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Re: Being The Booker

This may well be the lowest point in all my years here ... a triple post.


Monday Night Raw | July 9 2007 | Pittsburgh PA


World Heavyweight Championship | Triple Threat Match:
Christian vs. Kurt Angle vs. Mister Kennedy
Christian makes a move to the corner now, and begins to climb the turnbuckles … BUT AS HE CLIMBS … ANGLE RACES UP BEHIND … LOOKING FOR A TOP ROPE ANGLE SLAM … BUT CHRISTIAN SHOVES HIM OFF!!! Christian turns … AND FLIES WITH A FROG SPLASH … AND NAILS IT!!! It’s surely over, as the champion hooks the leg … 1...2...KENNEDY DRAGS CHRISTIAN OFF … AND APPLIES THE KROSSFACE!!!!!

CHRISTIAN IS CAUGHT … DEAD CENTRE … AND ANGLE IS OUT … UNABLE TO BREAK THE HOLD AND SAVE THE TITLE!!! Kennedy cranks back, desperately searching for the submission win … BUT CHRISTIAN TURNS IT OVER … AND HOOKS THE LEG OF KENNEDY, completely surprising the challenger … 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!
Winner: And STILL World Heavyweight Champion - CHRISTIAN @ 22:01


John Cena: He’s a true Champ, J.R. No doubt.

In the ring, Christian - spent - is on his knees, as the referee brings in the World title belt, looking to present it to the champion … but just as Christian rises to take it from him … KENNEDY RIPS IT FROM THE OFFICIAL … AND BLASTS CHRISTIAN WITH IT!!!

Jim Ross: DAMN YOU!!! Damn you Kennedy!!! You no good rotten-

John Cena: Oh come on, man. That’s uncalled for.

Kennedy storms out of the ring, walking around the ringside area, and leaving up the ramp. In the ring, Angle slowly comes around, and realising he has missed out on the title, lets out a few more expletives, kicking the ropes, before leaving the ring, with Christian still down from Kennedys belt shot.


Jim Ross: Oh no.

Oh no is right … it’s UMAGA … flanked by Armando Alejandro Estrada, who is carrying the ominous Money in the Bank briefcase, with a huge, knowing grin on his face.


The Coach: HISTORY J.R!!! It’s history in the making, HA HA!!!

Umaga stands at the ring, as Estrada walks up the steps, still smiling - still carrying the briefcase - whilst Mike Chioda tries to get Christian to his feet, trying to ready him for the seemingly inevitable impromptu title match…


Christian is helped up in the corner, and sees what awaits him … as Estrada turns, and nods at Umaga … AS THE SAMOAN BULLDOZER SPRINTS ACROSS THE RING … AND CRUSHES CHRISTIAN IN THE CORNER WITH A RUNNING BUTT SPLASH!!!


Umaga pulls the champion back to his feet, holding him up … raising the thumb … AND SCORES WITH THE SAMOAN SPIKE!!!!!


Now, we see Estrada - still clutching the briefcase - calling for a mic, and struts around the ring, soaking up the heat from the fans, whilst Umaga simply stands over the lifeless World Champion, looking down on him, as Estrada begins to speak.


Heat. But Estrada continues to grin.

Armando Estrada: A few months ago, this little man on the floor - JURE WORLD CHAMPION - told THIS monster, that he would be ready … ANYTIME!!!

Estrada walks beside Umaga, and looks down at the lifeless champion.

Armando Estrada: HA HA … does this little … como se dice … WEAKLING … look ready for Umaga??

Heat for the cocky Estrada, who shakes his head, answering his own question.

Armando Estrada: No. Not only that … but this so-called champion claimed that Umaga wouldn’t be taking ANYTHING for him.

Estrada shakes his head again, then snaps his fingers.

Armando Estrada: Umaga could take … EVERYTHING … if he so wished pero, ha ha.


Armando Estrada: And … what was that phrase?? What was it ju said, little man?? “I want … doesn’t get??” … HA HA!!! Umaga WANTS ju’re World Heavyweight Championship, Christian. And if he wanted to … he’d take it … TONIGHT!!!

Heat again. AAE shakes his head, and wags his finger.

Armando Estrada: But that would be too easy, el mono.

Estrada smiles, looking at his savage.

Armando Estrada: After the trash ju talked hombre … ju deserve the most humiliating loss imaginable … on the biggest stage. And Umaga?? He deserves to announce his arrival as THE dominant force … on the biggest of stages … in the most destructive way possible.


Armando Estrada: Captain Charisma?? Ju are officially on notice. No excuses pero … ju’re gonna know when, ju’re gonna know where, and ju just found out how … AUGUST 19 … WEMBLEY STADIUM … SUMMERSLAM!!!

Heat / Cheer for the announcement, whilst Estrada laughs.

Armando Estrada: It’s gonna be ju, el mono … little man … ju weakling … ALL ALONE … ONE ON ONE … with THE scariest force in the entire HISTORY of this company … THEEEE … SAAAAAAAAAAA-MO-ANNNNNNN BULLDOZERRRRRRR … OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-MAG-AAAAAAAA!!!!!

Big shot of Umaga, standing over Christian, as Estrada stands by his savage, tapping the briefcase.


The Coach: Near unstoppable?? He IS unstoppable, J.R!!!

Jim Ross: It’ll be like a damn death sentence over Christian. He’s got seven weeks to prepare for the biggest challenge of his entire career. The biggest threat to his championship … how can Christian overcome Umaga??

Final shot of Christian … still flat out on the canvas … as we fade …

NO opening video OR pyro

Instead, we go live, into the ring, where Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff is stood - with the majority of the roster surrounding the ring - having just watched the previous video package. Eric points toward the titan tron, nodding…

Eric Bischoff: Now … THAT was impressive. THAT was a moment that I imagine will be remembered for years to come, replayed over and over down the years as a “Raw Moment” … and as it stands, the main event at Summerslam will be Christian defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Umaga.


Eric Bischoff: Note; I said as it stands.

Bischoff pauses.

Eric Bischoff: Because quite frankly, that incident last week potentially scuppered by own plans. Y’see, as you might have noticed, I’m a pretty big deal around here at the moment. I’m currently the General Manager of Raw AND Smackdown, all the way through to the biggest Summerslam of all time in forty one days.

Slight heat for the tooting of ones own horn.

Eric Bischoff: And beginning one week from tonight, the WWE embarks on it’s biggest world tour ever. Right now, there’s a lot of pressure on my shoulders to make the best impression of this company all around the globe, and my intention was to kick off the World Tour with a bang on Raw next week with a World Heavyweight Championship match.

Bischoff then turns his attention to the men surrounding the ring.

Eric Bischoff: And as far as I’m concerned … that’s STILL gonna happen!!

The Raw superstars all nod in agreement / happiness.

Eric Bischoff: Y’see, Umaga has his title shot. It’s signed, sealed and delivered for August Nineteen. So, gentlemen, the question is, which of you standing around the ring right now wants it badly enough?? Which of you wants that Summerslam main event the most?? The biggest Summerslam main event of all time awaits - potentially - for one of you … and the opportunity to meet the ONLY undefeated member of the entire WWE roster with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line!!! WHO WANTS THAT OPPORTUNITY!!!???

Predictably, there is a free-for-all at ringside, with shouts, arms raised etc, with everyone wanting the shot.

Eric Bischoff: I like that. Tonight, you ALL get to prove to me how much you want it, because right here in this very ring, you’re all going to compete in an over the top rope battle royal!!! And the winner- The winner meets Christian next week … FOR THE WORLD … HEAVYWEIGHT … TITLE!!!

Big pop, and cheers from ringside, with the superstars delighted.

Eric Bischoff: I said we’d be leaving the States with a bang, and if I don’t mind saying so myself, I th-


One of the men conspicuous my their absence at ringside, JOHN CENA, steps onto the stage for his typically mixed reaction. No smiles at the fans, or salutes, Cena motions to cut the music, as he talks on his way down the ramp…

John Cena: Yo Eric, I know y’said last week I’d have to work my way back to the top … but c’mon man … am I really behind Santino Marella??

Santino looks taken aback by the suggestion, whilst a few fans laugh.

John Cena: And- And I mean … no offence, but is Scotty Too Hotty, Val Venis or … (looks at the guys around the ring, and does a double take) hey, X-Pac?? When did you come back?? Are these guys honestly better equipped to challenge Christian?? These are guys that couldn’t get a sniff at the title TEN YEARS AGO!!! I just held the World Championship four months back!!! C’mon man!!!

Bischoff smirks at Cenas desperation.

Eric Bischoff: Look Cena, you said it yourself last week. You said you’d work your way back to a title shot. Now, I cant let you break your bond to your Chain Gang- all four of them … and just let you right back in the hunt, c-

John Cena: You’ve got me wrestlin’ with scrubs Eric. When I said I’d beat anyone and everyone, I meant guys that actually have some form of a reputation. Guys that have tenure around here … not some local farmhand that just bought a pair of tights.

Bischoff chuckles again.

