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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 23/5/05- Worcester

We go to a video package highlighting what went down last week in a night of cat and mouse between the champion Batista and Mr.Money In The Bank, Edge. We see the attempted cash in early on in the night after Edge and number one contender Triple H beat the Animal down only for Chris Jericho to make the save. We then see the backstage confrontation between Edge and The Game in which both men draw up a plan for later tonight. That plan then comes into effect as Batista meets Chris Jericho in the hall backstage before being ambushed by Edge and not only Triple H but Muhammad Hassan who was scheduled to defend his Intercontinental championship that night against Jericho.

Edge then calls for a referee and it looks like the second cash in attempt of the night but Shelton Benjamin, Muhammad Hassan’s bitter rival and Charlie Haas, the World’s Greatest Tag Team come to Jericho and Batista’s aid. The brawl goes on between the seven men before a host of referee’s and trainers break it up.

We then head to the main event where Muhammad Hassan defends the Intercontinental championship against the already beaten down Chris Jericho. The Arabian Entity, Sonjay Dutt, Daivari and The Great Khali looked to stop all Jericho’s chances of taking the title before The World’s Greatest Tag Tteam made their presence felt, taking it to the Entity. Jericho was then in control and looked all set to become the new champion before Edge once again cost Jericho, smashing him over the head with the MITB briefcase, allowing Hassan to retain his title.

The chaos wasn’t over though and Batista came down to Jericho’s aid, also looking for payback after Edge’s earlier attack. The madness wasn’t over though as Batista was then met with a hatred filled Triple H who took the Animal down. The champion though responded and we closed Raw with Batista laying out not only the number one contender, Mr.MITB but also the 7’3 The Great Khali as the World Champion stood tall.

We then get Pyro as we head to ringside and join Jim Ross and Jonathan Coachman

Jim Ross: Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to Monday Night Raw! I’m Jim Ross, joined by Jonathan Coachman and Coach what a night we have in store, hot off of a chaotic Raw last week in Nashville. Tonight, the World Heavyweight champion Batista will team up with ‘Y2J’ Chris Jericho to take on two members of the Arabian Entity, Muhammad Hassan and the seven foot three behemoth, The Great Khali!

The Coach: A huge main event tonight J.R and how about this one? Shawn Michaels will get exactly what’s coming to him tonight, trst me on that one! The Heartbreak Kid will call out Eric Bischoff here tonight. Big mistake J.R!

Jim Ross: I don’t blame Shawn Michaels, not one bit Coach. Eric Bischoff failed to sign Kurt Angle to Raw, despite all the bravado, all the hype, Bischoff couldn’t get it done and I’m pretty sure tonight Shawn Michaels is gonna tell Eric Bischoff exactly where he goes from here.

The Coach: Straight out the door J.R, that‘s what I‘m hopin‘ for.

Jim Ross: Oh would you quit it Coach? For the love of God.

‘Just Close Your Eyes’

Out comes Captain Charisma, dressed to compete but not scheduled to be in action here tonight, alongside Tomko and is met with some pretty big heat from the crowd, following from another assault on Ric Flair last week.

Jim Ross: Well last week saw this young man Christian once again showed just how low he’d go to get what he wants. Take a look folks.

We see a replay of last week in which Ric Flair decided not to retire and accepted Christian’s challenge of a match for Vengeance. We then see the two shake hands before Tomko laid Flair out with a big boot and the two men assaulted the Nature Boy.

The Coach: I’ve said it before J.R and I’ll say it again. This man’s a genius. He goaded that washed up has been Flair into a match at Vengeance and now in a months time, we get to see exactly why Captain Charisma is this generations very own Ric Flair.

Jim Ross: I think that’s one heck of an overstatement Coach. The actions of Christian are sick and I hope Ric Flair teaches Christian a damn lesson at Vengeance.

Christian takes the mic to some pretty strong heat with the odd Peep in attendance.

Christian: That’s not the reaction I expected to hear from all my Peeps here tonight in Worcester.

More heat for the CLB.

Christian: Now I came out here tonight just to make sure all you people understand the significance of what happened last week on Raw. Y’see last week was the return to Raw of the 16 time World champion, the Nature Boy, the dirtiest playyyer in the game, the almighty Ric Flair.

Christian obviously sarcastic as ever in his appraisal of Flair as he applauds and the crowd pop for his name.

Christian: And ever since Backlash, the questions on everyone’s minds has been, ‘Will Ric Flair really retire?’ or ‘Will Flair be a real man and take up the challenge from Christian?’ Last week we got the answer, we got the answer we all wanted to hear!

A few in the crowd pop bt a lot give Christian heat, remembering just how Christian got what he wanted.

Christian: Ric Flair one on one with Christian at Vengeance. It’s a match that I’ve craved for a long time now and it’s a match that the people, YOU people deserve to see.

Christian trying to get the crowd on his side really isn’t working a great deal.

Christian: You people all deserve it because you deserve to see me kicking Ric Flair’s ass into retirement.

Big heat for that comment.

Christian: Come on now, we all know it’s only a matter of time before it happens. You should all be thrilled at the prospect of witnessing a defining night in the career of Ric Flair and a defining night in this company and it’s future when Vengeance rolls around.

Tomko nods as Christian pauses

Christian: June 26th 2005 will be the night where the WWE finally steps out of the shadows, away from that washed up piece of crap that is Ric Flair and all that he’s done in the past, because that’s exactly what it is, the past. It will mark the night where this company steps forward, it steps into the light, into the future and marks the dawning of a new era. And that new era will be all about Captain Charisma.

Big heat once more for Captain Charisma.

Christian: Hey, it’s the truth, you people have a right to know the truth right?

A ‘You Suck’ chant begins as Christian laughs

Christian: Idiots, all of you people are idiots, now you SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTHS AND LET ME FINISH!

Massive heat once again as Christian composes himself , shaking his shoulders and neck around with Tomko rubbing them slightly.

Christian: Thank you(Not that the heat has died down). Now as I was saying Vengeance will mark the dawning of a new era. Since Backlash I’ve preached to you people, not that you deserve my guidance(Heat) but I’ve preached that Ric Flair’s selfish attitude and greed will be the downfall of him. And that it is his duty to pass the torch down to the star of this generation. So when Vengeance has come and gone, the deed will have been done and the Nature Boy will at long last have passed that torch to ME. Like it or not, the record books will state the fact that on July 26th 2005 at the Vengeance Pay Per View in Las Vegas, Nevada, Christian DEFEATED Ric Flair.

More boos for Christian here.

Christian: So I figured that with a whole month to prepare myself, why not get started right here tonight? Ric Flair’s a legend, I’m not denying that but there are a whole host of legends out there. Difference is, they don’t hang on for too long, they don’t hang on in the hope that they’re still relevant come 2005. They hang their boots up and walk away with their helds held high. Ric Flair just doesn’t know how to walk away.

