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Originally Posted by WallaClassic View Post
Another signal of him as scum, FINISH HIM.

JK, it fucking sucks that you're most likely town and we'll have to deal with dumb bullshit all game.

At least claim Cab00sey to make us feel good.
oh okay let's vote likely town.

Originally Posted by Lawls View Post
Hiplop shouldn't have given cab00se such an important role

Hopefully we have another town protective role to help us out.
lawls knowing that caboose is town is good stuff. thanks for claiming scum.

Originally Posted by SAL View Post
And don't forget your unstated logic: that me, as a supposed mafia member, would stick my neck out on day 1 to get THIS GUY lynched. Maybe I'm doing it for a different reason. But hey, that "logic" thing's working out great so far.

Originally Posted by Lawls View Post
Lynch cab00se

fuck em he's annoying
so are you but yet we try to figure your alignment out.

Originally Posted by Leeroy! View Post
Who wants to pull one for the team? He's most likely bluffing in my opinion when he says that Hiplop says that the last one to vote him dies, since I would assume that the roles were randomized. If majority thinks that he should stay and is serious about the saving role, maybe the roleblocker should be on him at night. I don't know what I'd do, to be perfectly honest. My game strategy is to not be all over the place like last game and try to observe people (like I did the past two games) and then come up with some concrete proof that ___ is non-town. But yeah, I didn't help much with this post did I?
this is rambly nervous garbage that's probably coming from scum.
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