crowd by battering his chest again and telling them that he is the most dominant man in the WWE. However, the time wasting proves not to be a clever move as he turns around and runs at Triple H and is promptly back body dropped over the top rope and down to the floor to the delight of the WWE Universe who are mostly on the side of the Cerebral Assassin here. Hunter stalks after Sheamus and he drags him to the steel steps and crashes his face down into them hard ... the referee recognises that there is a need for a few liberties in this match and allows Triple H to continue. A second shot to Sheamus’ head follows as Triple H drives him into the steel ring post and the referee starts to tell Triple H off ... remember that this is a straight wrestling match and Triple H could be disqualified. Hunter bears this in mind and whips Sheamus hard into the barricades instead and Sheamus groans as he hits his back hard before Triple H clotheslines him over the barricades into the area where the timekeeper sits. Sheamus is down on the floor with the wires and the ring bell and the referee convinces Triple H to return to the ring ... With Sheamus down and out, there is a chance of a countout win here for Triple H ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *
* 4 *
* 5 *
* 6 *
* 7 *
* Sheamus crawls back into the ring at 8 *

Triple H stares at Sheamus and points to his own chest declaring that tonight is the night where Sheamus pays for his actions in the past. Sheamus gets to his feet and the two go head to head in the centre of the ring before Sheamus throws a punch. The pair trade huge right hands before Sheamus – realising he won’t win that battle – takes Hunter down with a headlock. He hits punches to Hunter on the mat before leaping up and taking a shot at Hunter’s head with his boot before he steps back. Triple H gets up quickly and Sheamus rushes over and goes for the Brogue Kick but his opponent pulls down the top rope and ducks under his boot so Sheamus ends up straddled over the rope. Triple H launches more right hands to his rival before hitting a neckbreaker that brings Sheamus back into the ring the painful way. An elbow drop to the back of Sheamus follows as does a knee to the back of Sheamus’ head as Triple H takes control to the delight of the fans.

Sheamus is beginning to look the worse for the wear as he gets to his feet with the aid of the ropes in the corner ... Hunter whips him hard into the opposite corner and Sheamus clutches at his back as he drops to his knees. He is dragged back up by Triple H who mounts the middle rope and milks the adulation of the crowd before hitting Sheamus with big right hands in the corner. The crowd chant along with ten punches before Trips lets Sheamus stagger out of reach. A kick to Sheamus’ gut is followed by a DDT and Sheamus is down on the mat again ... Triple H looks to win the first fall here ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Sheamus gets his shoulder up *

Triple H grins as he gets to his feet and looks down on Sheamus on the mat. Hunter drops the elbow twice more to the upper leg of Sheamus as he sets him up for something. Kicks to the leg follow before Hunter looks to lock in the Figure Four Leglock. We’ve seen this recently from Justin Gabriel but Triple H learnt it from the best in Ric Flair ... the crowd ‘Woooooooooo’ as he locks it in to the huge, stocky legs of the Celtic Warrior. As he wrenches back, Sheamus lets out a yell of pain as his ankle and knee crush against each other in a way that they’re not supposed to do! Sheamus tries to punch Triple H to break out but he cannot reach and in the end he realises that he needs to reach the ropes instead. He tries to roll over but he can’t and the ropes are tantalisingly out of his reach at the moment. Sheamus has now been in the hold for 30 seconds and he cannot last much longer as he desperately tries to edge to the ropes. Closer and closer they come as Triple H looks to apply more pressure as he tries to stop Sheamus getting there. Can Sheamus reach the ropes? He looks to be struggling now and the tap-out could be seconds away ... Sheamus makes one last attempt to reach the ropes and ...

... Sheamus gets there! He clutches the bottom rope still locked in the hold and still in agony. Triple H holds on as the referee threatens to disqualify him. The referee begins to count ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... Triple H releases the hold in the nick of time and the referee is not happy. However, the Cerebral Assassin does not care as he looks at Sheamus who is struggling to stand on his right foot after the damage inflicted there. Sheamus, realising he is in danger of losing the first fall, rolls under the rope and hobbles around outside the ring out of the way for a moment. However, Triple H is soon out there too and stalking him around the outside of the ring with a glint in his eye. Suddenly, Sheamus manages to find a clothesline from somewhere that crashes Triple H down and he hits the back of his head on the barricades surrounding the ring. Sheamus gets back to his feet gingerly and – needing more time to recover – he painfully manages to rush over at Triple H as he gets to his feet ... Brogue Kick! Triple H crashes down to the floor and Sheamus has time to recover after the pain inflicted in the Figure Four. After catching his breath for a moment, Sheamus drags Triple H up and rolls him into the ring. He climbs onto the apron and as Triple H gets up, Sheamus slingshots over the top rope to hit a shoulder block ... Sheamus with the cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Triple H kicks out *

