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Re: Your 5 Star Match Lists

Shawn vs Taker gets a lot of love because of the story behind it.

At Summerslam 1997 Shawn cost Taker the match by hitting him with a chair when Bret Hart ducked after spitting in Shawn's face. They were building to Taker vs Kane and Shawn vs Bret and so in between Shawn acted like the cocky prick he was and Taker saught revenge before finally beating Hart for the belt.

They fought at Ground Zero and Shawn did his best to use his speed to dodge Taker's assault and the match broke down into a brawl, Taker still didn't have the revenge he wanted as a result of DX's antics and so the HIAC match was made, with the belief that Shawn couldn't run away from Taker and we'd finally get a clear winner and #1 contender to Bret's title at Survivor Series.

The story in the match was brilliant, it was almost an extended squash in establishing the monster Undertaker vs the coward Shawn. They played off of Shawn being unable to avoid Taker despite going to great lengths to run away even culminating in him injuring the cameraman/ref so that medical attention would be brought and he could escape through the door. Taker brutalised him for all the antics in the 2 months build to the match and even creamed him with a chairshot which is what brought about the entire feud. A lot of people are bothered by some of Taker's no selling but his entire character was supposed to be that of a man who couldn't be stopped by Shawn and him being able to recover from SCM captured the story of HBK being hopelessly outmatched by his opponent and the Cell.

Then of course we get the debut of Kane, an all time great debut with the result being he stops the mighty Undertaker, builds off of the numerous months in which Bearer had proclaimed Taker would get his comeuppance and most importantly allowed HBK to scrape through yet another challenge he had no business winning, all building to the eventual screwjob finish vs Bret. Add in HBK showing more of a killer instinct (piledriver on the steps) and you have a story which built off of Shawn managing to avoid Taker for so long before being locked in a cell with a man he had bugged for over 2 months, is one of the better demonstrations of badass face v chickenshit heel getting the snot beaten out of him, puts Shawn over ahead of the match with Bret and manages to end one epic feud and in the process build 2 colossal feuds. The match also had the usual Taker vs Shawn chemistry and pacing as well as a gripping story.

That to me is why it gets the ***** love from most people.
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