John Cena: Glad this is all funny to you, frosty top. Look, I’ve got an proposal … you put me in that Battle Royal tonight-

Bischoff instantly shakes his head.

John Cena: Hear me out. You put me in that Battle Royal tonight … and the only way I win is if I eliminate every single guy, one by one.

Mixed response from the fans. Bischoff though, finds the proposal hysterical, and doesn’t hide his laughter in the ring. Cena looks angered by the reaction of the GM, as Bischoff tries to calm down to respond.

Eric Bischoff: As intriguing as that would be Cena … I think I’ll have to pass. No, tonight, you’ll continue your … rehabilitation towards main events, and seeing as you’re sooo insulted that Santino Marella has got a spot in the Battle Royal … why don’t you show me how much better you are than him?? Tonight Cena, you’ve got Santino Marella, one on one!!!

Barely a reaction from the fans. Cena though, is livid.

John Cena: You don’t get it, Bischoff. I need to main event Summerslam. I need that rematch with Christian. I need to hold that World Championship again … I’ll do whatever it takes. I’ll fight Umaga for chris’sakes!!! Gimme Umaga, I’ll take him on for his Money in the-


Cenas plea is interrupted by another man not already included at the ringside meeting … as Mister Kennedy steps into view, also carrying a mic, and ignores the boos from the fans, as he talks over his music, which eventually dies down.

Mister Kennedy: Hey- Hey John?? Why don’t you go back to the locker room, and borrow the deodorant from my bag … because the stench of desperation comin from you is UNBEARABLE!!!

Kennedy holds his nose, whilst a few fans laugh … but Cena doesn’t find it funny.

Mister Kennedy: Guess what ‘Yesterdays News’, I didn’t get an invite to this little get together either. Apparently, I’m also outta the running for a shot at the World Championship … But I’m not gonna cry about it. So why don’t you dry your eyes Tiny Tears, and go back to the drawing board, and focus on your big match tonight with Sa-

Kennedy cuts himself off, laughing.

Mister Kennedy: Okay, okay … go back and get ready for your match with Santino Marella later.

Cena remains angry, but nods, and after a look over his shoulder at the ring, continues up the aisle, walking toward Kennedy, past the loudmouth … but stops - to a big pop - and turns, walking into the face of the 2006 KOTR winner.

John Cena: See … there’s a difference between the best … and the rest. For the best … it kills them not to be involved in the main events of the biggest events.

Cena looks Kennedy up and down.

John Cena: For the rest … they’re happy to be “Close … but not close enough” … and laugh off the fact that they’re out of the big picture when it really matters.

Cena steps back, and scoffs at Kennedy.

John Cena: You’ve just shown me what category you fall under.

Cena walks off, leaving the stage, as Kennedy’s jovial smirk from earlier has long since disappeared … as we fade out.

Commercial Break

We return, with Gail Kim and Victoria already in the ring, with Maryse on her way, as we get set for tag team action…


Beth Phoenix enters the fray…

Jim Ross: We are back live, and for the first time tonight, good evening ladies and gentlemen, I’m J.R alongside The Coach, and Coach, we’re about to see some tag team action from the Womens division!!

The Coach: Yeah, with four ladies that all have their eyes on a shot at Mickie “don’t call me Alexis” James. And all four have had their problems as of late. Maryse and Victoria have had a number of battles on Superstars over the last few months, and both Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix have exchanged words; tonight they’ll be on opposite sides!!

Jim Ross: Of course, this isn’t the only tag team match tonight. MNM will defend the World Tag Team Championships against the British Lions, who finally get their shot at the gold, having had two previous title shots ripped away by the current champions, and their ‘Entourage’

The Coach: And after MNM bitch slap the Brits, we’ll also see Willy Regal and Matt Hardy battle it out to see which one of them is gonna lose to Shelton Benjamin next week on Raw for the Intercontinental Title.

Jim Ross: I love your optimism, Coach, but it may well be misplaced. And of course, unless you’ve only just joined us, our main event tonight will see the Raw roster battle it out in a Battle Royal for a shot at the World Heavyweight Champion next week from Mexico City!! Lot’s of guys set for double duty tonight, but for one of them, it could well be worth it; the opportunity to headline Summerslam could await!!!

The Coach: Oh, they will. Trust me, Christian doesn’t want ANYTHING to do with Umaga. He’d rather relinquish the belt next week, than face the Samoan Bulldozer and be humiliated at Summerslam!!!

Jim Ross: I don’t buy that, Coach. Not one bit. And we’ll be hearing from the World Heavyweight Champion later tonight, regarding the potential meeting with Umaga, should he retain the title next week in Mexico City!!

Match 1:
Gail Kim & Victoria vs. Maryse & Beth Phoenix
Excellent encounter - despite the presence of Maryse - but even the French-Canadian adds some flair to the contest with her posing and pouting, whilst Beth carries the workload for the duo. Gail Kim impresses once again with her athletic ability and speed, whilst Victoria - the veteran - holds it all together. The divas are given time to go too, and in an odd switch to formula, it’s the faces on top for the majority, with Maryse playing a ‘heel in peril’.

Eventually, the rookie of the foursome is able to trick Gail Kim, jumping the Korean born diva and gives herself a chance to tag out to her desperate partner, and Phoenix is reintroduced - and the pent up aggression is back on show - with Beth overpowering her two opponents, even the strong veteran Victoria. Phoenix hooks Kim up for the Phoenix Rising {Glam Slam}, but Kim manoeuvres out, into a roll up … 1...2...BETH ESCAPES THE PINNING COMBINATION!!!

Kim then ducks under a clothesline, tagging out to Victoria, and the faces double team Beth, hitting a double suplex, before Kim launches with a slingshot cross body to Maryse on the outside … BUT MISSES!!! Maryse again outsmarts Kim, and as Beth kicks out of Victorias pin, the French rookie slips inside, delivering a stiff boot to the back of her long term rivals head!!! Maryse then poses at the ropes (the hair swing thingy) whilst Beth regains her footing, picking the veteran diva up … delivering the Phoenix Rising!!! Beth hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Beth Phoenix & Maryse @ 06:02

The victors have their arms raised in victory … BEFORE BETH RATTLES MARYSE WITH A VICIOUS CLOTHESLINE!!! Phoenix attacks her own partner, and kicks Gail Kim back off the apron, before DEMANDING the mic from Lillian, shoving the announcer away once she gets the mic.


Pop from the fans, wanting to see Mickie and Beth fight it out. The raging Phoenix paces the ring, waiting for a response…

Beth Phoenix: You’ve made me wait for over five years Mickie. I could’ve came to the ring last week during your match and taken you out on the spot … but I decided to try and do it the right way … only … I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER!!!


The fans pop, as Mickie James enters the scene, dressed casually, but with her title belt in tow … only coming as far as the top of the stage, holding a mic.

Beth Phoenix: Oh no- don’t stop there. C’mon down here and meet me in the ring - FACE - TO - FACE!!!

Mickie holds a hand up, before bring the mic to her mouth.

Mickie James: I’m pretty sick and tired of this Beth. I’ve apologised for my actions in the past enough. There’s only so many times I can say sorry. I think all the fans are fed up with it too. Am I right??

Mickie looks to the fans, getting a cheer of approval from the majority.

Mickie James: We’ve all made mistakes, Beth. I’ve learned from mine. And honestly, I think it would be a mistake if I marched down the aisle right now to fight you in the ring.

Heat. In fury, Beth shakes the ropes, ready to explode.

Mickie James: Listen. Beth, I’ll fight you anytime - but not like this. It’s not fair on you, or me. I listened a couple months ago when Melina brought you in. (Points around the arena) THIS was your dream. (Holds up her title belt) THIS is what you’ve dreamt of holding ever since you were a little girl. I’d rather give you the opportunity of fighting me for this title, in an official match … than just fight it out with you in the ring right now, and let ‘God knows what’ happen.

Phoenix shakes her head, not seeing the sense in what Mickie is trying to say.

Mickie James: I know you’re angry. I know you want to break me into pieces … but Beth … I wont let you destroy your own dreams by getting yourself fired for whatever it is you might do to me. If you want me that badly Beth … earn your shot at this title. Because trust me, if you do that, I wont have any hesitation in meeting you in the ring.

Mickie turns, leaving the stage - to some boos - whilst Beth goes nuts in the ring, unable to keep a lid on her emotions.

Commercial Break






Back in the arena, CODY RHODES is warming up in the ring, joined by his brother Dustin - who is sporting bruises on his face after last weeks brutal beat down at the hands of Umaga. Rhodes turns, asking for a mic, and it’s delivered by Lillian Garcia, with the cocky upstart talking.

Cody Rhodes: As you are all now aware, tonight, Monday Night Raw is headlined by an Over-The-Top Battle Royal. And the victor will meet Christian, next week on Raw for the World … Heavyweight … Championship.

Cody licks his lips and smiles at the thought.