Again the heat continues.

Christian: So tonight I’m issuing a challenge to any legend in the back there to come on down and face me here tonight so I can give all you a people a little preview of what’s in store for the Nature Boy. Who’s it gonna be? Who wants a piece of Captain Charisma here tonight?

Christian wait’s a moment or two, talking with Tomko. Still nothing though.

Christian: Just like I thought. Nobody wants to deal with me, nobody will go toe to toe, face to face, man to man with this generations very own Ric Flair. I am the….

‘The Great Gates of Kiev’

Out steps Jerry 'The King' Lawler to a good pop much to Christian's surprise


The Coach: What the hell does this guy want J.R? Didn’t I take his job?

Lawler makes his way out ready for action, crown in hand, stepping into the ring and taking a mic from Lilian Garcia. The crowd start a ‘Jerry Jerry’ chant.

Jerry Lawler: Wow, it sure feels great to be back here on Monday Night Raw!!

Pop from the crowd

Jerry Lawler: J.R good to see you. Coach, well.

Laughs in the crowd as well as J.R with Coach shouting ‘Well what Lawler? I’m sitting down here and you’re all the way up there baby’, to which J.R just tuts.

Jerry Lawler: Now Christian I couldn’t help but hear you back there and I gotta tell ya something. You are one of the biggest jackasses I think I’ve ever seen.

Pop again from the crowd as Christian simply laughs alongside Tomko.

Jerry Lawler: And when you made that little challenge just now, I had no hesitation in accepting. And on behalf of Ric Flair, I’m gonna do what he’s been wanting to do ever since Backlash and that is beat the living hell out of you.

Lawler looks intense now as Christian still can’t wipe the smile off his face.

Christian: Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler people. Come on, you can do better than that can‘t you?

Christian tries to rally the crowd up and they do so, giving Lawler another big round of applause.

Christian: Jerry it’s great to see you, it really is man. Been a while hasn‘t it? Now let me just explain something here Jerry, see I came out here tonight and I issued a little challenge. I called for any legend in the back there to come on down and face me one on one. Jerry I don’t know whether it’s the old age catching up with you or what not but what didn’t you understand about the word LE-GEND?

Christian taps Tomko on the chest laughing along with his partner as the crowd give some heat.

Christian: Jerry, I mean come on. What the hell have you ever done in this company apart from sit down there behind that announce table along with(Christian does a shocking J.R impression) ‘Good ol J.R’ and yelled ‘Puppies J.R, Puppies!’.

Again more heat for Captain Charisma but a few laughs also thrown in as Christian and Tomko continue laughing hysterically.

Christian: Jerry you couldn’t even call yourself a legendary announcer, let alone a legendary wrestler and I’m proud to say that we have a real announcer down there now alongside Jim Ross. Jonathan Coachman is more of a legend than you will ever be!! Here’s lookin’ at you Coach.

Huge heat for that as Coach stands and applauds Christian, yelling ‘He’s right Jerry, I’m the man baby. Coach is the man J.R, listen to him.’

Jerry Lawler: Well I guess there’s only one thing left to say then…

Lawler’s done talking and lays out Christian with a big right hand! The referee, already in the ring, rings the bell and this contest gets under way with Christian down, Lawler then sends Tomko flying out the ring with another right hand to a big pop.

Match One: Singles Match

Christian vs. Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler

Lawler’s cheap shot sees him get an early advantage over Captain Charisma as he pounds away at the CLB. As Lawler tried to take advantage of his control, he brought Christian to his feet, whipping his opponent into the ropes before looking for a back body drop but Christian sees it coming and delivers a stiff kick to the head of Lawler, sending the veteran down. The match was then all plain sailing for Christian who dominated Lawler, showboating to the fans throughout, impersonating the classic Ric Flair strut, as well as some Wooos and chops across the chest of Lawler. The finish came as Christian hammered Lawler with an Unprettier for the three count.

Winner: Christian(4:37)

Jim Ross: Well Jerry Lawler put up a damn good fight here tonight folks and you can bet that Christian didn’t expect to be in for such a shock here tonight.

The Coach: A good fight? J.R are you kidding me? Captain Charisma WIPED THE FLOOR with Jerry Lawler here tonight baby JUST like he’s gonna do at Vengeance to Ric Flair.

Tomko then gets a mic for Christian inside the ring as Christian wants to talk.

Christian: Ric Flair, I hope you’re watching what just happened here tonight. Come Vengeance, what you just witnessed is gonna be the exact same fate that you’re gonna suffer at the hands of Captain Charisma. The flame’s been lit Ric, start countin’ down the days. I WILL beat you Ric, cos..that’s.. how.. I.. ROLL.

Christian then pats his chest to his peeps before heading up the ramp with Tomko.

The Coach: Beautiful J.R!! Just beautiful!!

Jim Ross: Well at Vengeance Christian’s got a hell of a lot to back up and with a fired up Nature Boy in his way, it’s gonna be damn hard to live up to his word.


We return and head backstage where we see all four members of the Arabian Entity walking down the hall as Todd Grisham tries to get a word with the leader of the group Muhammad Hassan.

Todd Grisham: Muhammad, can we just get a word about your tag team match tonight against Batista and Chris Jericho?

Muhammad Hassan: You see these three men beside me Todd?

Grisham nods

Muhammad Hassan: I and these three men standing beside me are the most dominant force on Monday nights. We are the most dominant force in this entire company and tonight we will go to that ring and prove exactly why.

Heat for Hassan

Muhammad Hassan: Last week was a little glimpse to everyone at just why I am the greatest Intercontinental champion there has ever been. I defeated Chris Jericho, the man who holds the record for most times as Intercontinental champion. That’s no easy feat Todd but I did it and I did it all..by.. myself.

Big heat there as J.R says ‘what?’ on commentary

Muhammad Hassan: So tonight, I will have no problem in disposing of Chris Jericho once again and Batista? As far as Batista goes Todd, there is only one champion on Raw who deserves to be recognised and that is Muhammad Hassan. Batista may be the World champion as we speak but tonight I’m going to go out there alongside The Great Khali and I’m going to show exactly why I, ME, MUHAMMAD HASSAN is the one who deserves to be the World champion.

Strong heat again here

Todd Grisham: And what about Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, The World’s Greatest Tag Team?

Muhammad Hassan: What about them Todd? I defeated Shelton Benjamin at Backlash and since then he and his little sidekick have done absolutely nothing but get in our way. Tonight, Charlie Haas is gonna get what’s coming to him when he takes on this man, Sonjay Dutt(Hassan turns and pats on Dutt‘s shoulder). And believe me, if either of those two even THINK about getting involved in our match later tonight, they will feel the full effects of the Entity.

