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The giant koopa is seen walking around suspiciously; unfortunately he is in the wrong country, and he had no time to be mischievous, a glowing rodent has been seen flying around the Earth.

We see our victim in a bar, he walks toward a mysterious looking man, only to hear a catchphrase involving the fluidity of a drink, followed by a shot to the head, but when the smoke clears, you can see a familiar face turning visible.

DH was Link, Town Aligned Inventor
Spoiler for dh:
8. DH: http://images.wikia.com/zelda/images...a_of_Time).png
You are Link: Town Aligned Inventor.
Since you’re a great adventurer, you find a bunch of cool things. Each night you may choose one of these items, you will not be told what the Item does, and give it to another player. Each item does something different. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated
A) Sword
B) Bow
C) Shield
D) Grappling Hook
E) Bomb


In his absence from the Viridian City Gym, Giovanni has been doing some not-so-nice things, plotting with a giant shelled creature, confusing people; just an overall not-so-good guy. A clever man shot a rocket at him; the pokemon mastermind stood no chance.

Leeroy was Giovanni Mafia Aligned Busdriver

Spoiler for LEEROY!:
17. Leeroy: http://www.absoluteanime.com/pokemon/giovanni.jpg
You are Giovanni: Mafia Aligned Busdriver
With the help of team rocket; you may confuse your opponents into switching their targets! Each night you can busdrive two people. You win when all threats to the mafia have been eliminated.

Everyone wakes up, and the confused mastermind finds cheap airline fees, all is well in the mushroom kingdom..with the exception of some casualties.

Day 2 Begins

Official Vote Count
Players needed to lynch: 11

Players not voting: , Bananas, BkB Hulk, Cab00se, Dan Marino, DR JUPES, Haystacks Courleon, IMPULSE, Kiz, Lawls, Lostfap, McQueen, Mr STYLES, NotTheRealOwen, Rawlin, Rising, SAL, Scrilla, Shepard, STUFF, WallaClassic

Roy has requested replacing in; not sure who he should replace just yet

what a BABE

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