Cody Rhodes: And both I, and my brother Dustin, will be a part of that Battle Royal later tonight. Now, as it goes, I issued a challenge earlier tonight, in order to prove my abilities, and just how far I’ve come. Now, when I asked for the match, I was unaware of Mister Bischoffs announcement that was to follow. Yet selflessly, Dustin here has offered to replace me in this match in order to allow me to prepare and focus solely on the Battle Royal later tonight.

Dustin looks completely stunned - clearly unaware he ever offered to replace his brother - and mouths “WHAT??” at Cody, who steps through the ropes, standing on the apron, discussing the matter with his unprepared brother…


The Igloo COMES UNGLUED as their hometown hero - despite being a heel - makes his entrance, playing up the hero status, pounding his chest and pointing to the adoring fans, whilst Dustin Rhodes rolls his eyes in the ring, not wanting to face Kurt Angle, but begins to unbutton his shirt in preparation.

Looking fired up, the Olympian rushes down the aisle, raring to go, whilst in the ring, Dustin tries to call Cody back in, definitely not the sign of a man that ‘offered’ to replace his brother. Cody continues to beg off, pointing to the ring, telling his elder sibling to turn around to get on with it … and Dustin turns … RIGHT INTO A TACKLE FROM ANGLE!!!

Match 2:
Dustin Rhodes vs. Kurt Angle
Like last week, Dustin Rhodes is on the wrong end of a gruesome beat down. Angle hammers Dustin on the mat, before playing to the fans as he gets up to a huge ovation from his hometown. Angle runs in behind Dustin - AND FIRES OFF THE TRIFECTA OF GERMANS!!! He could finish it there, but Kurt wants to put on a show for his people, and hammers Rhodes in the corner, letting fly with a plethora of right hands, then grips him … DELIVERING A STUNNING OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!!

Angle stomps around the ring, letting his emotions run, whilst his opponent is in dream land, using the ropes to get up, looking out at Cody who shakes his head in disapproval … and Angle swoops in, EXECUTING THE ANGLE SLAM!!! Angle shoots up, ripping off his straps - to a huge pop - then grabs the ankle … ANKLELOCK APPLIED … INSTANT TAP OUT!!!
Winner: Kurt Angle @ 01:44

Kurt Angle warms up perfectly for tonight’s Battle Royal, dominating poor old Dustin Rhodes, whilst we see young Cody Rhodes shaking his head in shame, already leaving up the aisle, not bothering to check on his brother.

Jim Ross: Coach, it’s gonna take a brave man to try and stop Kurt Angle from winning tonight’s Battle Royal. The Olympian is desperate to get a one on one shot at the World Heavyweight Champion, and he looks spurred on by his hometown fans here in Pittsburgh!!

The Coach: He’s my pick, J.R!! And you can bet, Kurt Angle wont shirk the challenge posed by Umaga!! He’ll fight the Samoan Bulldozer to the death if he has to at Summerslam!!! Kurt Angle isn’t a sissy like Christian!!

Jim Ross: But what about poor Dustin Rhodes. Once again, left for dead by his little spoiled brat brother.

The Coach: He was stupid enough to offer to replace Cody, J.R. He’s the one to blame.

Jim Ross: Are you seriously believing that??

The Coach: Of course I am. Dustin Rhodes is hanging onto the spotlight with his fingertips, and he’d play the victim to step in front of his brother!! Smart guy, and a typical old glory hog. Cody ought to drop him like a bad habit!!!

Jim Ross: That’s absurd. Nevertheless, those three men are all set to be part of tonight’s main event, and another two men that will be pulling double duty tonight are the tandem of Harry Smith and Paul Burchill, just moments away from finally challenging for the World Tag Team Championships. The British Lions are standing by with our broadcast colleague Matt Striker. Matt??

Backstage to Striker…

Matt Striker: Thank you, J.R, and yes, here I am, with the two men that are set to challenge for the World Tag Team Championships in just a moment. Harry, Paul … this shot has been quite a while in coming. How does it feel gentlemen??

Burchill smiles, rubbing his hands together.

Paul Burchill: Matt, the good things come to those who wait. Harry and I … and lets not forget Katie here … the three of us have waited for this shot for quite some time. Any shot at the World Tag Team Titles is an honour … but to get a shot at two toerags like Nitro and Mercury … to have a chance to make their lives miserable by taking their most cherished possession … after the stunts they’ve pulled on us?? Oh, believe me Matt … this is going to be awfully sweet.

Smith nods.

Harry Smith: Matt, I said it last week; for every action, there’s a reaction. And tonight, MNM - and their little ‘Entourage’ if they want to get involved - are about to find out the reaction to their actions. They looked really good by taking us out from behind. I don’t think they’ll fare quite as well one on one.

Katie Lea rubs her boyfriends back, before speaking.

Katie Lea: And as for Melina?? If you want to get involved darling, be my guest. Because it would give me great pleasure to sink my claws into your movie-star face, and take a few chunks out of your pretty red hair. The A-Listers had better keep the champagne on ice tonight Matt, because the British Lions are about to roar … all the way to championship gold!!!

Burchill and Smith agree, and high five one another, before walking off the set.

Matt Striker: There you have it ladies and gentlemen. The British Lions mean business, and they face MNM for the World Tag Team Championships … NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

And, we return with The British Lions on their way to the ring, slapping hands with fans.

Jim Ross: They look relaxed, but focused, Coach. The British Lions have been waiting for this moment for the last month, but tonight, there is no more shenanigans, MNM must pay the piper!!

The Coach: Oh you just LOVE to stick it to MNM. Just because they’ve proven themselves superior to your crush; Straight Edge. And now, you’re throwing them to the side, and declaring undying love for these wonky toothed Brits!!!

Jim Ross: Are you listening to yourself?? I don’t have any favourites Coach, I just don’t appreciate how MNM conduct themselves.

The Coach: You don’t like the fact that they’re better than Straight Edge!!! You backed a loser J.R - and not for the first time!!

Jim Ross: But they haven’t proven anything. They escaped with the titles last week by the skin of their teeth. As far as I’m concerned, Straight Edge have MNM’s number … and deep down, MNM know it too!!


As ever, the champions get the red carpet treatment, and strut their stuff down the aisle, with Melina leading the way, whilst the Lions try to contain themselves in the ring, keeping their composure as MNM complete their entrance - banana split on the apron by Melina and all.

MNM w/Melina vs. The British Lions w/Katie Lea
But as soon as the bell rings, Smith and Burchill give chase, with Nitro and Mercury hopping out of the ring, running from the challengers around the ringside area, and back inside, with the champions pouncing on the Lions as they slide inside behind them!!! Quickly though, the fired up challengers turn the tables, and get the better of the champions, taking over, with Nitro and Mercury unable to stop the tide, as Burchill and Smith dominate the early going.

After a hot opening though, the challengers are outsmarted by the champions, and soon MNM take over, focusing on the weaker member of the challengers; Harry Smith, and by working on him, they are able to rile up the helpless Burchill on the apron - unable to make a difference - as Nitro and Mercury begin to show why they held the titles for NINE months last year, and won them back last month. MNM show off their teamwork, but are unable to finish Smith off as the match wears on, with their sweet and innocent (yeah, right) valet also getting involved behind the officials back, choking Smith on the ropes. Katie eventually spots the interference, and chases off Melina, who hops the barrier to escape Katie, with the challengers in big trouble as we go to a commercial…

Commercial Break

We return, with Melina now back at ringside after running from Katie, but Smith is still on the receiving end of an MNM beat down, trapped in a chinlock from Nitro, but now, Smith begins to fight back, with Burchill on the outside trying to gee him up, but as the second generation star looks set to escape the hold … MERCURY RACES INSIDE THE RING AND CLOBBERS THE UNSUSPECTING BURCHILL - KNOCKING HIM OFF THE APRON!!! As a result, even when Smith fights out of the chinlock, he has no one to tag out to!!

With the official now too busy admonishing Mercury for his actions, Nitro has a big window of opportunity … AND LOW BLOWS SMITH!!! Nitro follows up with a spectacularly flashy neck breaker, getting the cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Smith refuses to give in, and fights on, but Nitro tags in Mercury, who dropkicks Smith down again, scrambling for a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Now, Mercury applies a sleeper, but Smith again battles … and with Mercury on his back … SMITH RUNS BACKWARD … RAMMING MERCURY INTO THE CORNER!!! Squashed, Mercury loses his grip, letting Harry go, and Smith now lunges across the ring, ducking under Nitro who tries to cut him off … AND TAGS BURCHILL!!!

Burchill, like a freight train, rushes into the ring, nailing anything that moves, decimating MNM. It looks like the King of Pain might just win the whole thing single handedly, hauling Mercury up in the air for a Military Press … BUT MELINA TRIPS HIS LEG!!! Mercury lands down on the big man, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! On the outside, Melina flaunts her interference … but not for long … AS KATIE LEA TACKLES HER DOWN!!!

