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Re: Wrestling Forum Federation

Originally Posted by JimmyWangYang View Post
You guys are crazy!
Organised fighting?
Organised debating?

All i have ever fought for is the good name(?) of 2011.
And the only way to do that is to speak out against the tyrants.
Those that group together, and try to make an invincible wall.
Those who think that they have higher opinions just because they have been here longer, oh please get off your high horse.
You would be respected, did you not act like assholes who wouldn't even nearly consider the opinion of someone from 2011.
I even saw a guy today trash talking 2011 users...he joined on the 14th December 2010.
Its pathetic.

Jimmy Wang Yang is a man of honour.
John Cena?

Try live the Jimmy Wang Yang lifestyle,

There are lots of good users on this forum who contribute greatly, many of the old people are very well respected.
It is the ones who team up to try refuse to let new opinions be taken seriously.
The holding down of new ideas?
The failure to allow a new era to be brought upon us.
CM Punk would be sick of you all and your ways.

There are a lot of good people trying to make their way in this business of wrestling forum'ing.
And you are just burying them into the ground.
2011'ers are the Shelton Benjamin's of the world.
They've got what it takes but just never got the chance.

Organised fighting?
Organised debating?
Jimmy Wang Yang says fuck that shit.
He will stand and rebel against these naysayers until a new era is brought upon us.

I am a Heyman guy.
But thats not respected here.
I will be pushed back down to the bottom, no matter how hard i try.
I might get 3 title reigns.
But i will always be jobbed back to the bottom.
There will be no organised assaults on the 2011'ers.
There will be a constant fight for justice by JWY.
And he will continue this fight for as long as it takes, for this elitist regime to stop.

I don't ask you to like me.
I don't even ask you to respect me.
I just want life to be fair around here, regardless of join date.
Without a new intake of users, this forum would die.

Oh and i want my face on turnbuckles.
Oh and i want ice creams.

Jimmy Wang Yang has spoken.
Now you can all feel free to wonder for weeks to come, was it a work, was it a shoot?
You will never know the inner workings of WF's Resident Redneck!
Originally Posted by LC1295 View Post
Hold on, did you just cut the greatest promo of all time?
Yes, yes i did just cut the greatest promo of my whole career.
I am the best in the world after all.
I have just made a psychotic turn for the worst however, i am now fighting alone, like a vigilante into the night, JimmyWangYang is going to get him movin' some places.

Keep fighting for justice friend.
Jimmy Wang Yang has a bigger agenda to attend.
That promo is just the beginning.
Wait to see what i do next.

Remember, its all about
And Bitches.

Remember this forever, and use it in your struggle.

In the midst of my groundbreaking promo, i saw the light and i realised what has to be done.
I now leave you all to fight alone.
I am abandoning you at your time of need, doesn't that make you hate me?
If so, then you'll have to deal with it because in the mean time.

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