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Re: WWE 2004: Road to WrestleMania XX

March 22, 2004

Match 1
Christian vs Lance Storm

Raw kicks off with Christian making his way down to ringside for his match. Trish wasn’t out there to accompany Christian as she will be appearing on the Highlight Reel later on the show. This was a decent match, although it was not too long with the action even throughout. Lance Storm got in some offense and almost had the match won when he nailed Christian with a superkick and Christian kicked out at two. Christian ducked an enziguri and finished Lance off with the unprettier to win the match.
Winner: Christian

Backstage Matt Hardy is in Eric Bischoff’s office. Bischoff informs Hardy that in 2 weeks, his nephew Eugene is coming to the WWE. Hs is a unique talent. He wants Hardy to take him under his wing and make him his Mattitude Follower. Hardy asked Bischoff what’s in it for him. Bischoff promised Hardy a world title shot against Chris Benoit on Raw once Hardy takes Eugene under his wing. Hardy agreed. Stone Cold shows up and he points out that last week he was going to invite Edge to Raw this week but Heyman barred Edge from making an appearance tonight. Well tonight Stone Cold’s decided that he will be the referee for the big 8 man tag match later on in the show.

In Ring Segment with Evolution. Evolution make their way down to ringside. HHH grabs a mic. HHH is furious and demands another title shot. He holds Rock responsible for costing him the match last week. Tonight Evolution will send Rock back to Hollywood and Foley into a hospital. HHH talks about not receiving his one on one rematch against Benoit and wants Bischoff to insert him into the Backlash main event. That’s right, it shouldn’t be Benoit vs HBK. If Benoit wants to prove that his win at WM was not a fluke then why not do the 3 way again to see if he can get the job done again. Stone Cold comes out and tells HHH that he’s sick and tired of seeing HHH complain. He had his chance last week and he blew it and now he’s starting to piss Stone Cold off. Austin says HHH will still continue to complain but he’s giving him one last chance. Austin tells HHH that he just came to an agreement with Bischoff and he explains the stipulations for the match tonight. If Evolution win tonight then it’s a triple threat match at Backlash. If Evolution lose then it’s a one on one match. Austin warned Evolution if they provoke him tonight in the main event then he will whoop their ass and that’s the bottom line coz Stone Cold said so.

Backstage Val Venis told Bischoff that his Raw contract has just expired and he’s decided not going to sign a new contract. He’s a former IC, Euro and Tag Champ and on Raw he’s being wasted. He wasn’t on the WrestleMania card. The last ppv he was on was back in December. He just called up Paul Heyman and Paul Heyman has agreed to have him on the Smackdown roster. He has assured Val that he won’t be wasted on Smackdown. Bischoff did not like this, he did not like how Val went behind his back to get a deal on Smackdown. Val then said that if you continue to waste talent on your show then this is what will happen, you will lose your stars to Smackdown.

Match 2
#1 Contenders Match: The Dudleys vs La Resistance

The World’s Greatest Tag Team come out to do commentary. Rene Dupree accompanied La Resistance down to ringside and Spike was in The Dudley’s corner. La Resistance dominated early until the The Dudleys took control of Grenier. During the match Coach asks TWGTT who they would prefer to face at Backlash. Haas said they don’t care who wins this match because at Backlash they will be victorious. Lawler asks Shelton about the situation with Kurt and Edge. Shelton says they had nothing to do with it but they do fear for Kurt because Edge is back for vengeance. As the match continued on, with a brief distraction from Rene, La Resistance took control again. Outside the ring, Rene and Spike started arguing. Eventually, both teams were in the ring and The Dudleys hit the wassup headbutt on Conway. The Dudleys hit the 3D on Grenier and got the three count to win the match and become the #1 contenders for the tag team titles.
Winners: The Dudleys

Backstage in Benoit’s locker room, HBK meets Benoit. The Rock and Sock Connection have not arrived yet.

HBK tells Benoit that he is very excited for tonight’s main event and he is looking forward to facing Benoit at Backlash. Michaels believes he is the best and until Benoit doesn’t beat him Benoit can not call himself the best. He already holds a victory over Benoit and Benoit did not make HBK tap at WM, he made HHH tap. Tonight they must work together again to embarrass Evolution. They need to ensure that they win tonight so that their match at Backlash remains a one on one contest and then we will find out who truly is the best. Benoit responds back and said it doesn’t matter whether it is one on one or a triple threat he will not get embarrassed in his hometown, he will walk in as champion and he will walk out as champion.

