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Re: Extreme Revival

Just decided to drop in with some words for a good follower.

619s Feedback For BB's Extreme Television

First of all, props on describing the set. I’m not sure if you’ve done that before, but it’s a very nice touch of you do give us the visuals. It’s a small detail, but it not being there is a bigger deal than it being there. So great job here. Oh, and work on making that banner a great deal smaller.

Maven with the rebound win here is solid enough. I just kinda don’t like it coming on the debut of Jamie Noble. And winning with a missile dropkick makes Noble look a tad weak, but nice to see him get several offensive maneuvers in to not look totally weak. Nice rebound for Maven here, but plz do something with Noble. Nothing huge. Just something.

Eh. Nice to see the intensity from London and Kendrick, but I can’t imagine the laid back nature of both guys to say ‘asses’, ‘bastards’, or even ‘damn’. I know you tried to sell their anger, but neither one of them are really angry guys, y’know?

‘The Network’? A bit TNA/Russo-ish…I’ll wait and see how this plays out. Could be big, could be very underwhelming.

A solid #1 Contender’s match here, but a small problem with London and Kendrick. If they got as decimated last night as it’s been described they have, they should definitely still be feeling it and selling the pain from the PPV. It seems here they just kinda walked in and out the ring without much ill-effect.

Jesus. Ryder attacking Maven I think could’ve happened earlier, maybe right after Maven’s win. Still, a good deal of brutality with the chair shot, although more than one would’ve have hurt…er…bookingwise.

The small confrontation between Shane/Van Dam was okay, but I felt it was a bit unnecessary. The tension should’ve been saved for when the two met in the cage later on tonight, especially with the brawl being broken up so quickly. Nonetheless, it does showcase the hatred between the two men, albeit to a small degree.

I don’t know if this was an intended Doug Williams shoot, but it sounded like it would be. I don’t know much about Doug Williams as a character or a wrestler, but he seems really passionate. Regardless, he seems to be poised for great things in the long run.

Sounds like a monumental show next week, as that steel cage match sounds promisingly brutal. Realistically, I would think you’d have more than one week to hype or confirm a two hour show, but that’s just me nitpicking things like realism. Ruck Fealism. The delivery could’ve been better, with Heyman just saying it from his office. But it was good as was.

I do with the main event had gone on longer before the Network guys broke in. An interesting bunch, with Miz, Hardy, and JBL being the core. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this right now. On one hand, this is a huge angle for a budding company, which is something notable. The leader being JBL, as surprising as it may be, is a good bit underwhelming. Not to pick at who is good at what, but the three mentioned aren’t exactly known for having the best wrestling skills. That sits slightly off with me, seeing as how these guys should be as dangerous in presence as they are on the mike as they are in the ring. Will this light another fire under Doug Williams…? I’m not sure, but I’ll see where this goes. Very interesting development and a big underwhelming at the helm, but I want to at least see where this can go.

Overall, I felt like some segments could’ve been a bit better and used a little better. There weren’t many promos at that, so I’m not sure where you stand on those, but the Doug Williams promo, as intense as it was, was a giant wall of text. You might wanna separate it next time. But of course, the most focus is definitely on this ‘Network’ angle, which was a little hit-or-miss on the reveal. My main peeve with the group, I mentioned, was their lack of presence. Even though it’s composed of three former WWE Champions, none of them make the group look any kind of strong together. I’ll wait to see how they work as a cohesive unit. The lack of promos this week might be made up in the two hours next week. Not a bad PPV fallout show. I’ll be sure to check back to see how things roll. Kirby somewhat approves .


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