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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Raw Feedback

First off, it seems like forever since I reviewed one of your shows. I’ve had a busy last few months, and for a while it seemed like while you were active I wasn’t, and then vice versa. But if we’re both going to be kinda active at the same time, then it’s high time I start paying you back for all those reviews you’ve given me. Anyway, on with things…

Very much appreciated the detail in the opening video, helped me get back up to speed on a few things. Cool roundup with regards to the Money in the Bank situation, sounds like a cash in is imminent.

Almost instantly I can see you’ve been working on your characterisation of the commentators, much more like them that what I can remember. Hopefully this is a trait that continues throughout the night. And once again, I remember trying to encourage you to put more length into these kinds of promos, and you’ve really improved things from reading this Christian one. Really good stuff, much better length and meaning to the promo. As for the content, again it was pretty good. Loved the arrogance and cockiness of CC, especially that ‘new era’ line. Just really solid writing, with the main message being that Flair has overstayed his welcome and needs to move aside, something that a guy like Christian, still waiting for that big chance to be a main eventer would say. Wait a minute, we’re not in Cleveland, ‘King’ never dons the tights outside his home town Anyway, Lawler’s words were fine, although Christian’s retort was awesome, loved that “here’s lookin’ at you Coach’ part. Have to say, this is by far the best thing I’ve seen you write, you’ve really upped your game with regards to promos, as this was spot on.

As for the match, was short and sweet and the right man won. Perhaps a wee bit more detail could have went into the match description, but this was enough to get the point across. Will we see Christian take on a string of legends until Vengeance perhaps?

I quite like the idea of Hassan being in charge of a group of wrestlers, really gives him a boost in my eyes. Not entirely sure on the guys chosen, as while Dutt is a pretty solid guy, Khali should be nothing more than muscle imo. As for the promo, wasn’t quite as strong as Christian earlier, and it also lacked a little bit of focus at times. Kinda jumped around a lot. But again, length and detail was fine, and it got the group over nicely.

Much better altercation between Edge and Trips though. Typical heel talk in terms of blaming each other for the screw up last week, but the way in which Hunter pretty much called out Edge was spot on. I liked the back and forth kinda threats between the two, and while I don’t think we’ll see a cash in tonight, after these words it could easily happen at Vengeance.

Another relatively short match, but again the right outcome. Victoria out after the match keeps the feud ticking over, and it was nice to see Trish get the upperhand here. Not sure you’ll be able to run these attacks all the way to Vengeance though, so you’ll need to get creative to bring the feud up to the level of a No DQ match. But this was fine for what it was.

While the level of detail in your promos have improved, videos still need a bit of work. Was kinda quick words thrown together really. Try set the scene a bit better, give descriptions of the faces of the people we’re hearing from, that kinda thing. Also, messed up on the link for the poster. Which is a shame as it looks pretty good when you actually follow the url.

You did well with Michaels here, I really got that sense of disappointment from him. I think holding off on a potential rematch with Angle makes sense, and if you decide to do it then it should be saved for something like Summerslam. I liked the way Bischoff put the blame for Angle’s no show back at Shawn, makes sense that he would do so. The stipulation for the match is very intriguing, and as much as it pains me to say it, a third straight ppv defeat needs to happen for Shawn, as I think he’s very much the type of character that could garner a lot of sympathy as a kinda lackey for Bischoff. Haven’t a clue who Bischoff would choose right now, but I hope it’s a good pick and a believable choice to beat Michaels. Nice way to close off the promo with a very intense line from Michaels. Can’t say a whole lot about this feud right now, bjut I’m very intrigued as to who Michaels’ opponent will be. Good stuff here.

Lol, I think you’ve kinda messed up the start of this Batista promo. You say he’s got one agenda, and that Jericho has another, and then say both agendas are the same. Perhaps I’m reading it wrong, but that’s how it came across. Although it sounds very much like the kinda mistake Big Dave would make . Much more like it once he turned his attentions to The Game, everything there was fine, although not so sure on the gimmick infringement. Didn’t think that part was needed, although I guess it ties in with the Evolution history of the three. But apart from that and the bit at the start, this served its purpose well.

Haas and Dutt sounds like a real good match, again would have liked a wee bit more description of the action. Dudleys out to help, and after Coachman put over the fact that it was essentially four against two, it makes sense to have WGTT and the Dudleys combine. Eight man tag at some point down the line surely.

Now see, compare this video to the Vengeance one earlier, it’s like night and day. FAR better effort here. This is much more like it, and this is what you should be aiming for with any future videos. Anyway, I like the idea of taking the talented two from the Spirit Squad and sticking them together, and it seems like they’ll be a couple of playboys by the sounds of it. ‘Platform for perfection’ – I like that. I may have to steal it for something. Sounds like a very useful addition to you tag team ranks.

Whoa, brutal stipulation from The Bisch. Again, I’m not so much a fan of Khali doing much in the ring, but I guess I can understand this. Gonna be a tall order (what a pun) for Benjamin to win here. Infact, I think it could do a lot of harm to the Entity is he does win. Not so sure about this, gonna have to wait and see how things pan out.

Meh, squash. Never a fan of squashes really, although they’re obviously necessary at some points.

Strange promo from Show, as while I understand the wanting a challenge part, the bit about doubting his future was a bit out of left field. Wow, Regal as a mouthpiece for Jindrak? I’m in for that. Not entirely sure if Jindrak has the talent to be considered ‘the future’, but Regal should definitely help him get over. I liked this, was well set up and executed. Pretty simple way to start a feud, but this should be a solid mid card match at Vengeance imo, although perhaps Show should smash Regal in the build up to add a bit of hype to things.

Surprised that we heard from Michaels again tbh, I kinda felt like we’d heard enough from him tonight and this promo could have been saved for next week. But it was fine, sounded pretty in character and got the point across. That line about ‘the road to recovery’ makes me want him to lose all the more tbh, as I think the more interesting angle is to have Michaels as Bischoff’s lackey rather than the Batista/Michaels title feud he keeps talking about.

Main even time, and you did your best to put Khali over as a beast, although I’d have rather seen Dutt or even Daivari in this spot tbh. But anyway, Batista goes over big as he gets the win despite Edge’s interference, although Edge certainly made that impact he was talking about. God, brutal post match stuff, you really went all out with the pedigree and the sledgehammer. Can’t really fault anything here, except the involvement of Khali, but the rest was spot on a good way to end the show.

Overall, a vast improvement from the last show of yours I read. Promos are much better and with an improved level of detail. A little bit more consistency would be nice with your videos though, at they ranged from good to awful tbh. Also, there were quite a few spelling mistakes in that I saw quite a few words with letters missing. Try tighten that up a bit. But overall, much better. You should be proud of the improvement you’ve made, as looking back on the start of the thread compared to this, the hard work is clearly paying off. Keep it up man.
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