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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Feedback

Kicking off with the champ, and it had to be that way really after the way the opening show ended. I remember enjoying the way you used Jericho in your old thread, and it was the same here. The way you use such a variety of words and phrases with Jericho is always impressive, and I can only assume you really enjoy writing for him as it comes across as such when reading. The early stuff about being worthy wasn’t bad, but it picked up once Jericho turned his attentions to Heyman and then Michaels. Liked how he bragged about making Michaels tap out, and it was rather poetic that he said he was one step ahead only to be caught out. Although, you messed up the main line of the promo. Should be “One step ahead” not “One step head” jobber. <3

I can see this Styles/Bradshaw combination is gonna be gold. Although when has logic ever mattered to a heel?

Quick work from Burchill, but a good win that he needed after his efforts last week. Let’s hope The Mexicools do more work in the tag division than as singles guys. What with the description of the jacket and rose and the gentlemen savage words, I’m very much reminded of Wade Barrett’s character from NXT. Perhaps you were going for that? Anyway, an apprentice seems an interesting angle, and I like that you’ve quickly gave Burchill a storyline to get into.

Fox News ya’ jackass!

Strange little interview here, in the fact that Torrie seemed to do more talking than Christian did. Anyway, definitely a sense of jealousy on Christian’s part, especially when he considers his achievements hard work while claiming Lashley can just walk straight to the top. Match between the two should be around the corner really.

Lol at that pom poms line. Anyway, another solid addition to the roster in young Kenny. Push him to the moon plz Joe’s in, and after what happened between he and Finlay last week during the battle royal, makes sense that he would want a match. Poor Kenny though, unless there’s some shenanigans on Finlay’s part, he’s in big trouble next week.

Surprised to see a rematch so soon, but man what a match it was. Once again these two teams deliver for you. Gotta admit, this one outshone last week’s efforts, in terms of both the length of match and the quality of the writing. Just really enjoyable to read, nothing to fault really, just another good match. Post match was very interesting, fully suggesting we’ll get a third and final match in the series. Hold off a week or two though, let it build with some promos and then deliver, maybe to even crown new champions? Anyway, top stuff here.


Wow, Helms… awesome. Hacked by Helms. I love it already. Just… yeah, this was awesome. Loved it. Very excited as to how you’ll use Helms going forward.

Main event time, and it seemed a pretty back and forth match, as both men had some nice spots but neither was able to gain a measure of true control. What on earth is Christian playing at here? I gave it a laugh, as it’s just very goofy to see him out during the match trying to ask Lashley questions. You executed it pretty well, as despite the fact he didn’t actually mean it, Christian cost Lashley the match. Certainly is a different angle to go with, and I can see Christian playing the whiny heel by claiming it was all an accident, but really he knew exactly what he was doing. Lashley/Christian should be a pretty solid uppercard feud.

I dunno why but I laughed at that website address. For a show set in the Hammerstein that sure as hell makes them look like rednecks! But yeah, sweet announcement, fully expecting Michaels to have to reluctantly count the 3 for a Jericho win, but Jericho/Van Dam should be a great main event next week.

Overall, two for two in terms of impressive shows. Once more a lot of characters were developed, but I guess the limitations of only having 1 hour means we can’t always get both sides of the story with regards to feud development, ie, Finlay wasn’t around tonight. But apart from that, I really enjoyed it. Keep this going man, this thread has mega potential.
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