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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH Final Battle 2010

The All Night Express vs. Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly

Cole and O'Reilly are the perfect guys to have in openers. If it wasn't for a few little things they did I would be giving this a really high rating. But there this part where Kenny King took a DDT on the ring apron and then O'Reilly hit him with a drop kick from the ring apron. Both moves looked awesome but King someone how managed to get back in the ring well before O'Reilly. The rest of the match was a blast to watch though, Cole and O'Reilly were impressive as always.

Colt Cabana vs. TJ Perkins

I loved the technical wrestling in this one but I really thought they could have gone for a few more minutes and given us a better ending. What we got was pretty good though.

Sara Del Rey and Serena Deeb vs. Amazing Kong and Daizee Haze

I liked this a lot. Kong and Haze made a really good babyface tag team as I don't think there is a better hot tag in Women's wrestling than Kong. Nothing too crazy but a smartly worked and easy to watch match.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Eddie Edwards

Virtually nothing that I need to go out of my way and note. It wasn't a bad match but it sucked as Edwards/Omega might have been a great match. Solid enough though.

Homicide vs. Christopher Daniels

I think the highlight of the match would have to be Julius Smokes telling Homicide to, "Spread the cheese on this cracka!" That's not a good thing if you were wondering. The crowd started out really hot but within a few minutes they lost interest. In order for me to enjoy a match it needs either a story or cool spots (preferably both but I can live with just one). This match really didn't have much of a story and aside from one or two cool looking moves everything they did in the ring wasn't that impressive either. I feel like they could have done a lot better.

Jay, Mark, and Papa Briscoe vs. The Kings of Wrestling and Shane Hagadorn w/Sara Del Rey

This was a lot of fun. Not as intense as some of the other matches betweens the two teams but easy to sit through and really enjoyable. Since Papa Briscoe was really only a one time deal I can say that he was entertaining and I was happy to have him in this match. Claudio was all sorts of greatness in the match with him taunting Papa Briscoe constantly and in general just being hilarious.

ROH World Championship Match:

Davey Richards vs. Roderick Strong(c)

I spotted a crowd member marking out so hard he had both hands on his head in disbelief. Instant 4* rating at the least. This was insane though they had what I think was a 15 minute finishing stretch. They kicked things into high gear and kept it there for such a long time. I loved the near count out towards the end of the match. Davey was sent through a table and than Liger Bombed on the floor a few seconds later. After all that Strong threw him into the crowd. The fans were literally trying to stand Davey up so he could get back into the ring. It was such a cool moment and really shows how much the fans love the guy.

I thought the ending was a very interesting idea. It looked like Davey had the match almost won when he Strong in an ankle lock but he started showing signs of a concussion and broke the hold. Strong went right after his head from there and ended up retaining. Strong gets a ton of heat for doing that, Davey looks like a badass even in losing as he never quit, his body just failed him, and we got a very unique ending to a match. The match had some flaws (I thought Strong tapping when the ref wasn't looking was completely unnecessary and the they seemed to have a tough time transitioning from the beginning portion of the match to the awesome finishing stretch) but they wasn't anything that really hurt the match all that much for me or took away from the enjoyment all that much.

Steen Leaves ROH or Generico Unmasks
Fight Without Honor:
Kevin Steen vs. El Generico

This was everything that you could have possibly hoped for in the match that was going to end the feud between these two. After a year long feud filled with hatred I wasn't sure how they could do something crazy enough to really put an end to this. Well the certainly did. I've seen numerous death matches and I can't think of one that has ever been able to match the sheer brutality and violence that I saw in this match. So many call backs to their history together from the start with Steen wearing one of their old shirts and offering a hand shake to the perfect ending where we saw the feud end right exactly how it started.

I've seen a lot of wrestling live and it's between this match and Undertaker/Triple H at Wrestlemania this year as being the best match I've ever seen live. Undertaker/Triple H was the definition of a larger than life experience, I was a mile away from the ring and watched most of it on a big screen but it's still something I'll never forget. This match was different though. When Steen was thrown through a table stacked on a ladder that was used as a bridge between the guard rail and the ring apron I was maybe 12 feet away. I could feel the floor shake with some of the spots they were doing in the ring.

One of my favorite ROH matches ever and the perfect way to end one of ROH's best feuds ever.

This show is amazing. The double main event delivered, the women's match was really good, the opener was awesome, and the 6-man was as much fun as you can have in a match.
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