The Entity walk away as the camera then cuts across to the locker room of the number one contender for the World title, Triple H who is dressed casually and is met by again dressed casually, Mr.MITB, Edge.

Edge: Well well well Hunter. Looks like our little plan last week didn’t come to fruition did it? Why d’ya think that is huh? Is it because I couldn’t beat Batista? No. Is it cos our plan was flawed? No. Is it because you couldn’t fulfil your part in all of this damn thing? Ding ding ding, we have a winner Hunter. What the hell were you doin’ out there last week?

Triple H: What was I doing? Let me tell ya what I was doing Edge incase ya hadn‘t noticed. See I was saving your ass from being handed to ya by Batista.

Edge: No no no no. I had Batista right where I wanted him!!

Edge looks fired up here

Edge: It was all set up for you to come out there, 2 on 1 and I cash this bad boy in(taps the MITB briefcase). YOU screwed up, nobody else Hunter. So as far as I’m concerned, our little arrangement these past couple of weeks goes out the window tonight. You want help dealing with Batista? You can find somebody else cos I don’t NEED to do anything for you. All I give a crap about is shutting Jericho up at Vengeance and when that’s outta the way, guess what? This briefcase is gonna be cashed in and I don’t give a damn whether it’s Batista or whether it’s YOU that I cash in on but I WILL be World Heavyweight champion soon enough.

Triple H: You wanna play it that way huh?

Edge nods with Trips’ smirk now turning into a bit more serious look

Triple H: Fine by me. But let me tell ya when Chris Jericho gets his hands on you and you’ve got nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide, you’ll be on your OWN. I’ve got Batista to deal with at Vengeance, that’s a damn shot more important than helping you cash in that briefcase. That briefcase doesn’t count for anything Edge. See when I win back MY World title at Vengeance, I can say that I did it the right way, I did it like a real man does, man to man, face to face. You? You may win the World title with that contract, sure, I’m not denying it but people are always gonna know you as a cheap ass World champ.

Small pop there for Trips’ comment

Triple H: You haven’t got the balls to stand in that ring and go face to face with a champion. You gotta cash something in when his back’s turned. That’s why I’m the Game, that’s why I’m the best in this business. No matter how many people don’t like me, they know I’ll kick their ass all over this arena and I’ll do it face to face. And Edge that’s why you’re not worth a dime in anybody’s eyes and not worth a dime on this show.


Triple H: WELL PROVE IT THEN! For years I’ve gone out there night in night out and I’ve proved that I’m the very best in this company. What the hell have you done Edge? Done a few crazy spots in some tag team Ladder matches? I may not like Chris Jericho but he’s got a point when he says that you’ve not achieved a thing in your career yet. You wanna prove yourself Edge? Wanna prove me wrong? Then make a damn impact.

Trips then walks away looking fired up as Edge looks furious, running his hands through his hair and says ‘I will make an impact.’

Jim Ross: Well quite the confrontation backstage there between Mr.Money in the Bank, Edge and the number one contender to the World’s title, Triple H.

The Coach: Man, J.R you could feel the electricity in the arena just now when those two men tore into one another! Now I’m a fan of both those guys and once Vengeance is over, I’m banking on one of em bein’ our NEW World Heavyweight champion. Be it Triple H beating Batista or be it Edge cashing in. One of em is leaving Las Vegas with the belt around their waist.

‘Time to Rock and Roll’

Out comes the Women’s champion, Trish Stratus to a big reaction, as she gets set for action.

Jim Ross: Well at Vengeance this young Canadian will defend her Women’s title in what is sure to be a slobberknocker when she goes one on one with the crazed Victoria in a No Disqualification match.

The Coach: Ain’t nothing wrong with a woman havin’ a crazy side J.R. Victoria’s gonna take the Women’s championship from Trish at Vengeance and I‘m gonna love seein‘ it! I can guarantee you on that one.

Molly Holly then makes her way out, all set to take on the blonde beauty.

Match Two: Singles Match

Trish Stratus vs. Molly Holly

The match is a relatively short affair although Molly puts up a good fight against the Women’s champion. Molly came close to scoring an upset following a hard DDT around two minutes in, surprising the crowd as Trish just kicked out at two. But this proved to be the spark the champion needed and she kicked into life following that. After a near fall on Molly, following a brutal roundhouse kick, Trish decided it was time to finish things and signalled for some Stratusfaction which she duly connected with and picked up a big win.

Winner: Trish Stratus(5:13)

The aftermath though saw Trish’s opponent for Vengeance, Victoria make her presence felt and attack Trish from behind. Victoria grabbed the hair of Trish and hammered away at her but Trish refuses to back down and rolls Victoria over, hammering away at the crazy number one contender now!! Trish is beating down on Victoria here but Victoria manages to roll out of the ring and sprints away from danger as Trish looks on intently.

Jim Ross: Well Victoria has found out here tonight that Trish Stratus is not gonna hide! Trish Stratus is gonna head to Vengeance and she’s gonna stand up to this psycho when her championship is on the line.

The Coach: She may stand up J.R but she’s just gonna get knocked straight back down. Victoria is just too much to handle for ANY diva here in the WWE J.R. She ain’t a lady to mess with baby!

We cut away and head to a promo for Vengeance:

Shelton Benjamin: An injustice

Edge: Will see retaliation

Chris Jericho: An injustice

Shawn Michaels: Will see retribution

Ric Flair: An injustice

Muhammad Hassan: Will see payback

Christian: An injustice

Big Show: Will see..

Batista and Triple H: VENGEANCE


We then see the camera head backstage and see Shawn Michaels getting ready to make his way out to the ring to address Eric Bischoff, next!


Sexy Boy’

Out through the curtains steps the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, dressed in a shirt and jeans, to rapturous applause, looking less than pleased to be here though.

Jim Ross: Well last week folks Shawn Michaels ran the gauntlet at the hands of Eric Bischoff and he came through with flying colours but the real story here lies with Michaels’ issues with Kurt Angle.

The Coach: The issue is closed J.R. Michaels needs to move on. Angle’s stayin’ on Smackdown and as great as Eric Bischoff is as our Raw General Manager, there was nothing even he could do to persuade Angle to come to Monday nights. That’s sayin’ something J.R.

Jim Ross: But the question now remains, where does Shawn Michaels go from here?

Michaels has a microphone in hand as the crowd are very vocal in chanting for the showstopper.

Shawn Michaels: I guess uh- I guess that’s my shot gone down the drain then. Kurt Angle’s stayin’ on Friday nights.