Sheamus is looking frustrated as he grabs Hunter and lifts him up for a powerslam back down to the mat. With Hunter rolling to his front, Sheamus grabs an exposed arm and pulls it back hard in a horrible looking Arm Bar. With a knee in the back of Triple H, Sheamus pulls back the left arm of Triple H and demands that he gives it up. However, there is no chance of that happening and Triple H, in pain, starts to edge to the ropes instead. As he gets closer, Sheamus breaks the hold himself and hits a stiff kick to the back of Hunter’s head and stands over him with a look of amusement on his face now. He thumps his chest again and stands over the Game looking out to the crowd with a smirk. Yet again though, Sheamus’ time wasting gets him in trouble as he is suddenly hit with a drop toe hold as he moves back in. Triple H jumps on his back and locks in a Cross Face submission hold and Sheamus is in trouble again here! Will he tap out this time?

Sheamus fights desperately to get out of the hold but Triple H has it locked in perfect so Sheamus has no option but to find another way out ... or to tap. Sheamus tries to use his powerful legs to roll himself over and begins to manage it ... suddenly, Triple H’s shoulders are down and the referee goes for the count ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Triple H rolls them back over into the Cross Face again! *

Sheamus needs to find a way out of this and he tries the same trick again. This time, Triple H knows it is coming and he tries to keep Sheamus down on the mat. Sheamus manages to get his knees down on the mat and manages to roll over again ... another pinfall ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Triple H kicks out and release the Cross Face *

A quick War Sword shot from Sheamus sends Hunter spinning down to the mat to buy Sheamus more recovery time. As Hunter gets to his feet, Sheamus hits a clothesline that sends him over the top rope to the outside with a crash as he rolls into the announce table. Sheamus follows and he drives Triple H head first into the announce table top before returning the favour from earlier by running Triple H into the steel ring post. The referee remains lenient but stops Sheamus as he goes for a steel chair and threatens a disqualification. Sheamus pushes him away and picks up the steel chair before trying to go after Triple H. The referee waves his hands at Sheamus and repeats his earlier message and Sheamus heeds the warning and throws the chair down in temper. Sheamus argues with the referee and it allows Triple H time to recover as he kicks him in the gut on his turn round. Triple H then positions Sheamus and hits a PEDIGREE! Triple H with the Pedigree on the outside of the ring!

Triple H returns to the ring and the referee follows. The countout begins and this could be the end of Sheamus for the first fall. Hunter rests in the corner as the referee counts Sheamus out ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *
* 4 *
* 5 *
* 6 *
* 7 *
* 8 *
* Amazingly, Triple H goes out and rolls Sheamus in at 9 *

MICHAEL COLE: What is he playing at? He had Sheamus beaten there!

JERRY LAWLER: He wants to send a message to the Celtic Warrior, Cole, he wants to pin his shoulders down!

MICHAEL COLE: This could be a big mistake!

Triple H whips a bruised Sheamus into the ropes and hits a reverse elbow that sends Sheamus down to the mat again. Triple H has the first fall virtually won it seems and he hits the ropes again before hitting a stunning knee lift to Sheamus. Triple H looks around the arena and then taunts Sheamus with a DX ‘Suck it!’ taunt as his confidence grows. Triple H locks Sheamus head between his knees again and it is time for another Pedigree. He locks the arms up and prepares to hit the finisher ... Back Body Drop from Sheamus! Where did he find the energy to do that? The crowd are shocked and then Sheamus stands back and waits ... we know what is coming here ... BROGUE KICK! Sheamus with a Brogue Kick to Triple H! He goes for the cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Triple H kicks out at the last second! *

The crowd erupt as Sheamus looks devastated in the ring and nearly begins to cry with frustration. He argues with the referee about the count but he won’t signal for the bell and Sheamus gets a determined look in his eyes. He grabs Hunter and lifts him up onto his back for the High Cross ... with Triple H gripped with his arms and resting on Sheamus’ back, the Celtic Warrior is set to drop him down on his back and shoulders. Suddenly, Triple H wriggles out and drops down behind Sheamus ... Kick to the gut from Triple H! Here he goes again ... PEDIGREE! Triple H hits the Pedigree!

