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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Told ya' I'd be back to review!

Rightio, first off - Wow? I think that's the word? RVD out cold through the stage equiptment? I'm trying to rack my brains thinking who it could be that did it but I can't think of anybody on your roster who has beef with him? Interesting to say the least, I hope this is the start of something very big, my friend.

Good move getting Heyman to come out here to clear the air, hopefully he can clear it up a little. Or not? So you're telling me that RVD was attacked and chucked throgh the equiptment and no-one knows a thing? I don't like the idea of that but I guess I do like the sound of the rest of the night somewhat being themed on the attack. But what Heyman does say is great, amazing, phenomenal! A two hour supershow sounds great and I'm guessing the attack on RVD will culminate on that show? My guess :P I like guessing, haha.

I can understand the hiring of Mick Foley but I don't really dig it. I haven't liked Foley since his Programme with Orton in 2004 so it will be interesting to see if you could change that. However it does make sense to bring him in, but not to particularly "put butts in seats".

Foley getting straight down to business is alright but I would have liked to have seen more of a welcoming promo from Foley and not strictly business. I really do hope we see some genuinely funny and entertaining promos and skits with him because that's what he does best but I understand why he is all business tonight. The announcement of the Cruiserweight and Dynasty title matches for the supershow are good and hypes that up seeing as I was wondering when those two titles will be addressed. The tag team title match for next week is a huge announcement and I'm fully expecting it to be main-eventing next week because let's face it, it is worthy to. Like I said in my last review, you need a heel tag team. After this match you need a fresh team and I really do hope you can bring in or form an interesting one.

@ Matchmaker Mickey, classic. It was typical HBK on the mic and I thoroughly enjoyed readin the little bit he said. Nice to see you're not handing out title matches and it's almost as if that's adding prestige to the world title which is always a good thing and something every booker should aim to do. A non-title match will do though and I'm expecting Jericho to weasel his way out of it. Good way to open the show with plent of controversy and interest created out of it

Banter between Brashaw and Styles. Love it.

I hate Hassan, plain and simple. I never liked his character, his promo skills or is in-ring talent. I'm hoping you can change that. I'm not too keen like the idea of the gimmick change, even if it is a slight one, but It's just overdone. The rich, snobby, "look down on you" gimmick is so old & unoriginal and pairing that with a foreigner who could get heat anyway is just bleh. I knew Hussan was going to qin but I'm glad Sydal gave him a good match because I really don't want you burying him. I can see him being a huge part of The Cruiserweight Division and possibly even a part of the Dynasty Division? I don't know, just don't job him out.

Hussan getting a cheeky shot in after the match is a good move making him look even more of a bitch and it's nice to see Punk coming to the aid of Sydal. Obviously a feud between the two is coming up? Or maybe not but either way it was decent enough.

"Honorable? You make me diabetic with how much you sugar coat, y’know that Joey?" - Where did you steal that from? I joke, but that's a classic line, absolute classic

The WGTT/Hooliganz interview was so bland and generic. I know that that's what all men are in terms of character and personality but still, you could have added some spice to their characters, even if it was a likttle sentence from each man. I hope you do give them characters or small gimmicks just to make sure that they aren't bland. Did it's job though, hyping the match next week, I guess.
Interested to see Paul Wright (isn't it Wight, you probably meant to do that, though) debut and how you'll differentiate him from the WWE

Glad to see another Foley segment as obviously he has to be one of the focal points of tonight because of how much of an impact he's caused. Glad to see a bit of comedic Foley like I wanted earlier and it was a good touch for Danielson to fall for it. I'm not too sure on the ying. yang match but it sounds as whacky as any other Foley creation. Don't know if you wanted that effect or what, I just wasn't too fond of it.
Helms stepping in is okay, not a big fan of him, but it's much like last week IIRC. Helms taking the piss out of BD and Rey. What Helms said was good, putting over his arrogance and cockiness. Not a big fan of him and I can't really get in to him but what he said was solid even though I would have liked to have seen more interaction between him and BD/Rey/Foley.

Have been looking forward to this match since last week and it didn't dissapoint. Surprised to see Joe get the victory as I was expecting Doane to go over on he debut and Finlay to interrupt but like I said last time, I'm a huge Joe mark and not a fan of Doane so I'm not complaining. :P Interesting to see Finaly watching from a TV screen? I'm guessing a passing of the torch from Finaly to Joe, something like that possibly. Who knows, looking forward to see what happens though.

Interesting segment between Lashley and Cage. Never liked Lashley as a speaker so I'm glad you kept it short and sweet for him. Accusing CC of the attack is a great way to build up the attack and he has legit reasons to beleive CC did it as well which makes it even better. Cage obviously backs away and denies it. I don't think it was Cage but the fact that he acted so defensive would plant the seed of doubt in anybody's mind.
Segment between Finaly and Joe was alright, nothing special. Finlay doesn't sound like a heel though? I don't know whether you wanted that or not but he just dounds generic. It was a bit iffy, for me to be honest. Joe was solid enough though.

Amazing stuff from Jericho as I expected. The interaction between him and Foley was great and obviously Jericho would be the prime suspect seeing as RVD is a legit threat to his title but once again I doubt it was him. You seem to be building on Jericho being the prime suspect which makes me think that there will be a swerve even more. I'm liking the reoccuring "one step ahead" line though. Hope to see a lot more interaction between Jericho and Foley in the future because the two of them would play off each other brilliantly!

The main event was a classic as I expected and nothing less than brilliance. I can not fault it at all in terms of match writing but the sudden appearance of Wright didn't really click for me. It may have been too soon or maybe not enough hype? I don't know but whatever. He has been put to great use already and defnitely causes interest in next week as we obviously will see the repercussions.

Overall the key word for this show as shown in my review is interesting. Everything you wrote today caused some interest. Even though I wasn't too keen on some things as I have talked about above, the show was well written and definitely will get me to tune in next week. I'm hoping for this RVD angle to continue for a while and like I said to probably culminate at the supershow. Everythings looking sweet, your match writing is superb and definitely one of the better aspects of your writing. Good job, you still have me hooked.
Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I rushed this a little bit, lol.

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