Boos from the crowd

Shawn Michaels: Since Wrestlemania that’s all I’ve been able to think about, each and every day, is getting’ my hands on Angle again. Vince McMahon wouldn’t give me it. The draft wouldn’t give me it, Eric Bischoff wouldn’t give me it and now Kurt Angle himself won’t give the Heartbreak Kid what he wants.

More boos

Shawn Michaels: Yep, that’s exactly how I feel right about now. Knowing I’m not gonna get that opportunity again, it hurts but I’ve had a few days to think about it and y’know something, now it’s official, now I know for sure that there ain’t a thing possible that Haitch-Bee-Kay can do about it, it’s time to move on.

Heat for Michaels there surprisingly as he lets out a wry grin

Shawn Michaels: Hey, it pains me to say it but it’s gotta be done people. But Kurt Angle, if you’re watching, I got a little message for ya.

Michaels looks in close at the camera

Shawn Michaels: One day Kurt, it may be a couple of years down the line, it may be even longer. But one day Kurt, I’m gonna get that rematch. And believe me when I tell ya, we’re gonna steal the show again but this time? This time there’s only gonna be one winner and Kurt, you’re lookin’ at him.

Pop from the crowd as Michaels moves away, changing tone slightly now.

Shawn Michaels: Well with that outta the way, it’s time for the Showstopper to set his sights elsewhere. Now I came to Worcester tonight and I came here to confront one man. The man who promised me that he’d get Kurt Angle to Raw, the man who made me run the Gauntlet last week, the man who I would love to kick his teeth down his throat right here tonight!

Pop again from the crowd

Shawn Michaels: Eric Bischoff, I think we need to talk so I’d appreciate it right about now if you made your way out here cos the Showstoppa’s got something to say.

Michaels waits for the arrival of Bischoff

I’m Back’

And in little to no time Bischoff makes his way out onto the stage, sporting a broad smile to some good heat.

Eric Bischoff: Shawn my man, good to see you. How’s it goin’?

Shawn Michaels: Cut the small talk Eric. Now how ‘bout ya get down here so we can settle a few little things in the middle of this ring?

Eric Bischoff: Ha, Shawn do you think I’m stupid or what? You haven’t got a hope in hell of me comin’ down to that ring, not a chance. Shawn, whatever you have to say, go ahead and say it but I’m not comin’ down there.

Heat for Bischoff

Shawn Michaels: Alright, you got it Eric. You wanna have it your way? Sure why not cos I’m gonna make this real quick and real simple for ya.

Michaels scratches his head before continuing

Shawn Michaels: See last week Eric ya didn’t deliver whatcha promised to do. Ya told me, ya told these people that Kurt Angle was gonna sign on the dotted line, he was gonna jmp ship to Raw and we were gonna get HBK/Angle, the rematch.

Pop for that thought

Shawn Michaels: But what a shocker people. Eric Bischoff couldn’t get the job done!

Michaels sounds stunned, gasping almost to the audience

Eric Bischoff: Look Shawn what are ya getting’ at here huh? I’ll admit, I couldn‘t live up to my word. But that had NOTHING to do with me. No matter what I said, no matter what I offered Kurt Angle had no intention of comin’ to Monday nights because of YOU Shawn. Place the blame on me all ya want, but this is all you, all your guilt, all your anger,all your frustration at being beaten by Kurt at Wrestlemania. You’re simply using it to blame other people.

Shawn Michaels: You’re right Eric, you’re right. My frustration, my anger is building and building each and every week and when the general manager fails to live up to his promises it just adds fuel to the fire! So Eric I think ya owe me. I think ya owe me big time.

The fans pop wondering what HBK has to say.

Shawn Michaels: With Kurt Angle outta the way. With it bein’ time to set my sights on pastures new, I figured that what better way than to move on to something, than move on to the World Heavyweight title.

Major pop from the Worcester crowd there.

Eric Bischoff: Woah woah woah Shawn I just can’t do that. We’ve already got a World title match lined up for Vengeance, I can’t just add ya in. Not a chance. And besides, what in the world have you done to deserve a title shot?

Boos from the crowd

Eric Bischoff: Kurt Angle beat you at Wrestlemania. Randy Orton beat you at Backlash. The way I see it, you’re less deserving of a title shot than anybody on the roster right about now.

Michaels hangs his head slightly with more heat for the GM

Shawn Michaels: Eric, the past is the past. Yeah I’m not exactly on a hot streak right about now but they don’t call me the Showstopper for nothing.

Pop from the fans

Shawn Michaels: You know just as well as I do and all of these people here tonight that there is NOBODY who can outperform the Heartbreak Kid. If you’re gonna let me down on Angle, you’re not gonna deny me when it comes to this. All I’m askin’ for is an opportunity. A number one contenders match, anything, to prove to the world that Shawn Michaels is back and Shawn Michaels is focused a hundred and ten percent on getting back on top o’ the mountain.

A loud ‘HBK’ chant begins

Eric Bischoff: Shawn aren’t you forgetting the fact that you damn near kicked my head off a couple weeks back or is that all a blur to ya?

Shawn Michaels: Eric, believe me, that thought is still clear as day in my mind right about now and if ya don’t give me what I’m askin‘ for, there’s areal good chance I come up there and finish the job off.

HUGE pop from the crowd with Michaels threat there

Eric Bischoff: THAT’S IT, ENOUGH! Now I am tired of you callin’ the shots Shawn. I think you’re forgetting that I’m the general manager of this show, I’m YOUR general manager. But I think I can come to some kind of deal for ya, so hear me out on this one.

Michaels seems to mouth ‘OK’ looking a little hesitant

Eric Bischoff: There’s nothing I can do about the title match at Vengeance. That’s just the way it goes Shawn but at Vengeance I’m gonna throw you a little challenge down. See I’m sick of the Sweet Chin Music’s, the threats, the out of control Shawn Michaels and at Vengeance I want that to all come to an end. So Shawn at Vengeance, how about this for ya? You go one on one with a superstar of MY choosing and if you win, ya get your championship match.

Pop from the crowd for that but Bischoff’s not done yet

Eric Bischoff: BUT.. if MY superstar wins then Shawn I want this all to stop. I want the raging lunatic Shawn Michaels gone and the best way of doin’ that in my mind is this. You lose at Vengeance then you become MINE. You lose Shawn and you become Eric Bischoff’s assistant here on Raw, you become MY property. What do ya say Shawn?

Bischoff grins smugly as Michaels looks on unphased

Shawn Michaels: There is nothing more painful than the thought of havin’ to be a slave to a piece of dirt like you Eric.

