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Day 4 and stuff

Not much happened today, until Rawlins trolling was ceased...indefinitely!

Rawlin was SHREDDER! Mafia Aligned SHREDDER

Spoiler for rawling:
RAWLIN: http://www.ninjaturtles.com/artwork/...e_shredder.gif
You are SHREDDER!!!!!!!! Mafia Aligned Body-Shredder
Once during the game, you may choose to HIDE a dead players alignment or role. If you use this during the day; make sure you PM me before I post it (obv), and at night submit it with the NK. If it fails (roleblock, player doesn’t die etc), it is not wasted and you can use it later. You win when all threats to the mafia are eliminated.

Official Vote Count
Players needed to lynch: 7

Lawls - 1 - Lostfap - (L-7)
Mr STYLES - 1 - Rising - (L-7)
Rawlin - 6 - McQueen, Scrilla, Roy No Wait Rigor, Kiz, NotTheRealOwen, Haystacks Courleon, Dan Marino, STUFF - [L-(-1)]

Players not voting: Lawls, Mr STYLES, Rawlin, STUFF

what a BABE

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