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

WINNER OF FALL 1: Triple H (17:32)

JUSTIN ROBERTS: The winner of the first fall ... TRIPLE H!

In the ring, the referee raises Triple H’s hand to indicate that the Game is now leading by one fall to zero. Triple H retains a focused look on his face as he prepares for the second fall ...

JUSTIN ROBERTS: There will now be a 1 minute break before the second fall, a Table Match.

JIM ROSS: What intensity we are seeing from these two men – this is only going to get worse from here on in as well. What a slobberknocker this is turning into!

JERRY LAWLER: How satisfying that must feel to Triple H though to see the referee’s hand count 3 after all the pain that Sheamus has caused him in the past year!

MICHAEL COLE: Can I remind you both that it is only one fall to Triple H? Sheamus was inches away from claiming the first fall and you know what? He has won Table matches in the past – he won his first WWE Championship when he put John Cena through a table. This match is not over!

JIM ROSS: Sure did, Michael, he sure did!

JERRY LAWLER: For once, I agree with you, Cole. Hang on a minute though, what is Hunter doing here?

Triple H has left the ring and is searching around on the floor for the sledgehammer. When he finds it, he lifts it up and heads back into the ring ready to for the second fall ... The camera focuses on the outside of the ring where several tables have appeared propped up against the barricades ready for the second fall of the match.

JERRY LAWLER: Second fall – no disqualification! I don’t like Sheamus’ chances right now!


The bell rings and Triple H immediately heads over towards Sheamus who is propping himself up with the top rope after the Pedigree that put him down for the first fall. Both men have taken a beating already but they are now heading to hell as they look to survive the match and have their hand raised in victory. However, it is Sheamus who is suffering most ... and the sight of Triple H stood in front of him with a sledgehammer cannot be helpful. Triple H tells Sheamus clearly that there is now ‘no disqualification’ as he holds the hammer ready to destroy Sheamus. Sheamus holds his hands up and looks to be pleading with Triple H now as he eyes the hammer ... but Triple H is in no mood for forgiveness and he suddenly swings the hammer and drives the heavy, steel head right into the pale gut of Sheamus that reduces him to a whimpering mess in the corner of the ring. Hunter smirks and tosses the hammer out of the ring to the floor before heading out of the ring himself to loud cheers. He grabs one of the tables from ringside and slides it into the ring whilst the WWE Universe cheer him wildly.

Triple H looks round at the WWE Universe as he sets the table up in the centre of the ring. Sheamus is still down in the corner holding his gut and coughing; he looks finished here. Triple H looks like he is about to win the match 2-0 as he locks the table in place and then heads back over towards the Celtic Warrior. Sheamus is dragged to his feet and is on his knees in front of the Cerebral Assassin who tries to lift Sheamus up for a Powerslam through the table. Sheamus comes to his senses a little just in time though and he manages to force Triple H back before wriggling free and the pair begin trading big right hands again with the table behind Sheamus if Hunter can find a way to put him through it. Sheamus cannot hang for long with Triple H after the hammer shot he took recently and Hunter gets on top before whipping him into the ropes. As Sheamus heads off the ropes, Triple H looks to hit a spinebuster through the table but the Irish man fights back with desperate elbows to Triple H’s head and again manages to delay the fall. A drop kick to Triple H’s knee allows Sheamus to toss him through the rope to the outside before he flattens the table again and slides it out of the ring so it lands right in front of the announce table.