Big pop for HBK again there

Shawn Michaels: But as far as Vengeance goes and your little challenge. You tell me up there that I’m forgetting who you are, you’re the boss. But Eric, this challenge, are ya forgetting who I am? Cos I’m Shawn Michaels. I’m the Heartbreak Kid. The Icon, The Showstopper, The Main Event and at Vengeance I am gonna earn myself that World title match I’m cravin’. Eric I accept your challenge without a moment’s hesitation and let me tell ya, when all’s said and done, I’m gonna be kickin’ your teeth down your throat one.. more.. time.

Major pop once again as Bischoff walks away looking pleased with his nights work and HBK looking on sternly as ‘Sexy Boy’ plays across the PA.

Jim Ross: Wow. Vengeance just got even bigger right there folks! What a challenge from the Raw General Manager and what a match we now have on the cards! The stakes are huge! Shawn Michaels and an opponent of Eric Bischoff’s choosing. Michaels wins, he gets a World title opportunity. Michaels loses and he is the property, let me repeat that. Shawn Michaels is the PROPERTY of Eric Bischoff. Has Shawn Michaels signed his life away by accepting this match up?

The Coach: You’re damn right he has J.R. At Vengeance Shawn Michaels is done and our genius of a General Manager is gonna make his life a whole lot easier when he acquire the services of HBK! I can’t wait baby boy!

We then head backstage where we the see Todd Grisham who is standing by with the World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Animal’ Batista!

Todd Grisham: Dave, tonight you team with Chris Jericho to take on Muhammad Hassan and The Great Khali. Do you believe that you can trust Chris Jericho here tonight?

Batista: Nobody can trust Jericho, especially when you hold the World Heavyweight title. So I think that answers your question Todd. But as far as teaming up with Jericho tonight, I got no problems. He’s got his own agenda and I’ve got mine.

Batista looks at his title over his shoulder

Batista: My agenda tonight is simple. Go out to that ring and beat the living hell out of Muhammad Hassan and that freak Khali. And I think the same applies for Chris Jericho after what went down last week, so I’m pretty sure we’re on the same page here tonight Todd.

Pop for that comment

Batista: But what’s really on my mind is one thing and that’s Vengeance when I defend this championship against Triple H one more time. See I heard what Hunter had to say earlier tonight with his little buddy Edge about how he’s the best in this business. Well Hunter, this(looks at his title), this says otherwise. Cos right now, I am the BEST in the business.

Pop once more for the champ

Batista: Triple H WAS the man, I’m not in any doubt about that. As a part of Evolution he was the man I looked up to, he was the best, there was nobody that could say they were better than him in this company but as time wore on, it started to dawn on me. It started to dawn on me that I was better than him, that I could be the man around here. And as WOO the Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair used to say, to be the man, you gotta beat the man.

Pop for the mention of Flair

Batista: And at Wrestlemania, I beat the man. At Vengeance, if Triple H is so sure he’s the best around, then all he’s gotta do is beat the man. All he’s gotta do is beat ME. So tonight, I wanna go out there and make a statement against those two punks but I want Triple H to make sure he takes a close look, a real close look, cos tonight’s gonna be just a small preview of what I’ve got in store for his sorry ass come Vengeance.

Batista walks away to a loud pop from the crowd again.


We return and ‘Heroes'hits and out come The World’s Greatest Tag Team to a pretty good pop from the crowd as Charlie Haas gets set for action.

Jim Ross: It’s been quite the couple of weeks for these two great young athletes, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. Shelton Benjamin has been intent on getting back his Intercontinental championship from Muhammad Hassan but with the Entity all in Hassan’s corner, Charlie Haas has been much needed to help his old partner out since being drafted to Raw in the annual lottery.

The Coach: But J.R even with Haas in his corner, there’s still FOUR of the Entity and just these TWO guys tryin’ to take em on. These guys do not stand a chance! The Arabian Entity are too smart and too strong for Haas and Benjamin to deal with.


Out comes Haas’ opponent tonight, Sonjay Dutt, accompanied by Daivari.

Jim Ross: Well these two men makin’ their way down to the ring have made their intentions known the past couple of weeks. Alongside helping’ out their buddy Muhammad Hassan, they’ve also made it clear that they want a shot at the World Tag Team titles.

The Coach: And they’ve got every right to one J.R. Sonjay Dutt is a tremendous talent and with Daivari in the mix also, he can go J.R believe that, then you’ve got yourself a hell of a tag team right there. The Dudley Boyz better be lookin’ over their shoulders at these two guys.

Match Three: Singles Match

Charlie Haas vs. Sonjay Dutt

The match is an exciting one as the fans get their first real glimpse at Sonjay Dutt in action as well as a rare chance to see Charlie Haas in singles action. The first near fall came for Dutt who thought he’d sealed the match after a beautiful tilt awhirl tornando DDT which looked to have put Haas down but one half of TWGTT managed to get the shoulder up at the death to stay in the match. The two men continued to put on a fine bout as Haas tried to lock in the Haas of pain on several occasions but each time Dutt managed to wriggle free or to the ropes.

The closing stages of the match saw Daivari make his presence felt, getting on the ropes to stop Haas’ momentum but was stopped in his tracks as Shelton Benjamin went round to the outside and took it to Daivari, hurling off the apron before delivering a series of punches. Inside the ring though, with the referee focused on the outside Dutt connected with a low blow to Haas before heading up to the top rope but he was sent flying by THE DUDLEY BOYZ! D-Von pushes Dutt off the top, down to the mat and with the referee shouting at Benjamin and Daivari to take it to the back ths allowed the Dudleyz to drop Dutt with a 3D!! Haas slowly crawls to the fallen Dutt and makes the cover for the win!

Winner: Charlie Haas(8:05)

Jim Ross: It’s about time that Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin got one over on Hassan and his chronies and tonight, it may not be when there’s gold on the line, it may not be with Hassan even in the damn match but The World’s Greatest Tag Team may feel like they’re a step closer to getting’ some payback! Great win here tonight for Charlie Haas.

The Coach: This is not right J.R! You saw Shelton Benjamin and the damn Dudleyz deliberately cost Sonjay Dutt out there!! That’s called CHEATING, ya ever heard of it J.R? Your eyesight failin’ ya now huh? How convenient. Shelton Benjamin and the Dudleyz CHEATED Sonjay Dutt out of a win here tonight and that’s not fair.

Jim Ross: Would you shut up Coach? The way I see it, Benjamin and Haas deserve a damn break and the Dudleyz deserve more than a bit of payback after what Dutt and Daivari have dished out in recent weeks.

The Coach: That’s the trouble J.R, the way you ‘see’ it.

Video Package

We see two young, athletic guys sat down on chairs, dressed for the occasion at what seems to be a pool party. The camera then pans to one of the two men.