Katie beats the crap out of Melina, whilst in the ring, MNM try to finish off Burchill … getting him up for the SNAPSHOT … BUT SMITH TACKLES DOWN NITRO TO STOP IT!!! Mercury is unable to keep Burchill up, and the big nasty Brit gets the better of Mercury in the ring, whilst Smith throws Nitro to the outside - following out himself. But, on the outside, we now see THE ENTOURAGE!!! The as yet unnamed duo drag Katie Lea off Melina, grabbing the attention of Harry Smith, as the two men threaten to hit the female … leaving Smith in a dilemma … and he chooses the girl, letting Nitro go, and gives chase to the Entourage, who back up the aisle with Katie Lea kicking and screaming.

As The Entourage tell Smith to back off on the ramp, Burchill is now distracted by the commotion … allowing Nitro and Mercury to regroup … AND ATTACK!! MNM don’t waste any time, and as we see STRAIGHT EDGE now entering the scene to confront The Entourage and even the numbers … MNM DELIVER THE SNAPSHOT TO BURCHILL IN THE RING!!! With Punk and Helms taking care of the Entourage, Smith - and the freed Katie Lea - now race back to the ring to save their partner … but Nitro cuts Harry off at the ropes, with Mercury covering … whilst Melina traps the foot of Katie Lea to stop her from stopping the count … 1...2...3!!!!
Winners: And STILL World Tag Team Champions - MNM @ 12:11

MNM steal it again, and as The Entourage are seen escaping from Straight Edge, the champions get out of dodge too, once again, via the crowd, with their titles in tact, whilst the fuming beaten challengers take over the ring. Punk and Helms join Smith in the ring, as he and Katie Lea bring Burchill to his feet, but the proud, hot tempered Brit refuses the help, having a bit of a rant, whilst Smith tries to explain his own actions for racing up the aisle.

Burchill eventually cools off and calms down, nodding, accepting the reason given for his partner bailing in order to save his little sister. Burchill puts an arm around Katie, asking her if she’s okay, with the tough Brit nodding. The British Lions then also shake hands with Punk and Helms, thanking them for their assistance in trying to help even the numbers.

The Coach: I’m not sure if I’ve seen so many losers in one place before … but I’m sure these fans in Pittsburgh have, ha ha!!

Jim Ross: On your game tonight, Coach.

The Coach: On my game every night J.R. Since you phone it in every week, someone has to.

Jim Ross: I’m just fed up, Coach. I’m fed up of MNM squeaking out victory after victory, week after week … by any means necessary. And I know what you’re gonna say Coach; winning is all that matters, but that’s bull as far as I’m concerned. MNM will never get credit if all they ever do is win matches by any means.

The Coach: Rant over??

Jim Ross: It’s not on, Coach. Nitro and Mercury are two fabulous athletes, two terrific wrestlers, but they will never earned respect if they can only win matches and championships in that matter. If they want to be known as the best, they have to beat - soundly beat - the challenges of Straight Edge and The British Lions!!!

In the ring, the disappointed Lions continue to discuss the loss, and begin to leave the ring, with a lot of shaking heads, coming to terms with their defeat, as we fade out…

Commercial Break



A brief highlights package {still images with commentary} airs from last night’s Smackdown PPV event; THE GREAT AMERICAN BASH, focusing on the BURIED ALIVE MATCH.

From the eerie entrance of The Undertaker, to the brutal exchanges in the early going, the video tells the story of the match, before getting towards the finish with the action spilling to the gravesite, with both men coming close to being buried alive … before the sickening TOMBSTONE … followed by a CHOKESLAM INTO THE GRAVE from Taker to JBL … and the scary ending, with the druids filling the grave, before typical Undertaker tricks, filling the grave with the dirt held in the JCB.

What then follows is the graphic “OFF THE AIR” as footage plays, with medics desperately trying to get the dirt out, and rescue JBL … and the clips rush forward to when the grave is sufficiently emptied, and JBL is tended to, with a lot of shocked faces in the remaining members of the crowdand at the gravesite, as JBL is removed, and placed onto a stretcher, with scary scenes of drips already being attached and the self made millionaire being loaded into the ambulance.


Back live in the arena, J.R and Coach (with the sunglasses removed - so you know this is serious .) look into the camera before speaking.

Jim Ross: A very harrowing sight. Last night at the Great American Bash … John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield was legitimately Buried Alive by The Undertaker. Folks, as you saw in that video, paramedics arrived on the scene almost immediately, and thanks to their quick work, and thanks to the work of many officials and agents within the WWE to clear the dirt, JBL was rescued. However, as a result of the injuries sustained, and the sheer weight of dirt that collapsed onto him, JBL’s chest was crushed, his airways severely damaged, resulting in a collapsed lung, broken ribs, and almost life threatening damage to his mid section.

J.R pauses.

Jim Ross: Whilst JBL will make a recovery in due course, it has already been determined that due to the extent of his injuries last night, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield will never wrestle again. JBL’s career … is over.

There is a momentary silence on commentary, as J.R composes himself, and Coach shakes his head.

Jim Ross: I’d like to stress folks that JBL is extremely lucky that he will make some form of recovery. His wrestling career is over, but thanks to the quick work of WWE officials, he will still have quality of life.

The Coach: That heinous Undertaker should be hung, drawn and quartered for his actions if you ask me. Sadist.

Jim Ross: In fairness, JBL knew what he signed up for. He signed the necessary waivers. He was fully aware of the risk involved, and unfortunately for him, he felt the full cost of the Buried Alive match.

The Coach: He should still be punished. Fined, suspended. Something.

Jim Ross: Well folks, we hope that by this Friday, our colleagues on Smackdown will be able to give a more detailed update on the condition of JBL, but until then, we here on Raw can only express our deepest sympathy to Mr. Layfield. I know personally how much he loved this business. His contribution will not be forgotten, and I, along with everyone else, wish him a speedy recovery…

J.R and Coach remain silent, as the graphic shows up on screen; CHRISTIAN SPEAKS; NEXT~!!

Commercial Break

Straight back into the arena…


The music of the World Heavyweight Champion brings the fans to their feet, and the reigning champion is greeted with a big pop as he make his way out onto the stage, dressed casually with a shirt and jeans - and sporting a weeks worth of facial hair growth - carrying his precious title over his shoulder on the way to the ring.

During the entrance, J.R and Coach recap last weeks main event - and it’s aftermath - before reminding everyone that tonight’s main event will crown a new #1 Contender to meet Christian next week for the title.


Christian gets into the ring, and allows the fans to cheer, before beginning to speak … but as he brings the mic to his mouth, Christian looks up, and for the first time in years, doesn’t have the same confidence or swagger.

Christian: Y’know, I think this is a first … because I’m pretty much lost for words right now.

Very little noise in the arena, as Christian nervously smiles.

Christian: After what happened to me last week, when I got my ass kicked by Umaga … it’s pretty tough for me to show my face right now. When Armando Estrada marched down that aisle with Umaga last week … I’ll admit … my heart?? It sank. I thought I was done for.

Christian picks the title off his shoulder, taking a long hard look at it.

Christian: I thought THIS would be gone.

Captain Charisma shakes his head, as he places the belt back over his shoulder.

Christian: After all I had accomplished to win and retain this title belt … all the adversity I’d overcome, and all the doubters I proved wrong … I thought that last week … that was it. Over … done. There wasn’t a hope in hell I could beat Umaga … not in that condition.

The unshaven champion rubs his stubble, before continuing.

Christian: There may not even be a hope in hell of beating Umaga when I’m at my best with six weeks to prepare.

Heat from the fans. Christian shakes his head, still feeling sorry for himself.

Christian: Like I said, this is pretty galling for me to be standing out here right now, because for all the bravado I’d shown, and I’ll the wise cracks I’d made to Estrada over the last couple of months … it was pretty clear for the world to see that last week … with Umaga coming toward this ring … I was scared.

He rubs his beard again, before speaking.

Christian: After all, there I was, minutes after a twenty minute title match, seconds after taking a cheap shot from Kennedy … staring down the barrel, with a three hundred and fifty pound Samoan monster headed right in my direction. A guy that has been here for over twelve months and not lost a match. Not one.


Christian: And in that time he’s notched up a heck of a lot of wins. But not only has he not lost, he’s barely had any trouble. He has ripped through the entire Raw roster without breaking a sweat. Not only has he won match after match, he has torn his opponents to shreds. He doesn’t just win … he maims. Over this past year, he’s forged a reputation as THE scariest single individual - not just on Raw - but in the entire WWE. What he done to Shawn Michaels at-

Pop for HBK.

Christian: The number Umaga did on Michaels at Vengeance was like nothing we’ve ever seen around here. He ripped arguably the best ever - to shreds. There’s been talk that because of that beating, Shawn Michaels may never lace his boots again.

Heat, followed by a faint ‘H-B-K’ chant.

Christian: That’s what he’s capable of. He has earned the moniker “Samoan Bulldozer” … and for the last twelve months, that’s exactly what he’s been … a bulldozer. He has bulldozed his way through the Raw roster … right to the top. And credit where it’s due … he may have a big mouth, but Armando Estrada has managed the man to perfection. Absolutely flawless … until last week that is. Because last week, for the first time, Estrada made his first mistake…

The camera zooms in for a close up.