With Sheamus recovering, he manages to drag Triple H into a Powerslam when they are both back in the ring. More time for Sheamus to recover and get himself back into this match is earned when the Celtic Warrior hits another Brogue Kick. However, with no pinfalls, Sheamus needs the table if he is to capitalise on Triple H’s weakened state. Sheamus heads out of the ring as if he is going for the table but instead he picks up the chair he wanted to use earlier and heads back into the ring where he glares down at Triple H ready for revenge for the hammer to the stomach. Sheamus looks like a man possessed as he begins to slam the chair down into the back of Triple H over and over and over and over again. The referee tries to intervene but a threat from Sheamus sends the referee scuttling out of the ring and the beating to Hunter continues. Sheamus blasts the knees, the lower back, the shoulders of Triple H before dropping the chair which is now seriously bent out of shape. Sheamus lets out a yell of anguish before grabbing Triple H and tossing him out of the ring again. Hunter is in big trouble now and he lands on the floor hard before Sheamus follows him out. Triple H is driven into the barricades twice head first and there is a glazed look in the eyes of the Cerebral Assassin as he lies on the floor looking battered. Sheamus drags him up to his feet again and then up the rampway where the floor is made of steel. A scoop slam is hit on Triple H and he writhes in agony on the floor after the impact on the steel. Sheamus is going crazy though and he drags Hunter up again before running him hard and head first into the screens displaying the Survivor Series logo at the top of the stage. With Triple H in a crumpled heap, Sheamus heads off to locate a table and despite the jeers and boos, he is smiling for the first time since the early stages of the first fall. Sheamus sets up the table in the space between the stage and the crowd, a good six feet below the stage. The crowd realise what Sheamus is planning and an air of unease flows around the arena. With the table ready, Sheamus heads back to Triple H and lifts him onto his shoulders again setting up the High Cross. Triple H looks helpless as Sheamus focuses on the table six feet below his feet and plans to drop him onto and through the table. However, as Sheamus begins his run up, he stumbles with tiredness and ends up losing his footing. Triple H lands heavily on top of him and the two of them lay on the stage in exhaustion already ... and there are still two falls remaining!

JIM ROSS: By god almighty, Sheamus cannot hold himself up no more. These two men are really struggling here ...

Sheamus gets to his feet first but now Triple H is beginning to stir. He lifts Triple H up for a second time, again looking for the High Cross from the stage to the table below. However, this time, Triple H wriggles free and he pushes Sheamus hard off the edge of the stage. Unfortunately for Triple H, Sheamus manages to avoid the table but he lands hard on the concrete floor and both men are now down and struggling for recovery. In the end, Triple H manages to get to his feet first this time and he stalks after Sheamus with a limp and not moving freely no more. Triple H rams Sheamus’ head into the table and then begins the slow and arduous trek back to the ring. A few punches to the stomach of Sheamus keeps him following and Triple H rolls him into the ring. He sets up the Pedigree and the crowd roar their approval ... Can Triple H hit the Pedigree and seal the win? Yes, he can! Pedigree to Sheamus! The crowd are going mad now and Triple H just needs to find a table and set it up. He knows where there is one as well ... It is right in front of the announcers table. Triple H drops out of the ring to fetch it ... but it has gone!

JERRY LAWLER: Where has the table gone, JR?

JIM ROSS: I’ve no idea, King, it was there a moment ago!

Triple H looks around confused and then asks the referee if he has moved it. The referee shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head and Triple H is forced to head around the ring to locate a second table. However, this wastes time and Sheamus is now stirring in the ring. Noticing this, Triple H reaches into the ring and drags Sheamus out of the ring. He uses his shoulder to drive Sheamus back first into the ring apron and then looks underneath the ring trying to locate the missing table. Not there either. Instead, Hunter decides to use the announce table. He tosses Sheamus over the table as the announcers move out of their seats and take cover ... Triple H climbs up onto the table and drags Sheamus’ body up with him. It becomes clear that Triple H is planning to Pedigree Sheamus through the announce table to seal the victory instead. He sets up the big move ... but Sheamus fights out desperately swinging punches to Triple H’s midriff and legs. He manages to get out of Hunter’s reach and off the table where he reaches down and picks something off the floor. Sheamus swings his arm towards Triple H’s knee and knocks him down onto the top of the table clutching his knee in agony. We see that Sheamus is holding a steel pipe – he just smashed it into the knee of Triple H while he was stood on the announce table.

JERRY LAWLER: Where did the steel pipe appear from? It wasn’t there a second ago!

Sheamus throws the steel pipe under the ring out of the way and drags a table from under the ring. The crowd jeer as he does this – why didn’t Triple H see that table a moment ago? Something fishy is going on for sure! Sheamus sets the table up and then turns his attention to Triple H who is still rolling in pain clutching his knee on the announce table. Sheamus drags him up and onto his shoulders ... High Cross coming! Sheamus has Triple H on his back and he prepares to hit the finishing move ... with the table set up in front of him. The crowd rise to their feet as Sheamus breathes deeply ... Sheamus hits the HIGH CROSS!