?: Hi I’m Ken Doane

The camera then shifts across to the other man

?: And I’m Nick Nemeth

Doane: And we’re here to tell you a little bit about ourselves

Nemeth: See, we’ve got the looks

Two stunning women come over and start rubbing all over the two men

Doane: We’ve got the confidence

Nemeth starts to talk with the women, getting up off his chair and taking one of the women off with him

Nemeth: We’ve got the talent

One guy walks over to try and talk to Nemeth’s woman but Nemeth knocks him clean out, shaking his wrist in the process

Nemeth: Good thing I won’t be needing that later huh?

Nemeth winks at the woman as the camera cuts to Doane once more

Doane: And we’re coming to Monday Night Raw

Camera cuts to Nemeth who is now in the kitchen

Nemeth: So fasten your seatbelts

Doane: And get ready

Nemeth: Cos it’s gonna be a bumpy ride

Doane: Ken Doane

Nemeth: And Nick Nemeth

Doane: Are ready to provide the platform

Nemeth: For perfection

The final shot is of Nemeth and Doane smiling cockily with each having a woman under their arm as the lights go out.

‘Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth: Coming to Monday Night Raw: Soon’

We then head backstage and join Eric Bischoff who is in his office before the camera then shifts and we see The World’s Greatest Tag Team appear to a good pop.

Eric Bischoff: Shelton, Charlie, what can I do for ya gentleman?

Shelton Benjamin: Eric there’s one thing I want and I think you know exactly what that is.

Eric Bischoff: Alright, alright I‘ll cut to the chase. You want that Intercontinental title rematch don’t ya Shelton?

Shelton Benjamin: You’re damn right I do, so Eric gimme the answer I’m lookin’ for here.

Eric Bischoff: Y’know something’ Shelton, as much as I don’t like you and believe me I don’t.

A look of frustration from Benjamin as Bischoff quickly shy’s away from that

Eric Bischoff: You DO deserve a rematch so lets set it in stone right here and now. Muhammad Hassan defending the Intercontinental championship against Shelton Benjamin live on Pay Perv View at Vengeance. How’s that sound for ya?

Pop from the crowd

Shelton Benjamin: That’s the exact response I was lookin’ for Eric.

Eric Bischoff: But that’s not all Shelton, see there’s a catch.

Benjamin and Haas look at each other as if they knew there had to be

Eric Bischoff: YOU Charlie Haas will be… banned from ringside.

Bischoff lets out his sly grin as Shelton grits his teeth

Charlie Haas: Eric ya may think that’s gonna put Shelton at a disadvantage but everyone knows that Shelton Benjamin is the best pure athlete in this company and that NO man, especially Muhammad Hassan is a match for THE ‘Gold Standard’ here in the WWE, this man right here(Haas pats Benjamin‘s chest). Ain’t that right Shelton?

Shelton Benjamin: Charlie’s right Eric. Whatever you put in my way, whatever you put in OUR way, it ain’t gonna stop me from bringin’ home the Intercontinental title.

Eric Bischoff: Well, it’s funny you should say that Shelton. Y’see that’s not all I’ve got in mind for Vengeance actually. Seeing as you’re so confident and seeing as though you wanna test me, you wanna test Eric Bischoff huh? I’ve decided to throw another little stipulation in.

Benjamin puts his head into the air for a second

Eric Bischoff: See it’s not just gonna be a regular match at Vengeance. No, no, NO. It’s gonna be Shelton Benjamin versus Muhammad Hassan AND The Great Khali for the Intercontinental title!!

Big heat for the GM’s decision

Eric Bischoff: And if EITHER of those two men pin you, Muhammad Hassan will remain Intercontinental champion. I think I’ve made my point loud and clear here tonight, don’t you guys?

Both men stare a hole through the GM as Haas grits his teeth and Bischoff continues to smile broadly.
Charlie Haas: Crystal clear. Come on Shelton, let’s get outta here.

Haas walks out as Shelton continues staring out the GM before eventually leaving.


We return to ringside as J.R and Coach talk briefly about the Intercontinental title match at Vengeance before…

‘Crank it Up’

Out comes The Big Show to a good reaction as ever as the 500lb giant gets set for action against some local jobber.

Jim Ross: Well this man has been on a warpath since comin’ over to Monday nights in the draft. Big Show has beaten all in his way and has looked damn near unstoppable in doing so.

The Coach: He is straight up dominant J.R. Ain’t no two ways about it. Nobody seems to be able to stop The Big Show right now.

Match Four: Singles Match

Big Show vs. Local Jobber

Show absolutely dismantles some poor young kid. Show uses all the moves in his arsenal and just dominates before finally putting his opponent out his misery with a thunderous choke slam but looking less than pleased as he usually does.

Winner: Big Show(2:46)

Show wins in easy, dominant style before he takes a mic afterwards surprisingly, to as ever some decent cheers in the crowd.

Big Show: Y’know I’ve been on Raw now for a few weeks and I gotta tell ya, nothing stands out.

Show scratches his chin before contining

Big Show: See I came to Monday nights and I was excited again, first time in a long time that I could say that. A fresh start, new surroundings. I was pumped up about just what the future held for the World‘s Largest Athlete.

Small pop there for some reason

Big Show: I thought the challenges would come thick and fast but boy was I wrong. I don’t know about what all our fans here in Worcester think but maybe, just maybe it’s because..

Show pauses

Big Show: Well, maybe it’s because I weigh five..HUNDRED..pounds

Small pop

Big Show: Maybe it’s because I stand over SEVEN feet tall

Another small pop

Big Show: Maybe it’s because all the guys in the back think that if they even DARE take me on, I will take them OUT.

Pop once more as Show seems to be getting more intense, but then changes mood somewhat.

Big Show: But I can’t take much more of this. I can’t take much more of what you all just saw. See I’m done with taking guys out just like that(Show snaps his fingers). I want to be chall…enged again.

Show shakes his head

Big Show: I’ve lost ALL motivation to be here and as much as this pains me to do this, I’ve begun to think about just exactly what my future in this company is.

Boos from the crowd as Show seems to be considering leaving

Big Show: Hear me out cos this is as hard for me to take as it is some of you. But the facts are, that there isn’t much else out there left for me to conquer. There isn’t much left that can make me sit back and think ‘Man I’m ready for tonight.’

Show seems to be getting more and more emotional

Big Show: I need somebody, something to light the flame inside of me. I need somebody, something, ANYTHING to get the fire burning again and at this point in time, I simply do not see it happenin’. So with that said I think you all know what I’m about to say, so heck, here goes.

Show wells up a bit as some fans seem in a bit of shock as Show looks set to retire here tonight before...

‘Born Naughty’

Out steps William Regal to a surprised look from Big Show who seems to look completely confused. Regal comes out onto the stage in a suit to more confusion from the fans than heat.