Christian: … They didn’t cash in the Money in the Bank contract right there, right then.

Pop from the fans.

Christian: Last week, they had me right where they should’ve wanted me … tired, spent … and out on my feet. Come Summerslam?? I’ll be ready.

Huge pop for Christian this time, finally showing some belief and steel.

Christian: Because if there is one guy in this company that’s capable of ending Umagas streak … you’re lookin’ at him. Allow me to remind you all, because it seems that Mr. Estrada forgot who eliminated his meal ticket from the Royal Rumble back in January. When the chips are down, when the stakes are at their highest … I’m the guy that rises to the occasion. And in front of ninety thousand people in Wembley Stadium … I WILL RISE … to the occasion.

Big pop, and a ‘CHRIS-TIAN’ chant begins. The champion nods, before raising his hand to bring the noise down, indicating that he hasn’t finished yet.

Christian: Of course, there’s still next week. Before I can focus all my attention on Umaga, I’ve got to fend off another challenger - the winner of tonights main event.

Pop from the fans, followed by a faint ‘ANGLE’ chant.

Christian: Now … I know who you’re all pulling for-

The chant for the home town hero grows louder at that mention.

Christian: And if it is him … I welcome the challenge. But no matter WHO wins tonights Battle Royal … let it be known … I WILL be leaving Mexico City next week - STILL - World Heavyweight Champion!!!

Almost mixed reaction, with a lot of people in Pittsburgh pulling for Angle to win tonight - and next week.

Christian: I have no other choice. There’s no way I can allow anyone to take this from me before Summerslam. After last week, I MUST go to Summerslam to face Umaga. Because like I said … if there’s one guy in this company that can beat Umaga … it’s me.


Suddenly, the mood changes, as Umaga enters the scene - joined of course by Armando Estrada, still carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase.


Jim Ross: It’s a case of dejavu for the World Heavyweight Champion!! For the past two weeks, he has saw this very sight coming his way … only this time, Christian is ready and waiting!!!

The Coach: But he still looks like he’s about crap himself!!! He’s admitted it himself, he’s scared of Umaga!!!

Jim Ross: He has every right to be!! No one in their right mind would want to face this SAVAGE!!!

In the ring, the champion sets the belt aside, and rolls up his sleeve, this time standing his ground, expecting a confrontation…

Estrada and Umaga arrive at the ringside area … but proceed to walk around the ring - Estrada forever smiling - as Captain Charisma keeps watch, prepared for an inevitable attack. Armando continues to lead the Samoan Bulldozer around the ring, back to the bottom of the ramp … and Estrada instructs Umaga to walk back up the ramp!!!

Jim Ross: What the-??

Estrada stops at the bottom of the ramp, laughing at Christian, who stands over the ropes, looking livid, knowing it’s all mind games, as Estrada begins to back up, still laughing, with Umaga walking on through the curtain.

The Coach: HA HA HA!!! They’re toying with him!!! Hey- Hey, J.R, better get a mop in that ring, I think Christian just made a puddle!!!

Christian calls Estrada back to the ring, but Armando continues to laugh, backing up, and turns, walking through the curtain, as Christian remains in the ring, shaking his head, as we fade out…

Commercial Break

Matt Hardy vs. William Regal
The two men engage in a stiff affair, but it’s built on respect for one another, building off their meeting just over two weeks ago in the King of the Ring semi-finals. This time however, both men come into the match in a much better condition than they did on that night, and the quality of the match up is greatly improved. Regal imposes himself on Matt after the intense struggle in the feeling out stages, and forces the tenacious Hardy to battle back against the ground based work of the British veteran.

Hardy does fight his way back into contention, scoring a near fall off the Side Effect, but after that, he misses a second rope leg drop, which gives Regal the upper hand now, and the experienced veteran takes over again, with Hardy fighting for his life to survive. And Matt is forced to dig down even further, as Regal tries to apply his submission manoeuvre - the Regal Stretch - but Hardy wisely reaches to the ropes, preventing the hold from being locked on.

From there, Regal continues to pour on the pressure, keeping on top of Matt … and after forcing a kick out from his Butterfly Suplex, the veteran sizes Hardy up for his deadly Knee Trembler … but MATT AVOIDS IT!!! Regal misses, and Matt hooks him up - TWIST OF FATE - NO!!! Regal runs Matt into the corner to break the grip of his opponent, then drags Matt out, looking for a reverse neck breaker - but Hardy breaks free, then ducks a wild clothesline … AND BACKSLIDES REGAL … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: And #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship - MATT HARDY @ 09:22

Regal kicks out - but is JUST a fraction too late!!! Hardy has his hand raised the victor, and earns his shot at Shelton Benjamin - a rematch from Vengeance where he came up just short. Regal extends a hand, able to admit he was bested by the better man on the night, and Hardy - ever the professional - accepts the offer, shaking hands with the respected veteran.

As Hardy and Regal share a few words of encouragement to one another, the camera switches backstage …

Where THE BROTHERHOOD are stood around a monitor watching the in ring events, with Kelly Kelly standing with them, waiting to get a word.

Theodore Long: Dat boy jus’ don’t know when to stop!! Shelton?? You got ‘im right??

Benjamin (with his title over his shoulder) nods. Long smiles at his golden goose, before turning his attention to Kelly, smiling (in a different way) at the interviewer.

Theodore Long: Like a vision from the good lord hisself. Kelly Kelly!!

Uncomfortably, Kelly nods, and half heartedly waves.

Kelly Kelly: Hey guys, I was just hoping to get your thoughts on Matt Hardy just earning a rematch with Shelton for the Intercontinental Championship??

Theodore Long: Well lemme stop ya right there, shuga. Right now, Matt Hardy isn’t on our thought process. Baby girl, Tha Brotherhood are ONLY thinkin’ bout this evenin’s battle roy-ale!!

Kelly Kelly: Well … Matt Hardy is going to be in that match too-

Theodore Long: Really?? Is there FOUR Matt Hardy’s in that Battle Royal??

Long indicates to his troops as a foursome - as one.

Theodore Long: Now, lemme holla at ya for jus’ a second. It’s not Tha Brotherhoods fault that Matt Hardy is obsessed wit us. We tried to tell the boy to stick his nose outta our bid’ness. But the white boy jus’ cant get it into his thick skull, ya feel may baby girl??

Long slaps the shoulder of Benjamin, bringing the I.C Champion forward into the picture.

Theodore Long: Matt is obsessed wit dis man. He’s obsessed with try’na take tha Black Diamon’s Intercontinental Heavyweight Title. Everyone on dis planet can see dat Shelton Benjamin is the hottest commodity in the WWE - everyone … bar Matt Hardy.

Theodore lowers his head, doubling over as he chuckles to himself.

Theodore Long: In fact, Matt Hardy believes HE is hottest commodity; the brightest star. But Matt, my boy, know dis playa … you don’t measure up to Shelton Benjamin … not as a man, not as an athlete, and for as long as Shelton holds that championship … certainly not as a champion.

Benjamin now steps in, wanting to speak up himself, giving Theodore a look as if to say “Is it okay?”, as Long nods glowingly.

Shelton Benjamin: And most importantly Matt, I hope you’re a patient man. Because you might have to wait a while for that title match. After I eliminate body after body from that Battle Royal tonight … I’m going to become World Champion next week … and once that happens?? I’ll be a very busy man … too busy to deal with the likes of you.

Benjamin winks, and smirks, whilst Theodore looks on at his prized asset, patting his back, before reaching in to close the promo.

Theodore Long: With a great support group in place, (looks at the remaining three members of the group) the words; “Shelton Benjamin; World & Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion” is a real, beautiful likelihood. Belie’ dat baby girl.

Long clicks his fingers, doing a bit of a jig, whilst The Brotherhood all nod on, looking pleased, as we fade out.

Commercial Break


An image of the sun rising, getting brighter and brighter…


Clips of John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Christian, The Brian Kendrick, Straight Edge, & Randy Orton


Clips of Kurt Angle, M.V.P, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Mister Kennedy & Edge


Clips of some of the landmark sights in each continent.




The Summerslam logos from the years gone by.


A sight of the globe, which zooms in … toward Europe … toward the UK … toward England … and into London … zooming in still …


And hurtles toward Wembley Stadium.


Differing angles of the new Wembley, including a sight at the arc.


Clips of WWE stars in action, interspersed with clips of fans going wild.


More fast clips of the WWE superstars in action, with fans reactions, including sights of London too.




Back at ringside, J.R and Coach welcome us back…

Jim Ross: The biggest summer in WWE history is ready to kick into high gear from next Monday in Mexico City, and the General Manager Eric Bischoff is certainly looking to ensure the World Tour kicks off with a bang. Captain Charisma Christian will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against the winner of tonight’s over the top rope Battle Royal. The prize for the winner of that match?? A main event in the biggest Summerslam EVER - in front of approximately NINETY thousand fans inside the new Wembley Stadium in London …

The Coach: To get DESTROYED by Umaga!!!