In the back Christian talks to Trish and tells her not to be afraid because if Jericho lays a hand on her he will be fined and suspended. Christian tells Trish to go out there and announce what they have in store for next week. Up next is the highlight reel.

The Highlight Reel

Chris Jericho comes out and tells the fans that he would love to get his hands on Trish and Christian tonight but he can’t. If he lays his hands on Trish tonight then he is fined and suspended and the same applies to Christian if he comes out then he is fined and suspended. Jericho mentioned that Christian was one of his best friends until he stabbed him in the back and turned on him. He talked about how mad he was in love with Trish and she played him at WrestleMania. That Creepy Little Bastard and that slut were in co-hoots. He vows to get his revenge and he will humiliate Christian and Trish. Jericho calls out Trish as she makes her way down to ringside. Trish explained the reasons why she turned on Jericho.

Trish taunts Jericho and lets Jericho know that she was never in love with him. She doesn’t find him attractive at all. This started off as a bet from Jericho and how he wanted to use her, how he wanted to get laid but he could never get her. Jericho started to develop feelings for her and fell in love. At WrestleMania, Trish got one over him and he didn't see it coming. She calls Jericho more dumber than Buh Buh Ray. Trish refers to the wood segment she had in 2000 when Buh Buh was all over her but it was just a tease and a plan. Jericho was blinded by love and it cost him heavily at WrestleMania. Trish says she would never trust a guy who was going to use her in the first place. No one uses Trish Stratus, she has way too much class. She knew that Jericho could never treat a woman right. He has no respect for women with class. Trish refers to Stephanie McMahon as an example and in the past Jericho insulted Stephanie McMahon, he took it way too far. Christian would never treat a woman like that, he would treat them with class and that’s why she went for a real man and that’s Christian.

Christian was there for her and he looked after her when she was in hospital. They started to grow feelings for each other and they ended up falling in love. Now that's what you call true love. She decided that she will teach Jericho a lesson and it would happen on the biggest stage of them all and Jericho ended up getting his heart broken. Trish started laughing. Jericho continued to listen to her explanation as Trish called Jericho a user because last year he made Christian do all the dirty work for him. Trish mentions the Royal Rumble match from last year when Jericho asked Christian to dress up as him so that they could eliminate HBK. Jericho was so selfish that he didn’t give his Survivor Series favour to Christian. Jericho’s had way too many title shots and Christian has never had a world title shot on a ppv. Jericho held Christian back but at WrestleMania, Christian proved he is better than Jericho.

As a wrestler she’s proven all there is to prove as far as women’s wrestling goes. Now as a manager she will guide Christian to the top. She taunts Jericho and brags about her body and says Jericho will never EVERRRRRRRR(mocks Jericho) get a piece of her again. Trish announced that next week on RAW she will have a LIVE SEX celebration with Christian for getting one over Jericho at WrestleMania. Jericho asks her is she done. Jericho then bashed her with a series of insults by asking Trish if she will ask the entire locker room to join in the celebration. Trish was furious and Jericho asked Trish if Bischoff will bring back HLA(Hot Lesbian Action) for the Live Sex Celebration.

Jericho asked Trish that she said she wants to take Christian all the way to the top and make him a bigger star. Well does that mean then she will turn to Bischoff for sexual favours so that he ends up giving Christian title shots. That's the sort of slut she is. Jericho continued to mock Trish and gets interrupted by Eric Bischoff who comes down to ringside. Bischoff was livid and tells Jericho to stop right there. He is not going to allow Jericho humiliating the three times babe of the year and Raw’s top diva. Bischoff doesn’t care if Jericho doesn’t have his wrestling gear. He wants Jericho to clear the set right now because Jericho will have a match against the man who will guide his nephew Eugene to the top...... MATT HARDY.

Match 3: Chris Jericho vs Matt Hardy

The match was back and forth through out and eventually came to an end with Matt attempting the twist of fate and Jericho counters with a Bulldog. Jericho hits a lionsault for the win.
Winner: Chris Jericho

Backstage Val Venis tells his partner Lance Storm that he has left Raw and asks Storm to join him on Smackdown. Val is now going to take his career seriously, he has become serious and from now on he doesn't trust women, he's not the ladies man no more. He does not want to become a joke and he deserves to be treated with respect, he is talented and deserves success on Smackdown. Storm agrees that they have become a joke on Raw but over there on Smackdown the situation will be the same because Paul Heyman is losing control of his show. However he will not be joining Val on Smackdown. He wants to prove here on Raw that he is not a failure and if he fails he will retire. By proving his loyalty, he hopes he will be rewarded with an Intercontinental title shot. Val said it's not about loyalty, it did not get him far. It's about opportunity and Smackdown is the land of opportunity. Val says Storm is making a big mistake but still wished him luck.

