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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Wednesday Night Oblivion Review

Been flicking through your thread this morning, as Im looking to get back into booking soon enough and wanted to see whats out there. Interesting concept, the promotion's name (AOW) didn't fly with me at first, but Art of War is actually a killer name, bro. Love it. Nice roster, title's are creative and haven't been overused. Anyway, on to the show as planned, my friend.

Opening segment was... a little strange, not too sure whats going to transpire with RVD. Ill be on the lookout to see how that unfolds throughout the night. Heyman comes out, and I commend you on your decision to book a two hour special as a opposed to a full, solid pay-per-view straight away. Realistic. I like it. Ah, so we finally have a general manager. Foley is weird choice, mind you. Im not too sure if his general manager skills, from what Ive seen in real life, even interest me. Ill be watching to see how you use him in that role. Oh, and good move on pulling the one on one before the title shot with HBK. Sensing maybe a triple threat coming, Jericho/HBK/RVD? Maybe. Id pay to see it.

By the way, good commentary from an interesting choice of team. Loved JBL as a commentator, and there 'aint much better than the man himself, straight shootin', Joey FUCKING Styles. Epic.

Hassan bores me to be honest. IRL and in BTB. Never interested, but Sydal Im interested in that. Nice to see Punk coming to his aid, too. Youve got some good partnerships going, from what I can see already. Same goes for Big Show, unless hes booked like a fucking monster, I wont be bothered with reading about him either. The Rey/Danielson segment was put together well, and its a match Im looking forward to. Little confused as to whether or not Helms is officially apart of said match, or whether hell just get involved. Either way, hed be a nice addition to an angle that feels a little too... eh, how should I put this without sounding like a condescending twat. Well, too much like the E.

Joe and Doane, very good, solid and well-written match. You seem to be good at storytelling, so Id look forward to seeing you write full matches. Is the two hour special going to be in full length? As for Christian and the Lashley segment, it was funto read, got me back into the hook of that RVD storyline. Probably wasnt Cage who did it, though. I see a good oul fashioned swerve-a-roo coming along.

Qiuck reviewers note before I make my finaly comments in this review about the main event and end of show Jericho is genius in this thread. I absolute love the way you portray him, and it makes me regret saying what I said about Foleys skills as GM earlier in the review. He had such chemistry with whoever he spoke with tonight, especially Jericho. So, good choice, mate.

On to the main event.... wait, wait. Hold on. FUCKING EPIC, dude. What a way to end the show. You have me absolutely hooked to this thread. I love the way you portrayed Big Show, or Paul The Great Wight as I should say. And I thought that hed be boring? Once again, youve left me eating my own words. Great match, and even though DQ finishes can be overdone, this one was just that little bit special and suited the match and segment down to a tee. Tip my hat to thee sir, great show. I wont rate it, because its not how I role, but excellent show. Ill be on the lookout for the next one. Big thumbs up and a pat on the back. You've gained a true follower, sir.

Peace out,
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