WINNER: Sheamus (14:53)

JUSTIN ROBERTS: The winner of the second fall ... SHEAMUS!

Triple H is laid spark out amongst the wreckage of the wooden table that Sheamus has just driven him through. Sheamus gets to his feet slowly and smiles as he realises that he has just levelled the match up at one fall each. He looks up at the Cage and smirks ...

JUSTIN ROBERTS: There will now be a 1 minute break before the final fall, a Cage match!

Sheamus calculates and realises that the cage is now being brought down. With just a minute to recover, Sheamus decides that he needs to get Triple H in the ring so the cage can be fixed in place and he can get the third fall. However, Triple H is not moving. Sheamus ignores the protestations of the referee and drags Hunter out of the wooden wreck and rolls him under the bottom rope into the ring before following him. With Triple H inside the ring, Sheamus retreats to the other corner as the cage lowers into place.

JIM ROSS: Triple H is a beaten and battered mess, King, they need to stop this match.

JERRY LAWLER: I don’t know, JR, Triple H has been in matches like this before. But there is something not right about this match. Where did that steel pipe come from? How did that table disappear and then reappear?

MICHAEL COLE: JR, King ... This is what Triple H wanted. He made the match type a ‘3 Stages of Hell’ one. He knew that this could be what happened. There is no way that Sheamus should be denied his rightful victory here!


With the table in place, the bell rings and Sheamus springs into action as he goes after Triple H who is still on the mat in pain after the pipe shot to his knee. The referee pleads with Sheamus to leave him for a moment but Sheamus ignores him and drives him head first into the turnbuckle three times. Sheamus looks down and considers the use of the hammer which is still in the ring or the chair which is also still in the ring. But calmly, Sheamus heads over to the opposite side of the ring and begins the slow climb out. Sheamus climbs the buckles and starts the hardest part – getting over the top. Sheamus is now facing a battle with himself and he is struggling to get over the top no matter how hard he tries. The fatigue he is facing must be incredible and it prevents him making the final push. However, one big effort follows and Sheamus manages to swing his leg over the top part and starts to pull himself up. He is looking set for a victory when all of a sudden his foot and lower legs is smashed with a steel chair ... Triple H is back on his feet! Sheamus desperately tries to get out of the cage but Triple H climbs to the middle rope and he grabs Sheamus’ leg and starts to pull him back slowly. Sheamus has to let gravity take control and his leg is dragged back over so he is stood on the top rope in a precarious situation. Triple H picks up the chair again and smashes Sheamus in the back once, twice, three times ... Sheamus can’t stay up and he falls off the top rope and lands with a crash on the ring apron.

Stunned at how he is managing this and wobbling on the knee where Sheamus struck him before, Triple H does the only thing he can do right now. He wearily lifts the chair up and smashes it down over Sheamus; over and over and over he crashes the bent, battered chair down over the Irish star until he collapses with fatigue as well. There are no pinfalls in this Cage Match and Triple H looks up at the steel cage wall with a look of terror. With the door in the corner, Triple H makes the irrational decision to try and climb out of the ring. He begins to slow ascent up the ropes and the cage wall which gives Sheamus time to recover a little and get to his knees. Sheamus looks up at Triple H and then sideways at the door. He beckons to the referee to open the door and he begins to unlock the door. However, Triple H is almost over the top of the cage when the door is being unlocked. Both men panic and head back towards each other and they fail to make it out of the cage this time. As Triple H jumps down from the top rope onto Sheamus, the two of them collapse in the corner. Triple H smashes right hands down on Sheamus but they don’t contain the force they normally do and they fall apart quickly ...