Jim Ross: Indeed, Umaga awaits the winner of next weeks World Title match at Summerslam, and what as task it will be. Can anyone find a way to solve the puzzle of the Samoan Bulldozer??

The Coach: It’s not a puzzle, J.R. It’s pretty freakin simple. Umagas too big, too strong, too tough, too hard headed, too God-dammed savage. He CANT be beat!!! He cant be stopped!!!


Joined by Layla and Leyla, Santino Marella enters the arena to a minimal reaction.

Jim Ross: Despite his supposed involvement in tonight’s main event, I think I can safely say that Santino Marella will not be headlining Summerslam.

The Coach: For once, old timer … I agree. However, he could really build some confidence here by beating that nobody, John Cena.

Jim Ross: I think the treatment of John Cena by the General Manager has been nothing short of humiliating in the last few weeks, Coach. No disrespect to Marella, but he’s barely above Rich Young, who was thrown in at the deep end last week against Cena.

The Coach: John Cena swans around here like he’s owed a living. Like he should simply be put into the biggest matches. Eric Bischoff is just trying to humble Cena a little, make him see some perspective that Raw doesn’t revolve around him!!

Jim Ross: I agree that Cena has been a little bit ‘on the edge’ recently. He isn’t used to being on the periphery. His pride and his drive to be the best is what has given him the desire to be a three time World Champion over the last two years.


Cena rushes onto the stage in a hurry, foregoing his usual routine, and simply walking down the aisle, looking straight ahead instead.

Jim Ross: The frustration is evident. John Cena is NOT a happy man … and that can only be a bad thing for Santino Marella. And- WHOA!!!

Cena enters the ring - AND SLAPS SANTINOS HAND AWAY - then tackles him down!!

Match 5:
Santino Marella w/Layla El & Leyla M vs. John Cena
Cena pounds the prone body of Marella, then gets up, ripping his shirt off, and CHOKES THE LIFE out of Santino with it!!! He releases the grip after a count from the referee, then throws the item of clothing out of the ring, before getting into the face of the camera, proclaiming “ENOUGH OF THE CLOWNIN ERIC!!! THIS IS WHAT‘S GONNA HAPPEN FROM NOW ON!!!”

The furious Cena then scoops Santino up, effortlessly drilling him into the canvas with the FU, before gripping him tightly, applying the STFU … and gains an almost instantaneous submission from the pathetic, lightweight Italian.
Winner: John Cena @ 01:04

Jim Ross: Emphatic. But THAT should come to the surprise of absolutely no one.

The Coach: I do believe that Mister Cena has found his level. Oh- NOW what does he want??

Cena drops out of the ring, and proceeds to the announce position … HURLING OFF THE COVERING!!!

The Coach: Are you outta your mind, you moron!!??

Jim Ross: C’om John, think about this, will ya??

Cena ignores the pleas from J.R, and picks up a steel chair, then drags Santino out of the ring - and completely out of character - threatens Marellas two valets who try to reason with him!! Cena pulls the chair away, realising what he was about to do … THEN SMASHES THE CHAIR OFF THE SKULL OF SANTINO!!!

The Coach: UNCALLED FOR!!!

Jim Ross: Ohh John … what are you thinking??

Cena slams the chair down, before picking the Italian off the floor, onto his shoulders … as J.R and Coach quickly run for cover … AS CENA DRIVES SANTINO THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE WITH AN FU!!!!!!!!!!


Jim Ross: John … what in the world have you done??

Marella lays in a crumpled heap, spread eagled, whilst Cena doesn’t even bother to look at his victim, instead storming away from the ring, back up the ramp, getting into the face of the camera again as he walks up the ramp; “IT‘S ON YO‘ HEAD BISCHOFF!!!” before disappearing behind the curtain.


At ringside, medics tend to Marella, as we hear one saying “DON’T MOVE HIS NECK”, whilst Leyla and Layla are hysterical, trying to console one another.

Jim Ross: Coach, if Eric Bischoffs intention was to rile John Cena, to push him to a breaking point with these ‘minor’ matches … he has passed-

The Coach: Forget the fine or suspension. John Cena ought to be fired with immediate effect. He’s gone too far now!! This was uncalled for. That isn’t the type of guy we want representing this company. He’s a guy that had a good run, and cant live with the fact that he couldn’t cut it at the top for longer!!! FIRE HIM ERIC!!!!

Commercial Break

We return with highlights from before the break, where John Cena completely lost the plot, and decimated Santino Marella … putting him through the announce table.

And, following that, we go backstage, where Eric Bischoff is seen on his phone, walking with a purpose from the parking lot, where an Ambulance speeds off; presumably containing Santino Marella.

Eric Bischoff: I can assure you Jesse, John Cena is going to be severely reprimanded for his actions … (listens on phone) … Of course I don’t condone that sort of violence, I- … (listens again) … I didn’t expect THAT kind of reaction. And trust me, it wont happen again … Hel- Hello??

Bischoff looks at the cell phone, shaking his head, putting it away, into his pocket, as he approaches his office … when he is met by Smackdown superstar; KEN DOANE???

The Raw GM does a double take at first, looking confused, before talking to the surprise visitor.

Eric Bischoff: Ken Doane?? What on earth do you want on Monday Night Raw??

Doane lifts his hands innocently before he starts.

Ken Doane: Mister Bischoff, I had to come and see you tonight. This couldn’t wait until Friday. I was thinking, now that you’re in charge of Raw and Smackdown for the time being … is there anyway at all that you can renegotiate my contract, and let me come over to Raw?? After everything that I’ve had to put up with on Smackdown with Randy … I could really do with the fresh start??

Bischoff scoffs at the suggestion.

Eric Bischoff: You want to come over to Monday Night Raw?? I can understand why. But- I’m not sure. Y’see, I look at you as somewhat of a … well, for lack of a better term, a floater. I’ll skip over your debut and what you spent the first six months of your career here doing … but after you packed that in and joined up with the New Wave … you really just became a background player. Just a glorified henchman for Randy Orton. And then … you grew tired of doing that. So, it’s hard for me to invest in you Kenny. It’s hard for me to get behind you, and bring you over to Raw … because I just don’t know if you’ve got what it takes to put your mind to succeeding here on your own.

Eric thinks for a second, before smiling again.

Eric Bischoff: It’s ironic really that you’re nickname is ‘The Future’ Ken, because I’m just not sure how much of a future you have in the WWE.

Doane doesn’t take the suggestion kindly, and stands up straight, ready to speak up for himself.

Eric Bischoff: You’re still extremely young, Kenny, aren’t you?? What age-

Ken Doane: Twenty One years old, sir.

Bischoff chuckles again.

Eric Bischoff: Barely old enough to drink, Ken. Look, how about I give you some advice. Take a week to think. Just think. About your future. You’re still young enough to take up a different line of work, a different career path. Perhaps wrestling isn’t what you were cut out to do, kid. But take the next seven days to make a decision. If you really want to make it in the WWE - on Raw - join us for the beginning of the World Tour, and next week, live on Raw, I’ll give you your shot.

Doane nods, perhaps already knowing his decision. Bischoffs friendly façade drops though…

Eric Bischoff: But know this, kid … it had better be the right decision, and not just another whim. Because once you come and sign on to Raw, I own you. And Kenny, I’ll warn you now … I intend on testing your resolve to your very limit … to the very point where you’ll question if you really made the right decision … only this time, you cant just run from your problems once you’re in over your head. You show up for work next Monday?? I assure you Ken, I’m going to see if you really are ready to step up and be a man … or if you’re still just a boy in a big mans world.

Bischoff snarls at the upstart, and proceeds on, reaching his office, and opening the door … and JOHN CENA is waiting inside!!!

Eric Bischoff: Who the hell let you in here!!??

John Cena: The mood I’m in Eric?? Wouldn’t be wise for any of your goons to try and stop me.

Eric pours himself a glass of water, continuing to speak.

Eric Bischoff: Yeah, about that. You went way beyond the line tonight, John. You’ve hospitalised another Raw superstar. First The Miz last month because he said a few things that annoyed you, and now this??

John Cena: I know I crossed the line, Eric. But that was a necessary evil to get your attention.

Eric Bischoff: Well congratulations, Cena. You got it.

John Cena: Good. Now, since Santino wont be part of this Battle Royal, how’s about-

Eric Bischoff: Forget it, John. I’m not rewarding you for what you’ve just done. Are you insane??

Suddenly, Cena grips Eric by the jacket, pinning the GM against the wall.

John Cena: Y’know what Eric … with the tricks you been playin lately?? I aint too far off it. You wanna keep tryin me Eric?? Fine. You keep throwin nobodies like Marella at me, week after week. I’ll keep doin what I did tonight … in fact, I’ll go even further next time.

Voice: Then why don’t you face me, tough guy??

Cena lets go of Bischoff, and turns … with MISTER KENNEDY standing by the doorway.

Mister Kennedy: Or am I below your high standards??

Cena smirks at the question, before he and Kennedy walk toward each other, meeting in the middle of the office.

John Cena: You wanna piece of me??

Mister Kennedy: Ohhh yeah, I want it, big shot.

