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Re: Being The Booker

Raw feedback

I've rarely reviewed your shows, purely because i don't see why somebody like you needs feedback from somebody like me. But i figured i would give you some just to let you know i'm still reading, still enjoying and still admiring your work.

Kicking things off with Bischoff surprised me, i expected Christian after what happened last week to be honest. What Bischoff had to say was good, rallying the troops almost. Cena coming out had to be expected and he really sounded desperate here, you had to feel for his passion and Bischoff still refusing him was great. Kennedy getting in the mix was also a nice touch, your characterisation of Kennedy is excellent and a Kennedy-Cena feud would certainly give him a big rub. Cena-Santino later, canít wait, end sarcasm.

Womenís match, not too bothered about. Nothing to do with you, just the womenís division in general.

Iíve also enjoyed your use of Cody and Dustin in this thread. Codyís slow mini push is going well and the way he pushed Dustin into this was great. Only one winner here in Angle and heís gotta be a contender in the main event.

The British Lions have certainly added to your tag division. I felt it would be a bit too soon for them to win the gold here and Iím glad you kept the titles on MNM. This was a good match and the interference added fire to the already rumbling tag division, interested to see where this next heads.

Sad to see JBL go, loved the character if not the wrestler. Hope you bring him back in another capacity, commentary please.

Very good promo here with Christian. The way he legitimately seemed phased by Umaga and even scared of what heís capable of was great. And then the turning line of Estradaís mistake. Very good line about how he didnít cash in there and then. The toying from Umaga to Christian at the end of this just continues to build this up well. For as good as Christian is, Umaga has been unstoppable in this thread and I canít see that stopping anytime soon. I would love to see an Umaga title run.

Hardy with a big win over Regal here to get a shot at Shelton. The Hardy dealings with the Brotherhood have been very good stuff to read and the match between these two should be a good one, could see Hardy taking the title.

Your Teddy Long character is genius and incredibly entertaining. Keep it up with him.

Easy as you like for Cena as it should be. And then the aftermath was brutal. Very much enjoyed seeing this pent up, angry Cena and it should get the message through to Bischoff.

Ken Doane on Monday night? I liked this segment a lot as I think the New Wave as a whole should come to an end pretty soon and itíd be better for all of them to go off on their own if you wanna go further with them. Doane coming to Raw next week, should be good.

Cena treading on Bischoffís toes here and Kennedyís the man to stick his nose in. I really liked Kennedy coming back with the falling under category line after what Cena said earlier. Good stuff and the match next weekís a big one, kicking off the world tour, which is a great idea by the way with Cena-Kennedy and Christian defending the title is a huge show.

Battle Royal time and the usual suspects go early on as they should well do. Glad to see the tag team rivalry continuing through to this, coulda just gone out the window but pleased you kept it going. Hardy eliminating Benjamin was a big call also, furthering his momentum. But Shelton gets his payback! Great job there and this feud is going up notch by notch now. Really glad to see you allow Cody Rhodes to get so far as it adds to his exposure. Angle looked a lock to me but Mysterio wins it?! Wow. Big, big call and it should be a great match next week now between Christian and Rey. I guess it makes a lot of sense with the Mexico City aspect. Nice job pointing that out in closing by the way.

Overall, a very good show here. Cena-Kennedy went very nicely indeed as well as the Hardy-Benjamin feud. Umaga continuing to strike fear into Christian was great and Mysterio getting the title shot should equal a great match next week. I hope this feedback was alright for you and I will definitely drop some more. Please keep going with this as it is great stuff week in week out to read, especially for newer bookers around like myself to learn from and enjoy.
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