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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Raw feedback

Had to open with one of Trips/Van Dam or the McMahonís so Trips isnít a bad choice at all. Was obviously all just set up for RVD to come out and interrupt things and I thought you did a good job with RVD here. The way he talked about the politics and Trips relationship with HBK was enjoyable. HBK was the star of the show here. I love your use of him and his religious side is brilliant. Fully expect him to get involved later on tonight.

Loved the McMahonís segment here. Something I can fully see them doing with rewinding the tape. Brooke Adams was a bit of a surprise though and Iím not so sure on her getting into this at all but Iíll see how you go with it first.

Comfortable debut win for the Hartís and Iím looking forward to how you go with them after Wrestlemania.

C.M Punk promo was good and I like how youíre going the saviour route with him, particularly as a face. Eugene, well Nick Dinsmore is a great option to go with and with Kelly in the mix this Straight Edge Saints group could be very entertaining, hopefully add another member or two along the way maybe. MNM showing their faces, may well be that the tag division is kicking up a notch now which would be great.

Good match between Orton and Carlito here. Dykstra makes his presence felt and now it looks a lock at last for Wrestlemania time between Dykstra and Lito, should be a good match. Orton in MITB, youíd have to consider him a favourite although I donít think he really needs it that much.

Trips and Van Dam was as expected, a heck of a rematch from SNME. Surprised you put it here in the card but Iím guessing the McMahonís close the show. Really enjoyed this match though and the false finishes were exciting again. RVD steals one almost really with the roll through, catching Trips off guard and the triple threat now is the best way to go. Good job here.

Michaels with the double Sweet Chin Music afterwards just stamps his authority down as the man here. Again a good little move to have him show up and take advantage of the two beaten opponents.

I really liked this WGTT promo. Itís always hard to capture either of Benjamin/Haas but I thought you did well here and the challenge is now laid down. Fully expect it to be London/Kendrick that take them up on it but weíll see if you throw a surprise in there.

Divas, not fussed.

Typical Flair promo here. Looking forward to him and Kennedy on Smackdown, should be a good one.

Another good match up here with Dykstra and Hardy. Orton makes his presence felt with his protťgť and Carlito gets some retribution also. Good stuff. Not sure whether Jeff goes into the I.C. title hunt or slips into MITB. Intrigued which route you go, I expect MITB.

Closing segment was very good. Corporate Lashley, all suited and booted is something I canít imagine seeing but I think itís a good call. Lashleyís reasoning was spot on for everything and makes more than enough sense. Burning the ECW title is priceless stuff and getting Styles into the mix here was excellent with all things taken into account. Styles slapping McMahon was great and you knew heíd pay the price but Cena as ever saves the day. Was only a matter of time before he came out and things got heavy, though Iíd have liked to see Lashley kill Styles and then Cena come down.

Overall, another very good show and the road to Mania is now in full swing. Right call in making things a triple threat match. The McMahon/Cena saga continues to advance well, although still not 100% sure on Brooke Adams getting involved. Straight Edge Saints and Hartís are good additions to the tag ranks while the Dykstra/Lito/Orton/Hardy four way thing going on was also entertaining. Looking forward to next week. Keep it up.
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