Both men smirk at one another, but not in a friendly manner. Bischoff speaks up from behind Cena, as we see the GM fixing his jacket.

Eric Bischoff: Then that’s what it’ll be - NEXT WEEK!! John Cena and Mister Kennedy.

Both men nod, as the fans cheer in the background.

Eric Bischoff: Now I want you both to get the hell out of my office. Oh, and Cena, for your little stunt tonight out there, you’ve just earned yourself a month without pay- and for putting your hands on me?? I’m going to see to it that that first class travel deal you made for the World Tour is rescinded. You can fly economy like the rest of us.

Kennedy laughs.

Mister Kennedy: Check out the so called “everyman”. Flying first class?? What next superstar?? A personal driver?? Or ho-

John Cena: That mouth of yours has already got you in enough trouble. Save it.

Cena turns to Bischoff.

John Cena: This aint over, Eric.

Cena brushes past Kennedy to leave, but stops as Kennedy opens his mouth again.

Mister Kennedy: You know how you said earlier about the differences between the best and the rest??

Cena stops, but doesn’t turn. He stays to listen though, as Kennedy continues to speak.

Mister Kennedy: Well … you know what separates the bitter losers from the driven winners?? The driven winners will take their kicks, dust themselves off, and then try again … and be better next time. (Kennedy walks up slowly, behind Cena) The bitter losers wont realise they simply weren’t good enough for the main event of the biggest shows in the first place, and instead?? They’ll stamp their feet, whine, bitch, moan and complain because they didn’t get their way … even though they never earned it.

Kennedy steps around, face to face with Cena again.

Mister Kennedy: You’ve just shown me what category you fall under.

Showing his cocky smile, Kennedy walks out of the room, leaving Cena to fume … as we fade out.

Commercial Break



We return, at ringside, with the majority of the Raw superstars filling the ring for the main event, before a select few get their own entrances…


The entire Brotherhood empties from the entrance, led by the confident Theodore Long.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw folks, and we are just about ready for tonight’s main event. A twenty three man field is ready to partake, with the last man standing set to earn a championship match next week in Mexico City!!


The tag team champions enter the stage, with no red carpet this time, whilst in the ring, Straight Edge and The British Lions are chomping at the bit for a piece of the A-List duo.

Jim Ross: And what a night it promises to be next week. In addition to that huge title match, we just found out moments ago that for the FIRST TIME EVER!!! John Cena will go one on one with Mister Kennedy!!

The Coach: Oh yeah, baby boy!! Let’s see Cena try his roughhousing on Kennedy. Let’s see how big he is then!!


The #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Title hit’s the stage, looking refreshed after his battle with William Regal earlier, and has the chance to make history tonight by becoming the first man to be #1 Contender for BOTH the World and I.C titles at the same time.

Jim Ross: And we have also learned during the commercial that should both Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamin fail to win this Battle Royal tonight, then they will meet NEXT WEEK on Raw for the Intercontinental Championship!!

The Coach: That would be huge, J.R, but lets not get carried away. Shelton Benjamin IS gonna win this battle royal.

**BOOYAKA 619**

Rey Mysterio pops up onto the stage, getting a nice reaction, before making his ay down the aisle, whilst we see his conqueror last week; Rhyno, pacing in the ring.

Jim Ross: And what a homecoming it would be for Rey Mysterio next week, if he could challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship!!! With his own people spurring him on, could Mysterio shock the world next week, and take the title from Christian??

The Coach: For his own sake, I hope not. He’d be murdered at Summerslam!!


Cue pandemonium. Kurt Angle storms onto the stage, letting off his pyro, and paces down the ramp, wanting to get on with this.

The Coach: And he’ll have to knock off tonight’s hometown hero to boot!!!

Jim Ross: Indeed, that will be a task - and then some. Kurt Angle is in the zone tonight. He already tore through Dustin Rhodes earlier this evening, and he is HELL BENT on getting his shot at the champion; one on one!!! Don’t dare go anywhere ladies and gentlemen - the main event IS NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

Kurt Angle, Shelton Benjamin, Mark Henry, JTG, Monty Brown, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, Greg Helms, Burchill, Harry Smith, Nitro, Mercury, Rhyno, Matt Hardy, William Regal, Cody Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, X-Pac, Tyson Tomko, Val Venis, Scotty Too Hotty, Stevie Richards, Mike Knox

The match is joined in progress from the commercial, with WAAYYYY too much going on for the camera to follow, but as you’d expect, many of the feuding superstars are already at each others throats, with MNM trying to keep away from Straight Edge and the Lions, whilst Rey and Rhyno renew hostilities, and Matt Hardy tries to fight off the entire Brotherhood, with Regal also getting involved. It’s also noted early on that Dustin Rhodes appears to be shielding Cody in the corner, protecting his little brother from any attempted eliminations. Meanwhile, there is a big ovation, as the fans realise KURT ANGLE has already made one elimination, getting rid of STEVIE RICHARDS.

Eliminated: Stevie Richards by Kurt Angle @ 03:22

Soon, the bodies begin to fly, and it’s The Brotherhood doing the damage, listening to the instructions of Theodore Long on the outside, and hunting in a pack, quickly tossing the dead wood of Scotty and Val Venis.

Eliminated: Scotty Too Hotty by Mark Henry @ 03:58

Eliminated: Val Venis by Shelton Benjamin @ 04:03

And it begins to look rather bleak for the rest of the superstars involved, with the group taking control of proceedings, tossing out X-Pac moments after he delivers the silly Bronco Buster, and Tyson Tomko, trying to avenge his partners elimination, soon follows behind him.

Eliminated: X-Pac by Monty Brown @ 04:29

Eliminated: Tyson Tomko by Mark Henry @ 04:39

Quickly, the remaining superstars begin to get on the same page, knowing it will take a team effort to take The Brotherhood apart, and with Angle leading the charge, and soon Theodore Longs troops are in trouble, even though Cody soon backs off, calling Dustin off too, retreating to his corner and safety, with Dustin shaking his head in disappointment at his little brothers tactics. MNM also take the opportunity to try and eliminate Straight Edge when their guard is down - but fail. Still, the numbers on the Brotherhood are enough to put the group in trouble, and Angle is the first to dump one out, sending Monty Brown to the floor … and JTG soon follows, courtesy of the on fire Angle also.

Eliminated: Monty Brown by Kurt Angle @ 06:19

Eliminated: JTG by Kurt Angle @ 06:31

The remaining superstars struggle to topple the Worlds Strongest Man, and eventually the group gives up, and battle with each other, whilst Shelton and Matt have now found each other, and battle it out. Meanwhile, MNM are forced to live to regret their sneak attack on Straight Edge, and with the help of the vengeful British Lions, eliminate the tag team champions from the match in quick succession.

Eliminated: Nitro by Straight Edge @ 07:19

Eliminated: Mercury by The British Lions @ 07:23

As the match continues, the desperate Theodore Long does everything he can to save his prized asset from being eliminated, grabbing a steel chair, and setting it up for the teetering IC Champion to step on to prevent himself from being eliminated. Hardy doesn’t realise that, and thinks he has eliminated Shelton, and looks to move on, but Shelton hops onto the ropes, and springs back in, clothes lining Matt from behind!!!

Rhyno also finds Mysterio too difficult to get out, with the little man able to manoeuvre his way to safety, and the Man Beast is unable to try again, with Regal attacking him from behind, trying to get Rhyno out - to no avail. Elsewhere, Mark Henry helps out Shelton again, as they try to take out Hardy once and for all, but thankfully for Matt, Rey Mysterio saves him at the last second - either being stupid or brave - and attacks Henry!!!

The Worlds Strongest Man is too big for Rey though, and he squats Rey off like a bug, then throws him off the ropes … BUT REY SHOCKS HENRY WITH A HEADSCISSORS … AND THE BIG MAN TOPPLES OVER THE TOP ROPE … TO THE FLOOR!!!!! And, as Shelton charges at Matt against the ropes … HARDY LOW BRIDGES THE ROPES … AND BENJAMIN FALLS TO THE OUTSIDE … ONTO THEODORE LONG!!!

Eliminated: Mark Henry by Rey Mysterio @ 10:10

Eliminated: Shelton Benjamin by Matt Hardy @ 10:18

The entire Brotherhood ARE GONE!!! Benjamin is eliminated by his nemesis in Matt Hardy, whilst Mark Henry rips off the barricade cover in fury after being eliminated by little Mysterio!!! In the ring, Matt and Rey high five each other for their double elimination … but the joy is short lived as Kurt Angle and Mike Knox attack the pair, just as J.R and Coach head into the final commercial of the evening.

Commercial Break

We return with highlights of one elimination during the commercial, where Kurt Angle notched up yet another elimination, throwing Mike Knox to the floor, as he continues his rampage towards victory.

