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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Feedback

Very intriguing way to start the show. I always like these non-standard openings, adds a little something extra to the show. Assuming from this that Van Dam won’t be making it to his title shot tonight. Danielson being there means little tbh, but I’m intrigued to see Samoa Joe on the scene. You could swerve us having Joe as the attacker, but I think he’s more of a red herring at this point. But yeah, defo an interesting way to kick things off.

And following this with two big time announcements. The two hour show sounds cool, although Foley is a major deal. Crowning some champions is a smart move, and the ladder match sounds like it could be a classic. I’m not entirely sold on the reasoning as to why Foley wouldn’t give Michaels the title shot. Granted, Van Dam earned it, but with Michaels being the man Jericho ultimately beat to become champion, I would have thought Michaels would be in with a good case for a title shot. Plus it would play into Foley being a fan favourite by giving the fans a title match on his first night on the job. Non title should be OK, but I think it will lack the drama that a title match will have. But apart from that, it all sounded good.

Short match, but a solid win for Hassan. Not entirely sold on the ‘change’ in his character, might have to give it another promo or two before I make up my mind. Tonight’s was a bit bland tbh. Just seemed much more a case of getting cheap heat that really explaining the character. A bit more focus with regards to where you want to take the character next time plz. Anyway, Hassan wins, as expected, and I liked the way Punk turned up for the save. Was very old school 80’s WWF, in that someone would attack someone, while another guy would come out for the save, and a feud was born. A bit basic, but it’ll work here. Although I’m not sure what kind of promos we could get between Punk and Hassan, as there isn’t an immediate wealth connection to Punk off the top of my head. Perhaps you’ll be able to fashion something though.

Pretty short interview between the two teams, but it got the point across. Again, much like last week, Haas and Benjamin are very much the aggressors between the two teams. Can’t really decide who I think would win, although I’d like to see a heel turn from Haas and Benjamin at some point to give this feud a bit more edge. It lacks that little extra bit of spice right now.

The Great. He’s here~!

Yin/yang sounds an interesting concept, although I’m wondering what criteria makes a guy an old school cruiser compared to a new school one. But Mysterio/Danielson should be a tremendous match. Hacked by Helms~! After this, I fully expect him to ‘hack’ the match next week or something like that. Solid stuff here.

Not really much in the way of offence for Kenny, although the outcome of this one was never in doubt. Joe looked rather beastly though, Interesting to see Finlay watching on, something I always like to see and write myself. Joe/Finlay would be a good addition to the 2 hour show should you choose to go that route.

You were right to keep Lashley’s lines short, but Christian carried things well, as always. That “I’m not here for you” line was pretty stiff tbh. The accusation of Christian being behind the Van Dam attack was a little out of nowhere in the context of this promo, despite what happened last week. Just seemed to be something that wasn’t needed between these two at this moment, especially the way it was kinda brushed off. But the ending brought us back to the real matter at hand, and the ending was an interesting way to go. Can see a brutal attack for Lashley in his future.

Yeah, convenient that Finlay already has a match Joe/Finlay on the 2 hour show, book it.

You wrote Jericho very well in your old thread, and I’m glad to see it continuing here. Interesting that Jericho knows something about the ‘RVD’ attack, but of course he’s not gonna spill the beans that easy. One thing though, didn’t really see the point in repeating the ‘cavalry’ line again at the end of the promo. Once at the start was plenty.

Each show we’ve seen good main events, and this show was no different. Again, I thought having it as a title match would have added some extra drama to the near falls and Walls of Jericho attempt, but I digress. What a way to bring in ‘The Great’. It was certainly different to have him coming down the ramp instead of a surprise entrance, but he certainly looked like an absolute monster in doing so, and even more so after no selling the sweet chin music. Really job stuff, ca only imagine what you’ll do with Jericho if he has Wright (that just feels weird btw) as an enforcer. And congrats on getting that pivotal line right this week <3

Overall, another good show. This thread has some real good momentum with it right now, and the 2 hour show should be pretty epic. A few things above I wasn’t that sure on, but overall, still impressed and still enjoying reading. Keep it going man.
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