Match 4
#1 Contenders Triple Threat Match
Lita vs Jazz vs Molly

Victoria comes out to do commentary. The match was decent, with the heels double teaming Lita. Jazz then turns on Molly and starts controlling the majority of the match. Lita went for a moonsault on Molly near the end but misses. Jazz throws Molly outside the ring and forces Lita to submit to the STF. Jazz is now the new #1 contender for the womens title. Jazz motions for the belt.
Winner: Jazz

Backstage Bischoff talks to Austin over Val walking out. He said he is not going to allow stars walking out, if anyone is unhappy he will be glad to trade them and get stars that are unhappy on Smackdown in return. Austin suggested that Lance Storm should have a title shot as he decided to stay on Raw. Bischoff agreed and next week Storm will get an intercontinental title shot.

Backstage interview with The Rock and Sock Connection. This is Mick’s first Raw match in four years. Mick said the only reason Orton is not getting the credit he feels he deserves is because Evolution had the extra man advantage at WM. Orton will not get the credit until he beats Foley one on one. Tonight Evolution don’t have the extra man advantage, it’s even and tonight he’s going to get one over Orton. He’s going to hurt Orton. Foley passes the mic to The Rock. Rock talked about his big rivalry with HHH in the past. Rock mimics Evolution. Evolution may have ruined their night at WrestleMania but tonight Rock guaran-damn-tees that they will whoop Evolutions candy asses if ya smelllll what the Rock and Sock connection is cooking.

Main Event
Special Guest Referee Stone Cold Steve Austin
8 Man Tag Team Match
Evolution vs Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Chris Benoit and Mick Foley

A very good back and forth match that went on for about 20 minutes. Orton and Foley were fighting before the bell even rang. Finally when the bell rang HBK starts off the match with Flair. After early momentum by the faces, the heels took turns beating Foley. Austin stops the heels from teaming up on Foley. Evolution start arguing with Austin. Batista hit a spine buster on Foley for a near fall. Eventually, Foley tags in The Rock for the hot tag. He took it to Batista, and then attempted to take it to Flair as well. Rock hit a spine buster on Flair and signalled for the peoples elbow. Rock comes across the ropes and is about to hit the elbow but suddenly Orton stops Rock and hits the RKO. Rock and Flair are both down and Flair tags in HHH. Rock and HHH go at it and Rock hits a samoan drop on HHH. Rock tags Benoit in. HHH and Benoit trade chops until HHH takes Benoit down with a knee lift. HHH whips Benoit into the corner and goes for a charge but eats boot. Benoit hits the rolling five german suplexes on HHH. Benoit goes up and hits the swan dive and goes for the cover and Batista breaks it up.

The match continued on as Evolution were back in control. HHH exposed the turnbuckle pad and sends Benoit shoulder first into the post to knock him out the ring. HHH gets in Austin's face again. Austin warns HHH if he provokes him not only will he beat the hell out of him, HHH will also lose the opportunity to be inserted into the Backlash main event. HHH and Mick Foley brawl in the ring. HHH goes for a pedigree on Foley but Foley backdrops HHH over the top rope. All hell breaks loose in the ring and we get a big brawl in the ring and also outside the ring. This leaves Foley in the ring with Orton. Foley goes for the mandible claw(Mr Socko) and Orton goes low and kicks Foley in the balls. Orton signals for the RKO but Foley shoves him down. Rock is back in the ring. Foley sends Orton into the exposed turnbuckle and Orton walks into a Rock Bottom by the Rock. Foley ends up covering Orton for the 3 count as Foley's team win the match.

Winners: Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Chris Benoit and Mick Foley

The faces celebrate in the ring with Austin as Raw comes to a close.

Confirmed Matches for Backlash
April 18, 2004

World Heavyweight Title Match: Chris Benoit (c) vs Shawn Michaels
Tag Team Championship Title Match: The World's Greatest Tag Team (c) vs The Dudleys
Womens Title Match (c)Victoria vs Jazz

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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