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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

619s Feedback for Mac's Monday Night RAW

Nice description of events with the video packages, pretty straightforward and expected. Personally, I enjoy cold opens after big shows, but this got the main points of the show off and running.

Opening with Trips and company is different. I was almost sure Vinny Mac, Lashley, and Shane would open, but I’ll play along. Loved the content of this one, and the fact that you’ve written RVD in a manner that’s not very cringe-worthy like myself. He seemed to flow naturally here, and Trips even moreso. Loved his playing up his Game roots and ruthlessness, even as a face. Van Dam’s worked shoot like comments were nice and well-placed, although I’m paying more attention to RVD saying he wouldn’t cover Trips had events been turned around. That and it’s a tad difficult for me to buy Van Dam as angry. And HBK. Was. Awesome. I was hoping his religious overtones would continue, and thus, you’ve made me a happy dude. To hell with Christopher Daniels. HBK has become a Fallen Angel; a literal dark Messiah. After this, whoever wins between Hunter and RVD tonight doesn’t hold as much weight as this now confirmed and cemented Shawn Michaels. Most excellent.

I dig the transition of Austin siding with McMahon leading into the whole Lashley/Cena situation. Very subtle, but very effective. Cena/Lashley at no surprise, as it was coming, but I thoroughly like the idea of re-shaping Lashley’s image. Very nice for almost a complete character upheaval. Ms. Adams being here isn’t the big deal, the big deal is what the hell Vince wants with Terry Funk’s grocery list.

Hart’s look terrific in their debut, although I do wish it weren’t at the expense of the Highlanders. But how many heel jobber teams are there, amirite . Anyways, remodeling the Hart Attack into their own distinct version is very cool, giving them a sense of a new identity. Speaking of new identity, please don’t waste too much time giving Natalya her own character rather than their cheerleader. Look forward to bigger things for these men. And Natalya, too.

Lol @ Punk’s ‘new girl’ line given his real life reputation. Bringing back Dinsmore echoes a good bit of the situation surrounding Festus/Luke Gallows, but I’m sure you’re aware of that. This is your own little spin on that situation, with Punk being a face and all that. I do love the fact that you’re introducing a Straight Edge Savior sort of Punk without him being heel. Wanna see where that goes. So two new factions debuting in the same night? Building the tag division, are we? Let’s see how they do with Punk holding a briefcase first. An immediate feud in the works I see. Hart Legacy/SES/MNM…? Is there something up with them all being built so similarly…? Hm…

Solid match here with Carlito and Orton, Kenny coming in and messin’ things up for everybody seems about right. No surprise Orton gets the nod over Carlito, although this pretty much cements the fact that Kenny might not make it to ‘Mania either, given his situation. As much as I adore Punk, Orton seems like a guy who’d take the briefcase rather quickly and easily.

Huh. Was thinking this would be a little further down the card, maybe right before Vince and Friend’s celebration and what not, but I guess being the 10 o’clock main event will work. Just like their last match, very awesome back and forth action, great touch with the outside brawl and showcasing the intense feelings between both guys. Again, kicking out of each other’s finishers sent this match up a whole ‘nother notch and level, as is Trips pulling out the Figure Four. Van Dam just eeking out the win is a little offputting, but I can see why you did it. And again, Michaels steals all the thunder from either one of these guys. But what else can you expect from God’s Showstopper, huh? All in all, very impressive all around and looking very much forward to these three getting it on come the big dance.

Very nice seggy with the WGTT. I need to take notes on writing their dialogue from this. Coming off their encounter with Kendrick and London Saturday, I’m almost certain the challengers will be them. But maybe you can prove me wrong…? Nothing wrong with being unpredictable once in a while. Lulz at the WGTT opening comments. Sounds like they’re more talking about today’s WWE and not the one four years ago.

I remember you setting up the utterly intense history between Mickie and Beth. No problems with Maria getting destroyed here. Just a little tune up for the Glamazon. As for Mickie, I’m seeing the Mickie-T to Beth and not Vicky as a sign that Beth might drop her as a manager soon enough. The challenge is a bit sudden, but again, predictable. And it’s just Detroit. Never heard it referenced Detroit City before.

HOF commentators = awesome.

With Hardy back in the picture, I can easily see him slipping back into the IC title hunt. Triple Threat come ‘Mania…? Or will Hardy be moving onto bigger things in MITB…? That’s to wait and see, but onto today. Solid match with Kenny trying to put Hardy back on the shelf, the ending DQ gives me a bit of insight into Orton and Dykstra, interfering on each other’s behalf and such. The Swanton momentum into the RKO is fun to visualize. The beatdown and triumphant faces is a nice way to end things, but of course, this isn’t over.

Very much enjoyed this ending segment. Cena coming in at the end is a mere formality during this whole thing, other than keeping Styles in one piece. Lashley’s motives seemed very real, and I commend you on getting the whole turn right. It annoys me when someone turns heel out of the blue with no real character buildup, but Lashley’s whole turn and mentality towards the turn have been brewing since the inception of this damn thread. The slow burn feel you had the entire time amplified that, and you’ve pulled the whole thing off very well. The ECW title being burned is a major point that gives me a feeling of maybe some ECW alumni will come after Vinnie and Bobby. Not gonna lie, I marked out like a little girl when Joey slapped Vince. So big ups on that. I can easily see why this angle overshadowed the WWE title scene for the night and that’s because it was much bigger tonight. The Cena altercation at the conclusion left a stale taste in my mouth, mostly b/c following virtually every match and segment, there was an altercation. Nonetheless, this one was necessary. Looking very much forward to seeing where this goes.

Overall, a great way to kick off the final stretch on that there elusive Road to Wrestlemania. Only gripe is, again, the constant altercations after almost everything, but this is easily overlooked by the overall quality. The ride down the road looks like a lot of fun. Keep things chuggin’, homes. Still very much Kirby approved.


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