Both men are down for a while, keeping an eye on each other, but staying down and trying to recover themselves for one last, big effort. Triple H gets to his feet and mounts Sheamus in the corner where he pummels the Celtic Warrior again. However, Sheamus manages to lift Triple H up ... Powerbomb! What a huge move to hit right now! Sheamus finds a second wind and he drags his opponent up and rams him into all four sides of the steel cage shoulder first. Sheamus thumps his chest and poses for the crowd for a second before hitting the Irish Curse backbreaker to Triple H and then crawling for the door. That mini-flurry took a lot out of Sheamus too but he looks like he is going to make it as he gets to his feet ready to climb through the ropes as the door opens. But now, Triple H makes a recovery and finds his second wind as he rushes over and hits a forearm to Sheamus’ back. An Irish whip across the ring sends Sheamus hurtling into the turnbuckles and then Triple H heads over for Sheamus once more. He locks in the Figure Four Leg Lock for the second time and gives it everything he can despite the damage done to his knee. Sheamus taps out desperate to be released but there is no submission ... the only way to win is to escape the cage. Pain is etched over both men’s faces – Sheamus’ knee and ankle is under heavy pressure but Triple H’s knee is also bothering him. Sheamus cannot find a way to escape and he looks round in desperation ... then he spots the solution ...

Sheamus reaches out and manages to get his fingertips to the sledge hammer and edge it towards him out of view of Triple H. Concealing it until the last moment, Sheamus suddenly drives the head of the hammer into the chest and ribs of Hunter and manages to break clear of the Figure Four leaving both men down on the mat in pain. The crowd’s excitement lulls a little as both men lay prone and lifeless on the mat ...

JIM ROSS: Which of these men will get to his feet first?

JERRY LAWLER: Whichever one of them makes it, my money is on them to win it now!

Almost two minutes pass by with little sign of either man making it to his feet. However, they then both start to stir at about the same time and both wearily help themselves up using the ropes to keep their balance. Sheamus looks the stronger now but he attempts to rush over at Triple H ... and he is caught in a Facebreaker by the Game and ends up down on the mat again. Hunter looks around and moves the chair with his foot before dragging Sheamus up once more ... He sets up the Pedigree and positions himself and Sheamus over the steel chair on the mat. The crowd are willing Hunter to hit this move as it will mean almost certain victory! Triple H sets himself and then lifts Sheamus up ... Boom! Pedigree! Sheamus’ face is driven down onto the mat and the crowd are now going wild as Triple H slowly turns his attention to the cage door. He slowly crawls over and beckons for the door to be opened whilst there is no reaction at all from Sheamus who is out for the count with his head on the chair where he landed. Hunter pulls himself under the bottom rope and is now about to leave the cage as his head is out of the door. The crowd cheer louder as he heaves his way through and Sheamus is still not moving ... Hunter’s hands are now dragging him further out of the door when suddenly there is a commotion amongst the fans near the door. They are yelling and shouting and pointing when all of a sudden ... Bam! Triple H is smashed in the face again with a steel pipe. With his head exposed, Triple H slumps down on the mat knocked out ... and then we see who did it.


The little Irish troll who turned on DX at Cyber Sunday has crawled from under the ring and has smashed Triple H in the head again. It dawns on the WWE Universe and the announcers where the steel pipe came from earlier and how the table disappeared and then reappeared – Hornswoggle was under the ring through the match. Hornswoggle runs round to the other side of the ring and he rattles the cage and urges Sheamus to make his move. The Celtic Warrior is now stirring and he hears the advice of the little fella and starts to make his move. Pulling himself towards the door, Sheamus clambers over the unconscious Triple H, closer and closer ... and falls out of the door and down to the floor!


WINNER OF FALL 3: Sheamus (13:05)

JUSTIN ROBERTS: The winner of the third fall and the match ... SHEAMUS!

Boos echo around the arena as Hornswoggle rushes over to congratulate Sheamus on beating Triple H for the second straight time! As ‘Written in my face’ begins again, Sheamus looks amazed at himself for winning the match and he stumbles away to the ramp with Hornswoggle holding him up as best he can. However, Triple H remains lifeless with his head and shoulders slumped over the edge of the ring apron ...

JIM ROSS: Sheamus has won it, goddamnit! For the second month in a row, Sheamus has won thanks to that little troll, Hornswoggle!

MICHAEL COLE: Like I said before, it doesn’t matter how you win, JR, all that matters is that you do win! What a win for Sheamus!

JERRY LAWLER: Cole, all that matters is that you shut your mouth. Sheamus has cheated his way to victory in the last two months and you think that is OK?

EMT’s head out with concern on their faces as they reach the door of the cage where Triple H is still knocked cold. Sheamus is now smirking and Hornswoggle helps him to raise his hand in victory as he sits on the steel ramp watching the EMT’s tend to Triple H. The EMT’s ease Triple H out of the way so that the cage can be raised up and they can reach the Cerebral Assassin ...

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