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Re: Being The Booker

Okay, so it's been nearly three weeks, time to let everyone know the thread isnt dead. I've been a bit slack lately with dishing out feedback (well, technically, I guess I'm back to how I was, with the recent spate of feedbacks I gave being out of the ordinary) but thanks for the feedback on the Bash, gents. Always appreciated.

Winner of the predictions contest is FlyinStyles with 17 points. Closely followed by Legend on 16, then a few on 15 & 14. Lowest score was 5 . I'll reward FlyinStyles with some of those credits later on.

I had intended on stocking up all the shows toward Summerslam before posting, but after running through 3 in seven days a few weeks back, I simply havent had the time to do anymore, and I dont want it to be 6 months or something like it before posting again.


Post Great American Bash News and Notes;

After the show went off the air, WWE cameras continued to roll, with filming taking place to show medical staff and officials 'rescuing' JBL from the tonne of dirt he was supposedly buried under. Of course, for safety reasons, Layfield was never literally buried alive, but the angle shot after the event is likely to portray that JBL was indeed lucky to be brought up alive. The severity of the issue is set to be acknowledged tonight on Raw, despite last nights show being a Smackdown exclusive event.

As a result, it has also been confirmed from sources within the company that it WAS the final match of JBL's career, and it's expected that JBL will be 'medically retired' on air, as a result of injuries suffered at last nights PPV. It is possible that JBL will make a return further down the line in a different capacity, but due to a culmination of injuries over the years, JBL has decided to call time on his in ring career.

The Undertaker meanwhile is said to be part of the upcoming World Tour - at some stage. The veteran had not intended to travel at all this summer, but it appears his services have been called upon to boost star power, most notably for Summerslam next month. Triple H is also now likely to return from his sabbatical - despite also intending to rest over the remainder of the summer - to conclude his long running feud with Brock Lesnar.

With Randy Orton remaining WWE Champion, it's unknown who he will face at Summerslam. Whilst RVD did sign a new contract in the spring, bosses are being tightlipped as to when he will make his full time return having been written off TV again at Judgment Day. Chris Jericho confirmed in an interview last week that he will not be back until the new year - although he is scheduled to be in the UK for shows with his band Fozzy at the same time as the WWE crew lands for Summerslam - and it's unlikely that Ric Flair will be called upon to jump directly into a feud over the WWE Title at this stage in his career. The likely options appear to be The Undertaker - although there is said to be a lukewarm feeling towards the match backstage - and Paul London - but some have argued that they want London to concentrate on defending the U.S Title as opposed to chasing another belt. It remains to be seen what direction Orton will head into for the big event, but it should become clear in the coming weeks.

JBL officially retired at the Great American Bash, but two other long tenured faces also departed the WWE as of last night - Booker T has indeed been released from his contract, with both sides agreeing to Booker sitting out the final two months of his contract, before the veteran will move on to TNA, who officially announced the signing themselves this morning. Also, Tazz has quietly departed the company too, and he is set to also take up a role in TNA.

Michael Cole - who had displayed more of a heel announcer persona in recent months in preparation for Tazz' departure - was set to take Tazz' position as colour commentator, but Cole is said to be in hot water currently, after conducting an online interview with PWTorch last week - an interview which was not given the go-ahead by the company - in which Cole (perhaps in character) buried a number of stars, and called out the WWE for not giving him his shot on Raw, which he feels he's 'earned'. There are thoughts that Cole might even find himself released for his comments, but for now, the announcing situation on Smackdown is said to be 'up in the air'.

With Booker T now gone, and no viable teams to challenge AMW for the Tag Team Titles on Smackdown, there is said to be a concerted effort now to build a 'number' of credible teams - quickly - over on Smackdown, otherwise the company knows they run the risk of killing any heat Harris and Storm have, if they dont have worthy challengers.


Right, so expect a Raw preview in a few days, and Raw to follow shortly after that.
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