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Re: Your 5 Star Match Lists

Originally Posted by Goatlord View Post
I have never given a ***** rating in my life, ****1/2+ is as high as it gets (Misawa/Kawada Triple Crown 1994), matches like Taker/Michaels 1,2, Joe/Punk and Punk/Cena are ****1/4 matches and most other stuff is below. Then again I'm trying to be realistic, a ***** match needs to have 100% perfect storytelling, and incredibly flashy, demanding movesets mixed up with a match flow and pacing that makes you dive into the experience so much that you think it's a shoot. So yeah, no ***** matches from me.
I'm guessing you haven't seen much of the great brawlers like Stan Hansen & Lawler, where their offence isn't flashy at all, and most of it is punching?

You say you want "flashy" movesets yet you want it to be so realistic it looks like a shoot. You don't exactly see people performing hurracanranas or locking in an STF in a bar fight do you?

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