William Regal: Ah yes. The Big Show, one of the most intimidating superstars in WWE history. Am I right?

Show nods his head as Regal continues.

William Regal: But I believe that you’ve been believing your own hype for far too long now Show. Times have changed and you seem to be under the impression that you’re unstoppable? That nobody can provide you with an adequate challenge? Again, I ask you Show, am I right?

Show mouths ‘Damn right’

William Regal: Well Big Show let me tell you here and now that that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Heat for Regal here who begins to slowly walk down the ramp.

William Regal: See I don’t know if you saw what occurred last Monday night on Raw but I was involved in a Gauntlet match with a certain Shawn Michaels.

Big Show: Regal I don’t know where you’re goin’ with this but could speed it up cos I got a little something I wanted to announce right about now.

William Regal: You won’t be announcing anything tonight, not on my watch. But as I was saying, last week I was a part of the Gauntlet match with Shawn Michaels and I fell short but what I went onto see was something that really stood out to me, was something that caught the eye and I don’t believe I was the only one.

Show looks frustrated here, hanging down the ropes, looking up at Regal who is now edging closer to the ring.

William Regal: And tonight, you said something that really hit me. It hit me, as I, William Regal believe that I hold the key to all your problems.

Show shouts ‘What’s that then Regal huh?’ Regal is now up one of the steps, set to enter the ring

William Regal: You feel the urge to be CHALLENGED, you want to know what the FUTURE holds. Well Big Show, I know exactly what the future holds and I know that it is going to be a massive challenge.

Suddenly the crowd are on the edge of their seat as Big Show senses the buzz and turns around right into a chair shot from MARK JINDRAK!! The young superstar smashes Big Show over the head with the chair before smashing Show again with the steel, sending the big man down before continuing to hammer away on the seven footer with some left hands and kicks to the mid section as William Regal, now in the ring, joins in the assault, stomping away at Show as Jindrak delivers another chair shot to finish Show off.

The heat is huge for these two men as Regal takes hold of the mic again.

William Regal: Big Show, last week I saw the future and under my guidance there is no doubting that this man is going to be more than a challenge for not just you but the entire Raw locker room. Ladies and Gentleman, I give to yo, the FUTURE, MARK JINDRAK!!

Big heat as Jindrak panders to the crowd before Regal raises his hand and they stand over a fallen Show.

Jim Ross: A damn sneak attack here tonight from Mark Jindrak who appears to now be in tandem with the wily veteran that is William Regal. Jindrak, handpicked it seems by Regal has made a heck of an impact here tonight in taking out the Big Show. If that doesn’t fire up the Big Show then goodness knows what will.

The Coach: William Regal is simply a genius J.R. He has found the future, tonight J.R we have seen the FUTURE of Monday Night Raw baby. And his name is Mark Jindrak. Brutal attack on Big Show and I for one, LOVE IT! Show wants a challenge, he’s lookin’ at it baby boy. Jindrak and Regal are gonna bring the fight to the big man and he ain’t gonna like what he’s in for.

We see a shot of Big Show, beginning to sit up, looking in discomfort and furious at what went down as Regal and Jindrak head up the ramp looking pleased with their evening’s work.

The camera then cuts backstage where we see Shawn Michaels carrying his bag, looking all set to leave the arena before Todd Grisham catches up with the Showstopper.

Todd Grisham: Shawn, jst wanted to get a quick word on what went down tonight with Eric Bischoff and how you’re feeling about such a high stakes match at vengeance?

Shawn Michaels: Todd, if I was at all concerned about the match at Vengeance, I wouldn’t be doing it. But my goal here on Raw now is to once again climb to the top of the mountain and everybody knows I’m more than capable of doin’ it. But Eric Bischoff just can’t allow that to happen can he? He’s gotta put his foot down and throw this stipulation in as though it’s gonna threaten me, as though it’s gonna worry me. Worry ME? Worry the Heartbreak Kid? You gotta be kiddin’ me.

Pop from the fans there

Shawn Michaels: Todd, I hope Eric Bischoff is listening right about now cos I got a little something to say to him. Eric, at Vengeance ya better pick wisely cos whoever it is ya choose to put in the ring with ‘Aitch Bee Kay is gonna feel the full effects of my feet kicking their teeth down their throat.

Big pop once more

Shawn Michaels: At Vengeance I’m takin’ the first steps on the road to recovery for Shawn Michaels. It’s been a rough couple of months Todd, all these people here tonight know just what I’ve gone through. I’ve tasted defeat time and again since Wrestlemania, I’ve been hell bent on one man, but my mind is now clear again. With Kurt Angle outta the picture, for now, the World Heavyweight championship is my driving force, it’s my desire and Eric Bischoff may’ve held me back from what I wanted but he’s not gonna do it again, I can assure you of that.

Todd Grisham: But what about the prospect of you losing at Vengeance Shawn? What if, dare I say it, you end up becoming the property of Eric Bischoff?

Shawn Michaels: Ah the great what if question. Well, what if the economy goes downhill? What if the world was to end tomorrow? Todd, we don’t know the answers and I don’t know what the answers would be if I end up becoming property of that weasel Bischoff but at Vengeance I’m gonna go out to that ring and once AGAIN steal the show and if that? If that isn’t enough to earn me a World title match then I’ll brace myself for what’s to come.

Michaels then leaves and exit’s the arena as Todd Grisham looks on.


We return and ‘Arab America’ hits and out come Muhammad Hassan and The Great Khali, minus the other Entity members, Dutt and Daivari to big heat as ever.

Jim Ross: Tonight marks a big night for the Intercontinental champion Muhammad Hassan. He claimed earlier tonight that HE was the only champion that deserved recognition on Raw and that he deserves to be World champion. Well it’s put up or shut up time here tonight for Hassan.

The Coach: OUR Intercontinental champion J.R. And with The Great Khali by his side, how can you go against anything that Hassan has to say? Hassan is a walkin’, talkin’ genius and Shelton Benjamin, a man I admire inside the ring should take a leaf outta Hassan‘s book cos outside of the ring, he is a stupid stupid man. Wantin’ another shot at the Intercontinental champ? Hassan and Khali, two on one at Vengeance? Game over for Shelton Benjamin at J.R and tonight it may be game over for Batista and Chris Jericho.

‘Break the Walls Down’

Out steps Chris Jericho, looking in no mood for fun and games tonight to a big pop.

Jim Ross: Well for weeks now, this man Chris Jericho has been screwed and screwed again folks and time after time it’s Mr.Money in the Bank, Edge who’s gotten well and truly under the skin of Chris Jericho and he did it again last week, costing Jericho the Intercontinental championship.

