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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Sorry I'm a little late. Work's been kicking my ass this week. Anyway, on to my review.

The beginning with Rob Van Dam getting his shit rocked was kind of disappointing. I mean, I can understand why it was done, but at the same time, I was looking forward to the main event as it was. Also, I feel as if Heyman immediately being able to make the transition from concerned to excited for the big news was a little weird. Having Foley debut as the GM was a little expected, but exciting as hell nonetheless.

The announcement of the two hour special was great to see from a company that doesn't yet have it's own pay per view, and knowing that all of the champions will be crowned by that night is freaking awesome! The tag team ladder match should be incredible to read, and I don't think you can find two better teams for this match!

Having Shawn Michaels be right there to challenge Jericho makes Michaels look really, REALLY shady, and I'm wondering, even after having read the entire show, if there's something deeper then we're seeing right now... not having him get the title shot, though, is pretty nice. Like Foley pointed out, that's Rob's title shot, damn it!

Despite how short it may have been, the Sydel-Hassan match was pretty good. While on one hand it makes Matt look pretty damn good, having Hassan win it was a smart move to make. Utilize him properly and he can very easily be your top heel! I'm kind of bummed, because I had a very similar idea for my BTB, but with how your using him, I ain't even mad, bro lol. But really, good, even if brief match. Also, having Punk run out to make the save... I'm assuming that CM Punk is going to be a face? That's kind of disappointing, but you haven't let me down yet, so I'll see where this goes

The interview between the tag teams in next week's ladder match was pretty good. I mean, it wasn't ground breaking, but at the same time, it got the job done, at least.

Seeing a new debut trailer for Paul Wright was refreshing. Again, nothing too ground breaking, but it was nice to see a new one.

The Danielson-Foley-Mysterio segment was great. Having Foley bust out the big words and deeper meaning behind their match was great to read, and I'm excited for the Yin VS Yang match... then you turned a good thing GREAT with a second Helms Hack! Having Helms punk out Bryan for a second week in a row was awesome, and I'm really hoping that something comes from that. I know I said Hassan could be your top heel, but Helms could be your top character!

Might be a bit in the show, but, as always, the bickering back and fourth between Joey and JBL is fun to read!

I have to say that at almost eight minutes, that might have been one of the longest squash matches I've ever seen! Having Kenny get a few moves in and basically try to escape the whole time may not do much for Doane's character, but it does huge things for Joe, and really establishes him as somebody to be feared! The match was good for what it was, but I'm really hoping that Doane doesn't become a permanent jobber, because he could be a pretty damn good mid-card champion with some sharpening of his skills.

The Lashley-Christian segment was very well done! Finally giving Lashley an opportunity to talk was a good move, because his short bit on the mic was probably the best promo you've written so far! Seeing him play the head games on Christian is pretty cool to read, and I'm really loving this feud so far!

Kind of bummed out that Foley didn't grant Samoa Joe his match against Finlay, either, but seeing that Finlay wants his hands on Joe just as badly makes me pretty excited to see where this one is going! (By the way, real quickly, in the preview for next week, your advertising Finlay's AOW debut... but he debut in the Lucky 13 match... do you mean his singles debut? lol, not to be nit-picky, but that one confused me for a second).

Jericho and Foley's interaction was fitting. It shows Jericho as someone whose calculating, and is some great foreshadowing for the main event. Speakings of...

The back and fourth between Jericho and Michaels was really entertaining to read. Any time that these two step in the ring together, it's bound to be a goddamn classic. But, of course, the real highlight of this match is the debut of Paul Wright. First off, I like that your using his real name, because it separates him from the goofiness of the Big Show character, and I'm happy that your taking him back to his monster roots. At first, I was really disappointed at the punch, because for a second I thought that was going to be his main finisher, but I was quickly relieved when Wright choke slammed Michaels. Please don't have Paul use the punch as his finisher in the future! As something to build up toward the choke slam, definitely use a KO punch, but as the main finisher, it's so damn lame!

Since I'm so late, I'll go ahead and tackle the preview for next week too.

Seeing Keesh, Al and D'Lo get short term contracts is actually kind of cool. Yeah, there primarily going to be working in developmental, as you pointed out, but I'm really hoping that they might get an opportunity at some TV time... okay, I hope AL gets TV time, anyway... okay, I'm hoping HEAD gets some TV time!

It's looking like your building up the Tag Title Ladder Match as your main event, and I think that's a great move for you! It really does put some emphasis on the Tag division, and shows that your not going to be one of those guy's who isn't willing to put worthy matches in the main event slot!

I'm actually rather excited to see what happens with Paul Burchill! I loved Paul when he was in WWE, and it's really nice seeing that your using him in a rather proper way!

All in all, you put on another great show this week, and it's looking like your not going to disappoint this coming week! Looking forward to the official build toward the two-hour special mate!

Oh, and while I'm here, thanks again for the review on EPW. It's always appreciated greatly, mate =)
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