Eliminated: Mike Knox by Kurt Angle @ 11:55

Still, Dustin Rhodes is protecting his brother Cody … but not for much longer, as Harry Smith and Paul Burchill point out the pair in the corner, and get them involved in the action … by attacking them!! Meanwhile, Straight Edge look set to dump Rhyno out, but suddenly, there is an almighty commotion in the ring … AS MNM AND THE ENTOURAGE STORM THE RING!!! The British Lions and Straight Edge are distracted, and turn their attentions to dealing with their pesky foes … and just as MNM and the Entourage bail from the ring … CODY RHODES DUMPS OUT BOTH SMITH AND BURCHILL!!!!!

And just as the Lions are eliminated … RHYNO GORES PUNK!!! Then, just as Helms tries to save Punk, Angle attacks him … AND ELIMINATES HIM … WITH A BELLY TO BELLY OVER THE TOP TO THE FLOOR!!!!! Punk is dispatched by Rhyno too, joining his folded up partner on the floor - along with the fuming British Lions … much to the joy of MNM who escape up the aisle … having just got their revenge on their rivals.

Eliminated: Harry Smith by Cody Rhodes @ 13:46

Eliminated: Paul Burchill by Cody Rhodes @ 13:46

Eliminated: Greg Helms by Kurt Angle @ 14:00

Eliminated: CM Punk by Rhyno @ 14:04

Angle, Rhyno, Hardy, Cody & Dustin Rhodes, Mysterio and Regal remain, as things settle down for a few moments, with Cody again taking up his position in the corner, with Dustin standing guard, whilst Rey and Rhyno cross paths again, leaving Kurt Angle and Regal to match off, with Matt Hardy trying to help out both Rey and Regal in turns. However, Hardy soon has his hands full … as THE BROTHERHOOD now hit the scene again, jumping the #1 Contender to Benjamins I.C Title!!!

The run ins continue, moments after MNM’s siege on the ring, and the Brotherhood lay a beating on Hardy, before officials from ringside are forced to get in the ring, and instruct them to get off Matt and leave … and the group are all too happy to do so … BUT NOT BEFORE SHELTON DROPS MATT WITH PAYDIRT!!!!! The Coach is giddy on commentary, praising The Brotherhood, as Cody Rhodes looks to feed off the scraps again, instructing Dustin to pick Matt up, bringing him to the ropes and holding him up … allowing Cody to dropkick him … sending Matt to the floor!!!

Eliminated: Matt Hardy by Cody Rhodes @ 16:13

Cody begins to enjoy himself now, notching up his third elimination of the match, and again points to the corner to his safe spot … but now, the other four men remaining in the match refuse to stand for it … and Angle, Regal, Rey and Rhyno all come together … closing in on the Rhodes Brothers … and attack!!! Cody tries to throw Dustin to the wolves and run for cover, but Regal catches him, and gives the upstart a rough beat down, whilst Angle picks up from where he left off on Dustin … AND DUMPS HIM OUT OF THE RING WITH AN ANGLE SLAM!!!

Eliminated: Dustin Rhodes by Kurt Angle @ 16:51

With Dustin gone, Cody wont be far behind, and Regal runs through the youngster with the dreaded KNEE TREMBLER!!! The veteran throws Cody onto the ropes, whilst Rey signals for the 619 … AND DELIVERS!!! Cody staggers around the ring on dream street … as the veteran Regal takes great pleasure chucking Rhodes high into the air, over the top, to the floor below!!!

Eliminated: Cody Rhodes by William Regal @ 17:03

The action settles down for a few moments, as the final four are known; Regal, Rey, Rhyno and Kurt Angle. They pair off, but switch pairs, with none of the four going over, although both Rey and Angle teeter at different points, with the fans extremely on edge when Angle nearly toppled out.


Then, William Regal produces his smoking gun; THE BRASS KNUCKS. The veteran begs off, looking to lure Rhyno in, and nails the Man Beast in the gut, then tries to dump him out of the ring, but as he struggles, Angle spots the opportunity … AND TOPPLES THE BRIT TO THE FLOOR!!!!!

Eliminated: William Regal by Kurt Angle @ 19:34

It’s down to three, and Angle and Rhyno soon make a pact … and team up on Rey, giving the masked luchador a 2 on 1 beat down, with the little man struggling to survive, twice saving himself by landing on the apron, and rolling back into the ring from attempted eliminations. Still, Rhyno and Angle stay on the same page, and try to finish Mysterio off once and for all, but a mix up gives Rey a glimmer of hope … UNTIL ANGLE TRIPS HIM … ANKLE LOCK!!!

Trapped in the submission, Rey takes a gamble, climbing UP on the ropes, AND TRIES TO TOSS OUT ANGLE USING HIS LEG … BUT ANGLE LANDS ON THE APRON!!! In the process, Kurt lets go of the ankle lock, but as he stands up … RHYNO CHARGES ACROSS THE RING AT REY … WHO LEAPFROGS … and the Man Beast looks set to collide with Angle and knock him off … BUT ANGLE LOW BRIDGES THE ROPES … SIDESTEPS … AND RHYNO TOPPLES OUT OF THE RING!!!!!

Eliminated: Rhyno by Rey Mysterio & Kurt Angle @ 22:29

Angle afford himself a smile as he looks down on the eliminated Man Beast … BUT REY TRIES TO KNOCK HIM OFF … ONLY FOR KURT TO HANG ONTO THE ROPES WITH ONE ARM … AND KICKS REY AWAY!!! Quickly, Angle steps back inside, and kicks the incoming Mysterio in the gut - AND UNCEREMONIOUSLY CHUCKS HIM OVER THE TOP TO THE FLOOR!!!

BUT HE HASN’T!!! Mysterio hangs on for dear life, ala Shawn Michaels in the ‘95 Royal Rumble … and whilst Angle drops to his knees in celebration (with many fans cheering too, believing the match to be over), Rey regains his footing on the apron … HOPPING ONTO THE ROPES … AND DROPKICKS THE BACK OF ANGLE … INTO THE ROPES!!! Rey quickly dials it up … HITTING THE 619!!!!! Dazed, Angle stumbles from the ropes … and with every ounce of strength left … MYSTERIO DUMPS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE … TO THE FLOOR BELOW!!!!!!!!!!

Eliminated: Kurt Angle by Rey Mysterio @ 23:07

Winner: And #1 Contender for the World Championship - REY MYSTERIO @ 23:07

There is heat for Mysterio inside the partisan Igloo, all pulling for the defeated Angle, but Rey drops to his knees in victory, looking up, blessing himself, as he has his hand raised by the official.


The Coach: This cant be J.R!! It was supposed to be Kurt Angles big night!!!

Jim Ross: And now, as a result, next week on Raw, Rey Mysterio will have the opportunity to become World Heavyweight Champion in HIS spiritual home. Mexico City will host the showdown; Christian versus Rey Mysterio - for the WORLD - HEAVYWEIGHT - CHAMPIONSHIP!!! BAH GAWD COACH!!!

The Coach: It should’ve been Angle…

On the outside, Angle picks himself up, and allows the defeat to sink in - hands on hips, spitting, shaking his head in bewilderment - as Rey climbs the corners, celebrating his huge victory, earning a title shot in HIS backyard next week on Raw.

Jim Ross: Just one week ago, Mysterio suffered a brutal loss to Rhyno, tonight, he eliminated BOTH Rhyno and Angle in quick succession to bounce back in incredible style!!! Down and out a week ago, Mysterio has picked himself up tonight to gain the last laugh!!

The Coach: This just isn’t right. What use will Mysterio be against Umaga if he beats Christian next week??

Jim Ross: What Mysterio has proven tonight Coach, is that with enough determination and belief - ANYTHING - ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING can happen on any given night!!!

Angle shouts as he exits, to the fans “I DIDN’T DESERVE TO LOSE. I SHOULD BE WORLD CHAMPION - NOT HIM!! THIS IS A JOKE --- HE‘S A JOKE!!!” walking on up the aisle, absolutely disgusted by the scenes in the ring, storming to the back.

The Coach: You hear that old timer?? Kurt Angle is speaking for us all!! That little masked midget is nothing but a sideshow freak. A joke!!! And he’s supposed to represent Raw next Monday??

Jim Ross: You try telling the fans in Mexico that Rey Mysterio is a joke. Kurt Angle will get over it. He’s came up short tonight, and yeah, I’m sure this defeat in his hometown will hurt … but Angle will surely accept that on this night, Mysterio just would not be denied!!!

In the ring, the final shots we see are of Rey Mysterio still riding high, posing to the (pretty pissed off) fans, basking in his victory, and his title match - with the Summerslam main event also in the balance - next week in Mexico City!!

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, it promises to be a special, unforgettable atmosphere next week in Mexico City. Rey Mysterio will make an emotional return to where it all began, with the opportunity of a lifetime … to become WORLD … HEAVYWEIGHT … CHAMPION!!! Goodnight everybody.



Official Card for WWE SummerSlam:
Date: 19th August 2007
Location: Wembley Stadium, London, England
Event Music: Kings of Leon, Fans & The Clash, London Calling

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Christian OR Rey Mysterio
Mr. Money in the Bank; Unbeaten & Undefeated Umaga w/ Armando Estrada


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