The Coach: Edge didn’t cost Jericho a dime J.R. Jericho got beat last week, by hook or by crook, Jericho..got..beat. FACT. Jericho keeps puttin’ his damn foot in his mouth, talkin’ about how Edge hasn’t achieved anything, how Edge is a wannabe Chris Jericho, if he SHUT HIS MOUTH and started doin’ things in the ring instead of talkin’ bout Edge, he’d be the Intercontinental champ right about now, heck he might even be World champ.

Jim Ross: Edge started this whole damn thing Coach!! Jericho’s just been standing up for himself, looking for some payback and at Vengeance when these two collide, well I’ll be damned if he doesn’t get it.

The Coach: Well damn you then Barbeque boy cos Edge is gonna spear Y2J in half in Las Vegas at Vengeance.

‘I walk alone’

The Animal and World champ, Batista makes his way out, pandering to the crowd, greeted with a big response as we get set for this tag team battle.

Jim Ross: Last week Batista proved to everyone, he made a statement as to why he IS the man around here. He took out Edge, he took out Hassan, he took out The Great Khali and he took out the man he defends his championship against at Vengeance, Triple H.

The Coach: All part of the plan J.R. Triple H has it all figured out. He’s goading Batista, he’s drawing Batista in, playin’ him along until Vengeance and then BAM! New World champion baby ha ha and I’m gonna LOVE it J.R! LOVE IT!

Jim Ross: Aw please, Triple H got beat by Batista at Wrestlemania and again just last week, he got taken out by this Animal. In my mind, Triple H, as great as he is, has no answer for his own prodigy.

The Coach: The Game has ALL the answers and at Vengeance he’ll prove it.

Match Five: Tag Team Match

Batista and Chris Jericho vs. Muhammad Hassan and The Great Khali

Jericho and Hassan start things off with Jericho heading right after the I.C. champion after what went down last week. Jericho has the upper hand in the early stages with Hassan looking unable to cope with the vicious side of Jericho here tonight. A near fall for Jericho coming following a nice suplex into a pinfall with Hassan just kicking out at two and a bit.

The shift in momentum though then came as Jericho looked to charge at Hassan but Hassan had similar intentions and the end result was a double clothesline which sent both men flying. The crowd were fully behind Y2J and urged him on to make his way to the corner and tag in the Animal, however it appeared Hassan would be first to make the tag and indeed he did, reaching out to the tag in the monster Great Khali.

The whole atmosphere in the crowd then seemed to shift as the big man climbed over the top rope and placed his giant frame in the centre of the ring as Jericho makes the tag and the fans go insane!! Batista charges into the ring and goes right after Khali but the giant doesn’t move. Tista lays several right hands at Khali who just doesn’t seem to budge. Khali then sends Batista down with a massive chop across the head.

Khali goes for a cover, using just his foot but Jericho comes in to try and save the match for his team, only to be caught by Khali who tosses Jericho over the top rope! Jericho goes crashing to the outside, holding the back of his head. Inside the ring, Batista is back up and confronts Khali, sending him back towards his own corner. Khali is finally being pegged back now, but what Batista doesn’t see is that Hassan has made the blind tag. Batista moves back a step before charging at Khali and delivering a huge spear!!

Khali is knocked down but Hassan is back in the ring and takes Batista down with a big DDT! Jericho is back to his feet meanwhile on the outside, he’s trying to get back into the ring here but is taken down from behind by EDGE!! Edge smashes Jericho over the head with the MITB briefcase before hurling Jericho into the barricade to some huge heat as Edge shouts ‘Ya think you’re better than me now huh Jericho?’ The referee hasn’t seen a damn thing here as he’s focused on the action inside the ring.

Speaking of which, Hassan is pandering to the crowd after a failed pinfall attempt, the I.C champ drags Tista to his feet but Batista reacts quickly and connects with a clothesline! Tiista has had enough here now and signals to the fans to end this one. Kick to the gut of , Tista hoists Hassan up! Batistabomb!! Cover by the Animal, 1...2...3, it’s over!!

Winners: Batista and Chris Jericho(11:25)

Jim Ross: YES! Batista and Chris Jericho have defeated Hassan and Khali here tonight! Retribution somewhat for the past few weeks!

The Coach: You gotta be kidding me!

Jim Ross: No joke there Coach! A major victory for Chris Jericho and the World champion tonight!! But Chris Jericho has got damn more important issues than this. That no good S.O.B Edge has taken out Jericho AGAIN here tonight!

The Coach: Batista and Jericho should NOT be walkin’ outta Worcester with the win here tonight. The Entity have been robbed and I couldn’t care less about Jericho being laid out J.R! He deserves it!!

As Edge leaves with a major smirk on his face, looking down at the fallen Jericho, Batista has his hands raised, looking exhausted before seeing Edge! Edge’s face then drops and he hightails it up the ramp before Batista can scurry out there to him. Tista hangs on the ropes, mouthing something to Edge as the fans though begin to build in anticipation, confusing the Animal who then turns around and he turns right into a SLEDGEHAMMER!! A vicious sledgehammer shot from you guessed it, Triple H! The Game has heat puring down on him as he then jumps on the champion and batters him with some right hands as Batista is busted open!

Trips continues the assault, hammering at the Animal before finally calming down it seems and getting off his rival, again greeted with huge heat as J.R calls for someone to stop this. Trips then heads back over to his trusty hammer and picks it up once more with Coach now shouting ‘Do it!’.

Hunter drags Batista up to his feet with the bloody champion looking out of it as Trips holds him by the hair and laughs smugly before trning deadly serious once more and SMASHES Tista with the Sledgehammer once more, sending Batista flat out as the Cerebral Assassin roars to the crowd who boo mercilessly his every move.

Trips then lodges the final blow, not convinced with his nights work, the Game brings Batista back up to his feet once more, kicking Batista in the gt and getting him in position for a Pedigree, CONNECTS!! Hard impact once more from The Game who has dismantled the champion here tonight.

The show closes with no commentary and a cold shot of Batista laid out, bleeding heavily and Triple H looking as sick and twisted as ever, holding the World Heavyweight title now in his hand

Current Vengeance Card:

World Heavyweight Championship:

Batista© vs. Triple H

Christian vs. Ric Flair

WWE Intercontinental Championship: 2 on 1 Handicap Match:

(If either Muhammad Hassan or The Great Khali pins Shelton Benjamin, Muhammad Hassan remains champion. Charlie Haas is banned from ringside)

Muhammad Hassan© and The Great Khali vs. Shelton Benjamin

WWE Women’s Championship: No Disqualification Match:

Trish Stratus© vs. Victoria

Singles Match:
(If Shawn Michaels wins he gets a shot at the World Heavyweight title; if Shawn Michaels loses he becomes the property of Eric Bischoff)

Shawn Michaels vs. ?

Chris Jericho vs. Edge

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